Eternal True God Chapter 119

It was a woman, a beautiful and incompetent woman.

“This…how is this possible? It’s just a woman, an extremely ordinary woman, why use such a means to seal it here?” He Kangqi cry out in surprise.

“This woman does not have any energy fluctuations, she seems to be just an ordinary woman.” Xie Hongming also cry out in surprise.

“This woman is a bit familiar.” However, at this time, Halloween Heavenly Fire eyebrows slightly frowned, with a not very good premonition.

The woman in front of me shocked everyone.

Her heartbeat became stronger.

I’m going to wake up.

The rhythmic beating sound is very weird.

The sound is getting louder and louder.

This is not just the woman’s heartbeat, but everyone’s heartbeat is connected together.

At this moment, Lin Buxui was shocked.

This woman, too terrifying, her heartbeat drew everyone’s heartbeat.

In other words, she has controlled everyone’s heartbeat, no one is exception.

Even Lin Buxui himself.


Lin Buxui lightly shouted.

Suppress the self with the immortal picture of the universe.

‘Eternal Inextinguishable Body’ has run to the extreme, and he slowly slowed down his heartbeat.

However, the heartbeat of others started to increase in speed.

More and more intense, as if to jump out.

Lin Buxui knows that this woman has awakened.

This is by no means an ordinary woman.

Her strength is absolutely terrifying.

It is not that she is an ordinary person, but that her strength has surpassed the level that everyone can understand, and she has already reached the point of returning to the basics.

Or, what she is strong is not physical body and mana.

It is the cultivation other secret technique divine ability, which is another technique of cultivation.

This is the only way to make her look like an ordinary person.

“This woman, too terrifying.” At this time, Halloween Heavenly Fire also felt terrifying and felt repression. She was a spiritual fire without a physical body, but she also felt the woman in the ancient coffin. The scary place.

At this time, Lin Buxui opened the eyes of Heavenly Dao magic.

Now I can see clearly, the bronze ancient coffin.

The burial coffin!

This bronze ancient coffin is actually the legendary burial coffin.

“Go, hurry.” Lin Buxui said to He Kangqi, Lin Tianxiao and the others at this moment.

However, at this time, He Kangqi, Lin Tianxiao and the others, as if they were confused, remained unmoved.

Things are in trouble.

Not only He Kangqi but also Lin Tianxiao, other members of the sand scorpion clan, as well.

All eyes were dull, looking at the woman in the bronze ancient coffin.

Lin Buxui could not help being sucked in a cold breath in this situation.

This woman hasn’t really woken up yet, her eyes have not been opened, she has just restored her heartbeat, and now everyone here has been confused and lost herself.

If this is truly awakened, how terrifying would it be?

“Leave them alone, go quickly, and escape here quickly, otherwise, after that woman really wakes up, there will be no chance.” Halloween Heavenly Fire was very anxious, she urged.

“Do you know who this woman is?” Lin Buxui must have known something when Lin Buxui heard the words of Halloween Heavenly Fire. Otherwise, impossible would be so anxious.

“Yes, I have already seen some clues. If I guess correctly, this woman is Gu Yunhan who crossed Heavenly Domain in ancient times.” Halloween Heavenly Fire said, “Gu Yun Han is the Sect Master of Heavenly Demon Sacred Sect in ancient times. She is extremely powerful and no one can resist. Nowadays, although she is sealed here, she does not know how old she is, and may even have lost her cultivation base. It’s far from what you and I can handle.”

Lin Buxui took a deep breath.

A peerless powerhouse in ancient times.

Heavenly Demon Sacred Sect, this is the legendary demonic path, which is quite terrifying.

Even today, Heavenly Demon Sacred Sect has disappeared, but Demon Sect still exists. However, today’s Demon Sect is far less than the original Heavenly Demon Sacred Sect, but it is still Very powerful.

It is rumored that in ancient times, those Demons were all under the control of Heavenly Demon Sacred Sect.

Whether this is true or not, Lin Buxui doesn’t know.

However, such rumors, impossible, are groundless.

If you knew that the person sealed in this bronze ancient coffin was such a terrifying figure, Lin Buxui would never release her.

But now, it is too late.

fleeing is the best policy.

Originally, Lin Buxui’s body contained the ancient Buddha Relic. With the help of the ancient Buddha Relic’s power, the bronze ancient coffin could be sealed again.

