Eternal True God Chapter 112

After some deduction, Lin Buxui was surprised by the result.

“Successful, this’Nine Chapters of Celestial Deduction’ is really so powerful.” Lin Buxui’s true essence mana condenses, a light shout.

Two ancient words condense come.

One is the word’sleepy’.

The other is the word’weak’.

These two ancient characters are exactly the two ancient characters he learned from this Restriction Seal.

The words from rune condense in the prohibition were learned by him. Therefore, the prohibition in this great hall is powerful, but it cannot absorb the power of Lin Buxui.

On the contrary, Lin Buxui can also use this prohibition, the ancient text in it, to enhance his strength.

If you can completely refining this prohibition, swallow the energy in it, and strengthen the two ancient characters you have condensed, you can improve your strength.

“Deduction at this time, although it took a lot of energy, but the harvest is not small.” Lin Buxui raised his hand, one on the left and one on the right, each with an ancient character.

The appearance of these two Dao’ character stunned the Halloween Heavenly Fire that was integrated into the Eternal Divine Furnace.

At this time, although she was sealed for countless years, she did not discover the essence of the Restriction Seal in this palace.

However, I also perceive some.

When the two Dao (道)’ characters appeared in Lin Buxui condense.

She is now realizing that the essence of the Formation seal in this palace is due to these two ancient characters.

A word of’sleepy’.

I trapped her here, unable to escape.

A word of’weak’, which devours her power all the time, weakens her cultivation base, weakens her spirit willpower, and prevents her from breaking through this seal.

People who dare to seal her are very powerful.

As for why the other party will seal her here.

But it is also unknown.

Because of this, Heavenly Fire is the most angry and angry.

She doesn’t even know who the enemy is.

I was sealed here for countless years by the other party.

Anyone, that’s unbearable.

Must find this person, find him, and kill him.

No, you can’t let him go so easily, must let him suffer the pain of sealing and isolation, forever accompanied by darkness, no sound, no light.


“How did you condense these two ancient words?” Of course, Halloween Heavenly Fire also suspects that this kid is closely related to the person who seals himself.

Otherwise, with his cultivation realm and his strength, how could he condense these two ancient characters?

You know, she has been sealed for so many years, and she has no clue about comprehend.

However, Lin Buxui did it.

Could it be that this kid is the reincarnation of that person?

For him to subdue himself?

Thinking of this, Halloween Heavenly Fire is a little angry.

There is really this possibility, and the probability is great.

“Are you the descendant of the master of the ban? Or is it his reincarnation, or his heir?”

Halloween Heavenly Fire’s words make Lin Buxui Wei Weiyi Froze.

Halloween Heavenly Fire, doubted him.

“Are you doubting me?” Lin Buxui said, “I can tell you exactly that I have nothing to do with this one powerhouse. As for these two ancient characters, how did I comprehend and how It’s condensed, I can tell you, it’s okay, have you ever heard of’the celestial nine chapters deduction technique’?”

“‘The celestial nine chapters deduction technique’?” After hearing it, Saint Heavenly Fire, Surprised, “I heard that this is the legendary Supreme’s deduction technique, it has long been lost, is it possible that, you got this Supreme Divine Ability secret technique?”

“Not bad.” Lin Buxui nodded, “It is this’the nine chapters of celestial deduction’ that helped me figure out these two ancient characters and let me comprehend them. Otherwise, I’m really impossible to resist this great hall so easily. The power of the Restriction Seal. Today, this Restriction Seal does no harm to me. On the contrary, I can also use these powers to improve my cultivation base.”

Lin Buxui did not hide it.

Now, Halloween Heavenly Fire has completely integrated with its own Eternal Divine Furnace.

She wants to break away from her own Eternal Divine Furnace, but she can’t do it at all, unless it’s herself, spending enough money to strip her out.

However, Lin Buxui is not so stupid.

Now, the Eternal Divine Furnace has been improved, and the speed of refining everything has naturally improved.

“Eternal Divine Furnace, smelt everything!”

Lin Buxui haha ​​smiled and opened the Eternal Divine Furnace to the extreme.

