Eternal True God Chapter 174

As soon as the lock demon Devil Subduing Tower came out, with the inner core of Five Elements Demon, Lin Buxui’s mouth evoked a smile.

Take the inner core of Five Elements Demon as the guide, and the Devil Subduing Tower as the formation eye.

One after another Yin Jue was played, and in the void, one after another Array Spirit was condensed, and within a short time, an ancient large array was formed.

This Formation is the legendary Five Elements Suppression Array.

The moment Formation appeared, all Demons felt a tremendous suppression.

“Damn it, this is the Suppression Array.” Tian Monster King complexion ashen, this is the ancient era Suppression Array, which has terrifying suppression of Demon.

“Five Elements Suppression Array, open!”

With Lin Buxui’s shout, the Suppression Array opened at this moment, forming five giant dragons. , These five giant dragon baring fangs and brandishing claws, crazy roars.

Wherever I went, countless Demon violent death.

The inner core of these Demons was swallowed by the Devil Subduing Tower.

As a result, the five Five Elements giant dragons become stronger and more terrifying.

Lin Buxui’s strength has also been improved.

“At all costs, break the Formation for me.” Heavenly Monster King saw this scene, knowing that at this moment, there must be no difference, as long as the time is delayed, let the ancient fierce Celestial Demon break free, Then everything can be settled.


All Demon, at this time, began to frantically attack Formation.

Yes, for Lin Buxui, this is just right.

These Demons are not strong enough. There is no ninth realm. Demon of tenth realm appears. He does not pay attention to it. What’s more, the current situation, even if it is the Demon of ninth realm, impacting Formation, it is also courting. death.

As for tenth realm, that is, Demon, there is only one person, Monster King.

The current Monster King has not recovered at all, and his injuries are serious, far from being able to display Peak’s state.

That is equivalent to Grade 9 Demon.

Once he comes to attack this lock demon town demons formation, it is also to die.

“Block them, block these Demons, and never let them interfere with Lin Buxui.” At this moment, Guan Shian shouted.

“No, let them come.” However, Lin Buxui stopped.

Everyone is a little confused.

But since Lin Buxui said so, there must be his reasons and he is sure enough.

“My big formation needs to use the power of these Demons to grow, so as long as it is not a Demon of the tenth grade, it is not a concern.”

Sure enough, all the impact Formation The Demon, has not been approached, has been killed and swallowed by the five Five Elements giant dragons.

Furthermore, Lin Buxui controls Formation to unlock the real power of this Five Elements Suppression Array.

Five giant dragons gathered together in an instant. At this moment, a terrifying vortex was formed in the void. After this vortex opened, a terrifying Devouring Power burst out.

Demon all around, in front of this terrifying Devouring Power, there is no resistance at all, and it is directly swallowed into the Formation.

This is fatal to all Demons.

“Escape, escape, this Formation can’t be broken through.”

Now, those Demons have fully understood that this Formation, too terrifying, for them , With terrifying restraint attributes.

Once you get close, you will be swallowed in.

If you die, you cannot die again.

“Tu Yuan, that Formation is too powerful, do you have a way to crack it?” Tian Monster King said to Demon’s sacrifice to Tu Yuan, “If you can’t crack this Formation, delay the time and wait until Celestial If Demon Old Ancestor gets out of trouble, we will definitely die.”

When Demon Old Ancestor listened to Tu Yuan, he smiled bitterly. He said: “This big demon suppression formation is not a normal one. The core of this Formation’s formation eye is the key. If I am not mistaken, the core of this Formation’s formation eye should be the legendary Devil Subduing Tower, which is the biggest nemesis of our demon race.”

“The Devil Subduing Tower? If it is the legendary Devil Subduing Tower, wouldn’t we have to wait to die?” The Monster King was very anxious in his heart.

He has now consumed the origin, summon has emerged as the ancestor of Celestial Demon, which is his a glimmer of survival.

Furthermore, for them, what is even more terrible is that there is not much time, and the reinforcements of Heavenly Luck Mansion may also be coming.

At that point, they will have no chance at all.

” Delay time, do everything possible to delay time.” Demon sacrificed to Tu Yuan, “Only the method of sacrifice can be performed again.”

At this moment, Tu Yuan’s His face was very solemn.

For them, there is also a glimmer of survival, which is also the final a glimmer of survival.

But, this is their Heavenly Monster Lineage, the final trump card.

Once it fails, Celestial Demon Mountain will be extinct.

Become a dead place.

That is their base camp.

“No.” At this time, Tian Monster King also knew what Tu Yuan thought.

Now, if you want to break this Formation, the only way is to practice the ancient sacrificial method, and there is only one sacrifice for this sacrificial offering, that is Celestial Demon Mountain, the breath of the entire Heavenly Monster Lineage Luck.

“If it fails, my Celestial Demon mountain lineage will be completely extinct.” Tian Monster King said, “Is there no other way?”

Time is running out.

However, for them, as long as they delay a little time, they will give Celestial Demon the ancestor, the ancient fierce demon Celestial Demon a chance to break through the shackles.

As long as the ancestor of Celestial Demon gets out of trouble, it will be the death of everyone in Heavenly Luck Mansion.

It’s when they win.

Although the delay will not be long, but it is extremely difficult to delay.

“There is no other way.” Tu Yuan said, “Major, you have to make a decision quickly, we have no time.”

I just saw that countless demon race people , Died under that Formation.

And the Five Elements Suppression Array is still becoming stronger and more terrifying.

If this continues, all clansman will be dead, and they will have no chance of alive.

“My lord, if all of us die, Celestial Demon Mountain Lineage will also be extinct. They won’t give us a chance.” Tu Yuan didn’t want to die.

However, although he wanted to sacrifice Celestial Demon Mountain Qi Luck as a sacrifice, he was not the master of Celestial Demon Mountain, and could not open the altar and sacrifice to God.

“Okay, according to what you said.” Seeing countless demon race people die in Formation, he closed his eyes, took a deep breath, and then suddenly opened, the cold light burst in his eyes. , “Yuwenhe, Heavenly Luck Mansion, Human Race, I want them to pay.”

“In the name of the Monster King, sacrifice to God with the luck of Celestial Demon.”

“hong long!”

At this moment, there was a thunder in the sky.

In an instant, the clouds were overwhelming.

A terrifying breath appeared in the void.

Next moment, a huge eye appeared.

“Heavenly Dao, the eye of destruction, come out.”

As the sound fell, the giant eye in the sky condensed a terrifying thunder, which is the destruction of mine.

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