Eternal True God Chapter 125

After he thoroughly penetrated the’Buying Heaven Sutra’, Lin Buxui discovered that he had a thorough grasp of the burial coffin.

It means that the burial coffin has been refining by him, and it is his thing.

He opened his eyes.

The cultivation realm has once again been promoted.

Martial Dao Spirit Refinement Realm 5th Layer.

Although it is only a breakthrough of one small realm, his battle strength has achieved another qualitative leap.

He who has comprehend the’Buying Tianjing’, and supported by the burial coffin, Lin Buxui’s strength is absolutely incomparable with the previous ones.

Lin Buxui can clearly perceive the terrifying of the burial coffin.

This burial coffin is only an imitation, but among the burial coffins, among the 49 tombs, there are indeed some sacrifices and buried in the burial coffin. Horror powerhouse.

These terrifying powerhouses are controlled by the burial coffin.

Now Lin Buxui has refining the sky funeral coffin and becomes the owner of this sky funeral coffin, which is equivalent to controlling the powerhouse in the tombs of the sky funeral coffin.

Can drive them to fight.

This burial coffin is like the Devil Subduing Tower.

As long as the strength is strong enough, you can summon one of the powerhouses and fight for him.

The difference between the two is that in the Devil Subduing Tower, that is a living existence, a living Demon.

The Demon sent into it was also banned and suppressed.

Unless Lin Buxui takes the initiative to kill these Demons, otherwise, the Demon trapped in the Devil Subduing Tower will not die unless the source of power is exhausted.

However, the burial coffin can be different.

Any creature, as long as it is suppressed in the burial coffin, it will undoubtedly die.

Because only the dead need to be buried.

If Heaven and Earth were sent into this burial coffin, it would be buried, and Heaven and Earth would also die.

At this moment, Lin Buxui opened his eyes, and a shocking cold light flashed away.

He succeeded.


In endless void, in a Great World.

A handsome monk opened his eyes.

That is a Buddha.

This person was meditating and chanting, but stopped.

This is not someone else, it is Tang San’s burial, the Supreme powerhouse, and a Buddha on Spiritual Mountain.

“One of my clones was actually beheaded, refining, interesting, interesting, I want to see, what and the others, actually did it to me, and also concealed itself, I can’t figure it out.” Tang Sanzang calculated to no avail, raised his hand, and condensed a rays of light, which was a Relic.

The Relic cut through the void in an instant and escaped into the endless space.

At this moment, Lin Buxui did not perceive it.

But as far as he is concerned, since he has done it, he will not regret it.

Even if you know that you have offended such a terrifying powerhouse, you will not be afraid.

next moment.

Lin Buxui appeared in front of Gu Yunhan.

Gu Yunhan looked at Lin Buxui who suddenly appeared in front of him. She was a little surprised. Although she knew Lin Buxui might succeed, now she found that Lin Buxui was really successful. She really couldn’t believe it. .

“You succeeded, and it only took such a short time.” Gu Yunhan was shocked, Lin Buxui is now full of mysterious power.

That is the power to bury the beings of Heaven and Earth.

“The burial coffin, are you refining too?”

“Yes, much more thanks to Senior’s guidance.” Lin Buxui said.

Gu Yunhan hearing this, she shook her head and said: “This has nothing to do with me, everything is the result of your own efforts, but you surprised me too much. Heaven’s coffins are Supreme’s existence. For countless years, how many peerless Heaven’s Chosen have delusioned to cultivation the’Buried Heaven’s Sutra’ and refining the Heaven’s Chosen, but without exception, every one of them has failed, and you are the number one. One.”

“It will also be the last person.” Lin Buxui slightly smiled said, “This burial scripture and burial coffin are very weird. If ordinary people want to refining, it is to die. There is no chance of survival. Therefore, since these two distinct things are in my hands, they will no longer be given to others. However, in this way, I am afraid that I will offend the previous owner of the Funeral Coffin and the’Buying Tianjing’ , That’s not a weak person.”

“It is indeed not a weak person.” Gu Yunhan said, “But, you don’t need to worry too much. The opponent’s strength is extremely powerful. With your current strength, In the eyes of the other party, it is nothing more than that’s all, so that one will not do anything to you now.”

Lin Buxui nodded.

“Indeed, that one, with terrifying strength, was not an opponent of that one during the Senior Peak period. Therefore, that one should not be able to do that kind of bully the weak behavior.” Lin Buxui took the burial coffin in an instant, the next moment, and disappeared in place.

He has returned to the deserted sea of ​​sand, back to the’Harding the Sky’ that he arranged.

What Lin Buxui didn’t know was that it was precisely because of the Formation he arranged that he hid proudly and was not discovered by that Tang San’s funeral.

Otherwise, he has been exposed before.


With Lin Buxui a light shout.

Hantian Dazhen was charged and closed by him.

As soon as he received the big array, Lin Buxui perceives the outside world with a few powerful breaths.

And a few powerful auras, are fighting with the sand scorpion clan and He Kangqilin and Tianxiao.

Between breaths.

Gu Yunhan also appeared again.

She stood beside Lin Buxui.

“Your people are in trouble.” Gu Yunhan said, “These are the people of the Buddhism Church. They are probably here to seize the burial coffin.”

“Burial World Teaching?” Lin Buxui narrowed his eyes, “What does this Buddhism Church have to do with the Tiantian Coffin and the’Tian Tian Jing’? Is it the power inherited by the owner of the Tian Tian Coffin?”

“Fundamentally speaking, there is not much connection.” Gu Yunhan smiled slightly and said, “You have already penetrated the’Buying Tianjing’, and you have also gotten the funeral coffin. This funeral coffin and the’Buying Tianjing’ The whole sequence of events, you should be very clear, how powerful is the master of these two distinct things? How could it be possible to leave such an inferior inheritance? Therefore, this Buddhism Church is just to make use of the burial coffin that’s all.”


With a loud noise, Lin Tianxiao was knocked into the air.

Heavy landing.

Although Lin Tianxiao has recovered a lot of his cultivation base, he is still far behind.

Faced with the powerhouse buried in the world, he still couldn’t resist.

Lin Buxui complexion sank.

Somewhat unsightly.

These people actually attacked the old Lin Tianxiao clan and severely injured him.

Does it depend on the owner to fight a dog?

even more how, Lin Tianxiao, not only the big clan elder of Yun City Lin Family, but also the person of Yang Family.

“Really courting death.”

Lin Buxui body flashed, helping Lin Tianxiao up.

“The old man, are you okay, you take medicine pill, take a good cure and recuperate, let me take care of the rest.” Lin Buxui’s eyes, cold light flashed, powerful The imposing manner broke out.

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