Eternal True God Chapter 113

Forbidden Earth Palace to shatter.

Lin Buxui came out.

Seeing him is fine.

He Kangqi and Lin Tianxiao sighed in relief.

As long as he is okay, it’s fine.

“Things are not good, now this palace is destroyed, there is a lot of movement, we must leave here immediately, otherwise, the consequences will be disastrous.” Lin Tianxiao said at the moment.

He Kangqi is also nodded.

“Such a huge movement of the sand scorpion family must have been sensed, we must hurry up, otherwise, once surrounded, it will be difficult to escape.”

Outside the forbidden area.

Xie Lewu is anxious.

He absolutely did not expect that it would cause such a big disturbance.

Although I don’t know what happened to Lin Buxui in the forbidden area, it is certain that the trouble is big.

Now, the entire Sand Scorpion clan has been sensed.

His father, with his family powerhouse, has arrived.

Although their sand scorpion clan cannot enter the forbidden area, they can surround the entire forbidden area.

“Xiao Wu, why are you here?” When Xie Ao appeared outside the forbidden area, he saw Xie Lewu.

“Sir Father.” Xie Le Martial Dao, “I am here and the others.”

“and the others?” Xie proudly froze, “Wait for who?”

It means that someone has entered the forbidden area, not the sand scorpion family.

“Do you dare to collude with foreigners?” At this time, Scorpion Huanglong scolded, “patriarch, First Young Master dare to collude with foreigners and bring them into the forbidden land, causing turmoil. I think, First Young Master must be Detained, and then handed over to the sand king to deal with, otherwise, the sand scorpion family, I am afraid that we will face catastrophe.”

“Yes, patriarch, First Young Master committed a serious crime this time, unforgivable, must Strictly deal with it.” At this time, everyone said one after another.

“Sir Father, I have something important to tell.” At this moment, Xie Lewu is ready to go all out. He looked at Xie proudly and said, “Sir Father, can you see how I am different?”

Xie Ao was also slightly shocked. At first glance, he felt that some changes had taken place in his son, but he didn’t think about it. After all, at this time, a major event was out of the forbidden area.

Where can I care about others.

The words of Xie Lewu could be heard, and when he looked closely, he was suddenly shocked.

Xie Lewu is not only a cultivation base breakthrough, he has a special breath.

As the father of Xie Lewu, he clearly perceives the great changes in Xie Lewu.

That is the lack of a special thing in the bloodline.

It is a curse.

In his bloodline, that kind of curse is missing.

bloodline curse.

“The bloodline curse on you has been lifted?” Xie Ao asked in surprise, he couldn’t believe it.

This is so shocking.

If this is true, then it means that the sand scorpion clan can completely lift the bloodline curse. Then, they can give birth to a true powerhouse, which is no longer restricted by the bloodline curse.

This is a huge surprise.

“How is it possible?”

Everyone was shocked.

bloodline curse, that is a huge mountain of their sand scorpion clan until now, a huge shackle.

If the bloodline curse can be lifted, everything is worth it.

However, Heavenly Desolate Sand King will never allow them to do this, nor allow their bloodline curse to be lifted.

Could it be that the forbidden area has undergone tremendous changes, because the bloodline curse of Scorpion Lewu was lifted?

At this time, Xie Leyong also came.

“Young Patriarch.”

“Xiaoyong, you are here too.”

Xie Leyong looked at Xie Lewu, he turned to Xie Ao said: “Sir Father, a huge change has taken place in the forbidden area today. It must be because the big brother lifted the curse, which aroused the sand king’s anger. Although the bloodline curse is extremely restrictive to us, it cannot be lifted. Now, Our strength is not enough to contend with the Sand King. Once the bloodline curse is lifted, it will bring about one’s own destruction. Now, the big brother doesn’t know how to lift his bloodline curse. Now, if discovered by the Sand King, he will It brought us the disaster of destruction to the sand scorpion clan, so I think that the big brother must be captured and given to the sand king to eliminate the anger in the sand king’s heart.”

“Yes, First Young Master. If you make a big mistake, only the life of the First Young Master can be used to relieve the anger in the sand king’s heart. Otherwise, the sand scorpion family may be completely perished because of him.”

“I implore patriarch to deal with First Young. Master!”

Many people from the entire Sand Scorpion clan knelt down.

At this moment, Xie Lewu saw this scene, and his heart was ashamed.

