Eternal True God Chapter 156

I lost control of Formation in an instant, which shocked Yu Wenhe. Even Li Xuman and Zhao Wentuo were surprised.

This kid’s accomplishments in Formation are so amazing.

It’s too amazing.

Be aware that Yuwenhe has not given Lin Buxui Formation control.

For such innate talent, if you let him break some formation, wouldn’t it be with no difficulty?

Compared to the shock of the others, He Yang is not surprised.

Lin Buxui has easily cracked Formation before.

He was not so surprised.

At this moment, Lin Buxui began to control Formation. The entire disciplines of the Astral Academy lost control of Formation and they were relaxed.

Some dísciples have even weakened.

After all, they have always been in a state of high mental stress. Spirit strength consumes a lot, and their own mana and consumption are also very amazing.

And now, Lin Buxui turns out to be a person who controls the entire Heavenly Luck Mansion’s City Protecting Great Formation.

Yuwen and Li Xushao can’t believe it at all.

“Lin Buxui, what are you doing?” At this time, Yuwenhe shouted loudly, “Are you going to die?”

One person controls the entire City Protecting Great Formation, this Waiting for consumption, how huge is it?

Even if it was him, he couldn’t bear it, the consumption was too great, the flesh couldn’t bear it at all, the mana was not enough, it was impossible to support.

Because of this, the operation of the City Protecting Great Formation, which controls the entire Heavenly Luck Mansion, requires the cooperation of many dísciples in the Spirit Array.

Otherwise, this Formation will have no attack effect.

The attack method of this Formation requires a huge amount of power and mana to control.

But now Lin Buxui wants to control Formation to kill the enemy by the strength of oneself.

He Yang was also stunned.

“Lin Buxui, you…you quickly stop.” Li Xu slowly shouted.

Guan Shian is also anxious.

But at this time, Lin Buxui has fully opened the big formation and transformed into the strongest attack form.

In the void, an ancient tower was condense.

That is an ancient arrow tower.

Break the arrow tower.

With the power of destruction, it can punish incoming enemies.

“This is the Shattered Arrow Tower, the City Protecting Great Formation, has become the Great Formation of Shattered?” Li Xu Man is the Sect Master of Heavenly Luck Mansion’s Spiritual Array. For the Great Formation of Shattered, he naturally It’s heard, it’s incredible.

The Great Destruction Array has been lost for a long time.

This complete array should be called the Great Moat Destruction Array.

The arrow tower from Void Condense is this Formation, the most powerful attack method.

Once the power is accumulated to the extreme, it is the powerhouse, and can easily be killed.

The arrow tower appeared, and an arrow of destruction condensed in the void.

Although this arrow of destruction hasn’t been completely condensed and formed, the Great Emperor Monster King this one Demon has already sensed a deadly threat.

His complexion greatly changed.

“Damn it, this is the arrow of destruction.”

Tian Monster King knew very well in his heart.

The arrow of destruction, the formidable power is infinite. If you accumulate your power to the extreme, you can kill the longevity emperor powerhouse.

His strength is incomparable. This arrow of destruction may not be able to kill him. However, once locked by the arrow of destruction, he is hit, even if he is not dead. Seriously injured.

He is confident enough to resist, but he will be seriously injured, which he does not want.

Only withdraw.

“The arrow of destruction, punish the devil!”

Lin Buxui yelled.

The destruction of the arrow tower in the void, the energy has been accumulated to the limit.

As Lin Buxui’s angry shout fell, a dazzling light appeared on the arrow tower, and then a dazzling light arrow shot out.

This is the arrow of destruction.

You can Annihilating Everything to punish the gods and demons.

Light arrows were shot.

Wherever you go, crushing dry weeds and smashing rotten wood can’t be stopped at all.

The goal of this arrow is not others, but the Demon Monster King.

Monster King complexion greatly changed.

The whole person rises into the air.

When he raised his hand, in the void, something was condense. It was a tortoise shell, and this tortoise shell had condensed into a huge shield.

An attempt to block this terrifying arrow.

In an instant, this arrow of light shot on the tortoise shield.


With a muffled sound, the light arrow and the great shield rushed together.

A dazzling light broke out.

At this moment, Heaven and Earth changed color.

It seems that time has frozen in this brief moment.

The vast power exploded, moved towards all around and rushed away.

Countless demons, under the impact of this domineering force, turned into a rain of blood.

The entire Heavenly Luck Mansion was also shaken by this terrifying force. At this moment, The earth shook and the mountain quivered, it seems that the entire Heaven and Earth would collapse.

If it weren’t for the City Protecting Great Formation, at this time, the defense of the Heavenly Luck Mansion would have to be destroyed.

The power of very terrifying! “

“It’s too terrifying. “Everyone watched this terrifying scene and muttered to themselves.

He Yang and Yu Wenhe can’t believe it.

This is really the City Protecting of Heavenly Luck Mansion. Great Formation?

Such a terrifying attack can be erupted.

Heavenly Luck Mansion Many True Disciples have seen Lin Buxui control the terrifying formidable power of Formation, one by one. It’s all palpitations.

Is this guy really just just entered soon?

Zuo Xingliang is also far away.

He is extremely frightened.

He had targeted Lin Buxui.

At this moment, seeing this scene, I was so scared to death.

If Lin Buxui wants to kill now He, can he escape?

Even his Uncle left long dragon, I’m afraid he can’t protect him.

“Okay, very good, Monster King will die that day Up. “At this moment, a voice broke the calm.

“Yes, see if the Monster King died that day? “

Everyone came back to his senses from the shock.

looked towards beyond the city wall.

This arrow of destruction is about to die Killed the Monster King that day.

The Monster King is very powerful, but if you endure this terrifying arrow, you should die.

Such power, even if it is Demon The emperor should not be able to resist.

But the next moment, let everyone down.

In the smoke, a silhouette appeared.

The huge body is the main body of the Heavenly Monster King.

On the wings that cover the sky and the sun, although the blood stains are blurred, it still has a strong breath.

That is the Heavenly Monster. King.

He did not die.

However, under the attack of the terrifying arrow of destruction, although the Heavenly Monster King did not die, he was still very seriously injured. There are countless scars, and blood is constantly flowing out.

His huge eyes are staring at the city wall, staring at Lin Buxui.

It’s this human being whose manipulation is broken.

His huge eyes are staring at the city wall and Lin Buxui.

Arrow Tower hurt him.

“It’s his breath. “Tian Monster King opened his mouth, and the voice came out like a big bell, “You have his breath in you, which is annoying. “

Lin Buxui was slightly taken aback when he heard this.

Does Monster King still know himself this day?

However, I shouldn’t I saw him.

“Kill him, Lin Buxui, kill him. “At this time, He Yang loudly said, “With another arrow, you can definitely kill him.” “

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