Eternal True God Chapter 120

"Okay, okay, now the deserted sand king is dead, and the mysterious existence in this bronze ancient coffin will not embarrass you anymore. Now, your sand scorpion clan Already free." Lin Buxui said.

"Lord, do you want to abandon us?" At this time, Xie Lewu knelt down and said.

"Lord!" Xie Hongming knelt down.

"It doesn't have to be this way." Lin Buxui said, "You are good to cultivation in this deserted sea of ​​sand. In the future, I will come to you. Your strength is not strong enough. Moreover, now Sha The scorpion clan has suffered huge losses and need to recuperate. When the sand scorpion clan recovers, come to me again."

"Yes, Lord."

"Well, Lord I follow the Lord, and with my strength, I can provide a lot of help to the Lord, and Xiao Wu is the new patriarch of our Sand Scorpion clan.” Xie Hongming said at the moment.

"Master, don't refuse." At this time, Xie Le Martial Dao.

"Master, although the strength of the old man is not enough, master, you always need someone to handle some trivial matters, some trivial matters." Xie Hongming said.

Actually, Xie Hongming wanted Xie Lewu to follow Lin Buxui.

However, the cultivation base of Xie Lewu is too weak.

Following Lin Buxui's side, for Lin Buxui, there is not much help.

Lin Buxui may not look good.

Furthermore, Scorpion Lewu, now Young Patriarch of the Sand Scorpion clan, is dangerous to follow Lin Buxui. After all, that mysterious woman is very scary.

Most of the clansman of the sand scorpion clan died in her hands.

"Okay." Lin Buxui nodded.

Xie Hongming's strength is good, and many things are inconvenient to deal with.

However, now, he will return to Heavenly Luck Mansion.

Scorpion Hongming, after all, belongs to the sand scorpion clan and belongs to a foreign race. It is not a good thing to enter the Heavenly Luck Mansion.

"Many thanks, Lord."

See Lin Buxui's agreement, Xie Hongming immediately nodded.

He selected several people, these people are very powerful, it can be said that they are the most elite fighters of the entire sand scorpion clan.

There are dozens of people.

"In this way, Xie Hongming, you take these people with you and set up an organization for me to inquire about news specifically for me." Lin Buxui said.

"Yes, master."

Lin Buxui nodded.

Turn to He Kangqi and Lin Tianxiao and said: "Senior Brother He, the old man, now the spirit fire is in hand, it is time for us to return to Heavenly Luck Mansion."

The cultivation base has reached Martial Dao Spirit Refinement Realm 4 Heavenly Layer.

But still not strong enough.

However, coming to this deserted sea of ​​sand this time has gained tremendous benefits.

I got three ancient characters.

Cultivation base Dajin, arrived at Martial Dao Spirit Refinement Realm 4 Heavenly Layer.

I also got the ancient Buddha Relic.

The most important thing is that there is still this bronze ancient coffin in front of me.

This is the burial coffin!

This is Supreme Treasure.

This thing, compared to the immortal map of the universe that I got, is not inferior.

"Is this bronze ancient coffin placed here?" He Kang said strangely, "Junior Brother, this ancient coffin is not an extraordinary thing. It is extremely precious. It would be a pity to stay here like this "

Lin Buxui said: "Naturally not, this is the burial coffin. It is not easy to collect the burial coffin. I still need to make some preparations."

Lin Buxui Actually, he has already tried to collect the refining coffin.

However, it simply cannot be done.

The burial coffin did not move at all.

It seems to be here, put down roots.

However, when Gu Yunhan entered his body and fell asleep, he had already given him a way to collect the burial coffin.

The burial coffin is a Supreme demonic path Supreme Treasure.

If you want to collect, you need sacrifices.

Moreover, this sacrifice can't be worse.

If you can kill a big Demon and use it as a sacrifice, it's okay.

At least it must be the 7th Demon.

Slay the seventh Demon to collect this burial coffin.

For Lin Buxui, this is not an easy task.