Crazy devouring the power in refining this great hall.

His cultivation base is constantly improving.

Martial Dao Spirit Refinement Realm 3 Heavenly Layer.

Martial Dao Spirit Refinement Realm 4 Heavenly Layer.

In a short time, Lin Buxui’s cultivation realm has been greatly improved.

This kind of cultivation speed is simply incredible.

Lin Buxui himself was also very surprised.

After getting the Halloween Heavenly Fire, the Eternal Divine Furnace refining everything and the speed of increasing cultivation base have been greatly improved.

Plus, the two ancient characters have the same origin as the power of restraint in this palace, so there is no difficulty in refining at all.

His cultivation realm can increase so quickly.

The power in this palace was quickly absorbed by Lin Buxui.

It is completely contained in the Eternal Divine Furnace in his dantian.

It has been completely transformed into two ancient characters.

These two characters, formidable power is amazing.

Once it is displayed, the enemy can be completely unprepared.

“Your ascension speed surprised me.” At this moment, the Halloween Heavenly Fire in the Eternal Divine Furnace spoke.

Lin Buxui’s cultivation base has been improved, and she has also received huge benefits.

Although her cultivation base hasn’t been improved much, her consciousness has been surprisingly restored, and her body is evolving, beginning to evolve towards a higher level.

If this goes on, she will evolve into a sacred fire, it is only a matter of time.

Of course, this premise is that Lin Buxui’s strength can be continuously improved, and he cannot fall.

Now, after becoming the fire of Lin Buxui Eternal Divine Furnace, she knows that Lin Buxui’s life and death are closely related to her.

If Lin Buxui dies, she will not end well.

It will be buried with him with great probability.

And, even if you can survive without dying, you will have to run out of Source Power, get back to the original shape, and be disintegrated with spiritual wisdom. In that way, there is no difference between death and death.

So, now, Halloween Heavenly Fire really realizes what Lin Buxui said.

“No surprise, I was once the emperor, and today’s cultivation base is far from recovered.” Lin Buxui shook his head and said, “Now, it’s just a restart. There is nothing unexpected. In other words, as long as I have sufficient resources to support, my strength can be advanced by leaps and bounds, when the time comes, I can not only restore the cultivation base of the Peak period, but also exceed the realm of Peak and hit a higher level.”

“reincarnate and recultivate, so that’s how it is.” Halloween Heavenly Fire understood.

A great emperor reincarnate and recultivate, everything is possible.

Moreover, this kid is probably not an ordinary emperor.

However, she has never heard of this person, either a great emperor long before her, or after her.

If she had heard of it before, since she had never heard of it, it was the great powerhouse that appeared after she was sealed.

“Halloween, you have been sealed here for countless years, do you know anything about this place?” Lin Buxui had already broken this palace at this time.

The huge noise has already attracted the attention of people outside.

Among them, the person Lin Buxui feared the most was the desert king that day.

Although, on this road, he has already made arrangements.

Almost every key place in the entire deserted sand sea has been arranged by him with a small Formation, and once these small arrays are activated, they can form a large array together.

This large array has amazing formidable power.

More importantly, it is possible to extract the terrifying power of the mysterious existence under the deserted sand and sea.

Under the deserted sands and seas, there are terrifying existences.

Lin Buxui didn’t have enough strength to fight against the Heavenly Desolate Sand King.

Of course, if you use the power of the Halloween Heavenly Fire, you can barely contend with it.

However, Lin Buxui knew that his current physical body was not enough to truly bear the power of the Halloween Heavenly Fire, and if he released the Halloween Heavenly Fire, he would not be able to do it.

The cultivation realm itself is still too low-minded.

Even if his current cultivation realm has reached Spirit Refinement Realm 4 Heavenly Layer.

The same still not enough.

Lin Buxui is very afraid of the mysterious existence under the deserted sand sea.

When he planned to use the’Nine Chapters of Celestial Deduction Technique’, an inexplicable force blocked him.

It can be seen that the opponent is tough, and it is not that he can snoop now.

