Eternal True God Chapter 176

However, the Eye of Destruction is not that easy to break.

Of course, the eye of destruction in front of him is far from the eye of destruction he saw in the previous life, and it is fundamentally incomparable.

After all, this is just a projection that’s all of the Eye of Destruction.

The strength of the projection is related to the level of strength of the person who produced the projection of the Eye of Destruction in summon, and the level of luck for sacrifice.

Obviously, the luck of the Celestial Demon mountain sacrificed by the Monster King is far less than the luck offered by Zuo Xiangyun and the others when they were plotting against themselves.

Therefore, this eye of destruction is too weak.

Because of this, Lin Buxui dared to fight head-on, wanting to swallow the eye of destruction.

However, what we have to deal with right now is the terrifying gun of destruction.

Lin Buxui took a deep breath.

He has to admit that the gun of destruction is too domineering, and the destructive power is extremely terrifying.

The Five Elements Suppression Array that I have arranged, even if the formidable power is infinite, has an amazing suppression of Demon, and even the Tenth Grade and even the 11th Grade Demon can be suppressed.

However, facing this gun of destruction, it is slightly worse.

However, this gun of destruction is only a projection after all.

Since it is just a projection, it is far less scary than the ontology.

There is a way to break this projection.

“The Great Seal of Cangyuan, the Immortal Picture of Universe, Out.” Lin Buxui took out two things, two Supreme Treasure.

Boss Gu’s seal on the left hand side, the majestic power, like a mountain.

The right hand is a fairy picture.

The immortal map of the universe, this is the immortal dao Supreme Treasure.

“Suppress me!”

The Great Seal of Cang Yuan flew directly up, as if turned into a huge mountain, directly suppressed.

Among the immortal map of the universe, the Force of Immortal Dao also broke out, completely suppressing the gun of destruction that wanted to break free.

However, Lin Buxui knew that although the Gun of Destruction was temporarily suppressed, the most important thing was the Eye of Destruction, which was the most fundamental.


At the moment when the Eye of Destruction was about to communicate with the Spear of Destruction, Lin Buxui’s mouth curled up with a smile.

In the void, a bronze ancient coffin appeared.

The burial coffin.

Another Supreme Treasure.


Next, Lin Buxui spit out a word.

Along with the funeral coffin, an ancient character appears.

It is the’sleepy’ character.

The same familiar taste.

At that time, he used this’sleepy’ character to kill the Ancestor of the Blood River with the burial coffin.

It’s just that, now, he uses it to deal with the Eye of Destruction and the Gun of Destruction that’s all.

The combination of the burial coffin and the character of’sleepy’ is perfectly seamless, and the gun of destruction is incorporated into it in an instant, while the character of’sleepy’ seals off the space and completely seals off the gun of destruction.

Next moment, Lin Buxui entered the space of the burial coffin.

“What about the spear of destruction? Now that I have entered into my burial coffin, I can only let me kill it.” Lin Buxui stared at the spear of destruction, he was so familiar.

The same breath.

At the beginning, it was this spear of destruction that penetrated his body.

Smashed his hope.

Now, seeing the Gun of Destruction again, Lin Buxui’s eyes are full of anger.

The Spear of Destruction was imprisoned in this space, and naturally felt the threat.

The gun of destruction is the projection of the Supreme Immortal Dao Supreme Treasure, naturally self-conscious, even if it is just a projection.

At that moment, the gun of destruction moved.

Like a bolt of lightning.

I can only hear the sound of “sou”.

The spear of destruction went to Lin Buxui.

It’s just that Lin Buxui had expected it.

What’s more, this is still in the space of the burial coffin.

The Spear of Destruction has already been suppressed the most.


is another Dao’ character.

After a’sleepy’ character, a’weak’ character appeared again, continuously weakening the power of the gun of destruction.

The “curse”

It’s not just that.

Lin Buxui then used a third character.

The spear of cursed destruction was smashed and refined.

Under this heavy impact.

Lin Buxui stretched out his hand to hold the Cang Yuan seal, strikes on the gun of destruction.

‘ka-cha! ‘

A clear sound came.

After the Spear of Destruction collided with the Great Seal of Cangyuan, there was one after another slight crack, which meant that the Spear of Destruction had begun to shatter.

“Break me!”

Lin Buxui shouting loudly, punched out.

Heavy strikes on the gun of destruction.


At this time, the gun of destruction finally couldn’t hold it.

I was smashed by Lin Buxui’s domineering punch.

It turned into the destruction of Law Power.


