Eternal True God Chapter 133

“Since there is no way, I can only take one step and count as one step.” Lin Buxui said, “The strength of Spirit is unstable. It does not penetrate the Strength of Primordial Spirit and directly condenses the Primordial Spirit, which is not good. “Lin Buxui said, “It’s just that, now, that magic seed is constantly devouring my mana, which prevents me from accumulating mana and growing my body, but it is also a huge problem.”

Lin Buxui is very It is clear that if the Divine Consciousness Sea is too strong, even if it can condense the Primordial Spirit, then the Primordial Spirit from the condense will be extremely strong. At that time, if the body is too weak, it will not be able to bear it.

In this way, it will cause the physical body to collapse, become the body of Primordial Spirit, and become the state of Spirit Physique.

That would be a big trouble.

For the cultivator, if you lose your body, you can only change to Spirit Physique.

Or, become a ghost repair.

In that way, future achievements are extremely limited, and it is even more difficult to increase cultivation base.

“This magic seed devours your mana and condenses the strength of Spirit. It should also have a limit. It will not be endless.” Gu Yunhan heard Lin Buxui’s words and knew his worries, but, Gu Yunhan was not too worried about this, and explained.

“If that’s the case, it would be great.” Lin Buxui hearing this, still worried, he still browses tightly frowns, and said, “As you said, the limit of this magic kind of devouring mana is again When is it? How much mana can be swallowed?”

Lin Buxui had no idea about this.

However, there is a faint feeling that the mana that this magic seed can swallow is probably an astronomical number.

Although part of the mana swallowed by this demon seed will be transformed into its own spirit strength, it will strengthen the Divine Consciousness Sea, but with the passage of time, he clearly feels that the demon seed is growing Himself, the current Demon Seed, seemed to be a huge water tank, and this water tank was still empty, not full at all.

Own mana, being constantly swallowed, filled into the water tank, but it was just an utterly inadequate measure.

“I’m afraid the situation is a bit bad. Although the magic seed is refining by me, but now, the magic seed is constantly growing, swallowing my mana, and strengthening itself. The more the magic seed improves, the required mana , The more.” This premonition made Lin Buxui very bad.

This big water tank seems to never fill up, because the more water you pour in, the bigger the water tank itself will become.

This is where the real terrifying is.


“Sister Yun Han, if this is true, how can this be good?” At this moment, Lin Buxui became more worried as he thought about it.

This cultivation technique is too weird and too special.

It seems to be tailor-made for yourself.

‘Eternal Inextinguishable Body’ is Supreme’s cultivation method of the body, and this’the way of planting demons from the heart’ is the technique of Supreme Primordial Spirit cultivation.

The two complement each other.

But the problem is that the resources required for the two cultivation arts of cultivation may be an astronomical number.

Originally, the resources needed for an’Eternal Inextinguishable Body’ cultivation were scary enough, but now, there is another’Dao Heart Seed Demon Method’, which is needed for the cultivation technique. The resources, compared to the’Eternal Inextinguishable Body’, are probably only a lot more.

Furthermore, Lin Buxui perceives that after he has cultivated the two cultivation arts at the same time, it is not as simple as one plus one.

The stronger the physical body, the stronger the bearable strength of Spirit and the bearable Primordial Spirit will become. In this way, the demon seed will become stronger.

It will continue to improve and reach a limit.

And, spirit strength and Primordial Spirit become stronger, then the control of the physical body will also be stronger, so the limit of the physical body will be higher.

This makes Lin Buxui more headache.

Because, at this time, he has already felt that his physical limit has risen again.

It also means that the’Eternal Inextinguishable Body’ of one’s cultivation requires more resources. The stronger the limit of each level, the more terrifying.

In other words, his physical body and Primordial Spirit will become stronger.

However, the price paid is that his cultivation speed will be reduced exponentially.

The resources required for cultivation will be increased exponentially.

“Because cultivated’Eternal Inextinguishable Body’, the resources needed for increasing cultivation base were originally a terrifying number. Now, after cultivated the’Eternal Inextinguishable Body’, it is even more terrifying. Originally, the resources to upgrade a great realm are probably not enough for me to upgrade a small realm.” Lin Buxui took a deep breath and stared at Gu Yunhan, “In other words, if I want to use Spirit Refinement Realm 6 Heavenly Layer To upgrade to Spirit Refinement Realm 7 Heavenly Layer, the resources needed are enough to create an immortal True Master Realm powerhouse, and even more.”

“Not so exaggerated, right?” Gu Yunhan heard. Opened his mouth and stared at Lin Buxui, he couldn’t believe it.

If it is really as he said, this is too exaggerated and too scary.

“Exaggeration?” Lin Buxui shook his head. “It’s not exaggeration at all. The speed at which I can consume Heaven and Earth Spirit Qi is far less than that of the magic seed. I have already begun to refine those The Buddha is relic.”

This is also something that can’t be helped.

Buddha Relic, although weird, now Lin Buxui has no choice.

“You have to refining the energy of Buddha Relic to increase cultivation base. This is not desirable.” Gu Yunhan was suppressed by this Buddha Relic in the burial coffin. I don’t know how many years, for the Buddha. Relic knows a lot more than Lin Buxui.

“If I am not wrong, this Buddha Relic is probably the Buddha Relic of the legendary Jizo Wheel King, which contains the Supreme Buddhist Law and Supreme Buddha intent of the Jizo Wheel King. Your current cultivation realm is far from enough. If the true meaning of the Dharma of the Ksitigarbah Wheel King is inspired, you may be transformed and fall into the Buddhist path.”

“The Ksitigarbah Wheel King’s true meaning The true meaning of the Dharma.” Lin Buxui was curious when he heard it, and said, “What level is the cultivation realm of the Wheel King of the Jizo? If there is his true meaning of the Dharma in this sarira, how much strength can this true meaning of the Dharma have? “

Lin Buxui is still very confident about himself. After all, his previous life is a Supreme Emperor, and now, because of the cultivated’Dao Heart Seed Demon Method’, he is already extremely powerful. The spirit strength becomes more terrifying. For the cultivator, the stronger the spirit strength, the stronger the Primordial Spirit, and the lower the probability of being bewitched.

If the Deity of the Ksitigarbha Wheel King descends, Lin Buxui is definitely not an opponent and cannot resist, but if it is just the true meaning of the Dharma that has been spent countless years, Lin Buxui does not believe that trifling can affect the true meaning of the Dharma. If you get him, you can get him by Duhua.

“I don’t know how strong the Wheel King is. But the true meaning of the Dharma in the Buddha’s Relic, although it is sealed, is very strong. Don’t talk about you, even I am very jealous. “The voice of Gu Yunhan fell, and he heard the singing of the ancient Buddha, which greatly changed the complexion between the two of them in an instant.

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