Eternal True God Chapter 178

“I don’t want any cultivation technique or divine ability. To me, it doesn’t make any sense. All I want is your life.” Lin Buxui said coldly, Without any hesitation, he burst out with the greatest strength, and Eternal Divine Furnace played to the extreme.

Spirit fire burns.

The fierce Celestial Demon has completely lost his temper.

This is already a mortal situation.

Even if he wants to be perish together, there is no other way.

Intimidation cannot be achieved, and incentives are also invalid.

There is absolutely no way.

“Your name is Lin Buxui, right? Today, you kill me, the incarnation of will, and in the future, I will make you pay.” The fierce Celestial Demon stared at Lin Buxui, his tone revealed There was a deep hatred.

In this regard, Lin Buxui simply doesn’t care.

“I’m waiting.”

Next, Lin Buxui completely obliterated his consciousness.

Refining becomes the purest energy.

Lin Buxui’s cultivation base is constantly improving.

Martial Dao Paradise Realm 4th layer.

Martial Dao Paradise Realm 5th layer.

The fierce Celestial Demon’s power has made Lin Buxui’s strength increase astonishingly fast.

After thorough refining, his cultivation base has been upgraded to Martial Dao Paradise Realm Fifth Layer days.

This speed is already very good.

Only, in Lin Buxui’s view, it is not enough, far from enough.

It’s only Martial Dao Paradise Realm 5th Layer now. It is still a long way to enter Martial Dao Celestial Realm.

This means that he will have to break through five small realms within a month before he can enter Martial Dao Celestial Realm.

It means that at the very least, he has to kill two more demons above tenth realm and refining their power to impact Martial Dao Celestial Realm.

And, this is almost impossible to do.

Impossible, we have to do it.

He will not give up.

In the distance.

Everyone at Heavenly Luck Mansion saw that Lin Buxui actually killed the fierce Celestial Demon, which was really very unexpected.

His cultivation base has also improved.

The evildoer, this is the real evildoer.

This genius is appalling.

It can definitely be said to be a record that has never been approached and will never be approached again.

Too great.

“Lin Buxui!”

“Lin Buxui!”

All the dísciples of Heavenly Luck Mansion cheered.

And, the remaining Demon was completely reduced to the target of slaughter.

There is no resistance at all.

The Celestial Demon mountain has perished.

Their king is dead.

The Demon sacrifice is also dead.

Some powerful Demon, who can walk, have already fled away.

The remaining demons are low-powered and can’t resist the Human Race Martial Artist of Heavenly Luck Mansion at all.

Lin Buxui is also unceremonious, hunting wildly.

For him, although these Demons are far inferior to the power that the Monster King and Celestial Demon bring to him, even if a little, it’s still better than nothing.

Now, his Celestial Grotto has not been fully opened.

The required resources and the required energy are a bottomless pit.

In this month, if he wants to break through Martial Dao Paradise Realm and enter Martial Dao Celestial Realm, the first thing he needs to do is to open up the 81 Celestial Grotto in his body and fill it up.

Even, Lin Buxui was a little skeptical. In this eternal continent, unless he ransacked the Great Influence or the secret palace, otherwise, there would be no that many resources to let himself break through.

At this time, smoke and dust billowed in the distance.

Everyone looked up.

An army is coming.


“There is an army coming, whether it is an enemy or a friend, it is unknown.”

“What are you afraid of? If it is Demon, kill it, It just happens that I haven’t killed it!” One person shouted, his body dripping with blood, some of his own, and some of Demon’s, but he was not afraid at all, on the contrary, he was very crazy.

“Yes, come, kill, kill!”

Many dísciples echoed.

It seems that after such a big battle, there is no sense of exhaustion at all.

The entire dísciple of Heavenly Luck Mansion is in a state of excitement.

“It’s not the enemy, it’s my Human Race reinforcements.” At this time, Guan Shian sighed in relief.

If it is really the Demon army, it is another life and death battle. I don’t know how many dísciples will be injured or even lost their lives.

This time, Celestial Demon Mountain attacked Heavenly Luck Mansion. Although he won, and it was an unprecedented victory, the loss was also quite huge.

Many dísciples have lost their lives.

The head teacher Yuwenhe was seriously injured, and the other Sect Master and Elder were all injured.

This time, it’s Heavenly Dragon Mansion.

The leader is an Old Ancestor from Heavenly Dragon Mansion, named Duguhua.

When Dugu Hua brought everyone from Heavenly Dragon Mansion to here, she was shocked.

Heavenly Luck Mansion is safe and sound.

But, throughout this side World, corpses everywhere across the field, blood flowing into a river.

Countless Demon corpses, almost all can pile up into mountains.


It’s really too terrifying.

Is the strength of Heavenly Luck Mansion so powerful?

