Eternal True God Chapter 159

“Teacher, are you okay?” Yuwenhe returned to the city wall. At this time, he consumed a lot and was already injured. If he continues to fight, he may be in danger of life. .

“It’s okay.” Yuwen and smiled bitterly, shook their heads, and said, “It’s just that, I absolutely didn’t expect that they still hid a Demon Emperor, and they are so powerful.”

Although vaguely guessed that the Heavenly Monster King is not the only Demon Emperor, it is very likely that he has a powerful hole card in the dark, but he did not expect that the Demon Emperor hiding in the dark would be so powerful.

If it was only the Monster King, he would definitely be able to kill him with that blow.

But, everything is because he didn’t count the Demon Emperor who was hiding in the dark.

“The Great Demon hiding in the dark is just a smelly mouse in the drain that’s all, not worth mentioning.” Lin Buxui’s eyes, cold light flashed, he said.

“Do you have a way to deal with him?” Yuwenhe looked at Lin Buxui. Although the cultivation realm seems to be just Martial Dao Spirit Refinement Realm, in fact, his strength is deep and unmeasurable. After all is a Supreme powerhouse reincarnate and recultivate.

Moreover, the innate talent on Dao of Array is amazing.

Yuwenhe had long guessed that Lin Buxui might have regained his previous life memory.

If not, how could he be so powerful?

Upper powerhouse reincarnate and recultivate often have strong hole cards. This is to prepare for his life. Otherwise, if it falls, everything will be done for others.

Therefore, before reincarnate and recultivate, they will be fully prepared for their Reincarnation Body so that there is no danger, not to mention the worry of life.

After entering Heavenly Luck Mansion from Lin Buxui, he has already noticed Lin Buxui.

Along the way, Lin Buxui faced many challenges, even on the verge of life and death, but he was able to reap good luck almost every time, and even reap huge benefits.

His cultivation base, triumphant progress all the way, improved extremely fast.

How long does it take to enter sect?

His cultivation base has been upgraded from Innate Martial Dao to Martial Dao Spirit Refinement Realm.

This kind of cultivation speed is simply unique.

Moreover, this is definitely not using the power of the previous life.

If he mobilizes the power of the previous life, then his strength should be able to rise to an extremely powerful level, and it may not be impossible to kill a Demon Emperor.

“I can see him.” Lin Buxui said, “His real body is a ghost rat. Although weird, it can’t escape my eyes. In front of me, he has nothing It’s hidden.”

“Even if you can see his existence, if you want to deal with him, you still can’t do it. After all, now, in Heavenly Luck Mansion, no one except me Able to contend with Emperor Demon, unless Elder Leng is here, otherwise, no one can deal with that Emperor Demon now.” Yuwen and smiled bitterly and shook their heads. If he was not injured, Lin Buxui would give him a message. Able to kill that magic shadow mouse.

After all, although the magic shadow mouse is weird, the technique of hiding and gathering breath is extremely powerful, and it can be transformed into a magic shadow and escape into the space, hiding it, so that people can’t notice it.

However, if it is exposed, the weakness of the Shadow Mouse will be fully revealed.

The real power of the Shadow Mouse is that it can hide in the dark indefinitely, not to be found by the enemy, and its speed is amazing. It is famous for the way of assassin and the method of assassination.

Therefore, it is too difficult to kill a ghost rat.

Once in an instant, he can escape into the dark and turn into a magic shadow. You can’t find it at all. When you relax, the magic shadow mouse will appear and give you a fatal blow.

A Demon like the Demon Mouse makes people very afraid, even more how, it is a Demon Demon at the level of the Great. It will make people become terror-stricken at the news.

In the Demon battle that year, there were countless Human Race powerhouses who died under the assassination of the Demon Rat.

If it wasn’t that the ghost mouse was too confident, too careless, and encountered plot against, it is still unknown whether the Demon Lord and Human Race can win.

Now, there is another ghost mouse of Demon Great Emperor level, which is really a headache.

However, fortunately there is Lin Buxui, he can actually see through the location of the Shadow Mouse, so the advantages of the Shadow Mouse are gone.

Just now, there is no one who can kill the Shadow Rat.

Lin Buxui?

He has used the Arrow of Destruction once, unless he can still use the Arrow of Destruction a second time, otherwise, his cultivation realm cannot kill the Shadow Rat.

And he, who had just been injured in the first battle, had not recovered yet, and was unable to do anything with that magic mouse.

“Let’s go.” Lin Buxui said, “That Magic Mouse, just fought with you, and is already injured.”

Just now Yuwen and that blow , How domineering and powerful?

After all, the Shadow Mouse is not good at fighting head-on. In fact, his power is much weaker than the general Great Emperor Realm powerhouse.

Contending head-on, he absolutely cannot take advantage.

So, the current Magic Shadow Mouse can still be killed.

Lin Buxui eyes slightly narrowed.

His eyes swept over the place of the Magic Shadow Mouse.

At this moment, the Shadow Mouse was so courageous that it moved towards the city wall and leaned over.

It is already on the edge of City Protecting Great Formation.

This is an opportunity.

Beyond Formation, I can’t deal with him.

However, he was going to die and approached the City Protecting Great Formation of Heavenly Luck Mansion. Then, if you don’t clean him up, you won’t be sorry for him.

“This ghost mouse is simply a courting death.” Lin Buxui said, once again controlling the City Protecting Great Formation of Heavenly Luck Mansion.

Now, the energy source of this City Protecting Great Formation has consumed too much.

The spirit vein that deployed this Formation was almost half drawn under the attack just now.

However, the remaining spirit vein power is enough to kill the Shadow Mouse.

However, Formation still has to be maintained.

Lin Buxui naturally plots against it. If the Magic Shadow Mouse is outside, it is estimated that half of the spirit vein power will be spent to kill it forcibly.

In this way, Formation will be difficult to resist for too long.

But this magic mouse is going to court death. When it gets close to the edge of the Formation, he can send it into the Formation by himself.

Then kill it again, it’s too simple.

After Lin Buxui takes control of the Formation, one after another is printed.

The entire Formation has instantly expanded several feet.

It’s just a matter of breathing. Formation disappears in an instant, then reappears in an instant, enveloping the ghost rat in Formation.

As the Grade 9 Demon, the Demon Mouse, of course, felt it when Formation disappeared.

Besides, he was extremely vigilant. He had already sensed something was wrong, but when he wanted to evacuate, it was too late. It was just a breath and he was trapped in the Formation.

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