Eternal True God Chapter 118 – Comrade Mao

Eternal True God Chapter 118

Hearing the question from Heavenly Fire, Lin Buxui slightly smiled and said: “It’s like the forbidden land, an ancient mysterious character.”


Lin Buxui a light shout, Void Ning drew a Dao (道)’ character symbol, this Dao (道)’ character symbol, formed a curse, rushed straight Going away, instantly fell on Tianhuangsha King’s body.

next moment, Tianhuangsha King suddenly uttered a miserable cry.

Lin Buxui stepped into the air.

in a flash, it has fallen in front of the Tianhuangsha King.

“The art of cursing, how can you use the art of cursing?” The Heavenly Desolate Sand King absolutely never thought that he, a seventh-rank cursing master, would be cursed, or Lin Buxui, a trifling spirit like this. Martial Artist of Refinement Realm.

He cursed himself.

And this curse is directed at the origin of the soul.

He can’t resolve it at all.

“That’s what you always wanted to get, but I got it.” Lin Buxui smiled indifferently, raising his hand, and an ancient Divine Furnace appeared.

Eternal Divine Furnace, directly suppresses the Tianhuang Sand King.

Then the terrifying Devouring Power burst out, directly swallowing the Heavenly Desolate Sand King into the Divine Furnace, and began refining.

Lin Buxui’s cultivation base is constantly improving.

Martial Dao Spirit Refinement Realm 3 Heavenly Layer.

Martial Dao Spirit Refinement Realm 4 Heavenly Layer.

The speed of this kind of improvement is astonishing to the extreme.

This time, the benefits he gained are huge.

Not only got the Supreme Spirit Fire, Halloween Heavenly Fire, but also got three ancient characters.

The cultivation realm has been astonishingly improved, and it has been upgraded to Martial Dao Spirit Refinement Realm 4 Heavenly Layer.

Now, his strength, compared with before, can be described as the sky and the underground.

Although he has not yet entered Martial Dao Paradise Realm, it will only be a matter of time before he is promoted to Martial Dao Paradise Realm with such a cultivation speed.

Perhaps, when I return to Heavenly Luck Mansion, my cultivation realm will have arrived at Martial Dao Paradise Realm.

In Heavenly Luck Mansion, his enemies are powerful.

With his current cultivation realm of Martial Dao Spirit Refinement Realm 4 Heavenly Layer, he is nothing but ants that’s all in front of the opponent.

Even entering Martial Dao Paradise Realm is not enough.

Unless, he can step into the Martial Dao Celestial Realm before he can fight.

However, no matter what, what your mother left behind, you must get it.

Perhaps, it is the Supreme Treasure.

Of course, if it is really the Supreme Treasure, why didn’t your younger brother take it away?

Be aware that things like that are very precious and powerful. They have fatal appeal to the powerhouse of the Great Emperor Realm.

Otherwise, it will not cause that many bloody storms.

“Long live the master!”

“The lord is mighty!”

Seeing the Tianhuang Sand King being completely suppressed by Lin Buxui, this time, Xie Lewu He and Xie Hongming and the others are all pleasantly surprised.

Their bloodline curse is gone.

It disappeared completely.

The Heavenly Desolate Sand King was suppressed, which means that their Sand Scorpion clan has no restrictions.

Some innate talents are outstanding, and the geniuses suppressed by the cultivation base, the cultivation realm has started to improve.

For Xie Lewu and Xie Hongming, they are right.

Especially Scorpion Hongming. His cultivation realm was originally extremely powerful. It was the Number One Powerhouse of the entire Sand Scorpion family. It had already reached its limit and its life essence had come to an end. But now, the bloodline curse After being broken, he faintly felt that bottleneck, and that chain of shackles had already been opened.

He has faint signs of breakthrough.

This is a great thing.

As long as breakthrough, he can live for another thousand years.

There is even the possibility of hitting a higher level.

“Let’s get out of here!” After Lin Buxui suppressed and swallowed the Heavenly Desolate Sand King, he turned his gaze to the ancient coffin that was mysterious and mysterious.

What terrifying existence is sealed in this ancient bronze coffin?

There is such an ancient Buddha Relic to suppress it.

Moreover, this bronze ancient coffin is not a mortal thing, but a Supreme treasure.

“Are you sure, you want to open this bronze ancient coffin?” I perceive Lin Buxui’s thoughts. At this moment, Halloween Heavenly Fire is a little worried.

This bronze ancient coffin is too mysterious.

So many sarira suppressions.

There is curse prohibition on it, and there is also the ancient mysterious rune.