“Elder, is the strength of Heavenly Luck Mansion so terrifying?” said a cultivator of Martial Dao divine ability next to Dugu Hua.

“I don’t know.” Duguhua was also very dazed.

Heavenly Luck Mansion, in the eternal continent, although it is good and top-notch, it is far inferior to their Heavenly Dragon Mansion, and inferior to these Super Influences such as the Tahoe Sect. They are Super Sects. .

Their strength is far stronger than Heavenly Luck Mansion.

The scene before him made him very suspicious.

This Heavenly Luck Mansion, does it hide its own strength?

If it weren’t for this time Demon attacked Heavenly Luck Mansion, they still don’t know where they are hiding.

I haven’t waited for them to go up yet.

In the distance, another reinforcement arrived.

Several powerful breaths arrived one after another.

The leader is Gu Tianchi, the owner of the Valley of Medicine God.

“The people from God of Medicine Valley are also here, and it is actually the patron of the valley who visits Tianchi.” Li Guangbo said.

“The people from Heavenly Dragon Mansion have arrived. Heavenly Dragon Mansion deserves to be our eternal continent first-class force. It is so powerful and killed so many Demons.” Gu Tianchi saw the scene in front of him. I thought that the whole body of Demon was all the credit of Heavenly Dragon Mansion.

“Dugu Elder, I didn’t expect that your Heavenly Dragon Mansion will arrive so soon. I’m too late to wait.” Gu Tianchi said.

“It is indeed the Heavenly Dragon Mansion. The strength is too strong. It seems that we don’t need to come.” He Yuanyi, another Elder in Medicine God Valley, said.

When Duguhua heard this, he couldn’t help but shook his head. He said: “We are just here. When we arrive, the battle is over.”


When Gu Tianchi heard this, he was surprised.

“Go, let’s go to Heavenly Luck Mansion and ask what is going on. It was who helped. Heavenly Luck Mansion actually has such a powerful reinforcement.” Dugu Hua said.

Somewhat dreaded to Heavenly Luck Mansion.

This time, the reason why they didn’t rush to the battlefield so quickly to help Heavenly Luck Mansion, in fact, they wanted to weaken the strength of Heavenly Luck Mansion.

In the past few years, Heavenly Luck Mansion has developed vigorously and its strength has improved rapidly.

This makes other forces feel threatened.

Although they don’t care about super influences such as the Heavenly Dragon Mansion Tahoe Sect, Heavenly Luck Mansion has been promoted rapidly and it does not threaten their status, but now it seems that Heavenly Luck Mansion is far from that simple. .


Gu Tianchi and the others looked at each other, moved towards Heavenly Luck Mansion and hurried away.

When they came before Heavenly Luck Mansion.

He Yang has opened the city gate.

“Everyone, please in there.”

“Elder He, it’s really sorry, I’m late to wait.” Gu Tianchi said.

“The valley owner is serious. It is the honor of my Heavenly Luck Mansion that the valley owner can come. This time, my Heavenly Luck Mansion has suffered heavy losses and dísciple has suffered a lot of casualties. I am afraid that I will have to trouble the valley owner to rescue. He Yang said.

Medicinal God Valley, transcendent position.

Now, he did not expect that Gu Tianchi, the owner of the Valley of Medicine God, would actually come in person.

It was a bit unexpected.

However, this is fine, the head teacher Yuwen and the injury is not light. With the help of the master of Medicine God Valley Valley Tianchi, then the head teacher’s injury should be much easier to recover.

“By the way, where is Yuwen’s head teacher?” Dugu Hua said.

“The head teacher is seriously injured and he is healing.” He Yang said, “Please, let’s go in and talk about it. This is not a place to talk.”

Guide everyone behind the Heavenly Luck Mansion.

Everyone looked at the Heavenly Luck Mansion and everyone was seriously injured.

However, there is not much sadness on his face.

On the contrary, all of them are fighting intents.

This surprised Gu Tianchi, Duguhua and the others.

Moreover, many dísciples do not seem to care much about their arrival.

There is even some contempt.

But what shocked them was that they saw a dísciple come out.

Heavenly Luck Mansion all dísciple, salute.

Moreover, in the eyes, there is great admiration.

Full of respect.

This shocked Gu Tianchi and the others.

“What is that youngster?” Gu Tianchi asked He Yang.

“Oh, that’s Lin Buxui, the son of our Heavenly Luck Mansion.” He Yang said, “This time, I, Heavenly Luck Mansion, can survive this catastrophe, and the son Lin Buxui deserves credit. Wei.”

“Holy Son?” Duguhua was surprised, and said, “His cultivation realm is just Martial Dao Paradise Realm, so he can become the Son?”