However, Lin Buxui had a very bad premonition. If he really dared to use the ancient Buddha Relic to seal the bronze ancient coffin again, he would suffer a terrifying blow.

Even if you don’t die, you have to de-layer your skin.

Moreover, it may not be possible to seal the bronze ancient coffin, or the burial coffin.

“Senior Brother He, the old man, let’s go!” Lin Buxui mobilized the mana in his body, spurring the immortal figure of the universe, and pointed at the center of the two men’s eyebrows, awakening them.

“What’s the matter?” He Kangqi and Lin Tianxiao woke up, a little confused.

“Go, let’s get out of here soon, otherwise, we won’t be able to go.” Lin Buxui didn’t explain too much, just grabbed the two of them and moved towards the outside.

But, at this time, an invisible mask appeared in the entire space, blocking the way.

“Young Master, why bother to leave, Young Master saved his concubine, it is a great grace, why do you want to leave in a hurry? Young Master’s great kindness and virtue, the concubine has to report.”


At this moment, the woman lying in the ancient coffin opened her eyes.

The figure fluttered out.

There is no trace of mana energy fluctuation on his body.

But she just soared in the air.

Let the three-person complexion greatly changed.

At this time, Lin Tianxiao and He Kangqi realized how terrifying and terrifying the woman in front of them was.

Even if they didn’t perceive any powerhouse aura from this woman, both of them knew very well that the strength of this woman had reached an incredible level.

In the words, they have already shocked the minds of the two.

If this woman wants to kill them, I am afraid that she can do it as long as she moves her mouth and talks.

This woman is simply not a human being.

Lin Buxui took a deep breath.

Knowing that I want to leave now, it is too late.

“Congratulations to the senior for waking up and regaining his freedom.” Lin Buxui bowed and said in a respectful tone.

“Young Master is the life saving benefactor of the concubine, it doesn’t have to be that.” Gu Yunhan lightly fell on the ground, she looked at Lin Buxui, the corner of her mouth raised a smile, devastatingly beautiful, let People are involved involuntarily.

The charm of this woman is too terrifying.

Even at this moment, Lin Buxui has an immortal figure to suppress himself, and has an incomparably determined will, but it is still difficult to resist this woman’s smile.

Demoness? Fairy?

In short, she is a terrifying woman.

As soon as she raised her hand, most of the Sand Scorpion clan lost consciousness, and the spirit and spirit of her body had been extracted.

Lin Buxui opened his mouth and did not dare to stop.

Gu Yunhan saw Lin Buxui’s thoughts.

She said calmly: “Young Master don’t have to worry, the concubine just borrowed them to restore some strength, and didn’t kill all of them. After all, they are Young Master’s subordinates. Look at Young Master. On the face of her, the concubine will not kill her.”

Before speaking, serene.

It seems that killing so many people is an insignificant thing.

Lin Buxui smiled wryly.

For her terrifying powerhouse, killing some people is indeed very normal and insignificant.

After Lin Buxui took a deep breath, he asked: “Senior has been free now, do you have any plans in the future?”

“I plan, but I have no plans, concubine The body’s cultivation base has not recovered, and is very weak. Moreover, Young Master saved his concubine body. With such great kindness and virtue, the concubine body has nothing to pay for, so he can only follow Young Master by serving tea and water for Young Master in order to repay this greatness. Hmm.” Gu Yunhan bent over and said blessedly.

When Lin Buxui heard this, he shook his head and waved his hand: “Senior, what are you talking about, brat, can save senior, this is the honor of the kid, how dare you ask for anything in return.”

Lin Buxui secretly said in one’s heart, what a joke.

Who is she?

A terrifying existence, a Sect Master of Heavenly Demon Sacred Sect in ancient times, and a Peerless Great Demon.

How can I manage it?

Following yourself is simply terrible.

“Could it be that Young Master dislikes his concubine body?” At this time, Gu Yunhan’s tone was resentful, and his eyes looked at Lin Buxui faintly, which made people heartbreak.

“What a shameless woman.” Halloween Heavenly Fire whispered in Lin Buxui’s mind.

She couldn’t understand Gu Yunhan’s methods.

But he did not dare to speak loudly, even in Lin Buxui’s mind, for fear of being heard by the woman Gu Yunhan.

