Eternal True God Chapter 150

Hearing this, Lin Buxui was also extremely shocked. The immortal dao cultivation method was actually just a simplification of Martial Dao.

No one will believe this if you want to say it.

Cultivation to become immortal, until now, is all cultivator yearn for something even in dreams.

Even, immortal dao is vague, it’s just a rumor, and if it can cultivation success, it is the goal of all cultivators.

But now, Gu Yunhan tells him that immortal dao is just a simplified version of Martial Dao, just because Martial Dao is too difficult, so only immortal dao cultivation method is left.

“This is a fact. When the cultivation progress reaches Martial Dao tenth realm, you will know how powerful and terrifying Martial Dao is.” Gu Yunhan said, “A cultivator of Martial Dao tenth realm, Can easily kill dozens of immortal dao 1 Heavenly Layer cultivators, this is the gap.”

For Lin Buxui, whether it is Martial Dao or immortal dao, he can cultivation.

In his opinion, in fact, whether it is Martial Dao or the so-called immortal dao, in fact, they are just different routes to the same destination, but the method of cultivation is different.

At this time, Leng Batian also appeared.

He looked at Gu Yunhan, then at Lin Buxui.

Finally, his eyes fell on Lin Buxui.

“You actually condensed the true meaning of Martial Dao. It surprised me. You have been recognized by me. However, you actually joined the people of Demon Sect.” Leng Ba Heavenly Dao, “You know , When your mother was behind bars, did you have an extremely important relationship with Demon Sect?”

“It has nothing to do with her.” Lin Buxui shook his head, “Leng Batian, my business , You don’t need to worry about it, you just need to give me what I need, I will take care of everything else.”

“Lin Buxui, you are too naive.” Leng Batian said. “Even if you are now the prototype of your comprehended Martial Dao true meaning, it is not the capital you can be arrogant. You have to know that there is always someone who is better than us. Even if your Martial Dao is completely condensed and complete, you are not enough. , The person who took your mother away, the strength is beyond your imagination.”

“I know who it is.” Lin Buxui said, “It’s just a trifling Lin Tatian that’s all.”

“Do you know he is Lin Tatian?”

“Already known, and, I have already met him.” Lin Buxui said, “That kind of thing, in your hands, just He told me.”

I have to admit that if I hadn’t reminded me from Lin Tatian, I really didn’t know that my mother would leave such a Supreme Treasure behind with a heavy eyebrow.

“Lin Tatian actually knew that it was in my hands, but why didn’t he snatch it?” Leng Batian was quite surprised.

Lin Tatian is truly a peerless Heaven’s Chosen, but what Leng Batian did not expect is that Lin Tatian actually gave up taking the Martial Dao Divine Tablet.

Know that Martial Dao Divine Tablet, that is Supreme’s treasure, if it can be comprehend, it will be of great help to his cultivation.

Even if he is such a peerless talent genius, if he can penetrate the Martial Dao Divine Tablet and his cultivation base, it can even be said to be riding the dust, soaring into the sky, that would not be an exaggeration. .

Even though the Martial Dao Cultivation method in Martial Dao Divine Tablet, he cannot cultivation, but the other mountain’s stone can polish jade, this Martial Dao Divine Tablet, will definitely benefit him .

“Then ask him.” Lin Buxui said.

“What, what do you mean by Martial Dao Divine Tablet?” Gu Yunhan was shocked when he heard Lin Buxui’s dialogue with Leng Batian.

“Yes, the reason why I condense Martial Dao is because I comprehend Martial Dao Divine Tablet.” Lin Buxui nodded, at this time, there is no need to deny it.

See Lin Buxui, Gu Yunhan slightly smiled. In fact, she has seen the thoughts in Lin Buxui’s mind. She said, “Don’t worry, I won’t have anything to do with Martial Dao Divine Tablet. In my opinion, I once comprehend the Martial Dao Divine Tablet. The cultivation technique I used for cultivation is derived from the Martial Dao Divine Tablet. The Martial Dao Divine Tablet is very mysterious. It is the foundation of the Human Race Martial Dao, but Every Human Race can only be comprehend once. After comprehend, there will be no second chance. No one is exception.”

“Yes, he is right, Martial Dao Divine Tablet, It’s so special. Every Human Race has only one chance to comprehend.” Leng Batian said, “The reason why Lin Tatian didn’t grab the Martial Dao Divine Tablet, I’m afraid he has already passed the Martial Dao Divine Tablet by comprehend.”

Only this possibility can explain why Lin Tatian would let Martial Dao Divine Tablet go.

“No, it’s not right.” Lin Buxui shook his head, “What Lin Tatian said should not be Martial Dao Divine Tablet, you are lying.”

At this time, Lin Buxui stared at Leng Batian.

Demon Holy Sect, I probably don’t know the existence of Martial Dao Divine Tablet. If you really know Martial Dao Divine Tablet, it’s probably not just these Demons.

But the entire Demon Holy Sect, the entire Demon of the eternal continent, will come out in full force.

Martial Dao Divine Tablet is important to Human Race, but it is also important to Demon.

Once Human Race Martial Dao rises, Demon will fall into a terrifying crisis.

The stronger the Human Race, the greater the threat to Demon.

The opportunity for them to invade the entire eternal continent is gone, and even if there is a Human Race peerless powerhouse as the leader, they may directly enter the Demon Sacred Domain.

So, the news of Martial Dao Divine Tablet should not have been leaked out.

What Lin Tatian told him should not be Martial Dao Divine Tablet, but something else.

“Do it.”

At this time, Gu Yunhan suddenly spoke, and she instantly became attached to Lin Buxui.

At that moment, Lin Buxui’s imposing manner exploded, and the cultivation progress reached a terrifying point.

That Martial Dao Divine Tablet turned into a rays of light and blended into Lin Buxui’s body.

“Martial Dao is immortal, Human Race is everlasting!”

Lin Buxui yelled and raised his hands to gather the mighty power.

This vast and boundless power was penetrated into the Martial Dao Divine Tablet by him.

At this moment, Martial Dao Divine Tablet is brilliant.

It turned into a giant Martial Dao.

This giant Martial Dao, with one punch and one kick, used the power of Martial Dao to the extreme.


Leng Batian was knocked out in the blink of an eye.

“cough cough!”

Leng Batian coughed a few times, looking at Lin Buxui, his eyes were slightly red.

Blood is also different from ordinary people.

With a hint of blue.

“It really is Demon.” Gu Yunhan said.

“It really surprised me. I actually saw through my disguise.” Leng Batian looked at Lin Buxui and said, “How do you see it? I asked myself all this, it is already perfect. Now.”

“The biggest weak spot is the Martial Dao Divine Tablet, and the Demon breath on you.” Lin Buxui looked at Lengba Heavenly Dao, “You want Martial Dao Divine Tablet, but , But you belong to the Demon clan and are rejected by Martial Dao Divine Tablet. You are not allowed. If you force comprehend and close by force, you will encounter the backlash of Martial Dao Divine Tablet. Therefore, you have thought of a way, which is to use my power. , Comprehend Martial Dao Divine Tablet, and even want to find an opportunity to capture the refining Martial Dao Divine Tablet.”

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