At this time, Lin Buxui turned on the Eternal Divine Furnace with all his strength, and frantically refining the destruction Law Power contained in the destruction gun was integrated into him.

His cultivation base has been improved.

However, Lin Buxui did not use these powers to increase cultivation base, but to integrate into the eyes of Heavenly Dao magic to enhance the eyes of Heavenly Dao magic.

Because his main goal is the eye of destruction.

Smelted the gun of destruction, and obtained the destruction of Law Power in the gun of destruction. This trace of destruction has greatly improved the eyes of Heavenly Dao magic.

Of course, this is not the most important thing.

The most important thing is that Heavenly Dao magic gets Destruction Will and can refining Destruction Will.

This is what Lin Buxui wants most.

The Spear of Destruction was broken.

In the sky, the eye of destruction was completely angry.

all around thunder roar.

The wind howled.

The space seems to be distorted.

This is the wrath of the Eye of Destruction.

The gun of destruction was transformed by his power.

Now, he was broken and refined, which is tantamount to plundering his power.

Be bold, crime deserving ten thousand deaths.

This is a provocation to God.

The existence of the Eye of Destruction is the will of God.

To plunder Destruction Strength is disrespect to God.

In the sky, the eye of destruction has become more terrifying and terrifying.

At this moment, the Eye of Destruction is staring at Lin Buxui.

This human ant dared to provoke the majesty of God, his crime deserving ten thousand deaths.

“Lin Buxui, you plunder Destruction Strength, your sins are unforgivable, you should be punished!” An extremely majestic voice came from the void, the giant eye, the strength of the consensus, has reached its extreme .

“To kill me, this is a dream. Last time, you succeeded. It was luck. I was too careless. I was plot against by that damn slut. This time, you have no chance. Today, I am going to kill you completely to avenge the murder.” Lin Buxui finished, and once again, took out the Great Seal of Cangyuan and the Immortal Figure of Heaven and Earth, and the burial coffin.

Three Supreme Treasures are suppressed, even if the formidable power of the Eye of Destruction is infinite, they will fall into a disadvantage.

Because Lin Buxui has already blocked this space.

The Eye of Destruction lost the opportunity to communicate with God, and he couldn’t get the power to supplement it.

And, at this time, Lin Buxui took off.

An ancient Divine Furnace, born out of the void.

This Divine Furnace broke out with a terrifying Devouring Power.

The “curse” character.

Lin Buxui chanted: “In my name, Destruction Strength is the guide, curse the eye of destruction in front of me, and it is destined to be swallowed and refined by Lin Buxui.”

” How is it possible that the space is blocked and cannot communicate with God.” The will of the Eye of Destruction appeared, and he went crazy, and a huge face appeared in the void, yelling, “Lin Buxui, you are courting death, you know Do you dare to be disrespectful to God and provoke God’s majesty, you are the way to take death, no one can save you.”

“haha! haha!” Lin Buxui hearing this laughed wildly, basically Don’t care.

He opened his mouth and said: “You are disrespectful to God, so what? You are just a projection of the Eye of Destruction. Today, I will kill you and refine it for me.”

“Do you want to refining me?” The Eye of Destruction sneered, “Human child, you are talking about dreams. I am the Eye of Destruction. God’s gift is God’s will in the world, and he will punish him. You trifling human beings and want to refining me? This is courting death! I want to see, how dare you refining me?”

Do you really think you are God’s will?

Lin Buxui sneered when he heard it.

If it is really the will of God to punish the sky, how can it be so weak?

Perhaps, the so-called God is just a side powerhouse, and the strength is far beyond that’s all.

Lin Buxui doesn’t believe it at all.

“Heavenly Dao magic eyes, out.”

Lin Buxui a light shout.

From the center of his eyebrows, he opened an eye.

Heavenly Dao magic eye.

“If you are God’s will, who am I?” Lin Buxui shouted.

“Heavenly Dao magic eye, how is this possible?” Eye of Destruction was shocked when he saw this scene. He couldn’t believe what he saw before him.

How can a human being have Heavenly Dao magic eyes?

Moreover, it also contains the will to destroy.

This Heavenly Dao magic eye has a huge suppressing power on him.

It seems to be devouring him.

At this moment, Eye of Destruction was stunned.

Heavenly Dao magic eye, this is the real punishment for heaven.

“Impossible, this is absolutely impossible. God will not allow a human being to hold the authority of Heavenly Dao.” The Eye of Destruction roared frantically.

