Eternal True God Chapter 114

For Lin Buxui, this seems to have come to life and death.

If you can’t stop it, then you have to die.

At this time, Halloween Heavenly Fire was in Lin Buxui’s body and said to him: “Can you stop it? Would you like me to help?”

Halloween Heavenly Fire has already sensed it The mighty place of Tianhuangsha King.

With Lin Buxui’s current strength, it is not an easy task to deal with the Heavenly Desolate Sand King.

However, Lin Buxui is still very calm, without any fear on his face.

As if everything is under control.

“He is dead, he dared to offend the Tianhuang Sand King, he is dead.” Xie Leyong loudly said.

“Old Ancestor, it’s too late to regret now.”

“Yes, Old Ancestor, the sand king is so powerful that we can’t fight it. We can’t provoke the sand king. If it provokes a curse Power, we are going to annihilate the clan!”

At this moment, many members of the Sand Scorpion clan shouted loudly.

“The bloodline curse is a limitation of our sand scorpion family. Now, it is time, to the point where it can be broken.” The scorpion Hongming still did not waver.

He walked in front of Lin Buxui.

“Young Master, are you willing to accept my loyalty?” He knelt down.

This scene makes Lin Buxui a little unfathomable mystery.

“You are going to submit to me?” Lin Buxui was taken aback for a while, he said, “I can indeed lift the bloodline curse on you, but you should also know that in front of you, the king of deserted sand The strength is very powerful, besides, the bloodline curse on you has not been lifted. He can trigger the power of the curse.”

“Scorpion Hongming, you are courting death!”

Scorpion Hongming’s actions made King Tianhuangsha extremely angry.

The other members of the Sand Scorpion clan are all worried.

The face is earthy.

Looking at the extreme anger of the Tianhuang Sand King, at this moment, they are all shiver coldly.

“Sand King, you Senior, don’t be angry, kill Scorpion Hong Ming, he is a traitor!” Xie Leyong loudly said, “All of this is their own opinion, and It has nothing to do with us. We are old to the Sand King, and have no heart to betray you.”

“Sand King, please be forgiving!”

At this moment, I see the Tianhuang Sand King. , When trying to arouse the power of the bloodline curse, all of them were scared to death.

They knelt down and begged for mercy.

However, there are still a large number of people who are on Lin Buxui’s side.

It seems that life and death have been ignored.

“Dying, we must die with great vigor, we, the Sand Scorpion family, have been restricted by this bloodline curse for too long, too long, and have lost their bloodliness.” Scorpion Hongming said, “Young Master, we are truly Mingzhu, have you forgotten the prophecy thousands of years ago?”

“Prophecy, the savior of the sand scorpion clan?” At this time, Xie Ao suddenly cleared the comprehension.

He looked towards Lin Buxui.

At this moment, Lin Buxui has an ancient mysterious breath.

Like an Ancient Immortal.

He looked at Tianhuangsha and said: “Your strength is indeed very strong, and you are also a powerful curse teacher. It is a pity that you are now injured and your strength is limited, so you can’t really cast the bloodline curse. “

“No wonder, I feel that the bloodline curse in my body has weakened.”

“It’s such a thing.”

People of the sand scorpion clan One after another nodded.

All felt their own changes.

The bloodline curse has indeed been weakened a lot.

It was actually because the king of the deserted sand was injured.

“You are courting death.” Tianhuangsha King was furious, “If you want to die, I will fulfill you, Tianhuang curses, open!”

With Tianhuang Sand King shouted angrily.

The power of the curse began to erupt.

The ancient and mysterious curse extended to the bloodline of the sand scorpion family and began to spread.

Some low-strength sand scorpions have already begun to die, their bloodline dried up, and their bodies turned into corpses.

Death has begun.

As if it was a plague, it spread.

“I don’t want to die! Please spare your life! King Sand!” Seeing the curse attack, some people have already begun to die, and some people can’t bear it anymore.

I keep crying for mercy.

However, everything seems to be in vain.

However, Xie Hongming and the others are extremely calm.

“The power of the curse is powerful, but it is not terrifying.” At this time, Lin Buxui shot a bright glow in his eyes, and the whole person rose into the sky, as if it had turned into a bright deity.

“I can dispel the curse.”

Lin Buxui smiled at the corner of his mouth, and the breath on his body changed.

The whole body exudes endless divine light.

“The great light disperses the divine technique!”

With Lin Buxui’s singing, one after another light bursts out of him.

The technique of dispelling.

That turned out to be the divine technique of dispelling the great light.

Seeing this scene, Tianhuangsha King couldn’t believe it.

“How is this possible? The great light dispels the divine technique, who are you?”

His bloodline curse technique is the Supreme curse divine technique. Now, although he has already Injured, the cultivation base is restricted, and the bloodline curse cannot be fully exploded.

But I didn’t expect it to be dispelled so easily.

To be able to do this is actually the divine technique of dispelling the great light.

This kind of divine technique, only the bright Holy Sect.

This kid, is he from Bright Holy Sect?

Impossible, this is basically impossible.

Da Guangming Holy Sect has long been extinct.

The Light God technique has also been lost.

Now, how does this kid get the great light to dispel the divine technique?

“The bloodline curse on my body has disappeared.”

“Really, it turned out to be true. The power of the curse has been expelled. I don’t need to be cursed by the bloodline anymore. It’s restricted!”

The clansman of the sand scorpion clan who had been dispelled from the bloodline curse was ecstatic.

“He really is the savior of my sand scorpion clan. The prophecy is true. My sand scorpion clan will no longer be restricted and will rise.” Scorpion Hongming’s face turned out to be clothed. Full of tears.

For such an old man, at this moment, he is so excited.

“Damn it!”

However, at this time, the cold light flickered in the eyes of Tianhuangsha King.

For that thing, he paid a huge price.

Nowadays, it seems to be successful, but absolutely did not expect that such a guy would appear and ruin his plan.

Kill him.

must kill this little bastard, and can’t let him ruin his plan.

The Heavenly Desolate Sand King stared at Lin Buxui, exuding a terrifying killing intent.

The vastness of power burst out from him.

A family of sand scorpions, under the pressure of this terrifying imposing manner, was crushed and died.

“Do you think that you can break my bloodline curse and you don’t have to die? You are too naive.” Tianhuang Sand King coldly said, “Even without the bloodline curse, you are still with me Under the control of, here is the deserted sea of ​​sand, my chassis, and my world. Here, I am the king, and I am the True God, the only True God, in charge of everything, dominating life and death.”

The Heavenly Desolate Sand King said coldly with a smile.

The murderous intention of terrifying broke out.

A sand scorpion clansman died inexplicably.

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