Eternal True God Chapter 148

Which one is true? Which one is fake?

True and false, the false and the reality are intertwined, this is the most terrifying and powerful Illusion Technique.

In the end, is the Leng Batian that I saw true?

He thought of Leng Batian’s words again.

What you see and hear may not be true. Only by perceiving with your heart can you insight into everything true and false.

Is this suggesting yourself?

Leng Batian’s strength has reached this level?

At this moment, Lin Buxui did not take seriously the threat of Leng Xinchang, but closed his eyes instead.

This scene made Leng Xinchang furious.

trifling Martial Dao Spirit Refinement Realm 7 Heavenly Layer, so he didn’t put him in the eyes, even if he was highly regarded by Guan Shian and the teacher Yuwenhe, he would have to die, and no one would be able to save him. .

“Go on, kill him for me.” The furious Leng Xinchang shouted, Yuan Feipi and the others hearing this, rushed up.

And, at that moment, Lin Buxui suddenly opened his eyes.

Next, he punched out.

Strikes heavily on the giant tablet of Xuyang Peak.

crack crack!

A crisp sound.

Giant tablet shines.

Everything in front of me has changed astonishingly.

The entire Xuyang Peak shook, and the earth shook and the mountain quivered all at once.

And, Leng Xinchang and the others, his face changed drastically.

“Stop, you beast, stop quickly.”

They absolutely didn’t expect Lin Buxui to be so impudent. Strikes the Martial Dao Divine Tablet of Xuyang Peak.

This is the most important thing in the entire Xuyang Peak.

Even, it can be said to be the most important thing of Heavenly Luck Mansion. This is the Martial Dao Divine Tablet of Heavenly Luck Mansion.

The words Xuyangfeng outside are just disguise.

In fact, this giant tablet is the Martial Dao Divine Tablet that the entire Heavenly Luck Mansion teaches.

Only on the day of passing the merits.

Xuyang Peak will open the Martial Dao Divine Tablet, let the Heavenly Luck Mansion dísciple enter the Martial Dao Divine Tablet, comprehend the true meaning of martial arts, and comprehend the Supreme Divine Ability secret technique.

But they never thought of it.

Lin Buxui turned out to be at this time, strikes Martial Dao Divine Tablet, which is a blasphemy against Martial Dao Divine Tablet.

“Illusion, everything is just illusion, as if dreams and visions in a bubble, let it all go away.” Lin Buxui haha ​​smiled and punched again.

This fist, he has exhausted all his power.

I hit the giant tablet hard.


There was a loud noise.

The entire Xuyang Peak collapsed.

Changed to smoke and dust.

Only that giant tablet has undergone amazing changes.

It didn’t collapse, but went straight to the sky.

Lin Buxui looked up.

Four ancient words came into his eyes.

“Martial Dao Divine Tablet!”

These four characters are Martial Dao Divine Tablet.

Every word contains the true meaning of Supreme Martial.

If you can comprehend the true meaning, you can cultivation Supreme Martial.

Learn divine ability.

“Good, good, good!”

At this time, a silhouette appeared.

It is Leng Batian.

He stepped in the air and looked at Lin Buxui with surprise in his eyes.

I also appreciate it.

“Unexpectedly, you were already comprehend so soon, yes, yes, really good, but your cultivation realm is still too weak.” He said to Lin Buxui, “But, you It has been initially approved by Martial Dao Divine Tablet and is eligible to comprehend the real Martial Dao Divine Tablet.”

“senior, Junior is rude, what I have seen before, true or false?” Lin Buxui said .

“If you think it is true, then it is true, you think it is false, or it can be false.” Leng Batian said, “This is the real mysterious place of Martial Dao Divine Tablet, it is Martial Dao Divine The virtual and real space of the Tablet. When you step into the Xuyang Peak, the Martial Dao Divine Tablet has already opened the virtual and real space. What you enter is the virtual and real space of the Martial Dao Divine Tablet. Therefore, everything you see , It can be true or false. All of this depends on your own wishes.”

Lin Buxui was completely shocked when he came out.

true or false, it all depends on yourself.

How is this possible?

“Senior, are you kidding me?” Lin Buxui took a deep breath. What he said was too shocking.

This means that if you enter the virtual and real space, can you become the Creator? What you want can be realized through this virtual and real space.

“Naturally, it’s not a joke. It’s just that you have to be recognized by Martial Dao Divine Tablet and become the owner of Martial Dao Divine Tablet. When your strength is sufficient, you can derive real The world, by then, everything in the virtual and real space will become real.” Leng Batian smiled slightly and looked at Lin Buxui and said, “It’s just that whether you can get the approval of Martial Dao Divine Tablet, it all depends on you. “

When Lin Buxui heard it, this Martial Dao Divine Tablet was really tempting.

But now, what he wants is not this thing.

“senior, you should know why I came to Xuyang Peak, not for this Martial Dao Divine Tablet, what I want to know, but some information about my mother, and , Is to get back what she left for me.”

“You have seen the things left by your mother, but, you are too weak.” Leng Batian looked at Lin Buxui and said sighed. “It’s really too weak.”

“You mean, this Martial Dao Divine Tablet is what my mother left behind?” Lin Buxui woke up instantly upon hearing this. .

“Yes.” Leng Batian nodded and said, “This Martial Dao Divine Tablet is what your mother left behind from Shen Qingmei, or in other words, this is what your mother left behind in her previous life However, with your current strength, it’s not enough. Even if you get the approval of Martial Dao Divine Tablet, you can’t control it. It may even lead to a killing disaster for you.”

Leng Ba What the heaven said is not a lie.

“You can awaken the Heavenly Dao magic eyes, which is enough to prove that your innate talent is outstanding. As long as time, your cultivation base will be advanced by leaps and bounds, waiting for your cultivation progress to the Martial Dao Great Emperor realm. When you come to refining this Martial Dao Divine Tablet, that’s the best time.” Leng Batian looked at Lin Buxui and said, “Now, you can comprehend this Martial Dao Divine Tablet. What you can realize is up to you. Now.”

After Leng Batian said, when he raised his hand, a futon appeared in the void and landed in front of Lin Buxui.

“Senior, who is it?” Lin Buxui looked at Leng Batian. To him, Lin Buxui did not fully believe it, but still doubted it, so he asked, “My mother, why would this Martial Give Dao Divine Tablet to you?”

“I am your mother’s Dao Protector.” Leng Batian looked at Lin Buxui sighed and said, “You can also call me grandfather, I am your mother’s righteousness. Father.”

“This is impossible.” Lin Buxui didn’t believe it at all.

If Leng Batian is really his mother’s foster father, why would she leave her alone?

Why don’t you help me when my mother is in trouble?

My own father, life or death is unknown, and I didn’t see him do it?

“If you were my mother’s foster father, why were you indifferent when my mother was arrested, and your strength should be enough to keep her?” Lin Buxui said coldly.

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