“God?” Lin Buxui sneered, “This is just a joke that’s all. If I guess correctly, the so-called God is just a Demon that’s all, heretical path of the devils, and dare In the name of the gods, swindle and deceive? Today, I first beat your so-called will of the gods, die for me!”

Lin Buxui broke out.

Suppress the Eye of Destruction completely, and then use the Eye of Heavenly Dao magic to swallow the power of the Eye of Destruction.

The eye of destruction was pulled over and merged into the eyes of Heavenly Dao magic.

At this time, Heavenly Dao magic eye, after devouring the eye of destruction, the change of Heaven and Earth turning upside down occurred, and the improvement was amazing.

His cultivation base, also at this time, has been greatly improved.

Martial Dao Paradise Realm 2nd layer.

Martial Dao Paradise Realm 3rd-layer.

The speed of this improvement is amazing. In the blink of an eye, several Celestial Grotto have been opened.

Lin Buxui did not expect that refining this eye of destruction would be so easy.

It seems that this Heavenly Dao magic eye is the nemesis of that eye of destruction.

This is probably not the real eye of destruction.

It’s just a will that’s all condense from the so-called’God’.

“Demon, that is Heavenspan Demon.” Lin Buxui took a deep breath.

Some guesses.

This so-called God is afraid of is a Heavenspan Demon.

This world, perhaps, is controlled by the Heavenspan Demon.

took a deep breath.

But for Lin Buxui, it is not what he needs to consider now.

Although, he may have offended that Heavenspan Demon now.

But since it’s offended, it’s okay.

As long as he quickly increases the cultivation base, it is enough.

Step by step, accomplish what he needs to accomplish.

What Heavenspan Demon?

What a peerless fierce.

That’s all for the future.

Now he just wants to save the parents of this life and end the kindness of this life.

After all this is done, he can take revenge and take back what belongs to him. Then, he will chase what he needs and return to the place where he really belongs, the blue planet. .

“How is it possible? The Eye of Destruction has been wiped out?” At this moment, the Heavenly Monster King and Demon sacrifice to Tu Yuan suffered a huge backlash.

The Eye of Destruction was broken. One of the two was a sacrifice, and the other was the Lord of Celestial Demon Mountain.

They sacrificed the luck of Celestial Demon mountain to God, summon the eye of destruction, and beheaded the enemy.

But now, the enemy is not dead.

The Formation is not broken, but the Eye of Destruction has disappeared.

The luck of Celestial Demon Mountain was also shattered.

The two of them suffered a huge backlash.

Tian Monster King was already injured, and now he has suffered a backlash of luck. His injury has reached a very serious point.

His body is getting old and his life is fading.

Demon’s sacrifice to Tu Yuan was also uncomfortable.

The luck backlash of Celestial Demon Mountain makes him hair grey-white.

His life essence was also cut off by half at that moment.

It seems that it is already in the dying year.

Qingyun backlash is so terrifying?

“Is this God going to kill me, Monster King?” At this moment, Monster King is completely desperate, and the last hole card has also been broken. He has no chance. .

The Five Elements Suppression Array arranged by Lin Buxui, at this time, exerts the power of terrifying.

Countless demons were swallowed by this huge array.

The five giant dragons, at this time, have merged into one, forming a real Five Elements giant dragon.

This giant dragon is huge and domineering.

Soaring in the air, covering the sky and covering the sun.

And Lin Buxui stands on the head of the giant dragon.

Look at the Monster King in the sky.

“He who committed my Heavenly Luck Mansion, no matter how far away you are you will certainly be punished!” Lin Buxui shouted.

“He who commits me Heavenly Luck Mansion, no matter how far away you are you will certainly be punished!”

“He who commits me Heavenly Luck Mansion, no matter how far away you are you will certainly be punished!”

Lin Buxui’s voice fell, and all the other Human Race Martial Artists of Heavenly Luck Mansion boiled up and followed, shouting and roaring together.

Heaven and Earth trembled for it.

“It’s me who lost.” Tian Monster King’s heart was ashamed, but he lifts the head, stared at Lin Buxui, and looked at everyone at Heavenly Luck Mansion, slowly getting a little crazy.

“But, I am the Monster King. Even if I die, I won’t make you feel better.”

After all, at this time, the Monster King of the sky has a huge body. come out.

He burned himself.

Lin Buxui and the others saw this scene, the complexion changed.

“No, he wants to be perish together!” He Kang said strangely, “Get out of the way, get out of the way, everyone quickly retreat.”

However, the sky at this time The Monster King did not rush to the Lin Buxui people, but instead rushed straight to the trapped Celestial Demon.

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