Eternal True God Chapter 136

“Really?” After Lin Buxui blocked the blow with a burial coffin, said with a sneer, “Do you think I don’t know who you are? I want Buddha Relic, Then I will complete you.”

“Past Dharma Body.”

Lin Buxui smiled at the corner of his mouth, and summon appeared in the past Eternal Emperor Dharma Body. At that moment, Lin Buxui’s magic power was no longer It was promoted once.

His cultivation realm directly entered the Great Emperor Realm level of Changsheng.

At this moment, Gu Yunhan was shocked.

I didn’t expect Lin Buxui to have such a method.

Using her mana and fuse together with Lin Buxui, the power of the dharmakaya in the past, Lin Buxui’s strength instantly increased to a huge level.

But it seems that Lin Buxui is more than that.

“Buddha’s true body, condensed.”

Following Lin Buxui’s a light shout, a Buddha sarira appeared in the air, and then it turned into a majestic figure. Buddha.

Lin Buxui relic took out the Buddha into the real body of the Buddha to deal with the fearful dragon.

“Wheel King, how is it possible?”

At this time, the fear demon dragon screamed.

Dizo Wheel King, that is the Buddhist Supreme powerhouse.

It is definitely not something he can contend with.

At the moment, although it is only transformed by a Buddha Relic, it still possesses a part of the power of the Wheel King.

And this moment, in the depths of the ancient underworld.

A Buddha opened his eyes.

It is the Wheel King of Jizo.

“Someone actually condensed a dharmakaya of mine.” Jizo Wheel King murmured, “This world is so special, interesting and interesting.”

Hidden the Wheel King, raised his hand and waved, a rays of light broke through the air.

“I will help you.”

Fear the demon dragon, looking at the Dharma body of the Wheel King in front of him.

My eyes narrowed.

He said: “Buddha Relic, condensing the Buddha Dharma body, is powerful, but unfortunately, the strength of this Buddha Dharma body is still not enough. After swallowing this Buddha Dharma body, my strength will bring it up a level. “

The fear demon dragon a dragon roar groaned, a huge body, soaring into the air, and heading straight to the dharma body of the Wheel King in the ground.

Opened his huge mouth, he swallowed the Jizo Wheel King into his belly.

However, just in this brief moment.

The Jizo Wheel King suddenly opened his eyes.

Behind him, a huge swastika appeared.

A stalwart imposing manner broke out.

I saw the Ksitigarbha Wheel King, extending the hand, whose palms were originally folded together. The palm of the hand became larger, as if it was stretched out of the void, and it actually grabbed the neck of the fearful monster dragon.

The huge body of the fear demon dragon shrank instantly.

Just like a Little Mud Fish, above this one Buddha Dharma Body, there’s no resistance.

A Grade 9 Demon was suppressed in an instant.

The power of this one Buddha’s Dharma body makes Lin Buxui unexpected.

Master Zhishang over there was also completely stunned.

“This…how is this possible? How can the Buddha Dharma Body of the Jizo Wheel King be so powerful?” He knows exactly where the real Jizo Wheel King will appear here.

This Buddha Relic may not belong to Ksitigarbha Wheel King.

Furthermore, even if it is true, the Wheel King dharmakaya of the Buddha Relic is impossible. It can easily suppress the big Demon of Grade 9 Peak and fear the demon dragon.

“It’s your turn, Master Zhishang.” Lin Buxui looked towards Zhishang, coldly said.

Before, he fell into the illusion, and it was the plot against of this Zhishang master.

It’s a pity that although this Zhishang master has powerful strength and amazing means, he absolutely did not expect that his spirit strength would be so strong and he had many Supreme Treasures in his hands.

His dream technique, of course, is extremely mysterious.

It may be of little use to Lin Buxui.

The moment Lin Buxui was trapped, he was already aware of it.

Furthermore, after the art of dreaming was cracked, Master Zhishang summoned out the fear demon dragon, to completely suppress Lin Buxui, and then transform him.

Unfortunately, he plot against wrong.

Lin Buxui’s cultivation realm is not high, but its strength is amazing.

The many methods are incredible.

According to a Buddha Relic, summon produced a Buddha’s dharma body, and directly suppressed the fearful dragon.

His various plot against have all failed.

“What does the donor mean?” Master Zhishang saw that Lin Buxui in front of him was extremely powerful, far beyond his expectations.

“What’s the meaning?” Lin Buxui said coldly, “Do you think I really don’t know the identity of this fearful demon dragon? You, Zhishang master, really means Heavenspan, you can actually get a demon. The incarnation of the dragon, if it is an ordinary person, is really hard to find, but it is a pity that you met me. Under the eyes of my Heavenly Dao magic, everything is invisible. Should I call you the master of Zhishang? Or should I call you the master of Zhishang? The Great Emperor Demon Dragon?”

“What is the donor saying, this poor monk really doesn’t know, this time the donor has fallen into a catastrophe, but it turned into good fortune. This is mercy, my Buddha, and blessed the donor. The donor should thank my Buddha. If he can take refuge in my Buddha and serve me under the seat of the Buddha, it is the honor of the donor.” Master Zhishang said again.

It looks like a Buddhist and Taoist expert.

But Lin Buxui doesn’t eat his set.

“Let you talk like a tongue, today, you will fall here.” Lin Buxui’s cold light flickered.

This Zhishang master can be a peerless powerhouse.

How terrifying is the method to obtain a fearful demon dragon?

It’s definitely an extraordinary source.

I am afraid that he is not from this lower realm.

And, this bald donkey, came to plot against himself, not knowing why.

Always impossible, he was also sent by his younger brother Lin Tatian?

However, it is not clear now. Once you catch him, the truth will be revealed.

“What is it, kill it.” Gu Yunhan said, “After suppressing and killing, you can also use Soul Searching Technique to capture the memory in his remnant soul, and you can also get what you want to know “It’s so good, old bald donkey, pay with your life!”

Lin Buxui shouting loudly.

The surging mana burst out.

I saw both of his hands clenched a fist, and above the fist, there was Supreme’s Law Power.

punched out.

Fist strength is fierce and domineering, just like a scorching sun and meteor.

Wherever fist strength goes, crushing dry weeds and smashing rotten wood, everything is beaten through.

This fist, in the blink of an eye, has already arrived in front of Master Zhishang.

At this moment, his face changed drastically.

At that moment, the body shape changed.

The whole person has changed from a thin and ordinary walking monk to a terrifying big evil star.

On him, the breath of Demon surrounds him.

Just like a Supreme Demon God.

On top of his head, horns grew.

A pair of eyes are like copper bells.

“It’s Demon Transformation again.” Lin Buxui saw this scene with a serious expression.

Zhishang is also punched out.

In an instant, two domineering fist strengths collided.

The vast power exploded at that moment, like a huge boulder falling on a calm lake, forming a huge ripple, moving towards all around and spreading away.

Everywhere you go, everything is destroyed.

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