Eternal True God Chapter 149

“Keep your mother’s light eyebrows, I naturally wanted to, but do you think mine is really that powerful? You don’t know anything about this World.” Leng Tyrant could not help but smile, he said, “You don’t know the terrifying of the other party at all, go, go to comprehend your own Divine Ability secret technique, comprehend your own Martial Artist’s way.”

Said, Leng Batian disappeared in place.

After Leng Batian disappeared, Halloween Heavenly Fire said: Very terrifying, that person’s breath is really very powerful. “

Halloween Heavenly Fire hides in the Eternal Divine Furnace among Lin Buxui dantian, and dare not reveal the slightest breath at all.

For fear of being discovered, be killed by Leng Batian Kill.

“Is this the legendary Martial Dao Divine Tablet? “Halloween Heavenly Fire.

“Yes, if Leng Batian didn’t lie, this is the Martial Dao Divine Tablet. “Halloween Heavenly Fire wanted to comprehend, but, when she approached, she was struck out by an invisible force.

She almost broke her spirit fire body.


This made her very scared.

“I…I…” Halloween Heavenly Fire said, “Why is this happening?” “

“Okay, please cultivation in my Eternal Divine Furnace, don’t imagine comprehend this Martial Dao Divine Tablet. This is the Supreme Treasure of Human Race. Except Human Race, others Any race is impossible to comprehend. Any non-Human Race who wants to comprehend this Martial Dao Divine Tablet will encounter backlash. The lighter will be seriously injured, and the severer will be killed directly by the backlash. Now, you, recognize me as your Lord, on your body, There is my breath, so you only suffered minor injuries, otherwise, you are probably already a spirit fire body and have been completely dissipated. “Lin Buxui explained.

“Master, why didn’t you say it earlier?” “Halloween Heavenly Fire said with a weeping voice, “It made me almost dead.” “

“Let you increase your memory. “Lin Buxui said.

Halloween Heavenly Fire suddenly became speechless.

Lin Buxui started the comprehend Martial Dao Divine Tablet at this time.

, Into the Martial Dao Divine Tablet, comprehend the Supreme Divine Ability secret technique in the Martial Dao Divine Tablet.

After a few breaths, Lin Buxui directly entered a Supreme ethereal state. The spirit of the whole person is condensed to the extreme.

He seems to have entered a space.

In this space, there is nothing but the word Martial Dao.

Martial Dao, Martial Dao.

Taking martial arts as the way.

Heart of Martial Dao, invincible, invincible.

Heart of Martial Dao, Eternal Immortal.

Looking at the words Martial Dao.

Lin Buxui had such a thought in his mind.

Only Martial Dao, Fang It can last forever.

Martial Dao is the ultimate, it is True God.

Lin Buxui raised his hand unconsciously.

A wave of the void, one after another The strokes are condensed.

Formed into a word of martial arts.

This word instantly condenses into Supreme’s Law Power and blends into his in the depth of one’s soul.

Then he was shocked.

Opened his eyes.

The whole body burst out with surging power.

cultivation base breakthrough Now.

Martial Dao Spirit Refinement Realm 8 Heavenly Layer.

“This is the true meaning of Martial Dao, it is actually the true meaning of Martial Dao. “

At this moment, Gu Yunhan felt this power and came to life. She looked at Lin Buxui in amazement. Absolutely did not expect Lin Buxui to be in Martial Dao Spirit Refinement Realm. I have realized the true meaning of Martial Dao.

Cultivation can be divided into Martial Dao Nine Realms Eighty 1 Heavenly Layer.

On top of Martial Dao, there is immortal Dao 33 layer sky.


Actually, in ancient times, there was only Martial Dao, not immortal dao.

Martial Dao is not just nine realms and eighty 1 Heavenly Layer.

Martial Dao is It is the thirty-six realm.

After the Martial Dao nine realms, you must condense the true meaning of Martial Dao before you can enter the Martial Dao tenth realm.

Since ancient times, condense the method of Martial Dao true meaning After the loss, no one stepped into the Martial Dao tenth realm anymore, so people opened up the immortal dao 33 layer.

Because of this, when Gu Yunhan perceives the Martial Dao on Lin Buxui Only when he really means it will be so shocked.

Now, although he has just condensed the prototype of Martial Dao’s true meaning, it has already shocked people.

It’s a monster.


Martial Dao thirty-six realm, if it is cultivated to the extreme, it can be more powerful and terrifying than immortal dao 33 layer.

“What is the true meaning of Martial Dao? ? “Lin Buxui saw that Gu Yunhan was so surprised, he couldn’t help but curiously asked.

Gu Yunhan is the Sect Master of the ancient Heavenly Demon Sacred Sect, experienced and knowledgeable.

It’s so shocking, it’s definitely not simple.

“The true meaning of Martial Dao, it was the ultimate of Martial Dao in ancient times. The real Martial Dao is not just nine realms. In fact, Martial Dao has thirty-six realms. However, later, the method of condensing the true meaning of Martial Dao has been lost, leading to the decline of Martial Dao. Only the nine realms of Martial Dao. After the nine realms of Martial Dao, only the immortal dao can be trained to bring it up a level. “Gu Yunhan explained, “Although I don’t know how you condense the real meaning of Martial Dao, this will be a huge change for Human Race. Human Race has been suppressed for too long, too long. Now, Martial Dao truly reappears, the entire Human Race is about to rise, and you are the key to the rise of Human Race, the hope of Human Race. “

Hearing Gu Yunhan’s words, Lin Buxui was a bit suffocated.

He never thought that there would be something like this in his body. A huge burden.

The hope for the rise of Human Race.

This makes Lin Buxui unbearable.

He smiled bitterly and said: “Sister Yunhan, You look at me too high, the hope of Human Race, I am just trifling Martial Dao Spirit Refinement Realm, how can I afford it? “

“You condense the true meaning of Martial Dao, this is your destiny, you will be the hope of my Human Race, the future of Human Race, so you can’t have anything. “Gu Yunhan said, “Now, all you have to do is to truly condense the complete Martial Dao true meaning, improve your cultivation base, and step into the Martial Dao tenth realm as soon as possible. “

Lin Buxui said: “Sister Yun Han, you look at me too much, now, how I condense this Martial Dao true meaning is all confused, I am just a fan. Vaguely, I don’t know what is going on. “

Lin Buxui is dubious about Gu Yunhan’s words.

However, Lin Buxui didn’t really say anything about Martial Dao Divine Tablet.

If it is really what Gu Yunhan said, then, to comprehend and condense the true meaning of Martial Dao, I am afraid it has a great relationship with this Martial Dao Divine Tablet.

It can be seen that this Martial Dao Divine Tablet, how important is it?

Martial Dao tenth realm.

This makes Lin Buxui eyes shined.

From the words of Gu Yunhan, Martial Dao is stronger and more powerful than immortal dao.

This can be a try.

“Sister Yun Han, is there any difference between Martial Dao and immortal dao? “Lin Buxui looked at Gu Yunhan and asked.

“The difference between immortal dao and Martial Dao is too great, immortal dao is actually a simplification of Martial Dao, immortal dao majors in Divine Soul, and Martial Dao is the body, Divine Soul is cultivation at the same time, the body is the ultimate, the Divine Soul is the same, Martial Dao is good fortune, and the great road leads to mysterious. “Gu Yunhan said, “Martial Dao has no limit, even if it reaches the 36th level, it has no limit, and the immortal dao 33 layer is already the limit. “

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