Eternal True God Chapter 167


Lin Buxui took out the burial coffin and sealed the Ancestor of the Blood River in it with the burial scripture.

This “sleepy” character, combined with the Sky Funeral Coffin, makes the power of the Sky Funeral Coffin to the extreme.

No matter what Ancestor of the Blood River is, there is no way to escape.

Even the deity of Ancestor of the Blood River is imperceptible.

This time, Ancestor of the Blood River is hard to avoid calamity.

Lin Buxui smiled at the corner of his mouth.

If Ancestor of the Blood River hadn’t been sealed in the burial coffin, he had not been sure enough to completely kill Ancestor of the Blood River in such a short time.

After all, the power of manipulating the entire Heavenly Luck Mansion with the immortal map of heaven and earth is also huge.

Although his spirit strength and Divine Soul have been greatly improved, they are still not enough.

In the distance, Monster King, who was at the critical moment of Transcending Tribulation, was completely shocked when he saw this scene.

That is Ancestor of the Blood River, an ancient Demon God.

Even if it’s just an incarnation of him, it’s terrifying and terrifying.

The Heavenly Monster King knows very well that even if he completely breaks through to the tenth realm, he cannot compete with the Ancestor of the Blood River. If it weren’t for awakening the ancient Heavenly Monster Bloodline and enabling inheritance, he It’s really impossible to urge Ancestor of the Blood River.

However, what he absolutely didn’t expect was that this one terrifying Ancestor of the Blood River was actually suppressed by Lin Buxui, the trifling Martial Dao Spirit Refinement Realm guy.

“Very good.” The mood of Monster King and the others is completely different. Everyone at Heavenly Luck Mansion saw Lin Buxui suppress the terrifying Ancestor of the Blood River, all of them cheering. excitedly.

This means that Heavenly Luck Mansion is saved.

Lin Buxui What monster is this?

How could his strength be so strong?

Although this is actually the effort of everyone in the entire Heavenly Luck Mansion, but for others, without Lin Buxui, even if the entire Heavenly Luck Mansion is started, it is absolutely impossible to confront. The Ancestor of the Blood River.

That terrible imposing manner, even if it is suppressed by the law of this eternal continent, it can easily kill everyone in Heavenly Luck Mansion.

It’s really terrifying.

Is this Child of Destiny?

What is Peerless Heaven’s Chosen?

What is the worldly evildoer?

Lin Buxui is exactly that.

No, even in Heavenly Domain, those holy children, those so-called Heaven’s Chosen, are definitely not as terrifying and terrifying as Lin Buxui.

Zuo Xingliang, looking at Lin Buxui, he has completely extinguished the thought of fighting Lin Buxui in his heart.

Taking revenge on Lin Buxui?

He absolutely dare not.

If you are against Lin Buxui, it is courting death.

Taking revenge on Lin Buxui, it is impossible. At the moment, with Lin Buxui’s horror, it is already thank good for not to trouble him.

Zuo Changlong also took a deep breath.

I hope Zuo Xingliang, the kid, can think about it.

Among the Heavenly Luck Mansion, many people who have had a feast with Lin Buxui have completely lost their thoughts.

Lin Buxui is too powerful, too terrifying.

Ancestor of the Blood River and other terrifying characters can be suppressed. They can’t mention on equal terms with Lin Buxui at all.

“Lin Buxui, I didn’t expect that you really did it. This is incredible.” Yuwen and said, “Today, you made a great contribution to my Heavenly Luck Mansion, and I represent the entire Heavenly Luck Mansion thank you.”

Lin Buxui faintly smiled, saying: “It’s serious to teach you. This is not my personal contribution. This is the result of everyone’s work with a common purpose, and now I say It’s too early. I haven’t completely dealt with the Ancestor of the Blood River. I’ve troubled the master and seniors to protect me. I want to deal with the Ancestor of the Blood River completely.”

“Don’t worry. , Don’t worry, you can rest assured that we protect the law for you, unless we die, otherwise, we will never let people disturb you a little bit.” Yuwen and said.

“Yes, if anyone wants to disturb you, he must step on our corpses.” Li Xuman also said.

Heavenly Luck Mansion Sect Master and Elder also have nodded.

Everyone, surround Lin Buxui in the center and protect it.

Lin Buxui nodded.

It’s time to refining this Ancestor of the Blood River.

Enter the space of the burial coffin.

At this moment, the strength of Ancestor of the Blood River has been weakened to the extreme.

I was trapped in the burial coffin.

“This is the burial coffin? Damn, is this kid really that person’s Reincarnation Body?” Ancestor of the Blood River experienced and knowledgeable, although only an incarnation, he knows very well , What is your current situation.

Here is the burial coffin.

At the moment, his cultivation base has been suppressed, his strength cannot be used, and he is constantly being weakened.

If this continues, he has no chance to escape.

Unless his deity shoots, otherwise, he will undoubtedly die.

When Lin Buxui appeared, Ancestor of the Blood River stared at him.

“Who the hell are you?”

“Who am I?” Lin Buxui said, “This is not important. The important thing is that you are going to die here today.”

“Do you know who I am? I am Ancestor of the Blood River. I am just an incarnation of Old Ancestor. If you kill me, then my deity will not let you go.” Ancestor of the Blood River coldly said.

“So what?” Lin Buxui said indifferently, “This place has been completely closed by me, and your connection with the deity has also been severed. It is impossible to perceive it.”

” Boy, you are too naive, I came here, that is the will of the deity, although my deity does not know who you are, but once the deity comes to this world, there is no one invincible, when the time comes, this eternal Continent, it will be completely destroyed, do you know? If you kill me, it will bring the entire eternal continent to the end. You cannot bear the anger of the deity.” Ancestor of the Blood River stared coldly Lin Buxui said, “If you let me go now, I can give you countless benefits.”

Lin Buxui shook his head and said, “What benefits, I don’t need it.”

Open What joke, let him go?

This is impossible.

Now, trapping him in this burial coffin is his best opportunity, and he doesn’t have much time now.

This Ancestor of the Blood River is a Supreme Demon God, after all, its strength is terrifying, and he cannot suppress it for a long time, even if he has a burial coffin, a heavenly image, etc. Supreme treasure, but, The consumption is really too big.

For an existence like Ancestor of the Blood River, once you are free, how can you let yourself go?

What’s more, he was made by the Heavenly Monster King to worship summon, and he couldn’t violate the Heavenly Monster King’s orders.

even more how, kill him, refining this incarnation of him, and can also greatly improve his strength, which is what he wants, because of this, no matter what, he Can’t let him go, Ancestor of the Blood River must die.

“Eternal Divine Furnace, come out!”

Lin Buxui a light shout, an ancient Divine Furnace appeared.

Eternal Divine Furnace exploded with terrifying power.

Ingested Ancestor of the Blood River.

At this moment, Lin Buxui has turned the mana in his body to the extreme.

Eternal Divine Furnace started refining.

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