Eternal True God Chapter 129

“Little senior, no, you can’t leave us.” When the Burial Church heard this, they said one after another, they didn’t want to die either.

“Little senior, don’t believe him, this kid must be soliciting discord.”

“Yes, little senior, this kid is nothing at first sight. Good thing, what he said, I can’t believe it. Let’s do it together to kill this little bastard and this Formation, and it won’t break itself.”

“Shut up.” He Kun coldly snorted, in his In my heart, these people are just random. They die if they die. What’s more, it is their honor to let them die in order to save their lives.

He turned to look at Lin Buxui and said: “Yes, you open Formation and send me out.”


Lin Buxui nodded.

With a movement of his mind, he controlled the Demon Extinguishing Array, and opened a passage in front of He Kun.

At the moment when the Formation channel was opened, He Kun’s figure suddenly turned into a rays of light, and he escaped into the channel.

Just in this brief moment.

Gu Yunhan also moved.

She is faster.

Only a white light flashed by.

One of He Kun’s arm was directly cut off.

The Demon Needle in his hand also fell into the hands of Gu Yunhan.

“You… sneak attack?” He Kun was knocked into the air, vomiting blood in his mouth, how powerful is Gu Yunhan, although her cultivation realm is far from recovering, but also not He Kun can compare .

At this time, He Kun still doesn’t know where, and he was plotted against.

Lin Buxui from the very beginning, did not intend to let him go.

The reason why he agreed to let go of Formation was just to paralyze himself and seize the Demon Needle that’s all in his hand.

He stared at Lin Buxui, his eyes filled with spitefulness.

Staring fiercely.

The arm was cut off, and the Demon Needle was taken away.

Although he tried to recall the Demon Needle, he found that he couldn’t do it at all.

Sneak attack His woman is very terrifying.

It is far from what he can contend.

He has a strong hunch that this woman is even more terrifying and stronger than his father, Three Great Giants.

“Asshole, you are not moral, dare to violate your oath, sneak attack me from behind, you must die!” He Kun cursed angrily.

“What kind of morals is there to deal with people like you?” Lin Buxui said with a sneer, “You are my enemy, if you let you go, I will face your chase Kill, although I am not afraid of burying the world, I don’t want to be bothered and entangled all the time, so you should go to death, senior, and give him a good time.”

Gu Yunhan nodded.

For her, the only thing she was afraid of was Demon Needle. Now that Demon Needle has fallen into her hands, He Kun will naturally no longer be afraid of He Kun.

Raise his hand, fluttering out with a light palm.

He Kun’s eyes instantly solidified, his eyes widened.


He has lost his vitality without saying anything.

This palm directly hit him disappeared, turning his body into nothingness.

Seeing this scene, Lin Buxui was shocked.

He didn’t even see how Gu Yunhan did it.

He Kun at this moment is already disappeared.

Her strength is really terrifying.

At that time, Gu Yunhan, if he really did something to himself, then his fate would never be much better than He Kun.

You must know that with his current strength, if he fights He Kun head-on, he is not yet He Kun’s opponent.

“This Demon Needle, here is for you.”

Gu Yunhan, killed He Kun, this Demon Needle also lost its owner and wanted to escape, but , How can I escape from Gu Yunhan’s hand, only seeing her hit the ban, sealed the Demon Needle.

“Just give this thing to me? You don’t want it?” Lin Buxui was taken aback for a moment.

This is the demonic path Supreme Treasure, it’s the Demon Needle.

Even now, this world-destroying magic needle has lost its origin and its grade has been reduced a lot, but it is also a Supreme treasure, and its formidable power is endless.

Otherwise, I wouldn’t be so afraid of He Kun, who owns the Demon Needle.

But, for such treasures, Gu Yunhan didn’t take seriously at all, as if this was an insignificant common magic weapon, so he easily threw it to himself.

“Yes, for you, isn’t it just a demonic path magic weapon? To me, it’s useless.” Gu Yunhan said, “However, if you want to use it, you have to use it. Refining is good. This Demon Needle is actually an ominous thing, but no one who has the Demon Needle will end well.”

Lin Buxui hearing this, Slightly smiled and said: “I don’t care about this.”

