Eternal True God Chapter 166

Everyone present did not hesitate, although they were surprised that Lin Buxui had the immortal dao Supreme Treasure in their hands, but at this time, it was about the life and death of the entire Heavenly Luck Mansion. They had to work with a A common purpose can survive this time crisis.

All the power has been gathered in the immortal map of the universe.

Lin Buxui borrows the immortal map of the universe to manipulate this vast power.

At this time, Ancestor of the Blood River has already rushed up.

He is unscrupulous.

Ranging Wuji.

He is very confident. With his strength, in this a side world, no one can pose the slightest threat to him. How can a trifling city, a Formation, be able to withstand him?

The only person who made him somewhat dreaded was Lin Buxui.

He has the breath of that person.

If that person is brought to come, I am afraid that this incarnation of him will undoubtedly die, and even his deity may be hit.

“You all listen to Old Ancestor, open Formation obediently and honestly, otherwise, don’t blame this Old Ancestor for killing.” Ancestor of the Blood River has a baleful aura with a terrifying tone, The whole person is full of blood light.

At this time, he is very angry, with endless anger.

After all, he was a Supreme Old Ancestor who was threatened by Demon, the lower realm of the Monster King this one trifling tenth realm, but there was no way to follow his instructions.

So, at this time, he can only pour this nowhere to vent anger on everyone in Heavenly Luck Mansion.

But what he didn’t know was that Lin Buxui had arranged everything at this time, and what awaited him would be endless horror and murderous intention.

“What a big tone.” Lin Buxui said coldly, “No matter who you are, dare to come to me Heavenly Luck Mansion impudent, you are looking for the wrong person, I advise you to leave now, don’t interfere , The battle between my Heavenly Luck Mansion and the Monster King that day, otherwise, I will thwart you today.”

Lin Buxui has sharp eyes and killing intent.

Ancestor of the Blood River is not in sight.

This is undoubtedly the biggest challenge to Ancestor of the Blood River.

He is Ancestor of the Blood River, a peerless powerhouse in ancient times, a terrifying existence of Martial Dao.

Now, when I reach the lower realm, I have been threatened again and again by this junior.

Before it was the Monster King of the Tenth Realm, it was the Demon of the tenth realm, but now, Lin Buxui in front of me is just trifling Martial Dao Spirit Refinement Realm, it is so arrogant, and he doesn’t put him in the slightest. In his eyes, even if there was that one behind him, he couldn’t bear it anymore.

“You damn ants, this is courting death. Today, I will fulfill you.” At this moment, Ancestor of the Blood River broke out completely.

After all, he has been repeatedly provoked by juniors in the lower realm. If he doesn’t fight back, if this is spread, his Ancestor of the Blood River how to save face?

You must give them a little color to see.

Not only will the Heavenly Luck Mansion be destroyed, the Monster King will also be killed that day. After his breakthrough, he can be completely suppressed and killed.

Let them know the terrifying of Ancestor of the Blood River.

At this time, the Ancestor of the Blood River imposing manner has reached its extreme, the stalwart power burst out, and the entire a side World is dyed red with blood.

Where he moved, there seemed to be a big bloody river.

Above the big river, countless evil spirits are roaring.

A scarlet skeleton crawled out of the river of blood.

Countless terrifying existence one after another appeared.

the entire world seems to have become a purgatory on earth.

Under this terrifying coercion, the entire Heavenly Luck Mansion is on the verge of collapse.

The City Protecting Great Formation cannot be resisted at all.

“Lin Buxui, are you sure?” At this time, Yuwenhe was a little anxious. The strength of Ancestor of the Blood River was really too terrifying, too powerful.

It’s that he used the last hole card to fight to the death, I am afraid there is no chance of winning.

If Lin Buxui is not sure enough, there is only another choice. He fights hard to leave the last seed for Heavenly Luck Mansion.

“Trifling is just an incarnation, I can naturally suppress him.” Lin Buxui said, “Everyone, you have worked hard. Leave the next thing to me, this Ancestor of the Blood River, dare to be right. I started Heavenly Luck Mansion, and he will definitely die today.”

After that, Lin Buxui’s vast mana was condensed.

One after another ancient rune appeared, condensed into a word in the void.

That is the word “sleepy”.

This “sleepy” word rune appeared, and in an instant, this a side World was isolated and closed.

Ancestor of the Blood River was directly suppressed in this space.

At this moment, Ancestor of the Blood River felt wrong.

In his soul, there is a throbbing of life and death.

This is a fatal crisis.

“Damn it, how is it possible? The kid trifling Martial Dao Spirit Refinement Realm, how could he give me such a threat?” Ancestor of the Blood River complexion greatly changed and wanted to evacuate, but this time , It’s too late.

This space has been completely closed.

He has been trapped here.

“break! Break me!” Ancestor of the Blood River furiously shouted, raising both hands, condense a terrifying giant bloody knife, crazy strikes this space, to tear this ban, Flee out.

But Lin Buxui didn’t give him any chance at all.

The character’sleepy’ has appeared, and has cut off the path of Ancestor of the Blood River. The next step is to kill Ancestor of the Blood River here.

How could he give him a chance to escape?


Next, Lin Buxui spit out a word.

In the void, the ancient rune appeared again.

this time, it is a’weak’ character.

The moment this character appeared, Ancestor of the Blood River collapsed.

The’trapped’ character completely trapped him in this space, unable to escape, and even he couldn’t communicate with the deity.

And now, it is another’weak’ character, which actually weakened his power.

At this moment, his strength has been weakened too much.

Almost only one-tenth of the strength can be exerted.

How terrifying is this?


How could this happen?

Could it be that Old Ancestor is going to die here today?


At this time, Lin Buxui has not stopped yet, it is another ancient character.

The “curse” character also appeared.

If it wasn’t because of his lack of strength, he even wanted to pass, this incarnation of Ancestor of the Blood River would directly curse his deity.

However, Lin Buxui did not do that. He knew that if he really wanted to curse the deity of Ancestor of the Blood River through this incarnation, it would be bring about one’s own destruction.

He is just the cultivation base of Martial Dao Spirit Refinement Realm. Even with the help of Heavenly Luck Mansion, he can only reach the Martial Dao tenth realm level.

A cultivator of Martial Dao tenth realm, to curse the terrifying powerhouse of Martial Dao tenth realm, isn’t this courting death?

“Damn it, it’s a curse, how is this possible?” Ancestor of the Blood River has completely collapsed. Absolutely did not expect it to be the result?

Not only that, Lin Buxui took out a bronze ancient coffin at this moment, a burial coffin.

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