Eternal True God Chapter 128

Together with this large array of exterminating demons.

The pressure of terror came down.

Above the sky, the terrifying Power of Thunder spreads.

Just like Heavenly Tribulation.

In the entire space, like a thunder pool, electric lights flicker.

Countless strengths of Thunder gathered together, and moved towards He Kun and the bloodfiend zombie split.

He Kun was coldly snorted, and when he raised his hand, a light curtain enveloped him.

This is his defense Supreme Treasure, Nine Profound True Aura cover.

That Power of Thunder, strikes on top of the Nine Profound True Aura hood, one after another lightning appeared.

But unable to break through the defense.

But, the bloodfiend zombie is miserable.

Power of Thunder has tremendous restraint against the bloodfiend zombie this evil demon, and the bloodfiend zombie cannot resist it at all.

It was scorched all at once.

If this bloodfiend zombie hadn’t been extremely powerful, it would have been turned into ashes now.

But even this bloodfiend zombie is extremely tyrannical, under this overbearing thunder, it is already incomplete and seriously injured.

Although bloodfiend zombie is called Undying and Inextinguishable, it still cannot resist when facing the power of Power of Thunder, especially the Power of Extinguishing Array. Thunder, as if continuously, one after another thunder, the crazy strikes come down, endless.

bang bang bang!

He Kun’s anger in the hood of the Nine Profound True Aura.

Looking at the bloodfiend zombie getting more and more serious, it is impossible to recover. If this continues, his bloodfiend zombie will be destroyed, and that will happen sooner or later.

This bloodfiend zombie is closely related to him.

Now that he was seriously injured, he himself naturally suffered a backlash.

This will not work.

He stared at Lin Buxui, loudly shouted: “Do you really want to be an enemy of the Burial Church?”

“What is the Burial Church? It’s just a bunch of hiding. Like a mouse in the sewer, struggling on whilst at death’s door, dare to be impudent?” Lin Buxui coldly snorted.

How about burying the world religion?

He was once the eternal emperor.

Faced with the Burial Church, he didn’t take it seriously.

After all, in Heavenly Domain, he has never heard of any burial religion. It can be seen that this so-called burial religion is just a small force.

Now that I have gotten the burial coffin and cultivated the burial celestial scripture, as long as my cultivation base is restored, then trifling will not take seriously.

“You are courting death, do you know?” He Kun complexion sank, staring at Lin Buxui, this trifling Martial Dao Spirit Refinement Realm 5th Layer kid, is so impudent.

However, Lin Buxui became more confident, the more he believed that Lin Buxui in front of him should come from the most mysterious Witch God Religion in the legend.

Only such a terrifying force as Witch God Religion will not take the Burial World Education as such a powerful existence taking seriously.

The people behind him are definitely not simple.

He understands that even if the Witch God Religion is extremely powerful, Lin Buxui’s strength can not dare not take the Burial Church seriously, unless he is the important figure of Witch God Religion.

He can arrange such an array to beat his bloodfiend zombie without fighting back, and even trap himself. How can such a method be something ordinary people can do?

Behind him is the great character of Witch God Religion.

Lin Buxui in front of me is very likely to be the young Sect Lord of Witch God Religion and the god son of Witch God Religion.

“You don’t take the Burial Church seriously like this, even if you are the son of Witch God Religion, you have to pay a huge price.” He Kun coldly said, “I’ll give you another chance, you Just leave, I don’t care about what you did this time.”

After all, He Kun was subdued.

Although he is the Burial Church, Number One Person under the Three Great Giants, he knows very well that if he confronts such terrifying Great Influence as Witch God Religion, even the entire Burial World Teaching can not change anything.

Can’t compete with Witch God Religion.

Unless, he can get the Sky Burial Coffin, which can greatly increase the strength of the Burial World Church. In this way, with the Sky Burial Coffin in hand, it is the Sect Lord of Witch God Religion. When it comes, the Burial Sect will not necessarily be afraid. At that time, the Burial Sect will be able to compete with the Witch God Religion.

Unfortunately, now there is only news of the burial coffin, the real burial coffin has not appeared.

even more how, the biggest problem facing them now is that if the Witch God Religion also comes for the burial coffin, then the difficulty for them to seize the burial coffin will change. It’s huge.