Since Gu Yunhan didn’t want this Demon Needle, he gave it to himself.

Then don’t do it for nothing.

As for, what an ominous thing.

Lin Buxui doesn’t care.

Even if you don’t use it, you can refine it yourself and turn it into a pure Source Power to improve your cultivation base.

The Eternal Divine Furnace in my dantian, but not to be trifled with.

Besides, he has a burial coffin on his body, and cultivation the’burial scripture’, plus, the curse, the word’curse’ rune.

There are also immortal dao Supreme Treasure protective bodies such as’Eternal Inextinguishable Body’ and Qiankun Xiantu.

How can you care about the so-called ominous theory of the Demon Needle?

Ominous, maybe it’s just a curse that’s all.

Ordinary people cannot perceive the power of this curse.

But myself, comprehend the word rune for’curse’ and became a curse master. With the powerful Soul Power, he can clearly perceive the power of any curse.

So, after Lin Buxui reached out and took the Demon Needle, he immediately unlocked the Restriction Seal on the Demon Needle.

At this moment, Demon Needle exploded with powerful force and impacted Lin Buxui.

Trying to wound him, then break free.

“hmph, trifling is just a demonic path magic weapon, in my hands, I dare to impudent.” Lin Buxui was coldly snorted, and the surging mana burst out.

Directly, we must suppress this Demon Needle.

But when Lin Buxui was about to suppress this World Devil Needle with his own mana, a special force burst out of that World Devil Needle, breaking through Lin Buxui’s mana. Blocked and rushed into Lin Buxui’s dantian.

Perceiving this situation, Lin Buxui was taken aback.

This special force can even ignore its own mana blockade and the Restriction Seal, so it can easily enter its own body.

The Demon Needle of Extinguish the World is really extraordinary.

This special force has extremely small fluctuations, and it is difficult for ordinary people to detect it.

Moreover, this force is not only small, but also very powerful.

After entering the body, it seems that you can swallow your own power to strengthen yourself.

What’s even more outrageous is that Lin Buxui felt that this power entered his body and changed. It was exactly the same as the mana in his body, and it was about to be integrated.

This discovery made Lin Buxui stunned.

The art of disguise.

It’s just a force, it can be disguised as its own mana.

It’s just too nonsense.

What kind of power is this?

With self-awareness, can you pretend to be yourself?


Entering one’s own dantian, even if it is integrated with one’s own magic power, so what?

Among his dantians, there is Eternal Divine Furnace.

Enough to refining this extraordinary force.

Lin Buxui deliberately separated a mana, merged with that power, and then used this mana to enter the Eternal Divine Furnace.

Use the power of Eternal Divine Furnace to obliterate this unknown and strange power.


Lin Buxui turns on Eternal Divine Furnace, and maximizes the power of Eternal Divine Furnace.

That mana, at this moment, in the Eternal Divine Furnace, tempering reached its extreme.

Gradually, that force also showed its true colors.

It is actually a force of consciousness.

It turned into a demon bee.

The Demon Bee.

Lin Buxui took a deep breath.

The power of consciousness of this World Exterminating Demon Bee, with the Eternal Divine Furnace, can’t completely wipe it out.

Really incredible.

Not only that, the power of consciousness of this world-killing bee, after getting its own mana, and with the help of the tempering of Eternal Divine Furnace, it turned out to be even stronger.

“What’s the situation?”

For a while, Gu Yunhan saw Lin Buxui holding the Demon Needle, but he did not move or speak, at first thought he was In refining this world-destroying magic needle.

But Lin Buxui stood still, without any other actions.

I realized something was wrong, maybe something went wrong.

“Lin Buxui!”

“Weird, really weird.” Lin Buxui heard Gu Yunhan’s call and couldn’t help but browse frowned, he said.

“What’s weird? What did you find on this Demon Needle?” Gu Yunhan stared at the Demon Needle in Lin Buxui’s hands. With her insight, naturally Seeing the problem, the Demon Needle seemed to have lost something. The spirituality had disappeared. This surprised her very much.