Halloween Heavenly Fire is very clear that even in her Peak period, she is far from the opponent of this woman.

If this woman regains her strength, she can crush her in the Peak period with just one finger.

If you offend such a terrifying person, you can imagine what will happen. This is a woman, a Sect Master of Heavenly Demon Sacred Sect.

Judging from the way she killed the sand scorpions just now, it is definitely the existence of killing without blinking an eye.

“How come.” Lin Buxui hearing this said with a smile, “senior, don’t make fun of the kid.”

“Is this a joke?” Gu Yun Han Yingying smiled, twisted his waist, and moved towards Lin Buxui slowly. The lithe and graceful figure made people fascinated and couldn’t move their eyes.

“In the future, the concubine will follow Young Master. Wherever Young Master goes, the concubine will go.” Before speaking, Gu Yunhan had already walked to Lin Buxui’s side.

Lin Buxui knows that at this time, he has no possibility to refuse.

Since there is no way to change it, just let it happen.

Perhaps, this is not necessarily a bad thing.

This ancient Sect Master of Heavenly Demon Sacred Sect, Gu Yunhan, although is a Peerless Great Demon, is extremely powerful, even if it has not recovered now, it is very terrifying and very powerful.

If she can help herself, many things he can’t solve right now can be easily done with the help of Gu Yunhan’s power.

At this time, Gu Yunhan turned into a rays of light and directly entered Lin Buxui’s right arm, like a tattoo.


“Young Master, the concubine body will be here in the future, the cultivation base of the concubine body has not been restored yet, it needs the power of Young Master to nurture and recover What?” With that, Gu Yunhan’s voice had disappeared.

Lin Buxui didn’t respond if he shouted anything.

At this time, Halloween Heavenly Fire dare not say bad things about Gu Yunhan.

Halloween Heavenly Fire is very depressed, this Gu Yunhan is still absorbing her power.

Although it doesn’t absorb much, it is still absorbing.

She is far inferior to her opponent, and she dares not speak up.

Only entering the Eternal Divine Furnace can completely block Gu Yunhan’s Devouring Power.

“Lin Buxui, this woman, is really damn, she actually swallows my power.” Halloween Heavenly Fire is angry, but there is no way.

Let her go to this terrifying woman, she is not sure.

“Come on, Halloween, you still don’t provoke her.” Lin Buxui said, “I also cannot afford to offend, this great aunt, I don’t know when I will leave.”

Halloween Heavenly Fire has no words.

She doesn’t know this question either.

As for her, when she regains her cultivation base, I don’t know how long it will be.

How powerful was the terrifying existence of Gu Yunhan during the Peak period?

At the moment, her cultivation base may not be one ten thousandth of the Peak period, or even 1 in 1 million.

To restore Peak, it is estimated that the entire eternal continent is swallowed, and it may not be possible to do it.

Gu Yunhan entered Lin Buxui’s right arm. After falling into deep sleep, everyone awoke and recovered.

Scorpion Hongming discovered that his clansman was dead again.

I can’t believe it at all.

“My lord, what…what happened to this? What is there in the ancient coffin?” Xie Hongming’s voice was still a little trembling.

Although he didn’t understand what happened.

But foreseeable, it is certainly not a good thing.

It is definitely a life.

Among this ancient coffin, there seems to be a woman, a beautiful woman, but they have forgotten what that woman looks like.

However, his clansman has died many times, and he has an inseparable relationship with that mysterious woman.

Lin Buxui sighed deeply and said: “You don’t need to think about it. The person who killed your clansman is not something you can deal with, but it is the sand king of the sky. In front of her, it is just Ants that’s all, it’s a blessing for you to survive.”

“Yes, Xie Hongming, you are content, if it weren’t for Junior Brother, you’re probably going to be completely annihilated.” He Kangqi said. “Now, it is a great advantage that you can follow my Junior Brother. You absolutely must not have two hearts. Otherwise, your sand scorpion clan will probably be exterminated, do you know?”

” Since I have already followed the Lord, I will never betray.” Xie Lewu loudly said, “You can rest assured.”

“Yes, if the Lord orders, no matter if it is Blade Mountain, go to the fire sea, or die, I won’t have any complaints.” Xie Hongming also said.

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