Although Halloween Heavenly Fire himself really wants to know what kind of existence is sealed in this ancient coffin, after all, this is also related to the truth of her suppression.

But now, she hesitated again.

Open the ancient coffin, maybe it will release an extremely terrifying existence.

Maybe it will lose of life.

She and Lin Buxui are also in danger.

This is not a joke.

Lin Buxui’s strength is still too weak, and she herself is far from returning to Peak.

When the time comes, if the existence of the ancient coffin is to disadvantage them, I am afraid that they will not even have the chance to escape.

“Open, why not?” Lin Buxui narrowed his eyes and said, “Now that I have reached such a point, I cannot pass that hurdle in my heart unless I open this ancient coffin.”

“If I don’t understand my thoughts, the cultivation will not be effective. It is a limitation for me. Only when I understand my thoughts, can I be magnanimous all the way on the path of cultivation.”

Lin Buxui looked at it. This bronze ancient coffin.

Even if he has Heavenly Dao magic eyes, plus the’Nine Chapters of Celestial Deduction’, he still can’t figure out what kind of existence is in this ancient coffin.

“Since you insist on doing this, you must be careful.” Heavenly Fire hearing this reminded, “Although I would like to know the secret of this ancient coffin, but my instinct tells I, the existence in this ancient coffin is definitely not something I can deal with now, but the guy inside is dead or alive, whether it is an enemy or a friend, I don’t know at all.”

It’s alive, it’s definitely pretty scary.

The strength of the opponent is absolutely beyond imagination.

If it is dead, it may not be safe either.

There was a time when people who died were terrifying like the powerhouse of the dead, and even some terrifying existence was even stronger and more terrifying when they died.

Ancient coffin Suppresses the devil.

Such precedents are too common.

“To open this ancient coffin, we must first solve the problems of these Relics. These ancient Buddha Relics are more powerful than the desert sand king. Can you deal with it?”

“For me, these ancient Buddha Relics, just like Heaven and Earth Spirit Stone, can provide me with the most pure energy.” Lin Buxui extended the hand and directly grabbed a piece of ancient Buddha Relic.

But what Lin Buxui didn’t expect was that these ancient Buddha Relics, as if they had spirituality, all floated up.

It turned into one after another ray of light, moved towards him, and flew straight towards him, very fast.

It is Lin Buxui who wants to dodge, but it is too late.

“xiu xiu!”

“xiu xiu!”

These ancient Buddha Relic directly submerged into his body, submerged into his dantian.

This time, Lin Buxui was happy.

Dare to enter your own dantian, that is courting death.

Among the dantians, the Eternal Divine Furnace opened in an instant, and unceremoniously swallowed these ancient Buddha Relics.

However, Lin Buxui did not devour these Relics to refining now.

He perceives that these Relics contain majestic energy. If they can be completely refining, it will be enough to increase his cultivation base by only a few levels.

You can definitely enter Martial Dao Paradise Realm.

But for Lin Buxui, it is definitely not now.

there’s no free meal in the world.

Why do these Relics enter their bodies directly?

Give yourself energy for nothing?

Lin Buxui doesn’t think he is the so-called Heaven’s Child, what kind of Child of Destiny.

Where are there such good things?

Even more how, Child of Destiny may also be beheaded.

Furthermore, if something goes wrong, there must be a demon.

Lin Buxui hasn’t thought about it much.

It feels that the characters of these Relic appear in his mind, as if there is a voice constantly singing.

These characters, in his mind, formed one after another Buddhist scriptures.

An old monk, that is a Buddha.

Want to transform yourself?

Lin Buxui brows frowned.

Annoyed, annoyed!

“These Buddhism bald donkeys really don’t have a good thing.” Lin Buxui’s cold light flickered, “I want to cross me, it’s courting death.”

Take Lin Buxui’s strong will, he lived a whole life, where is so easy to be transformed?

What’s more, he cultivated Supreme’s “Eternal Inextinguishable Body” and has many ancient divine ability secret techniques.

There are Supreme Treasures like Cangyuan Great Seal and Qiankun Xiantu on him.

trifling a Buddha illusory shadow, a Buddhist scripture, want to transform yourself?

That is a dream.


Following Lin Buxui’s a light shout, he expelled the illusory shadow of the Buddha out of his mind.

However, at this moment, what Lin Buxui doesn’t know is that he has a faint Buddha nature on his body.

That is the power of the Buddha.

The whole person is like a Buddha.

“You are afraid that Buddhism is being targeted.” At this time, Halloween Heavenly Fire said, “Buddhism guys, it’s not easy to provoke them. Some are okay, but there are a lot of them. It’s a decent way of speaking, speaking of which is a set, and doing it is a set.”

