Eternal True God Chapter 154

“This is what Leng Batian said. As for true or false, it is not known.” Lin Buxui said, “However, Leng Batian’s strength is extremely powerful and easy to use. Torn the void.”

Hearing these words, both Yuwenhe and Guan Shian saw the look of shock in each other’s eyes.

Although he knew Leng Batian’s tyrannical strength, he didn’t know that he had already reached this point.

Tearing the Void easily, and walk away.

so that they are not aware of it.

This kind of cultivation realm is really too tyrannical.

“If the master wants to find Leng Batian, I am afraid that he can’t.” Lin Buxui said, “I guess, he may even have left the eternal continent.”

Indeed, with Leng Batian’s strength, it is not difficult to leave the eternal continent.

He can do it.

“Hey…” Guan Shian sighed and said, “I didn’t expect that it would be such a result. Leng Batian is actually a Foreign Race people, and his strength is still so strong.”

Although Guan Shian doesn’t like Leng Batian very much, he has to admit that Leng Batian also did some things for Heavenly Luck Mansion.

As an Elder, he didn’t care much about passing on Heavenly Luck Mansion, but he did have credit. Of course, the premise is that Leng Batian never did it. The incident of betraying Heavenly Luck Mansion has nothing to do with this Demon invasion.

If this time, Demon besieged Heavenly Luck Mansion in a big way, if it has something to do with him, then it’s a different matter.

“Although Leng Batian left, the Xuyang Peak is still there, and the great hall of Chuan Gong is still there. He should have left a lot of things. Our top priority is to find such things and solve them. Heavenly Luck Mansion’s immediate difficulties, get rid of these Demons.” Yuwenhe said, “Go, let’s go to Leng Batian’s residence and look for something like that.”

“Teacher, what are you looking for? ?” Lin Buxui said.

“Heavenly Void ancient jade.” Yuwenhe said, “There are rumors that the reason why these Demons besieged Heavenly Luck Mansion was because they got the information about Heavenly Void ancient jade, and this Heavenly Void ancient jade, In the hands of Elder Leng Batian, the power of the Xuyang Peak, this thing is the key to the Heavenly Void. It is of great importance and must not be allowed to fall into the hands of Demon. Otherwise, the eternal continent will be infinite disasters.”

Yuwenhe has a very serious tone.

“Yes, we don’t have much time now, we have to find Heavenly Void ancient jade.” Guan Shian also nodded said.

“If Heavenly Void ancient jade was taken away by Leng Batian, then things would be a bit bad.” Yuwenhe said, “Because of this, we are so anxious to find Elder Leng. Domineering.”

“If you are just looking for Heavenly Void ancient jade, then there is no need.” Lin Buxui hesitated for a moment, and said.

“Lin Buxui, could it be that Heavenly Void ancient jade is in your hands?” Yuwenhe heard, with some surprises, looked at Lin Buxui and asked.

If so, that would be great.

“Heavenly Void ancient jade is what my mother left behind. It is very important to me. It is something related to the life and death of my mother. Therefore, Leng Batian is just before leaving. , I have handed Heavenly Void ancient jade to me.” After speaking, Lin Buxui took Heavenly Void ancient jade in his hand.

“Very good, as long as this Heavenly Void ancient jade does not fall into Demon’s hands, it would be great.” Yuwenhe looked at the Heavenly Void ancient jade in Lin Buxui’s hands, and they were also relaxed.

“Lin Buxui, this Heavenly Void ancient jade is of great importance. With your strength, I am afraid it will be difficult to hold this Heavenly Void ancient jade. You should leave this ancient jade to the master for safekeeping.” At this moment Guan Shian said, “Although this thing is very important to you, it may also be life-threatening. Your cultivation realm is also too weak. Once the news of Heavenly Void ancient jade in your hands is exposed, You will be in danger of your life.”

Lin Buxui shook his head and said: “No, Heavenly Void ancient jade, in my hands, no one can take it.”

” You child, is it possible that I and the master teacher will still harm you? This Heavenly Void ancient jade is only temporarily handed over to the master teacher. After the matter is over, this Heavenly Void ancient jade can be returned to you.” Guan Shi An is hearing this, slightly angry, he said.

“Needless to say, senior, this Heavenly Void ancient jade is absolutely impossible for me to hand it over.” Lin Buxui flipped his hand, Heavenly Void ancient jade had disappeared in his hands and was taken away by him. .

Neither of them felt any breath of Heavenly Void ancient jade.

It seems that Heavenly Void ancient jade has never appeared before.

Yuwenhe looked at Lin Buxui and said, “Don’t worry, I won’t take this Heavenly Void ancient jade. You just bring it with you. It’s just that this Heavenly Void ancient jade will never fall into the hands of Demon. , You must remember this, otherwise, it will be a huge disaster for our eternal continent’s Human Race.”

“Teach you to rest assured, I know this in my heart, unless I die, Otherwise, Heavenly Void ancient jade will definitely not fall into the hands of others, let alone Demon.” Lin Buxui saw cold light flashed in his eyes, and he said, “Anyone, no matter who it is, no matter who it is, or Demon, dare to come to me. Snatch the Heavenly Void ancient jade in your hand, and I will understand that he knows what life is better than death.”

“So, Guan Elder, you will follow Lin Buxui recently and protect him.” Yuwenhe thought for a moment. , Said to Guan Shian.

“It can only be so.” Guan Shian wanted to go out of the city to hunt Demon, but now, it is more important to protect Lin Buxui and Heavenly Void ancient jade, and he has no choice but to nodded.

“I’m relieved about Elder protection.” Yuwen and his face suddenly became solemn, and said, “Heaven Monster King has started, we don’t have much time, we have to rush to the city gate to take charge of the overall situation. When Elder is closed, you can take Lin Buxui to a safe place.”

“Teacher, I will go too.” Lin Buxui said at this time, “I can control the City Protecting Great of Heavenly Luck Mansion. Formation can reduce your burden.”

Yuwenhe shook his head and said: “No, it’s too dangerous. Moreover, you have Heavenly Void ancient jade, those Demons, I am afraid that there are secret techniques that can inspire Heavenly. Void ancient jade, perceive the existence of Heavenly Void ancient jade. If they find out that you own the Heavenly Void ancient jade, they will at all costs and do it to you. At that time, even if it’s off Elder, it will be difficult to protect. Live on you.”

“Yes, the teacher is right, Lin Buxui, this is too risky. If you don’t have Heavenly Void ancient jade in your hands, you can, but because Heavenly Void ancient jade is on you, Your safety is more important than anything else. Anyone can have an accident, but you can’t. You should understand.” Guan Shian’s face condensed at this time and said to Lin Buxui.

Even Yuwen and Shian understand that Lin Buxui is really a peerless Array Grandmaster, and his accomplishments in Dao of Array are extremely amazing.

Nowadays, in the Heavenly Luck Mansion, even in the Spiritual Array, no one can surpass Lin Buxui in Formation.

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