Eternal True God Chapter 171

Tian Monster King’s face is gloomy.

He could see that none of the people at Heavenly Luck Mansion seemed to recover.

Strength is not Peak.

And their demon race people, all of them are in Peak state.

But now they are being chased by these weak Human Race Martial Artists?

What is the reason for this?

But these Human Race Martial Artists of Heavenly Luck Mansion, before they fully recovered, dare to attack them and hunt them down.

This is absolutely abnormal.

There must be something to follow.

“Don’t fall in love, go.”

The cold light flashed in the eyes of Monster King, without hesitation, a talisman appeared with a wave of his hand.

In the void, there is a huge Transmission Gate.

“All clansman, enter the Transmission Gate.”

“Want to teleport and leave?” Lin Buxui saw the huge Transmission Gate and knew that the Monster King was at this time He completely gave up the fight and wanted to evacuate quickly.

The talisman of such a Transmission Gate is very precious.

Even if he is in Heavenly Domain, there are only a few.

The cost of refining such a Transmission Gate talisman is huge.

You can move millions of troops in an instant.

This is the ultimate weapon in war.

At the moment, the Heavenly Monster King actually uses such a Supreme Treasure to teleport and escape.

Tian Monster King is completely scared.

“Where you want to go, it’s so easy.” Lin Buxui raised his hand at this time, and the void condensed a strong light.

That is the power still accumulated in his body.

This is the power of Ancestor of the Blood River stored in the Eternal Divine Furnace that has not been completely melted.

Although Ancestor of the Blood River was beheaded by him and swallowed by him, there is still a part of its power that is banned in the Eternal Divine Furnace.

Now, he uses the Supreme secret technique to display this part of his power.

“Eternal divine spear, go!”

With Lin Buxui shouting loudly.

An ancient spear appeared.

This spear seems to come from Swire Divine Realm.

Contains Supreme’s stalwart power.

Many avenue rules are attached to the eternal divine spear.

This spear seems to be able to penetrate everything, break all obstacles, and destroy eternity.


The goal of eternal divine spear is the Monster King.

The moment the eternal divine spear appeared, the Monster King complexion greatly changed.

He felt the threat of death.

On this spear, there is the power of Ancestor of the Blood River.

With the power of Ancestor of the Blood River, the stalwart Divine Weapon from summon.

Although this is just an illusory shadow, it is an illusory shadow from the Supreme Law Power condense, and the power of Grand Dao Law that can be contained is very terrifying.

If it cannot be resisted, it is a dead end.

In fact, Monster King can be avoided.

But if he avoids this blow, then the eternal divine spear will completely penetrate this Transmission Gate and destroy it.

In that way, all the demon race people who enter the Transmission Gate will die.

The Transmission Gate will also be broken.

All of them will be left behind.

So, he has no choice.

Only try to stop this eternal divine spear.

“The sky monster force, cover the sky and cover the sun!”

The eyes of the sky Monster King are red, and the body has turned out.

He unfolded his wings, which covered the sky and covered the sun, covering the entire space in it.

The huge body directly faces the eternal divine spear.

Just breathe, and collide with the eternal divine spear.

The eternal divine spear glowed brightly and plunged into the huge wings of the Heavenly Monster King.

The energy of terrifying matchless exploded, moving towards all around spreading away.

The powerful impact caused the space all around to burst.

ka-cha! ka-cha!

A crisp sound.

The impact of domineering force directly smashed that one Transmission Gate.

The wings of Tian Monster King were also scattered.

His huge figure turned around.

Moved towards Lin Buxui directly and rushed over.

Tian Monster King At this moment, it is very clear that this human being is the most critical.

Only by killing him can there be a turning point.

Yuwenhe saw this scene.

complexion sank.

In an instant, he stood in front of Lin Buxui.

His imposing manner began to climb.

Tian Monster King knows that Lin Buxui is the key to victory in this battle. Why doesn’t he understand?

Lin Buxui is the hope of the entire Heavenly Luck Mansion, and may even be the future of the entire eternal continent.

Even if Heavenly Luck Mansion perishes, Lin Buxui cannot die.

“If you want to do something to him, you have to ask me.” Yuwen and coldly said.

“Go!” The voice of Tian Monster King roared.

In his eyes, Yuwenhe’s cultivation realm is far from enough.

trifling Martial Dao ninth realm, that’s all.

Now that he has entered the tenth realm, Yuwen and him simply ignore it.

This roar, containing his powerful power, went straight to Yuwenhe.

Yuwenhe is not a weak one.

Although he has not reached the Martial Dao tenth realm, in fact, it is not that he cannot, but that he does not want to enter the Martial Dao tenth realm at this time.

At the moment, the situation is critical, and he has made a choice to truly enter the Martial Dao tenth realm.

A rays of light emerged from him.

That is an ancient roulette.

This is the wheel of fortune.

“The power of destiny, help me breakthrough!”

a light shout.

The power of mysterious destiny was integrated into his body.

At this moment, Yuwenhe’s breath has changed.

Become extremely majestic.

It seems to be the Supreme Destiny.

He is surrounded by the power of one after another destiny, and his cultivation base has been madly improved.

In the eyes, the law of fate is shining.

That is the power of destiny.

Lin Buxui was shocked when he saw this scene.

“My God, this is the wheel of fate, the power of fate, what kind of existence is he? In him, there is such a great power, that is the Law Power of fate. !” Gu Yunhan on Lin Buxui was stunned.

The evildoer, it’s the evildoer.

This is just a trifling mortal continent in the lower realm.

The appearance of a peerless evildoer like Lin Buxui is already incredible.

Now, there is another Yuwenhe.

He has the power of destiny and he is blessed by the law of destiny.

Really terrifying.

A few breaths.

Yuwenhe’s cultivation realm has already hit the tenth realm.

immortal dao 1 Heavenly Layer.

The power of destiny surrounds the body.

hong long long!

In the sky, darkness is permeated.

Dark clouds envelop the entire void.

That is Heavenly Tribulation.

This time, Force of Tribulation, only Yuwen and one person are locked.

“Is it also a forced breakthrough?” Tian Monster King’s face was solemn, and he had to withdraw.

He absolutely did not expect that Yuwenhe also at this time forcibly attacked the tenth realm.

Heavenly Tribulation, where is it so easy to get through?

He was able to survive the Heavenly Tribulation because the inheritance memory was awakened in his body and his Bloodline Strength was also awakened.

Heavenly Monster Bloodline in his body is extremely noble.

Heavenly Tribulation Although he is domineering, but for him, it is able to temper his physical body, improve his bloodline, and make him stronger.

Wuwenhe is a human being, and his body is far inferior to himself.

Under such circumstances, a hasty breakthrough may be disappeared by Thunder Tribulation strikes.

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