That’s the case, he doesn’t even know, is this one horrible mysterious existence, is it an enemy or a friend?

With his power, will it arouse the anger of the other party?

“Are you asking me before I was sealed or after I was sealed?” Halloween Heavenly Fire said, “If it is after the seal, all I can perceive is a special breath, it seems that the other party is in control This is a side World. It’s the master of this a side World.”

paused She said again: “If you ask, before I was sealed, I don’t know much, nor here. What is called Tianhuangshahai, but an Ancient Forbidden Land, called the Forbidden Land of Runners. At the beginning, I was also involved in unfathomable mystery, and then unfathomable mystery was sealed in this place.”

Halloween Heavenly Fire felt bitter in my heart.

Who is the person who sealed her? So far, she has not heard anything about her. This is where she really feels wronged.

At the beginning, she was also a side powerhouse. Although not unrivaled and invincible, she was definitely not weak.

However, in front of the other party, there is no resistance at all, even the person who is dealing with her, who is it, why should she be sealed here without killing her, all of this, she do not know.

There is no news at all, a clue.

“Eh…” Lin Buxui was a little speechless when he heard it. Is this a curse from heaven?

However, this is actually an Ancient Forbidden Land, a forbidden land for runners.

However, the word’runner’ is extraordinary.

Is it the legendary’Wheel King’?

If so, it is a supreme almighty in the legend.

Is it not a matter of minutes to seal a spiritual fire?

Of course, this probability is not big.

If you say that the terrifying existence below is really the legendary’Wheel King’ and the one you know, then it’s really amazing.

Such a peerless powerhouse, shouldn’t you care about yourself?

However, in front of such a terrifying existence, I am just an ant. Sometimes, if I trample an ant to death, it is simply insignificant, even without perception.

Just like an ordinary person trampling an ant to death, maybe he simply doesn’t know it, and even if he knows it, he won’t care.

How terrifying is the revolving saint king, who controls reincarnation of life and death?

That is a legendary character.

Lin Buxui does not know if it exists.

I don’t know if this world exists or not.

But if it exists, it is absolutely terrifying.

That is the terrifying existence of the real Immortal God level.

There is a legend that the holy king of the wheel is a Buddhist supreme almighty.

true or false, Lin Buxui does not know.

He came to this world, and it is rumored that there is Supreme immortal, and he has now obtained the immortal map of the universe, which is Supreme Immortal Treasure.

Whether there really is Immortal God is unknown.

However, in this world within the realm, there is Buddhism.

When he was the eternal emperor.

Worked with Buddhism powerhouse to cut down Monsters and eliminate Demons.

Those Buddhist powerhouses are terrifying in strength.

The Buddhism forces are very secretive. As the eternal emperor, he swept the Heavenly Domain without knowing how powerful the true Buddhism is.

So, Buddhism in this eternal continent and eternal Heavenly Domain is a very mysterious and powerful force.

“Running the forbidden land, is the Holy King of the runner?”

“Do you know the reason for this forbidden land?” Halloween Heavenly Fire hearing this was slightly taken aback, she was shocked Yes, Lin Buxui actually knows the Lord of Wheels.

The legend of the revolving saint king has existed in her time.

And it is a very old legend.

Even people of their time don’t know much.

Therefore, the matter of the forbidden land of the revolver Saint King is nothing but a mysterious legend that’s all.

“I have heard that here, if it is really related to the Holy King of Wheels, it is really terrifying. You should be able to perceive that under this land, there is a mysterious and powerful Breath, even if I have the’Nine Chapters of Celestial Deduction Technique’, I can’t detect a single trace. It shows how terrifying the other party is.” What Lin Buxui hasn’t said yet is that he also has Heavenly Dao magic eyes, that mysterious existence is more than just’ The celestial ninth chapter deduction technique cannot be calculated, and even the eyes of Heavenly Dao magic cannot be detected.

But it is real.

Originally, Lin Buxui wanted to leave directly after getting the spiritual fire, but now, he can’t do it, because the aura of the deserted sand king has locked him that day.

This battle is inevitable and must be a battle.

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