The powerhouse of the Seven-Rank Demon equivalent to Martial Dao divine ability.

It is not easy to kill.

The most important thing is that it can't be used to sacrifice this burial coffin for too long.

This means that you have to catch up.

Grab a live Seven-Rank Demon.

The difficulty is even greater. It is much more difficult than killing a Seventh-Rank Demon.

"Master, what do you need to do to prepare? You just need to give an order." The burial coffin is Supreme Treasure, everyone wants it, and the same is true for Scorpion Lewu, but they know very well. , Such Supreme Treasure, they can't get involved.

Such treasures are only qualified for their master, Lin Buxui.

Besides, these treasures are actually evil.

If the cultivation base is not enough and the luck is not strong, even if you get this thing, you will encounter backlash.

They know that even a powerhouse like the Heavenly Desolate Sand King cannot refining this bronze ancient coffin, even more so.

Lin Buxui shook the head said: "If you want to refining this burial coffin, you need to use the seventh stage Demon as a sacrifice to refining."

"With the seventh stage Demon Come to sacrifice refining? So weird?" He Kangqi and the others were slightly surprised.

"However, if you do this, I am afraid that you will not really refining the sky burial coffin and become its owner, but you will be restricted by him and become the servant of the sky burial coffin." Lin Buxui had cold light in his eyes. Flashingly said, "It's just trifling a treasure. It's a great honor to be able to for me to use. How can it be possible that I have to sacrifice it?"

Lin Buxui is not like this Thoughts.

Go to worship the burial coffin.

He won't do it.

This burial coffin is powerful, but for Lin Buxui, he already has the Great Seal of Cang Yuan in his hand, and he also has the immortal map of the universe.

These two distinct things, which one is no better than the tea from this burial coffin?

Not only that, he also has a treasure, Devil Subduing Tower, which is no worse than this burial coffin.

"Yes, treasures are important, but they are only tools. They must not be their slaves." Lin Tianxiao listened, loudly said.

He Kangqi is also nodded.

"If you collect this burial coffin by the method of sacrifice, I am afraid it will really be controlled by it."

"Junior Brother, you have to refining this If the coffin is buried in the sky, I will help you." He Kangqi said.

Lin Buxui shook his head: "This burial coffin is very weird. If I am refining this burial coffin, if you are in the vicinity, you will be affected. When the time comes, you might be Affected by the burial coffin."

Lin Buxui felt a terrifying bewitching power when he tried to refining the burial coffin before.

A little carelessness, you may be bewitched by this burial coffin.

This is not a good thing.

How powerful is Lin Buxui's own spirit willpower.

They almost came out.

With He Kangqi's cultivation base, his spirit willpower, it is absolutely irresistible.

Even everyone present can't resist it.

The burial coffin seems to have absorbed some of Gu Yunhan's power, making it unusually weird and possessing a powerful bewitching power.

On my body, because of the suppression of Immortal Treasure, the ancient Buddha Relic, and the strength of his own spirit willpower, he can resist the enchantment of the burial coffin.

Therefore, I have to refining the burial coffin. If there are other people, it is not suitable.

Originally, Lin Buxui also wanted to put the burial coffin away first, and waited for the right time to refining the burial coffin, but he was unable to do so.

It seems that there is still a powerful force controlling this burial coffin.

There is a master.

Lin Buxui perceives that this burial coffin is not a masterless object, it seems to have a master.

That person may be the one who suppressed Gu Yunhan and banned the Saint Heavenly Fire.

Is it a Buddha?

Is it a devil?

Or something else?

Lin Buxui doesn't know.

And Gu Yunhan seemed to know something, but she did not tell herself.

But I told myself that if you really want to get the burial coffin, you must use the method of sacrifice, and then you may get the approval of the burial coffin.

But Lin Buxui does not think so.

Because he has never heard of the method of sacrificial offerings to collect treasure.

This seems to be to conclude a certain kind of contract that's all.

Temporarily approved by the Sky Funeral Coffin, I can use the power of the Sky Funeral Coffin.