He absolutely did not expect that the end of the matter would be like this.

“Are you unwilling to lift the bloodline curse, unwilling to get rid of the deserted sand king, unwilling to leave this barren desert, and go to the more expansive Heaven and Earth?” At this moment, Xie Lewu Shouted loudly.

“That is the dead end.”

“The deserted sand and sea is the root of our sand scorpion clan. The place where we live is our ancestral land. , How can I leave?” An Elder scolded loudly, “First Young Master, although I don’t know how you used to relieve your bloodline curse, but do you know that now, you provoke life and death for my sand scorpion clan? Difficult, if it’s because you lifted your own bloodline curse and caused our entire sand scorpion clan to perish, you are the sinner of my sand scorpion clan!”

“Yes, although we are stuck here In the deserted sand sea, there is a bloodline curse. You cannot leave, but you will not die. The deserted sand sea certainly limits our scope of existence, but it also protects our sand scorpion clan.” Another outsider Elder said. “Everything has pros and cons, but First Young Master doesn’t know these truths. He just wants to get rid of the bloodline curse that’s all, which is also the future of our clan. His starting point is also good, but it’s a pity that he did bad things with kindness. all. And what we have to do now is not to criticize the First Young Master here, but to think about why the Sand King is angry, and how we must be able to calm the Sand King’s anger. If the Sand King’s anger is really true It was caused by the First Young Master. At that time, we handed over the First Young Master. If it was not the case, we had a solution to the bloodline curse.”

“Fourth Elder’s words are bad, big brother bloodline The curse is lifted, and the sand king flies into a rage, this matter was not caused by the big brother, is it possible that or someone else?”

“Yes, First Young Master said that he is here and the others, I’m afraid It is a foreigner, his accomplice, I am afraid that is the source of the anger of King Sand.” Another Elder loudly said, “When those people come out, we will arrest them, and then send them together with First Young Master. Hand it over to the Sand King.”

“Sir Father.” Martial Dao, “Sir Father, do you want to be oppressed by the Sand King all the time? The Sand King until now, I don’t know how many of us have been killed clansman, everyone with innate talent was killed by him and captured Bl Oodline Strength is reduced to his nourishment. Every year, we have to sacrifice clansman who don’t know how many. Could it be… we can’t resist? “

“Furthermore, the sand king’s appetite is getting bigger and bigger, and the number of people who need sacrifices is increasing. If this goes on, how can we clansman of the sand scorpion clan have enough? “Xie Lewu shouted, “Continue, it is just a chronic death, so useless, it is better to fight to the death, either to fight for a glorious future, or die, and die vigorously. “

Speaking of this, Scorpion Lewu exudes a powerful imposing manner, the courage of press forward.

This scene shocked everyone.

It is also unexpected.

My own eldest son, until now, has a bad innate talent and bad personality. I am greedy for life and fear of death.

I only know that he is bullying and fearing hardship.

But now, he has such courage.

He didn’t expect this at all.

Is this still his weak and incompetent waste son?


It is totally unbelievable.

“Someone has come out. “At this time, Lin Buxui and the three came out.

“Master! “

At this moment, Xie Lewu saw Lin Buxui come out and immediately greeted him.

“The Sand Scorpion family? “Lin Buxui narrowed his eyes. He didn’t expect that the people of the Sand Scorpion clan would have surrounded this place so quickly.

Xie Ao heard Scorpion Lewu calling Lin Buxui’s master. At that time, his complexion changed slightly.

The three Lin Buxui are obviously Human Race.

Xie Lewu, as his son, the First Young Master of the Sand Scorpion clan, actually recognized A human is the master.

It makes him a little angry.

“Sir Father, big brother, actually recognizes a human as the master. This is the shame of our sand scorpion family. It’s time to kill ! “Scorpion Leyong shouted loudly.

“Sir Father, the power of my bloodline curse is lifted by the Master. Sir Father should know how much the bloodline curse restricts our sand scorpion family. I Now that the bloodline curse has just been lifted, the cultivation base has already been advanced by leaps and bounds. If it is Sir Father and several Old Ancestors, if the bloodline curse can be lifted, the strength will definitely improve. At that time, we may not be Opponent of the Sand King. “Xie Lewu loudly said.

