Eternal True God Chapter 158

As soon as this word came out, everyone was complexion ashen.

“Do you want me to be a traitor to Human Race? When you are the running dog of Demon?” Yuwenhe looked at the sky Monster King coldly said, “You are a foolish dream. You humble demons are mixed together, humans are humans, and beasts are beasts. If people are mixed with beasts, wouldn’t they be worse than beasts?”

“Beasts?” Heaven Monster King became angry when he heard this. At the extreme, this bastard not only refused his solicitation, but even compared himself to a brute.

Asshole, crime deserving ten thousand deaths.

“You are courting death. Today, if you don’t kill you, how can my Monster King stand?” The Monster King shouted angrily.

It’s not just the Monster King, all the Demons in the room were boiling over when they heard this.

This is humiliation.

Humiliation to the entire Demon clan.

The Monster King is their leader, their king.

Now, their king is so humiliated by a human being?

How can they stand it?


I was so angry.

“Kill him, kill him!”

At this time, all the Demons roared frantically.

Lin Buxui and everyone else absolutely did not expect it, because the words of the teacher Yuwenhe completely angered all the Demons present.

This time, the trouble is big.

At this moment, Yuwen and himself regretted.

However, this is the end of the matter, and regret is no longer useful.

There is only one battle.

Life and death battle.

Anyway, in the battle between humans and Demon, either you die or I die.

Now, between Heavenly Luck Mansion and Heavenly Monster King this one Demon, it has reached such a point.

Between the two, one must fall.

Who is this side?

Yuwenhe did not want to be the one who fell.

Human Race, you can’t lose.

He knows very well that if Heavenly Luck Mansion fails, then Heavenly Void ancient jade is likely to fall into their hands. In this way, the entire eternal continent is in danger.

Such things are absolutely not allowed to happen.

Even if you pay the price of your life, you must stop it.

In this battle, Xu wins and cannot be defeated.

“Tian Monster King, today, I want to see, how strong is your this one Demon? Dare to come to me Heavenly Luck Mansion impudent, let you see how good I am.” Yuwen and took A deep breath, he rose into the sky, and the imposing manner of the whole person was raised to the extreme, this is his deity.

Martial Dao ninth realm.

This is his true strength.

When he raised his hand, a crack appeared in the void.

An ancient sword flew over and fell into his hand.

“Zhan Shen!”

This a battle blade, the name of the sword is Zhan Shen.

Contains Supreme’s murderous intention.

Yuwenhe gently stroked the sword in his hand.

“God Slash, God Slash, we can fight together again.” Slashing God Blade was held in his hand. At this moment, his entire imposing manner has changed.

Like a Supreme Killing God.

The sword intent is vertical and horizontal, his eyes are fixed on the Monster King.

It is extremely fierce, and the whole person seems to have become a battle blade, blending with the sword of God Slayer.

That fierce imposing manner makes people afraid to look directly at it.

“The power of Formation gathers me.”

a light shout.

Yuwenhe mobilized the power of Formation, and the power of Heavenly Luck Mansion, a City Protecting Great Formation, was completely integrated into his body.

He cannot fail in this battle.

So, he used all the hole cards that he could use.

This is the strongest state he teaches at Heavenly Luck Mansion.

He is the lord of Heavenly Luck Mansion and the unparalleled leader.

The knife in the hand, cuts the gods and kills the demons.

At this moment, I saw Yuwen and Monster King in this huge change, and the complexion greatly changed.

Yuwenhe’s strength is very strong, but he did not expect that he would be so strong.

Blessed with the power of Heavenly Luck Mansion’s City Protecting Great Formation, there is also a Supreme sword. The power of the three, together, is far from being as simple as one plus one.

His battle strength has already broken the limit of this eternal continent.

Tian Monster King is very angry.

Aggrieved, really suffocated.

Before this, it was a little Martial Dao Spirit Refinement Realm guy who actually controlled Formation, condense the arrow of destruction, and gave him a powerful blow, which caused him to be injured.

His body protection treasure was also shattered by that arrow, losing the power of defense.

Now, there is another Yuwenhe, and his power at this moment is stronger and more domineering than the arrow of destruction.

This is not just the formidable power of the Arrow of Destruction.

There is only one arrow of destruction, and everything is fine to block it.

Yuwen and Yuwen are different.

His power is amazing, battle strength terrifying, and extraordinary battle awareness.

Can continue to fight.

Grab a weak spot, and you can kill people.

He had to use the hole cards he had hidden in the dark.

At this time, Yuwenhe, step by step, walked out of the city wall of Heavenly Luck Mansion.

His long hair spread out.

My eyes fixed on the Monster King, and the terrifying killing intent was released.

In the realm between him and the Monster King, the air seemed to freeze, and the time seemed to stand still.

At this moment, neither of them did anything.

But next moment, Yuwenhe moved.

The hole is like thunder.

“A sword to kill the gods!”

He loudly shouted, and his figure instantly disappeared in place, leaving only an illusory shadow.

next moment, as if breaking the space, it appeared directly in front of the Monster King, and the Slashing God Blade in his hand swung out in an instant.

A horrible blade glow tore through Heaven and Earth, like lightning, directly smashing into the Heavenly Monster King.

“Do it.” The Heavenly Monster King loudly shouted, gathering the power of the terrifying Demon, and hitting it out with one claw.

At the same time, beside him, a silhouette appeared.

That silhouette, punched out.

A black power appeared in the void.

Two forces burst out at this moment.

Integrated with the power of the Monster King.

The knife moved towards Yuwenhe directly hit the past.

“hong long long!”

The two forces collided, and at that moment The earth shook and the mountain quivered, the space collapsed, as if everything was going to be destroyed general.

The terrifying power exploded.

Destroy everything all around.

Trees, mountains and rocks, etc., everything, under this domineering force, has turned into dust.

I can’t stand the impact of such forces at all.

This has surpassed the extreme of the world.

Break the shackles of the Earth Rule.

Yuwenhe couldn’t bear the impact of this domineering force, and he was knocked into the air.

The domineering force hit his body, and his body was severely injured, instantly severely injured.

However, Monster King is not comfortable.

The same is true for the Emperor Demon hiding in the dark, but his injury is much lighter than Yuwenhe.

After the Great Demon hit, he fled into the dark, making it impossible for people to see it.

However, in the eyes of Lin Buxui’s Heavenly Dao magic, there is still nothing to hide.

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