Not really refining the sky funeral coffin at all, and become the owner of the sky funeral coffin.

Gu Yunhan, what is hiding.

Such a terrifying powerhouse, what are you afraid of.

Lin Buxui is not a fool.

I guessed it vaguely.

"I want to set up a big formation to refining this burial coffin." Lin Buxui thought about it and looked at everyone and said, "You have to leave here and go outside of Formation."

"Master, what materials do you need for the formation, please give me an order." Martial Dao, "I will send someone to offer it immediately."

"Among my sand scorpion clan, there is also an Array Master. If it exists, the Lord only needs to give instructions." Xie Hongming also said.

"No need." Lin Buxui shook his head.

The sand scorpion family does have Array Masters, but these Array Masters are not in the eyes of Lin Buxui. He doesn't like these Array Masters, too weak.

For Dao of Array's comprehension, he couldn't catch him at all.

The array he arranged is a Supreme array.

"I want to lay out the array, which is to hide the sky. This Formation, isolates the outside world. Your Array Master cannot do it." Lin Buxui said, "When setting up an array, you can’t Does anyone bother me."

"Hidden from the sky?" Everyone was shocked.

"Lord, what you are talking about is the legendary array that can deceive the heavens? That is a taboo existence." An Array Master of the sand scorpion clan cry out in surprise.

"Junior Brother Lin, I heard you right, did you really mean the legendary big formation?" He Kangqi is also stared wide-eyed, I can't believe it.

Of course he has heard of it.

This is the most mysterious array in the world.

Many ancient powerhouses and Old Antique, whose life essence is about to be exhausted, all want to get a great array to deceive Heavenly Dao, thereby avoiding Heavenly Dao’s will and prolonging life essence, struggling on whilst at death's door.

However, there are very few people who can get such a Formation.

In this world, I only heard that there was a great formation of hiding from the sky.

Heavenly Luck Mansion does not.

It is Dao Sect, and there is none.

So, He Kangqi was shocked when he heard Lin Buxui said that he was going to set up a big battle array. He couldn't believe it.

"Junior Brother, can you let me watch the formation of Junior Brother?" He Kangqi said.

If you can watch Lin Buxui arrange such a Formation, it will be of great help to his future cultivation.

This is like watching a peerless battle.

Can gain countless experiences.

Comprehend many secrets.

But Lin Buxui shook his head and said: "No."

"Can't it?" He Kangqi was a little disappointed, but this is also normal, such a Supreme array, that is Supreme How can you easily show your secrets to others?

So this is also very normal.

Lin Buxui looked at the disappointed He Kangqi and couldn’t help but say: “Senior Brother, it’s not that I don’t want you to see it. It’s horrible to come to Supreme, this will not do any good to Senior Brother."

"Junior Brother, I know." He Kangqi hearing this laughed, he also knew that what Lin Buxui said was the truth.


After everything is ready.

Lin Buxui began to set up an array.

The speed of array formation is extremely fast.

But the consumption is also very huge.

In this Formation, Lin Buxui has arranged for three days.

Only the auxiliary Formation of this Formation has been arranged.

Three thousand auxiliary Formation are arranged.

With the combination of these three thousand auxiliary Formation, an ancient mysterious array is truly formed.

This Formation can really cover Heaven and Earth.

"Get up!"

Lin Buxui shouting loudly.

The ancient power rune burst out.

In the void, one after another light shines.

This Formation has really been set up successfully.

The Hengtian Great Array has been opened.

This space is shrouded in it.

No one can see clearly what is in this Formation.

At this moment, Lin Buxui started to refining the burial coffin.

The burial coffin is the Supreme evil treasure.

How powerful is the will of the burial coffin.

However, Lin Buxui saw it with the eyes of Heavenly Dao magic.

This burial coffin, in fact, is not a real burial coffin, but an imitation. If it is a real burial coffin, it is absolutely impossible here.

In this burial coffin, there is a source of curse.

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