Eternal True God Chapter 153

“See you.” Lin Buxui said.

Guan Shian, Yuwenhe glanced at each other, and the two saw a trace of surprise. Could it be that they didn’t do anything when they met?

This is a bit unexpected.

With Lin Buxui’s temperament, how can it be possible not to cause any trouble when I arrive at Xuyang Peak?

Leng Batian is the passer-by of Heavenly Luck Mansion, Elder, and his status is respected. If he is questioned by a junior Lin Buxui, how can he easily let Lin Buxui go?

Now, Lin Buxui is safe and sound, but Leng Batian, Elder, who is known for his practice, has disappeared.

Is there anything hidden in this?

It’s so strange.

Now, Heavenly Luck Mansion is in danger and is besieged by Demon. Yuwenhe originally thought it was because of the Demon Holy Sect, but later learned that it turned out to be related to the place of Heavenly Void.

It is rumored that the key to the Heavenly Void, Heavenly Void ancient jade, is in the Heavenly Luck Mansion.

Moreover, it’s on Elder Leng Batian’s body.

Yuwen and come to Xuyang Peak, one is for Lin Buxui, the other is for Heavenly Void ancient jade.

Heavenly Void ancient jade is extremely important.

If you fall into the hands of Demon, the trouble will be big. When the time comes, Heavenly Void is opened, the Demon channel is opened, and the entire eternal continent will once again fall into the Demon war. At that time, there would really be a mountain of corpses, and blood flowing into a river.

The Demon battle that year caused the Cultivation World of the eternal continent to suffer heavy losses. The Great Sect suffered a sharp decline in strength due to the death of many powerhouses, and the other sects lost their inheritance.

Even, many Sect forces have extinguished sect during the Great War.

It can be seen that the original Demon battle had a huge impact on the eternal continent.

Now, if there is another Demon battle, the entire eternal continent, it is estimated that it will enter the darkest and most tragic time.

That was the real catastrophe.

Although some people have predicted that the catastrophe of the eternal continent will come again, that catastrophe will be more tragic and terrifying than the last Demon battle.

But no one wants a catastrophe to come this time.

“Where is Elder Leng now?” Yuwenhe looked at Lin Buxui and said, “About you and Elder Leng, your mother, you can postpone it. Now, Heavenly Luck Mansion has arrived. The moment of life and death, and there is also a major event related to the life and death of the entire eternal continent. I hope you can put your personal grievances aside first, and wait for me to deal with it, and then deal with the matter of your mother’s Shen Qingmei. What do you think? “

“Lin Buxui, what the head teacher said is true. I hope you can put your personal grievances aside for the time being.” Guan Shian also agreed, “If your father is still Heavenly Luck Mansion, I think he will also focus on the overall situation.”

The two looked at Lin Buxui and waited for his answer.

The two did not think that Lin Buxui could kill Leng Batian. After all, Leng Batian was the Elder of Heavenly Luck Mansion, his strength was deep and unmeasurable.

It is Yuwen and himself, and they are not fully sure, they can suppress Leng Batian, even more how, behind Leng Batian, there is a terrifying power.

That’s what makes Yuwenhe truly jealous.

If not, how could Yuwenhe turn a blind eye to Leng Batian’s actions?

“Leng Batian has left.” Lin Buxui shook the head said, “I don’t know where I went.”

“How is this possible?” Yuwen and hearing this The complexion changed and he said, “Elder Leng shouldn’t be like this.”

Although Leng Batian behaves strangely, he does not think that Leng Batian will defect to Heavenly Luck Mansion.

“It may be possible.” Guan Shian coldly said, “Although Leng Batian is the educator of Heavenly Luck Mansion, he actually learned from I don’t care, secretly, I don’t know what shameful things he has done. Therefore, at this time, it is very possible for him to escape in fear of sin. Perhaps, he has colluded with Demon a long time ago and became Demon’s lackey.”

“No, it shouldn’t be.” Yuwenhe still didn’t believe it.

“How impossible? Nowadays, the Xuyang Peak has long been empty, and the huge Xuyang Peak, with many dísciples, may disappear completely in front of one’s eyes?” Guan Shian coldly said “This must be a plot against Leng Batian, I am afraid to destroy my Heavenly Luck Mansion.”

The spirit strength of Yuwenhe enveloped the entire Xuyang Peak, but it is still like Guan Shi’an. In other words, the entire Xuyang Peak has no dísciple for a long time, and the huge Xuyang Peak is empty and empty.

When this happens, there is only one possibility, that is, Elder Leng Batian, the master of Xuyang Peak, defected with the entire dísciple of Xuyang Peak.

And it is well prepared.

If this were not the case, how could it be possible that within such a short period of time, without the slightest disturbance, without any strange information, the entire Xuyang Peak had already gone empty, and no one had discovered it yet?

If Lin Buxui hadn’t appeared here, how would one know that the Xuyang Summit is the current situation?

However, Lin Buxui said that he had met Leng Batian, when was that?

Yuwenhe looked at Lin Buxui and asked: “Lin Buxui, when did you meet Leng Batian? It’s on the top of Xuyang Peak?”

Lin Buxui nodded said: “Yes, it is on the top of Xuyang Peak. He is actually not Human Race.”

“Demon?” Guan Shian said, “Are you sure he is Demon?”

“This is absolutely impossible. My Heavenly Luck Mansion has a demon mirror. Any Demon under the demon mirror will definitely leak its breath and reveal the original shape.” Yuwenhe said.

“It’s not Demon either.” Lin Buxui said again.

“Neither human, nor Demon?” Yuwenhe was also taken aback about Se’an.

“Is it possible that or immortal?” Guan Shian said.

“Nor.” Lin Buxui said, “He is a giant, a frost giant. When he left, he told me that he was actually my mother’s Dao Protector. Unfortunately, he took me. The mother is too strong, he is far from an opponent.”

“Your mother’s Dao Protector?” Yuwenhe heard this about Shian, and was stunned again.

In their memory, although Lin Buxui’s mother Shen Qingmei was able to cultivation, his is innate talent is mediocre, far inferior to his father Lin Tianyi.

However, Lin Buxui said that his mother has a light eyebrow, and there is actually a frost giant as Dao Protector.

This is outrageous.

People who can have Dao Protector are either status-respected, aloof and remote, or is innate talent, excellence and valued by others.

This first point, there are some licensing capabilities.

After all, Lin Buxui’s mother has a light eyebrow, and his origin is unknown.

It may be the daughter of a big family.

Moreover, this probability is extremely high.

I came to take away the person with Shen Qingmei, his strength was too terrifying, Yuwenhe knew very well that his strength, in front of that person, was like a baby, extremely fragile, impossible to withstand a single blow.

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