Eternal True God Chapter 132

After obtaining this heart-seeded magic method, Lin Buxui prepared for cultivation.

“Troubled senior, protect the law for me.” Lin Buxui said.

“From now on, don’t call me senior, I’m all called old, just call me Yunhan.” Gu Yunhan said.

Lin Buxui heard it and said: “Okay, Sister Yunhan.”

With that, he entered the cultivation state.

The method of running the Dao Heart Demon.

The world-killing bee that transformed the consciousness of the demonic path into a magical species directly for refining.

Lin Buxui integrated this magic seed into Shangdantian.

At this moment, Lin Buxui’s temperament has changed.

The whole person becomes in great spirits.

That temperament is very unique and unique.

His cultivation base has also been improved again.

Martial Dao Spirit Refinement Realm 6 Heavenly Layer.

“Good guy, you already have cultivation success with this heart-seeding magic method.” Gu Yunhan didn’t expect that Lin Buxui had already started in such a short time. .

I completely refining the demonic path gas into my own magic seed.

Nurturing with mana.

Tao heart kind of demon.

Lin Buxui’s temperament has undergone an amazing change.

Gu Yunhan can clearly perceive that Lin Buxui at this moment, although the cultivation realm has only improved a small level, his spirit has undergone a change in Heaven and Earth turning upside down.

This demon species, integrated into the dantian, actually, gradually began to evolve the essence of the Divine Consciousness Sea.

spirit strength, constantly cohesive.

At this moment, this change made Lin Buxui unexpected.

Cultivation base enters the Spirit Refinement Realm, which is to condense the strength of Spirit and refine the Primordial Spirit.

Once Primordial Spirit is born, it means that Spirit Refinement Realm Great Accomplishment can evolve Celestial Grotto and enter Paradise Realm.

However, this is still a bit far away for Lin Buxui.

But now, his spirit strength has been astonishingly improved, and the speed of Condensing Primordial Spirit has increased a lot.

However, Lin Buxui eyebrows are slightly frowned.

This is not a good thing.

Spirit strength becomes extremely powerful, which means that the Primordial Spirit that needs to be condense will be very powerful, and the energy, energy and time it needs are more than that of ordinary people.

Now, spirit strength has begun to evolve Divine Consciousness Sea.

So, when he condensing Primordial Spirit, how difficult will it be?

Lin Buxui smiled bitterly.

Spirit strength is too strong, which is not a good thing.

“Your spirit strength is terrifying. I am afraid that it is even better than the powerhouse of True Master Realm.” Gu Yunhan can see it naturally, she is very good at Lin Buxui Said, “spirit strength is too strong, then you have to breakthrough Primordial Spirit Realm, and condense your strength of Spirit into Primordial Spirit, but it is not an easy task.”

“I know, However, the method you gave me is actually a Supreme spiritual cultivation method, majoring in Primordial Spirit.” Lin Buxui explained.

“Under normal circumstances, the more powerful the Primordial Spirit, the more powerful it will be. When you enter the realm of Martial Dao divine ability in the future, the more powerful you can control the Divine Ability, and you can cultivation more. There are many Divine Ability secret techniques. However, this should be after you have condensed the Primordial Spirit before you will continue to improve your spirit strength and grow your Primordial Spirit. But now, your spirit strength has reached such a terrifying point. The difficulty of condensing the Primordial Spirit is probably a thousand times that of the common martial artist, or even more difficult.” Gu Yunhan explained, “However, this way, there are pros and cons.”

Lin Buxui Also very clear about the pros and cons.

The advantage is that this is equivalent to his very strong foundation.

Originally, cultivated’Eternal Inextinguishable Body’ is very powerful. If it is cultivated to the extreme, it can even evolve countless Great Worlds in the flesh, to be truly Undying and Inextinguishable, immortal. Achievement is eternal.

But now, this so-called Dao Heart Seed Demon Method has been cultivated, making his spirit strength extremely strong, and Lin Buxui can clearly perceive it.

His spirit, Divine Consciousness Sea, is still growing. It swallows the mana from the cultivation and transforms it into a strength of Spirit to strengthen the spirit of Divine Consciousness Sea.

If this continues, I am afraid that his spirit Divine Consciousness Sea will reach an extremely terrifying point.

Once the Divine Consciousness Sea becomes powerful enough, can he condense Primordial Spirit?

This makes Lin Buxui very suspicious.

However, if he can condense Primordial Spirit, then his strength will reach a very terrifying point.

I’m afraid, when the time comes, he is Spirit Refinement Realm, and he can easily kill Paradise Realm and even Celestial Realm Martial Artist on Celestial Grotto.

Thinking about this, Lin Buxui looked at Gu Yunhan and even thought that Gu Yunhan was plotting against himself.

“Sister Yun Han, that magic seed is constantly devouring my mana, transforming into a spirit strength, and expanding the Divine Consciousness Sea. If this continues, I am afraid I will not be able to increase the cultivation base and accumulate mana. , Only the spirit strength will continue to improve.” Lin Buxui brows frowned said, “Perhaps, this method of cultivating the magic of the heart should be condensed into the Primordial Spirit, and only after entering the Paradise Realm, can it be cultivation.”


When Gu Yunhan heard it, she shook slightly.

This is very possible.

If this is the case, it will be troublesome.

Spirit strength is too strong and it constantly devours mana, causing Lin Buxui’s mana to be unable to accumulate, and thus unable to increase cultivation base and Condensing Primordial Spirit.

Doesn’t it mean that the cultivation base will stagnate?

Furthermore, if the spirit strength is so strong that it cannot be carried by the body, the consequences will be even more serious.

Thinking of this, Gu Yunhan has a headache.

Lin Buxui himself became more worried as he thought about it.

“It should not be so.” Gu Yunhan said, “You now directly try Condensing Primordial Spirit, and then develop Celestial Grotto.”

Lin Buxui nodded.

It can only be so.

If it is an ordinary person, when the spirit strength does not accumulate to a certain level, it will condensing the Primordial Spirit. The probability of success will indeed be much greater, but the condensed Primordial Spirit will be very fragile and insignificant. As a result, it was not enough to support him to develop Celestial Grotto on top of Golden Core.

But now Lin Buxui is different. Although his cultivation realm has not yet reached, his spirit strength has reached an incredible level.

At this moment, you can also force the Primordial Spirit to develop Celestial Grotto.


Lin Buxui runs the cultivation technique, compresses the spirit strength, and condensing the Primordial Spirit.

But it can’t do it at all.

The whole figure trembled, and the throat is sweet.

Spit out a mouthful of blood.

Forcibly condensing Primordial Spirit, failed, but suffered backlash instead.

“No, no realm, no comprehend Strength of Primordial Spirit, no condensed.” Lin Buxui shook his head.

“If it doesn’t work, you can only wait for you to comprehend the Strength of Primordial Spirit, and then you can condense.” Gu Yunhan eyebrows slightly frowned, in fact, it is not difficult to comprehend Strength of Primordial Spirit. As long as the realm is reached, it will naturally penetrate.

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