“You don’t care about it?” Lin Buxui smiled and whispered softly, “You don’t care about it, but I want to care about it. You kill my subordinates and hurt my clan uncle. This grudge, where is that so? Easy to get rid of? I said, if you just gave me an explanation, maybe I won’t care, but now, it’s too late.”

Speaking, Lin Buxui yelled.

Power of Thunder in Formation has become more terrifying.

Except for He Kun who possesses the Nine Profound True Aura shield body, the other dísciples do not have such a strong defense Supreme Treasure to resist the Power of Thunder in the Formation.

Under this overbearing thunder, the dísciple of the Buried Shijiao was beaten miserably one by one.

Although their strength is good, Lin Buxui now borrows the Spiritual Qi from the entire deserted sand and sea, plus the Devil Subduing Tower as the core of the formation eye.

Let the formidable power of this great exterminating array play to its extreme.

hong long!

hong long!

As the thunder keeps landing.

Those dísciples who buried the world religion finally couldn’t resist it.

Not long has passed, and there have been countless casualties.

Only a few more powerful dísciples are struggling to support.

And the bloodfiend zombie was completely bombarded and turned into ashes under the strikes of the last horrible thunder.


He Kun immediately vomited a mouthful of blood, the bloodfiend zombie was bombarded, and He Kun, as the master, naturally suffered a great backlash.

The Nine Profound True Aura hoods trembled, as if they were about to be torn apart by the Power of Thunder.


Not to mention loudly shouted.

A medicine pill after taking restores a lot of power.

After playing a seal, a mouthful of blood essence sprayed out and landed on the Nine Profound True Aura cover, which immediately increased the formidable power of the Nine Profound True Aura cover, blocking the defensive one. Power of Thunder.

“Little Elder, this Formation is too terrifying, I can’t stop it.” A powerhouse buried in the world cried out.

He is already an arrow at the end of its flight and has no resistance.

At this time, looking at the elites of the Burial Society, one by one died, He Kun’s face was extremely dignified, staring at Lin Buxui, his hatred became very strong.

“Beast, stop quickly, otherwise, I will pay a high price and I will also kill you.” His eyes widened, he glared at Lin Buxui and shouted loudly.

“Aren’t you very arrogant?” Lin Buxui sneered, and said, “You still dare to speak wild words, I want to see how you kill me.”

Yes His threat, Lin Buxui did not take seriously.

However, Lin Buxui is also very expensive at this time.

Even if he has the Eternal Divine Furnace, he can continuously devour Heaven and Earth Spirit Qi, but the recovery speed is still not enough.

However, he has the Buddha Relic in his body, which just allows him to continuously recover.

Even, Lin Buxui felt that the mana that continued to recover became purer and stronger.

It’s just that this Buddha Relic contains the will of the Buddhist powerhouse. Lin Buxui dare not absorb too impudent to refining this Buddha Relic.

If the Buddha Relic is the sarira of Tang Sanzang, then, with his current cultivation realm, it is impossible to erase his will.

To absorb too much power is at risk of being transformed.

Lin Buxui does not want to be a Buddhist puppet without self.

“Be careful.” At this time, the Halloween Heavenly Fire reminded with extreme anxiety.

At this moment, Lin Buxui is standing tall, and he also feels the danger of terror.

He looked up and saw He Kun took out something.

That is a magic needle.

There is a magic light of horror.

This magic needle is full of the power of the horrible demonic path and the horrible murderous intention. When this magic needle appears, Heaven and Earth seem to have lost their color.

The entire time and space seems to be frozen.

“Little bastard, today, if you don’t let go of your Formation, I will kill you. You can try it.”

The power of this magic needle has been At a very terrifying level, He Kun holding a magic needle, his face became savage, and his eyes were terrifying.

He gritted his teeth, as if doing some kind of terrifying struggle.

Lin Buxui was once the emperor.

Naturally experienced and knowledgeable.

He looked at He Kun’s present appearance, and he could see that at this moment, He Kun had that terrifying treasure, formidable power terrifying, and surprising murderous intention.

However, it cannot be truly controlled and used at will.

Once the magic needle is used, it may cause huge troubles, and it may even lose one’s own self or consume one’s own life.

No matter which kind, both sides suffer.

