Eternal True God Chapter 172

Heavenly Luck Mansion everyone is also very worried.

After all, this is Heavenly Tribulation.

Under such circumstances, Transcending Tribulation is too dangerous.

However, Yuwenhe at this time has no worries at all.

I looked up at the robbery cloud in the sky.

Indifferently indifferent.

It seems that for him, this is just an insignificant thing.

“Don’t worry about me, block those demons.” Yuwenhe looked at Lin Buxui and seemed to want to step forward. He knew that Lin Buxui wanted to help him.

And Lin Buxui has this intention at this time.

He intends to use Formation to help teach Yuwen and help him Transcending Tribulation.

However, since Yuwenhe refused, it means that he has full confidence.

Wait for Lin Buxui everyone to step back.

Yuwenhe lifts the head.

He shouted to Jieyun: “In the name of fate, disperse!”

As soon as this word came out, Jieyun in Heavenly Tribulation was slowly dissipated. .

This scene made everyone stunned and couldn’t believe it.

I actually drank Thunder Tribulation.

How is this possible?

That is Heavenly Tribulation of Martial Dao tenth realm.

I don’t know how many people died under this Thunder Tribulation.

However, Yuwenhe just drank it, and Heavenly Tribulation was gone.

Who is this Yuwenhe?

Why is there such an ability?

“Are my eyes blinded?” Li Xu slowly said, “Teach him… he actually drank Heavenly Tribulation.”

“Unbelievable, it’s really letting him It’s unbelievable, the head teacher, he is it possible that he is Immortal World Immortal Monarch, Immortal Emperor can’t?” He Yang also muttered to himself.

Even Lin Buxui was surprised.

Words quit Heavenly Tribulation.

Could it be that he is also a great reincarnate and recultivate?

Furthermore, is the Immortal Monarch in charge of Thunder Heavenly Tribulation?

However, no matter whether it takes part or not, right now, they have an absolute advantage.

Originally, Lin Buxui just wanted to keep a part of Demon. Now, with breakthrough Martial Dao tenth realm’s instructor, Yuwenhe, this is not just a part of Demon, but also the Demon. Monster King can stay.

In the distance, as the Demon Emperor, the Heavenly Monster King, the leader of the Demon army.

As soon as I saw Yuwen and Yinhui thunder Heavenly Tribulation, I knew that the situation was over.

They have no chance at all.


Only escape here at a very fast speed.

As for the Demon under his hand, one who can walk is one.

He himself gave up the confrontation.

“Go, hurry, how many can walk.” At this moment, the Monster King shouted, “If you can’t walk, then you can kill one person, one person.”

“Kill Kill! Kill!”

“Come on, kill all the Demons.” All the Human Race Martial Artists of Heavenly Luck Mansion, when they see the master Yuwen He is so powerful, they drink in one sip After retiring Heavenly Tribulation, the imposing manner suddenly burst, as if it was a chicken blood, everyone went crazy again, and rushed desperately.

On the contrary, the Demon led by the Monster King, at this time, the imposing manner is sluggish.

They have lost their heart to fight.

Lost fighting spirit.

At this moment, Yuwenhe, as the instructor of Yuwenhe, after the successful Transcending Tribulation, narrowed his eyes and looked towards Monster King.

Then took off.

The speed is amazing.

In the blink of an eye, he was already in front of the Monster King.

“Tian Monster King, today, you can stay, all the demons must stay, and all will die.” Yuwen and murderous aura have reached the extreme at this time, his tone is so cold , There seems to be no feelings at all.

His whole body has the body of the wheel of destiny.

Entangling the breath of fate.

“It seems that your master Yuwenhe is also not simple, and can actually mobilize the power of destiny. That roulette, not simple, is Supreme Treasure, the treasure of the legendary Immortal Monarch. “Gu Yunhan said.

“Fate Immortal Monarch?” Lin Buxui narrowed his eyes.

Immortal Monarch, how strong is it?

“Immortal Monarch, is the ultimate immortal dao, immortal dao thirty-fold.” Gu Yunhan said, “fate immortal dao, he developed it.”

immortal dao The ultimate.

Lin Buxui looked towards Yuwenhe, maybe the head teacher is really the reincarnation of Immortal Monarch, but what?

As long as he is not an enemy, the stronger he is, the more helpful he is.

“Yuwenhe, do you think you can defeat me by breaking through Martial Dao tenth realm?” Tian Monster King coldly said, “You are a foolish dream, you are Human Race, and I am It’s the noble and respected Heavenly Monster Bloodline, the highest family, you are not my opponent.”

Speaking, Heavenly Monster King shouted loudly: “Let you see, my Supreme Power of Heavenly Demon Clan.”

“Celestial Demon is coming!”

At this time, a huge crack appeared in the void.

In that crack, a mighty force appeared.

Cruel and brutal.

That is a Supreme terrifying giant beast.

The boundless Slaughter Qi is flooded.

Incomparably violent.

The entire Heaven and Earth seems to be exploded and shattered under this terrifying power.

The violent breath is almost suffocating.

What kind of terrifying exists?

Celestial Demon?

The truly terrifying Celestial Demon?

Gu Yunhan complexion greatly changed.

“It’s not good.”

“What’s the matter? What’s that?”

Lin Buxui’s face is extremely solemn, the existence of this one terrifying Appearing, it was Lin Buxui himself, feeling that he could not breathe, and his soul was suppressed.

too terrifying, too terrifying.

What kind of existence is this one Demon?

“That is the ancient Celestial Demon.” Gu Yunhan said, “Moreover, it is still a violent Celestial Demon, is a terrifying beast, the ancestor of Heavenly Demon Clan.”

“The Monster King used his own bloodline Soul Power as a guide that day. The summon ancient Celestial Demon came, which would cost a huge price.”

“The ancient fierce Celestial Demon?” Yuwenhe looked at him coldly. In one scene, his face changed slightly.

How terrifying and terrifying existence is this ancient fierce Celestial Demon?

If it’s Peak, even Immortal Monarch, it’s somewhat afraid.

However, right now, it’s just a remnant soul.

But even so, Yuwenhe is very solemn.

He is just Martial Dao tenth realm now.

The ancient fierce Celestial Demon, even if this is just a remnant soul, its strength, I am afraid it has reached the Peak of Martial Dao tenth realm.

“The Roulette of Destiny, go!”

Yuwen and lightly shouted, protecting the Roulette of Destiny around him, turning into a white light, and rushing straight at the Celestial Demon. soul.

In an instant, the wheel of fortune instantly turned into a big net, directly enshrouding the Celestial Demon in it.

The remnant soul of the ancient fierce Celestial Demon, huge body, constantly struggling.

That big net is firmly trapped.

However, every time Celestial Demon struggled, a trace of blood spilled from Yuwen and the corner of his mouth.

The whole body trembled.

Obviously, it was a backlash.

The breath has also become messy.

“Yuwenhe, you are too naive. That is the ancestor of Heavenly Demon Clan. Although it is not the real body, it is not something you can contend with.” Tian Monster King shouted.

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