“Haha…” He Yang said with a laugh, “He is indeed the saint son of my Heavenly Luck Mansion. Elder must not underestimate Lin Buxui. Although his cultivation realm is only Martial Dao Paradise Realm, he is above the Formation. He has a very high level of attainment. Now, I have given him the control of the City Protecting Great Formation of Heavenly Luck Mansion.”

As soon as this word came out, Gu Tianchi and the others were even more shocked.

Heavenly Luck Mansion’s City Protecting Great Formation is so powerful.

Gu Tianchi and Duguhua and the others, that is very clear.

Heavenly Luck Mansion is definitely not weak.

And for such powerful forces, City Protecting Great Formation is naturally very important and extremely powerful.

So, the person who controls the City Protecting Great Formation is often Elder among the sects.

Moreover, it is not only to be extremely strong, but also to be the most loyal and most important existence among sects. Such people are generally impossible to be the dísciple of the younger generation.

But Heavenly Luck Mansion broke this routine.

Even the Mountain Protecting Great Array of sect was handed over to a young dísciple, and the cultivation realm of this dísciple is not high.

It’s really surprising.

In their opinion, even this young man, no matter how high and amazing the innate talent on Formation is, there are huge limitations.

What kind of array can be controlled by trifling Martial Dao Paradise Realm?

Even if it is a Grade 9 and tenth-grade great array, it is impossible to use how much power he can. After all, the cultivation realm is too low and there is not enough strength to support it. It is impossible to control such an array at all. old.

“Elder He, not with me, are you kidding me?” Gu Tianchi said.

“Naturally not.” He Yang shook his head.

And, over there, Lin Buxui had already seen the arrival of Gu Tianchi and the others, and he had already moved towards this side and came over.

He can see clearly that these people in front of him are indeed very strong.

Moreover, one of them possesses familiar powers.

That is the cultivation technique of Divine Medicine Sect.

Divine Medicine Sect has a close relationship with his previous life.

Because, the god of Divine Medicine Sect is his best friend.

The reason why he has such a profound understanding of medicine and poison is because of his close friend.

Moreover, if there is Divine Medicine Sect’s help, it will be a huge help for him to break through Martial Dao Celestial Realm in a month.

Because, Divine Medicine Sect has too many resources, too many to imagine.

Therefore, he will come out only after he perceives the cultivation technique of Divine Medicine Sect. Otherwise, he doesn’t need to meet these guys at all.

Cultivation hard, isn’t it good?

“Come, come, come, let me introduce to you, this is Lin Buxui, the saint son of our Heavenly Luck Mansion.” He Yang introduced to everyone, “Lin Buxui, this one, is medicine The valley patron Tianchi of Shengu, this one is Supreme Elder Duguhua from Heavenly Dragon Mansion.”

He Yang is very enthusiastic, and one after another is introduced by Lin Buxui.

“Hello, seniors!” Lin Buxui said.

“Well, Heroes come out from the Youth. I didn’t expect that Martial Nephew would become the son of Heavenly Luck Mansion at a young age. The future is limitless!” Gu Tianchi looked at Lin Buxui, some Surprised, there was a faint familiar taste. Because of this, he had an inexplicable affection for Lin Buxui.

And the younger generation of dísciple in Medicine God Valley and Heavenly Dragon Mansion with them, saw that Lin Buxui was just the cultivation base of trifling Martial Dao Paradise Realm, and they could become holy sons. Jealousy.

Especially, Gu Tianchi, as the owner of the Valley of Medicine God, is so polite.

“Come on, this thing is my gift to you.”

Next moment, something surprised everyone.

Gu Tianchi actually took out something.

That is a medicine pill.

“This is the Heaven and Earth Rejuvenation Pill.” He Yang looked at it and absolutely did not expect that Gu Tianchi would have given out such a precious medicine pill. This is the Heaven and Earth Rejuvenation Pill, a medicine pill. It is enough to bring people back to life. As long as there is a breath, this medicine pill can save people back. It can be described as life and death. It is divine medicine. It is not an exaggeration. “Lin Buxui, thank you Gu Master. “

He Yang is not stupid.

Such medicine pill can be met but not sought.

It is too difficult for ordinary people to ask for such a medicine pill in Medicine God Valley.

In front of him, Gu Tianchi actually gave out such a life-saving Divine Pill the first time he saw Lin Buxui.

It’s really surprising.

It’s not just He Yang, others are also very surprised.

Duguhua didn’t expect it either.

The dísciples of Yaoshengu are all stared wide-eyed.

The owner of the valley gave out such a precious medicine pill.

And it was given to an outsider.

“This… senior, this medicine pill is too expensive.” Lin Buxui said.

“Accept it.” Gu Tianchi said indifferently, “This medicine pill is helpful to you. Of course, I hope you won’t need it in the future.”

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