“I know this naturally.” Lin Buxui said coldly, “If Buddhism doesn’t take the initiative to provoke me, it will be that’s too. all, but if they dare to plot against me, then I will let them know what the real pain is.”

Exterminate the Buddha, so will he.

Of course, he understands very well that true Buddhism is also very powerful and terrifying.

Buddhism seems to be commonplace, but in fact, secretly, I don’t know how much terrifying power is hidden.

In the eternal Heavenly Domain, that was the case.

Nowadays, within the realm, the power of Buddhism seems to be not well-known, but in fact, the power of Buddhism is very powerful, I am afraid, it can be ranked in the top three.

However, Lin Buxui was surprised.

Buddhism until now, it seems a bit too low-key.

Whether it was in his previous life or now, he is above this eternal continent.

The power of Buddhism, compared with other sect powers, is really too low-key.

Over the years, all continents have been turbulent. There are many demons and begin to stir. Isn’t it just an opportunity for Buddhism to expand?

But why, Buddhism has enough strength, and has been low-key?

I don’t understand, Lin Buxui doesn’t think too much.

His attention shifted once again to the bronze ancient coffin.

“The Lord wants to open this bronze ancient coffin?” At this time, Xie Hongming said, “This is a bit too risky. This ancient coffin is very mysterious. I don’t know what kind of existence is sealed. , If the Lord rushes to do it, there will be danger, if not, let the subordinates send someone a try to share the worry for the Lord.”

“This is a good way,” said Heavenly Fire. “Let the people of the sand scorpion family explore the way. If there is danger, we still have a chance to avoid it.”


He Kangqi and Lin Tianxiao also Look at Lin Buxui nodded and said.

Of this ancient coffin, there may be Supreme treasure, but safety is the most important thing.

Moreover, even if there is Supreme treasure and Supreme opportunity among them, it is not affordable for ordinary people.

He Kangqi and Lin Tianxiao did not worry anymore after they had greatly showing divine might before they met Lin Buxui.

Lin Buxui easily solved the existence of such a powerful existence as the Desolate Sand King. These until now are the sand scorpion clan who succumbed to the majesty of the Desolate Sand King. How dare to treat Lin Buxui? What other thoughts does this person who killed the Heavenly Sand King have?

“You two, go and open that ancient coffin!” Xie Hongming said to the two clansman behind him.


The two walked forward.

I came to the front of the bronze ancient coffin.

extend the hand, you have to touch the bronze ancient coffin.

At this time, an overbearing force burst out instantly.

The two men, under the impact of this terrifying force, were directly knocked out and hit the ground.

I only heard two muffled sounds of “push”.

Two people corner of the mouth flow blood, their eyes turn white, and there is no vitality.

When everyone saw this scene, they couldn’t help swallowing their saliva.

Just now the two of them had not actually touched the bronze ancient coffin, they had been knocked into the air by an invisible force, and they were directly shocked to death.

This is too weird and too scary.

Everyone did not see clearly what is going on.

“This ancient coffin is too weird.”

“Ominous thing!”

“Lord, I suggest that this ancient coffin Banned.” Martial Dao.

“Retreat, you guys.” Lin Buxui shook the head, of course he didn’t want to give up easily.

“Junior Brother Lin, this ancient coffin is too weird.” He Kang said strangely, “Before you figure out what’s going on, don’t do it rashly.”

“Yes, patriarch, the rune on the ancient coffin, and the text on it, are so weird that they cannot be opened easily.” Lin Tianxiao also persuaded, “Are you going to save your mother, Shen Qingmei? You can’t go on a business trip. If there is any accident, how do you save your mother Shen Qingmei?”


“This ……”

Everyone was shocked and stunned.

At this time, there was a voice in the bronze ancient coffin.


“This is…heartbeat.”

Everyone swallowed their saliva.

Back up one after another.

“The things in this ancient coffin have awakened.”

“Be careful, absolutely be careful.”

“Enter a fighting state!” Scorpion Hongming shouted.

“I want to see, what is the seal in this ancient coffin? Even if I wake up, I am not afraid.” Lin Buxui narrowed his eyes and raised his hand to condense the weight. The stubborn mana directly opened the bronze ancient coffin.

Lin Buxui is now thinking about it.

Since those Buddha Relics can suppress this bronze ancient coffin, now, these Buddha Relics are all in his dantian Divine Furnace and have not been completely refining yet.

At a critical time, he can spend some price, relic these Buddha, opening array, it should be possible to seal the things in this ancient coffin again.

So, he is not worried.

Next moment, the ancient coffin is opened.

The contents inside made everyone look straight and couldn’t remove it.

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