“The spirituality of the Demon Needle has disappeared. With your strength, if you want to erase the spirituality of the Demon Needle, I’m afraid you can’t do it.” Gu Yunhan couldn’t believe it. , She said, “What did you do? Erase the spirituality of the Demon Needle?”

Lin Buxui hearing this shook his head, said with a bitter smile: “How can I have that ability? The magic needle, the spirituality disappeared, because it has entered my body, and now it is trapped in my dantian, but this thing is so weird that it turned into a world-killing bee.”

“Artifact Spirit has awakened?” Gu Yunhan was surprised when he heard it, “This impossible, this world-destroying magic needle, has already suffered severe damage, Artifact Spirit has been wiped out, and I too Without feeling the existence of Artifact Spirit, it is definitely not the Artifact Spirit of Demon Needle.”

However, if it were not for Artifact Spirit, how could there be a Demon Bee in Lin Buxui’s dantian? ?

“It’s not Artifact Spirit.” Lin Buxui shook his head, “If it is Artifact Spirit, I can recognize it, it may be the power of consciousness of the Demon Wasp, but this ray of consciousness It’s really surprising that my’Eternal Divine Furnace’ can’t erase its refining even if it can swallow my mana and strengthen myself.”

“Destroy the world The power of consciousness of the Demon Bee is impossible.” Gu Yunhan shook his head and said, “Although the Demon Bee is powerful, it has already been wiped out. How can its power of consciousness still exist?”

I don’t know how many years it has gone through.

By now, the source is almost exhausted.

How can there be the power of consciousness of the World Exterminator?

What’s more, how can the ancient demon who refines the Demon Needle leave such hidden dangers?

He killed the World Demon Bee, and refined his bee needles into this demonic path Supreme Treasure. If he used the World Demon Needle to fight against a strong enemy, this World Demon Bee The power of consciousness comes out to be a demon, that is no small matter.

In the expert battle, the victory or defeat lies in a flash.

A little difference can be fatal.

Therefore, the powerhouse that refines the Demon Needle will never leave itself a hidden danger.

Gu Yunhan said to Lin Buxui: “You introduce the power of consciousness to this world-destroying demon needle, let me check it out.”

Lin Buxui nodded.

Try to continue to introduce the power of consciousness of this World Exterminating Demon Bee to the World Exterminating Demon Needle.

But what made Lin Buxui speechless was that this World Destroyer Wasp was in his dantian Eternal Divine Furnace and did not move at all.

Furthermore, this World Exterminator actually sent a message.

That is a message of resistance.

It intends to live in the Eternal Divine Furnace and will not leave.

“Why? You have no way to return the power of consciousness to this world-destroying magic needle?” Gu Yunhan looked at Lin Buxui’s expression and probably guessed the result.

Lin Buxui nodded.

He was very depressed.

The power of consciousness of that world-killing bee is also too weird and a little overbearing.

Eternal Divine Furnace, that is his own dantian, and is controlled by his own Absolute Control.

It is the immortal True Master Realm, and even the soul consciousness of the Great Emperor Realm of the longevity enters its own Eternal Divine Furnace, and it has to be easily suppressed and refined by itself.

However, with the power of consciousness of this little world-killer bee, there is no way for him to use it.

Refining can’t talk about it, there is no way to expel it.

That guy, like a bully, occupied the Eternal Divine Furnace among his dantian.

“That power of consciousness turned into a world-killing bee, living in my dantian, no matter how I drive it, I can’t move it, and it’s still swallowing it. My mana will increase.”

Lin Buxui clearly perceives that as long as his mana enters the Eternal Divine Furnace, it will be swallowed by that world-killer bee.

“You mean, this world-killer bee in the dantian in your body can swallow your mana to strengthen yourself, and no matter what you do, there is no way to drive it away and shake it. When Gu Yunhan heard it, his eyes narrowed slightly, as if thinking of something.

“Yes, that’s it.” Lin Buxui is nodded. Now, Lin Buxui is very big. This thing, among his own dantians, is not under his control. That is not a good thing.

For any cultivator, this is definitely a huge hidden danger.

Who knows, will there be any other changes to this thing?

Any existence that is not controlled is a dangerous existence.

No one can tolerate an unknown and uncontrollable thing in his body.

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