Eternal True God Chapter 170

Lin Buxui hearing this faintly smiled, he said: “Everyone, don’t worry, I have even killed Ancestor of the Blood River, and I will still be afraid of a trifling Monster King?”

“That’s right.” Yuwen and nodded, after all, how terrifying and powerful the Ancestor of the Blood River is. Even if it was a breakthrough that day, the Monster King was far from being able to compete with Ancestor of the Blood River contends.

Just now, the consumption of everyone just now is very huge.

Impossible will be completely restored in a short time.

So, if you want to be the same as before, it is impossible for Lin Buxui to borrow all their power.

Although the strength of the Tian Monster King is far inferior to that of Ancestor of the Blood River, the strength of the Tian Monster King after the breakthrough is absolutely not weak, even more how, and there are so many demons.

In the distance, the Monster King Transcending Tribulation is about to end.

But, when he saw that Lin Buxui and the others had completely suppressed Ancestor of the Blood River, his face became very solemn.

As a sacrificial person, he can naturally perceive that the breath of Ancestor of the Blood River has now disappeared, which means that Ancestor of the Blood River is either completely sealed or beheaded.

They can suppress the Ancestor of the Blood River, which is enough to prove how powerful their cards are.

If you force a meet force with force, I am afraid that there is no way to take advantage of it.

This is too risky.

Although, Heavenly Void ancient jade is very important, but if the Heavenly Void ancient jade is not necessarily able to be obtained at a great price, then it is not worth it.

Too risky.

After he passed the last Thunder Tribulation, he had a thorough breakthrough and became the real powerhouse of tenth realm.

Although at this moment, his current strength has been greatly improved compared to before.

However, he is still not sure.

He can clearly perceive that the Formation can no longer stop him.

He can break the defense of Heavenly Luck Mansion at any time.

But, in the Heavenly Luck Mansion, there are things that make him jealous.

There is something that can endanger his life.

Furthermore, the most important thing is that now that time has passed for a long time, the reinforcements of Heavenly Luck Mansion may also be coming.

If they don’t leave now, they may be under siege.

In this way, it is them who are in trouble.

At that time, it was not only the Heavenly Void ancient jade that was not available, but also their own lives.

“My lord, do you want to attack?” At this time, Demon sacrificed Tu Yuan and said, “Master Demon God’s breath has disappeared. Are we going forward or retreating?”

” Retreat.” Tian Monster King gave Lin Buxui a cold look, and finally he chose to retreat.

However, they wanted to retreat, but Lin Buxui was unwilling to let them go.

I now have a breakthrough to Paradise Realm.

It is too difficult to improve.

The only way is to hunt Demon crazy.

At the moment, if the demons led by the Monster King are completely killed and refining by him, maybe their cultivation realm can be upgraded to several levels.

Because of this, Lin Buxui killing intent made no secret of it and did not want to let them go.

“They want to go.” Lin Buxui’s cold light flickered, and he said, “This is our opportunity, dare to come to me Heavenly Luck Mansion impudent, how can they leave?”


Everyone was shocked when they heard it.

I didn’t expect Lin Buxui to be so bold. At this time, he actually wanted to keep these demons.

Also too bold.

“Lin Buxui, this… can you be sure? After all, we are now at a huge consumption and have not recovered at all. If we force a battle, I am afraid it will be difficult to keep the opponent behind.” Yuwenhe looked at Lin Buxui Said, “Monster King that day, now has a breakthrough to the tenth realm, plus the large number of Demon, even if you can kill the Monster King that day, we can not have the advantage.”

“Our reinforcements should be Is it coming?” Lin Buxui asked.

“Despite the delay, it should be here.” Yuwen and nodded said, “However, we have reinforcements, and the Monster King may not be there.”

“In that case, try one. What about Fan?” At this time, Sun Yunchang said, “They dare to attack my Heavenly Luck Mansion, just let them go, it’s too cheap for them? If you don’t give them a bit of color, don’t teach them a lesson, won’t they? Isn’t it that a random group of Demons can do something to our Heavenly Luck Mansion? It’s a Demon, so you can come to my Heavenly Luck Mansion impudent?”

“Kill!” said Sect Master in the court. .

“Kill!” Li Xu said slowly.


“In that case, it’s up to you.” Yuwen and said, “I’ll go crazy with you, Lin Buxui, what do you think should be done? In this battle, you come to command, and I wait for all to follow your mobilization.”

Yuwen and looked towards Lin Buxui.

He knows very well that Lin Buxui is extraordinary.

Furthermore, he can see through the hiding of the Shadow Rat, fearing that there is a Supreme secret technique, which can see through the arrangement of the Monster King.

Furthermore, Lin Buxui is so confident that he must have his own arrangement and his own means.

Having him to direct, this is the best choice.

“Okay.” Lin Buxui smiled at the corner of his mouth. He wanted this effect, “Open the city gate.”

“Open the city gate!”

An order is given.

Heavenly Luck Mansion’s city gate is opened.

“Everyone, play with me!”

Lin Buxui shouting loudly, the whole person rose into the sky and took the lead.

Yuwen and the others immediately followed.

Don’t dare to let Lin Buxui alone, after all, if something goes wrong with him, it would be bad for Heavenly Luck Mansion.

“Sure enough.” When Monster King saw this, he knew that something was wrong.

At this time, the other party dared to open the city gate and rushed out.

It can be seen that they already have a plot against.

It is the best choice to leave this place.

“The burial coffin, bury Heaven and Earth.”

With Lin Buxui’s shouting loudly.

A bronze ancient coffin, soaring into the sky.

Everywhere I went, those Demons couldn’t resist, they were suppressed and killed instantly.

See Lin Buxui so, everyone else is also greatly showing divine might.

At these Demons, they launched an attack frantically.

Before I was trapped in the Heavenly Luck Mansion array. I was so aggrieved and couldn’t do anything. I could only let these Demons provoke me instead of going out. Now, they are all let go.

Even if the cultivation base is not restored.

Everyone also went crazy.

In an instant, Heavenly Luck Mansion imposing manner skyrocketed.

And those Demon, all began to retreat.

However, the Human Race Martial Artists of Heavenly Luck Mansion, all of them are crazy, desperate, crazy attacks and killings.

In a short while, countless demons were killed.

Demon is at large, Human Race Martial Artist is chasing.

“My lord, I can’t go on like this.”

“Fight with them, all these damn Human Races are killed.” A Demon powerhouse angrily said, “Retreat, Why retreat, our strength is stronger than them, why retreat?”

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