Eternal True God Chapter 137

Zhishang stared at Lin Buxui, very afraid of him.

Lin Buxui’s strength is beyond his imagination.

Away, in the distance, there is a Buddha Dharma body glare like a tiger watching his prey.

“Lin Buxui, your strength is beyond my imagination. I thought it was just a very easy thing to catch you, but absolutely did not expect that you would have so many means to be able to With the secret technique increasing cultivation base, I directly broke through to the level of Emperor Changsheng, but, despite this, you are still not my opponent.” Zhishang, who has entered the Demon Transformation, has a very terrifying aura, and a fierce and evil aura has erupted from all over his body. , Like a Supreme Demon God.

His face is extremely hideous, with horns on the top of his head, open mouth, and a row of teeth that are extremely sharp, like a razor, which makes people frightened.

On the arm, sharp claw flashes cold light.

“Association with Demon, borrowing the power of Demon, fusing oneself, this is a deviant method, betraying the body of Human Race, falling into the way of Demon, it is simply the shame of Human Race, killing him. “Gu Yunhan shouted, “Kill this damn traitor.”

Although Gu Yunhan is the Sect Master of the ancient Heavenly Demon Sacred Sect, in fact, it is still the Human Race. For the Demon family, It is hatred.

In ancient times, Demon and Human Race were absolutely incompatible.

However, any Human Race who falls into the way of Demon, becomes a Demon puppet, or becomes a traitor to Human Race, will be chased by the whole person.

Any Human Race, if you see it, it will at all costs and completely wipe out the traitors of these Human Races.

At the moment, seeing this Zhishang, he actually introduced the power of Demon, increasing cultivation base, and completely fell into the way of Demon. Why is Gu Yunhan not angry?


Lin Buxui shouting loudly.

The mana burst out all over, like a torrent of torrents, rushing out in an instant.

“Heavenly Dao is clear, the universe is bright, Eternal Inextinguishable, Eternal Divine Fist, Kill Kill Kill!”

The vast and majestic mana, condense one after another giant fist , This contains eternal and indestructible power, the law of eternal immortality.

These fist strengths swept invincible and directed towards Zhishang.

In Zhishang’s hand, a huge wolf fang club appeared.

On the wolf fang club, the ancient rune is portrayed, and it contains ancient power.

The huge wolf fang club slammed.

Those ancient runes and powers condense and manifest in an instant, forming terrifying ferocious wolves.

There was a terrifying roar.

moved towards Lin Buxui rushed over.

These evil wolves are like hell ferocious evil spirits, baring fangs and brandishing claws.

A loud noise.

The wolf fang club hit the ground, and the bare ground instantly exploded a terrifying pit. Heaven and Earth seemed to be shaken to pieces.

However, Lin Buxui’s Eternal Divine Fist has already hit Zhishang’s body.

At this moment.

Zhishang feels like he is facing a Supreme stalwart, the ancient True God of Eternal Immortal.

The stalwart power makes Zhishang feel that he can’t breathe anymore.

Together with his life is not under control, life and death can not be alone.

“Asshole!” Zhishang shouted furiously, and the wolf fang club in his hand waved again, “The angry wolf strikes, and the humanity is destroyed!”

The terrifying mana condenses, Turned into a giant wolf, moved towards Lin Buxui impacted away.

Wherever the giant wolf goes, the ground is swept over several layers, countless gravel, sand, are swept up, the whole ground seems to have been dug away a huge chasm, forming an abyss .

“Qiankun Xiantu, suppress!”

Lin Buxui is not afraid at all.

He is now also at the level of Martial Dao.

In the hands, there are not only the burial coffin, the Devil Subduing Tower and other Supreme treasures, but also the immortal dao Supreme Treasure such as Qiankun Xiantu.

A huge fairy picture appeared.

There is Celestial Grotto, which contains the power of immortal dao.

Xiantu took out, an ancient portal appeared, and in that portal, countless immortal appeared.

These immortals, with their gestures, can suppress countless Demon ghosts.

The giant wolf was swallowed by the portal opened by Xiantu in an instant, suppressed in an instant, and turned into nothingness.

This time, Zhishang was shocked.

In the eyes, there was an expression of horror.

“This kid is too terrifying. How could it be just an ant in the lower realm? It is rumored that Lin Buxui just inadvertently obtained the Lin Family Cangyuan Seal and became the emperor of the Lin Family Cangyuan Empire? But now it seems that this kid is not an ant at all. His strength and innate talent are simply terrifying. Compared to those world-famous evildoers, he is even worse. Now I want to catch him, make it alive, and become The dísciple of Demon Holy Sect uses his identity to break into the Lin Family of the Cangyuan Empire. At that time, he can obtain countless resources and become the Holy Sect Elder, but now it seems that it is impossible to do it.”

He regretted it.

In the face of such a terrifying Lin Buxui, Zhishang regrets it.

This time, his demon dragon incarnation was suppressed. Now, even his deity will be suppressed and beheaded?

For Lin Buxui, he was once the eternal emperor. He has experienced countless battles of life and death. His fighting spirit is extremely strong and his combat experience is extremely rich.

When he was the eternal emperor, he battle strength Wushuang, the same realm, swept Invincible.

Now, with the immortal dao Supreme Treasure like Qiankun Xiantu in hand, his strength is naturally more amazing and stronger.

However, his past Dharmakaya is time-limited.

Furthermore, the body of his life, of course, has become extremely tyrannical because of the cultivation’Eternal Inextinguishable Body’, but the cultivation realm is still too low after all to withstand the immense power for a long time.

Only do it quickly.

The immortal picture of the universe turned into a giant net, and moved towards Zhishang shrouded.

This time, Zhisang was shocked.

He has already felt Death Aura.

Xiantu shrouded.

The space has been closed and his Qi machine locked.

At this moment, Zhishang understands that he is inevitable.

Only a fight to the death.

Maybe there is a glimmer of survival. After all, Lin Buxui in front of him, his cultivation realm is just Martial Dao Spirit Refinement Realm. The reason why he can burst out the power of the Emperor Changsheng must be with some treasure. , Used a special secret technique, and its strength surged within a period of time.

This kind of secret technique is so terrifying that the user’s strength has skyrocketed. The battle strength is amazing, but it can’t last for long. At the moment, Lin Buxui has done it all at any cost. This is probably because the time limit is approaching.

So, this is also an opportunity for him.

As long as Lin Buxui’s attack is blocked, then it’s time for him to fight back.

He held the wolf fang club in one hand tightly, and cold light appeared in his eyes.

With the other hand, he broke a horn on the top of his head, opened his mouth, and swallowed it directly into his abdomen. At this moment, his breath was improved again.

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