“Shut up! “

However, at this time, Xie Ao complexion greatly changed, scolded: “You evil creature, you dare to collude with other races and break into the forbidden area. NIIT is a capital crime. Come, give me this evil creature. Next, these three Foreign Race people were also arrested for me and put into the dungeon. “

Lin Buxui hearing this slightly smiled.

He naturally knows why the patriarch of the sand scorpion clan would say so.

Because of the famine The Sand King is here.

Today’s Tianhuang Sand King controls their life and death, and the bloodline curse is what he has placed.

If so, dare to listen to the scorpion Lewu.

Nonsense, I am afraid that the entire sand scorpion clan is really going to be completely destroyed.

My own son is still too simple and too stupid.

To lift the bloodline curse, this is a major event.

But you can’t be so unscrupulous, you have to plot against it.

This kid, I don’t know the depth.

If you act in the dark, maybe There is really hope for the sand scorpion family, but now, this hope will be completely shattered.

He has no choice but to give up all this and give up this eldest son, only then can the entire sand scorpion family be saved. Now.

That’s why he made such a decision.

“Yes, patriarch! “

When the flower shadow of Xie Ao fell, several powerhouses of the sand scorpion family rushed out and went straight to the three of Xie Lewu and Lin Buxui.

“Sir Father, You are confused! “Xie Lewu shouted,” You often say to me that people who cannot be greedy for life and fear of death, greedy for life and fear of death, and bully and fear for hardship, will not achieve anything. Now, the person who is greedy for life and fear of death is not me. It’s you. “

“Heavenly Desolate Sand King, is the biggest enemy of our Sand Scorpion clan. If you don’t kill him, our Sand Scorpion clan will never be in their heads. As long as he is still alive, our Sand Scorpion clan, sooner or later He will be destroyed by him, and he must be killed, so that our sand scorpion clan can continue to live, be able to rise, and be able to march toward glory! “Xie Lewu loudly said, “Can someone follow me and create a new future for the sand scorpion family?” If you are willing, stand up, I can ask the master to lift your bloodline curse. “

At this moment, Lin Buxui was stunned by Xie Lewu’s practice.

“damned bastard! “Xie Ao yelled loudly, but she sighed in her heart. His own son has really grown up, and what he did has exceeded his expectations.

“Grab this evil creature. “

However, at this time, someone stepped forward.

It was an Old Ancestor, a hair grey-white, and an introverted Old Ancestor.

The strongest Old Ancestor of the sand scorpion clan is also the oldest Old Ancestor.

Scorpion Hongming.

“We, the sand scorpion clan, it’s time to fight. “His imposing manner has been elevated to the extreme.

“I am willing to follow First Young Master! “

To everyone’s surprise, the entire Sand Scorpion clan has stepped out.

At this moment, Xie Ao, Xie Leyong and the others are all dumbfounded.


So many people are willing to follow that waste?

This is something Xie Leyong can’t understand at all.

What’s so good about this waste?

Worship a human being for the first time.

Just because that human can lift the bloodline curse?

“Scorpion Lewu, you are bringing about one’s own destruction, you have to drag Will we be buried with you as a family of sand scorpions? The power of Tianhuangsha King is not something you can contend with. “

“Old Ancestor, why do you do the same?” “Xie Hongming is the most prestigious person in the whole sand scorpion clan.

It is because of him that most of the sand scorpion clan will come forward.

Xie Hong Ming didn’t speak, he lifts the head and looked towards the distance.

“Come out, King Sand, don’t hide anymore. “Scorpion Hongming said.

In the sky, a huge face appeared.

It was a huge face made up of countless gravels.

That is the Desolate Sand King.

His breath is very terrifying, and the entire desolate sand sea is shrouded by him.

As long as it is in this desert sand sea , He is an invincible existence.

No one can contend with it.

“Scorpion Hongming, you really surprised me. I didn’t expect that you would betray me. “The huge face looked at Xie Hongming and said, “You are what I cultivated, and you betrayed me, really let me down. “

“But, do you know? You are courting death. As long as I activate the bloodline curse, all of you will dry up the bloodline and die. As long as I activate the curse, your entire clan of sand scorpions will perish. I will give you another chance. “

Speaking, he looked towards Lin Buxui again: “Human kid, the breath on you makes me a little disgusted. Give me what you got in the forbidden land, and I can keep it for you. Under the whole body. “

In the sky, Power of Darkness burst out, making the entire day of deserted sand and sea extremely depressing.

On the entire earth, rolling sand and dust began to churn and spread.

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