Eternal True God Chapter 139

“He is me, I am him, but this is the future me.” Lin Buxui slightly smiled and said to Gu Yunhan.

“Past Law Bodies.” When she heard it, she was shocked.

“So, what about the previous one?”

“That is the past body.”

“The past body of the future.” Gu Yunhan was a little confused. The secret technique, too terrifying.

Unexpectedly, it can break through the long river of time and space. Summon used to help him fight in the future. This secret technique is probably the best secret technique in the world.

She has never heard of such a terrifying secret technique divine ability.

“Yes, this is the three generations of Dharmakaya, past, present, and future.” Lin Buxui said, “This divine ability secret technique was obtained by accident, but it is very difficult to cultivation. However, if you can cultivation the three-life body, and cut the past and the future body, and the three-life body is one, then you will reach an extreme and become extremely powerful.”

“Cut the past and future bodies?”

Gu Yunhan was shocked.

This is simply unheard-of.

“Yes, when the cultivation base is at its extreme, you can cut the past and the future. In that case, others will be impossible to cross the long river of time and space and kill you in the past.” Lin Buxui said with a slight smile.

Actually, Lin Buxui can only summon the past and future bodies of the cultivation method of the Dharma Body of the Three Worlds. The real cultivation method of the Dharma Body of the Three Worlds, he is just guessing.

I guess that’s all based on the memory of his previous life on the earth.

But this is indeed a feasible way.

“Can I cultivation?” Gu Yunhan naturally doesn’t want to miss this Supreme Divine Ability secret technique. As long as he can obtain this secret technique, once it is displayed, the battle strength will be improved. Very scary.

“Here you are, this is of course no problem, but I only have methods for the past and future dharma bodies. As for the others, I don’t have any.” Lin Buxui shook his head.

“Enough is enough.” Gu Yunhan was nodded.

She actually just asked about that’s all tentatively. After all, these secret techniques are too powerful and impossible to be easily handed over to others for cultivation.

What surprised her was that Lin Buxui did not hesitate to agree to her so easily, which really surprised her.

“Are you sure you really give it to me?” Gu Yunhan asked again.

“Really.” Lin Buxui said with a smile, “However, with this secret technique, I can cultivation success, but you may not. The cultivation method of the three worlds is very special and requires time control. Law Power, you can only open it for a long time, otherwise, you can’t cultivation at all.”

“You can try it.” Gu Yunhan naturally does not want to miss it. Although she has never cultivation Time Law, she can still comprehend, even if it is very difficult.

Lin Buxui gave the cultivation method of the third dharmakaya to Gu Yunhan, she turned into a rays of light, attached to Lin Buxui’s body, and started comprehend the third dharmakaya.

“I owe you a favor.” Her last voice came into Lin Buxui’s ears. At this moment, Lin Buxui slightly smiled and didn’t care.

For him, whether Gu Yunhan can comprehend the three-life Dharmakaya is a huge question.

In fact, Gu Yunhan comprehend the probability of the third dharmakaya, which is very small.

He is not optimistic at all.

This divine ability is not so easy to cultivation.

When he got this cultivation technique, he just comprehend some fur. That was when he was the eternal emperor in his previous life.

The reason why he can truly comprehend the past Dharma bodies and the future Dharma bodies is entirely due to his reincarnation.

Because of these two special reincarnate and recultivate, his soul has become very special, contaminated with the law power of time and space, which is the root of his comprehend III Dharma Body.

Others, even if they comprehend the Time Law and get the cultivation method of the three-life dharmakaya, they are also impossible to truly cultivation out of the three-life dharmakaya.

Can get some benefits from this secret technique, comprehend some divine ability, which is already the ultimate.

It is precisely because of this that he dared to spread the cultivation method of the Three World Dharma bodies.


“Lord, you are so majestic.” At this moment, the Halloween Heavenly Fire in Lin Buxui dantian Eternal Divine Furnace speaks. At this moment She was completely convinced and called Lin Buxui directly.

I have to admit that Lin Buxui’s strength is much stronger than she imagined.

Maybe, Lin Buxui can really make her a Supreme fire.

To the extreme.

This is exactly what she yearn for something even in dreams.

“Why, isn’t this Halloween, how can you say it so polite?” Lin Buxui laughed happily when he heard it, and said jokingly.

“Master, don’t make fun of me. I will do whatever the master wants me to do in the future. There is no difference.” Halloween Heavenly Fire said.

“It’s so good.” Lin Buxui did not expect that this Halloween Heavenly Fire was originally very arrogant, but now it has become like this. It surprised him and was also very surprised. This But it’s a good thing. With the full cooperation of Heavenly Fire, his strength will be stronger, so he said, “Follow me, it’s definitely your greatest fortune in your life. I will catch countless spiritual fires, even sacred fires, and help you. Promoting makes you become Supreme’s chaos and sacred fire.”

“Many Thanks Master.” Halloween Heavenly Fire heard this, Lezi zi said.

If she had heard Lin Buxui’s words before, she would definitely not believe it. She just thought it was a joke and would not take seriously.

But now, I have seen the great strength of Lin Buxui, and what she said to Lin Buxui is already unwavering.


Out of the deserted sea of ​​sand.

Lin Buxui and He Kangqi received a sect subpoena.

He browses frowned.

“There was a Demon attacking Heavenly Luck Mansion. It’s really act recklessly.” After He Kangqi got the information, he sneered. He turned to Lin Buxui and said, “Junior Brother, let’s go back to Heavenly Luck Mansion, cut Kill Demon.”

“Nature.” Lin Buxui nodded.

In my mind, there are other thoughts.

These Demons even attacked Heavenly Luck Mansion at this time, I am afraid there is something hidden.

These Demons, are they the power of Demon Holy Sect?

Demon Holy Sect is in the division of Heavenly Luck Mansion’s sphere of influence, but it was broken by him and the instructor Yuwenhe. Therefore, Demon Holy Sect gathered forces and besieged Heavenly Luck Mansion in order to take revenge. In reason.

However, Lin Buxui has a bad feeling.

This time, Demon’s aggressive attack on Heavenly Luck Mansion is not so simple. It may be related to Demon Holy Sect, but more importantly, it is not as simple as revenge.

Perhaps, there is something in Heavenly Luck Mansion that makes them willing to attack at a cost.

“Is it possible that, is that such a thing?” Lin Buxui complexion sank thought of the thing left by his mother, which is Supreme Immortal Monarch Supreme Treasure, which is naturally very attractive.

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