Lin Buxui hesitated, but made a choice.

With his current strength, he really cannot withstand the terrifying force of that magic needle. If He Kun is forced to use this horrible magic needle, he will suffer severe damage even if he does not die. .

In this way, some of the gains outweigh the losses.

However, if he were to let him go, he would be exposed to the Buddhism Church. By then, the Buddhism Church would not let him go.

Therefore, after letting He Kun go, the enemy he will face in the future will be very tough, and it is possible that the one he will face is the Three Great Giants.

“Halloween, do you have a way to kill that guy in a flash?” Lin Buxui said.

“There is no way.” Wan Sheng shook his head and said, “My strength is far from restored. It is impossible to kill that person in a flash. However, Gu Yunhan may be able to do it, you You can ask her.”

At this time, Gu Yunhan’s voice also came out.

She said: “This is the Demon Needle. I didn’t expect to see the real Demon Needle here, but unfortunately, the source of the Demon Needle is almost exhausted. , But even so, within the realm, it’s extremely terrifying. With your current strength, you can’t stop it at all.”

“I’ve heard that the Devil’s Needle is an is a Ancient Demon, beheaded a terrifying Demon, that is, the Demon Bee. It is made from its bee needles. It possesses terrifying power to destroy the world. Once hit by this Demon needle, it will surely be a soul. Dissipate, the body is worn out, unless the strength is tyrannical, and there is a Supreme Treasure body, otherwise, it is bound to die.” Lin Buxui face instantly changes is extremely dignified.

The Demon Needle is not an ordinary demonic path Supreme Treasure.

If it were the Demon Needle that I had heard of, this thing is no worse than the burial coffin.

“Yes, the Demon Needle is quite terrifying.” The next moment, Gu Yunhan, turned into a silhouette and appeared next to Lin Buxui. She said, “However, this is also related to the use of The people of the World Devil Needle have a great relationship. If the person who casts the World Demon Needle is not strong enough, he will not be able to exert the power of the World Devil Needle. With the strength of that kid, he can’t completely motivate the death. World Demon Needle, unless he dares to consume his own bloodline origin and soul origin, otherwise, he can’t drive this World Destruction Demon Needle at all.”

On hearing this, Lin Buxui was clear, why? Since Kun possessed the fierce demonic path Supreme Treasure of the Demon Needle in his hand, he did not dare to use it easily.

This Demon Needle is going to swallow the user’s bloodline origin and soul origin, and the cost of using it is really too great.

Ordinary people, impossible will use it, unless it is in the case of as a last resort, otherwise, once used, it is their own courting death.

Under normal circumstances, it is difficult to restore the bloodline origin and soul origin if it is destroyed, and even if it consumes too much, it will endanger life.

So, using the Demon Needle is a means of perish together.

He Kun is not the kind of person who is not afraid of life and death.

Therefore, if he were to perish with Lin Buxui, he would never do it.

However, if he knew that he was bound to die, He Kun would definitely have to pull back.

After all, can rabbits bite when they are anxious?

Once a person is in desperate situation, if he knows that he is bound to die, he is not afraid of anything.

He Kun is just such a person.

Under the circumstance that it is possible to live, he will never want to die.

This is also his weakness.

“Senior, can you have a way to seize the Demon Needle in his hand?” Lin Buxui said to Gu Yunhan.

“Yes.” Gu Yunhan said, “However, it must be attacked, but now, he already knows my existence, so he must be vigilant. In this way, he wants to be silent. Among them, it would be extremely difficult to seize the Demon Needle in his hand in an instant.”

“You don’t open Formation yet, otherwise, I will do it.”

Just as Gu Yunhan said, He Kun felt tremendous pressure at the moment Gu Yunhan appeared.

The woman in front of me is quite terrifying.

If this woman wants to do something, he might not have the power to resist.

After all, he was bombarded because of the bloodfiend zombie, and he suffered a backlash. The injury was not light. It was not out of Peak state at all. He felt a huge threat from Gu Yunhan. Become more vigilant.

“This is the Demon Needle, once I take out this Demon Needle, you will definitely die.” He Kun reminded again.

Lin Buxui looked at him and said: “I naturally hear the reputation of the Devil Needle, but I can let go of Formation and let you go, but everyone else has to stay. .”

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