Eternal True God Chapter 115

How terrifying is the strength of the Heavenly Desolate Sand King.

this is one Seven-Rank Peak’s powerhouse, no, he has entered Grade 8, immortal daoist level.

is a Supreme powerhouse.

“You don’t know anything about my strength. Even if you don’t use the curse, I can easily kill you.” Heavenly Desolate Sand King killed countless sand scorpions at once. Yi Clan, then, his terrifying imposing manner locked Lin Buxui firmly.

“Boy, you are just a trifling Martial Dao Spirit Refinement Realm. You dare to be so arrogant and so impudent? I really don’t know the immensity of heaven and earth. I really think I have some little tricks. Can you be unscrupulous?” He stared at Lin Buxui, “If you handed over what you got from the forbidden land before, I could even spare your life, but now, it’s definitely not possible. You hand over the things in the forbidden land. , I can give you a happy one, otherwise, I will make you suffer and know what is better than death.”

In the void, that huge face is very hideous, his The tone was gloomy to the extreme.

Listening to these words makes people tremble inexplicably.

The strength of the Wild Sand King this day is absolutely beyond doubt.

Master the deserted sands and seas, and control the life and death of the creatures within this range.

It can be said that he is the master of this place.

However, Lin Buxui is not afraid of his threats.

“The king of deserted sand, do you think you can really control our life and death?” Lin Buxui whispered, “Do you really think you are the master of this deserted sand sea? Is the only god here? You look too high at yourself.”

Speaking, Lin Buxui raised his hand, and on this day, the deserted sand sea all around, bursting out one after another aura.

The Formation is linked together.

Formed a Supreme array.

This Formation, condensed, directly formed a huge Formation.

“This is Formation, Formation?”

The King of Deserted Sands is extremely angry.

The power of horror madly impacts this large array.

However, this Formation arranged by Lin Buxui is so easy to be torn apart.

The overbearing power of the Heavenly Desolate Sand King constantly impacts the Formation, but it is constantly swallowed and absorbed by this Formation, and strengthens itself.

This Formation Formation above the deserted sand sea becomes more and more powerful.

“How is it possible? A trifling Formation, how can you stop me?” The sand king shouted angrily, “I am the sand king, the peerless powerhouse of the immortal True Master Realm, trifling Martial Dao Spirit Refinement The array arranged by Realm also wanted to block me and break me!”

The Tianhuangsha King was extremely angry.

A terrifying imposing manner spread out.

Just like a Supreme Demon God.

In the void, the huge face covers the sky and the sun.

The entire deserted sand sea is under his cover.

Endless murderous intention, and Qi of Death, shrouded the entire deserted sea of ​​sand.

The erosion of Death Power.

At that moment, the yellow sand in the sky swept up again.

Condense is a terrifying giant.

This giant holds a giant battle axe.

loudly shouted, as if splitting heaven and earth apart.

The axe was cut down.

Heaven and Earth must be broken.

This axe cuts straight towards that Formation Formation.

“You must block it, must block it!”

Everyone in the Formation node within the realm is worried.

They don’t want to see Formation Formation broken, that is their fate.

Nowadays, hope can only be placed on Lin Buxui, and hope on this Formation Formation.

Once the Formation Formation is broken, then it means that their time of death is really coming.

No one wants to die.

“Yes, it must be possible. He is the savior of our sand scorpion family. The prophecy has been fulfilled. Our sand scorpion family will usher in glory. How can we die?” Xie Hongming said. , He has an inexplicable self-confidence, besides, for them, there is no way out.

The moment he stood up, there was no retreat.

Either live or die.

At the moment when the giant axe was cut down, everyone’s hearts seemed to hang in their throats.

“hong long!”

A loud noise.

The whole earth is shaking.

Everyone tensed their nerves.

It’s okay.

First Ax, there is no problem.

But then, there are constant attacks.

That giant, hacked and killed frantically.


I don’t know how long it has passed, but there is a crisp sound.

Everyone complexion greatly changed.

“How is it possible that Formation is going to be broken, no, you must not let Formation be broken, you must repair Formation.” Xie Hongming shouted, “All clansman of the sand scorpion family, all shot, repair Formation! “

“Wishful thinking!”

The king of the desert sand coldly said, he increased his strength.

That giant, condensing the power of terror, came down with an axe.

“crack crack!”

The power of this axe is irresistible.

Formation can’t resist it anymore.

That Formation, at this moment, completely shattered.

“The bad Formation is broken.”

“I don’t want to die!”

Many people are already desperate.

Formation is opened, Formation is broken, which means that their lives are coming to an end.

“This impossible, the prophecy will never be false.” One person shouted.

“Old Ancestor, is the prophecy false?”

“That kid, is the so-called Savior? Our Sand Scorpion clan is going to be exterminated.” A person cried.

“Betrayers, all have to die!”

At this moment, after the Tianhuang Sand King broke the Formation Formation, he couldn’t bear it anymore.

A terrifying hand came out from the void, and moved towards Lin Buxui caught it.

“Come here!”

Huge palms, in the blink of an eye you will be in front of Lin Buxui.

However, at this moment, The earth shook and the mountain quivered.

A more domineering, more terrifying aura appeared.

This force is enough to destroy heaven extinguishing earth, and it is more terrifying and violent than the power of Tianhuang Sand King.

In an instant, the giant hand of Tianhuangsha King was crushed.

A terrifying crack appeared on the earth.

The entire deserted sand and sea are sinking.

In that underground, I don’t know what terrifying existence is there?

“Damn it, how could it be like this?” At this moment, the face of Tianhuangsha King was full of fear. He absolutely did not expect that there would be such a terrifying existence in the Tianhuangsha Sea?

This kind of power is no longer something he can contend.

Here, what else is there?

“Don’t you want to know, what did I get in the forbidden ground?” At this time, Lin Buxui said lightly, “Now, I will let you know, in this forbidden ground, what is there? What kind of terrifying existence, Tianhuangsha King, this is what you want.”

Lin Buxui’s voice fell.

An ancient and majestic body appeared.

this is one ancient illusory shadow.

this one illusory shadow, powerful and stalwart.

Look closely, this one illusory shadow is actually a Buddha.

It looks kind, but it is fierce appearance.

“The four-faced Buddha? Or the revolver Saint King?” The voice of Halloween Heavenly Fire came into Lin Buxui’s ears.

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