Eternal True God Chapter 179

Lin Buxui saw this situation, so he stopped refusing, and accepted the Heaven and Earth Rejuvenation Pill.

“Many thanks Senior!”

Gu Tianchi haha ​​smiled, and patted Lin Buxui’s shoulder said: “No need to be so polite, you have a fate with my Medicine God Valley, this medicine pill , To give a fated person, it is also what it wants.”

Gu Tianchi have hidden meaning.

He Yang Guan Shian and the others frowned slightly.

Is this trying to dig someone?

Nowadays, Lin Buxui’s importance to Heavenly Luck Mansion is self-evident.

His strength is so powerful, and his innate talent is so amazing.

Enough to support a sect.

It can be said that he alone can almost match the entire Heavenly Luck Mansion.

If he leaves, to Heavenly Luck Mansion, it may seem the same as before, without much loss, but in reality, it will be a fatal blow to Heavenly Luck Mansion.

“Everyone, please inside, please inside!” He Yang said hurriedly when he saw this scene.

If Lin Buxui is allowed to communicate with Gu Tianchi, the Valley Master, what will happen is really unpredictable.

Heavenly Luck Mansion finally appears such a heaven’s Chosen, with him, Heavenly Luck Mansion will rise sooner or later, and even become the entire eternal continent no.1 Great Influence power, it is estimated that it will not Too long time.

If he is now poached by Medicine God Valley and become a member of Medicine God Valley, that would be a real loss for Heavenly Luck Mansion.

Gu Tianchi smiled slightly when he saw this scene and didn’t care.

However, he really moved his mind.

However, Duguhua was surprised.

I didn’t expect Gu Tianchi to value Lin Buxui so much.

So important medicine pill, I am willing to send it directly.

You know, Lin Buxui is now the son of Heavenly Luck Mansion.

And the dísciple of Medicine God Valley, looked towards Lin Buxui, the eyes were full of jealousy and not so friendly.

For them, this kid, who is now the dísciple of Heavenly Luck Mansion, can make the Valley Lord so important. If he really joined the Valley of Medicine, how much would it be?

Isn’t the Young Valley Lord in Medicine Valley Lord what he has in his pocket?

Never let him become the dísciple of Medicine God Valley, if he is not savvy, then kill him.

The cold light flashed in the eyes of Hua Yuanan from Yaoshengu.

He is the youngest person in the Medicine God Valley, the most outstanding innate talent, and one of the most advantageous young talents competing for the Young Valley Lord and the Son of Medicine God Valley.

Before this, he had already regarded the Young Valley Lord of Medicine God Valley as his possession.

Nowadays, unfathomable mystery, another outsider has appeared, and he has a great sense of crisis.

At this time, Lin Buxui also sensed the hostility from the dísciple of the Valley of Medicine God, and even a faintly murderous aura.

However, Lin Buxui didn’t care.

Mo said that he would not join the Medicine God Valley, even if he became the dísciple of Medicine God Valley, he would not take seriously any of these people.

“Senior Brother Hua, that kid, at a young age, the cultivation base is nothing more than trifling Martial Dao Paradise Realm. It turned out to be the holy son of Heavenly Luck Mansion. He is so important to the owner of the valley and sent it like this The precious medicine pill, I don’t see anything special!” Behind Gu Tianchi, a young dísciple said.

“Wu Xuenian, what do you know?” Hua Yuanan said, “Don’t underestimate anyone, Heavenly Luck Mansion is not weak. Since it can become the son of Heavenly Luck Mansion, it is naturally extraordinary. , Didn’t Elder He talk about it before? Lin Buxui is very accomplished in Formation, and now he is in charge of the Mountain Protecting Great Array of Heavenly Luck Mansion. Based on this, you can’t mention on equal terms either.”

When Wu Xuenian heard this, he was slightly taken aback, but he did not expect that Hua Yuanan would actually say such a thing.

“Senior Brother Hua, are you kidding me? You said I’m not as good as that kid? He is just trifling Martial Dao Paradise Realm. Besides, the strength of Heavenly Luck Mansion is not that great. It’s far from our medicine god valley mention on equal terms.” Wu Xuenian was a little angry, and after scanning Lin Buxui, he said, “I’ll find a chance to try that Lin Buxui later to see what his ability is.”

“You can try, how strong Heavenly Luck Mansion is, I don’t comment much, but look at the corpses of Demon all over the floor, and then look at Heavenly Luck Mansion. Their city is actually the slightest No damage, it can be seen that these Demons have no chance to impact Heavenly Luck Mansion.” Hua Yuanan is also a sensible person, how he did not see that Heavenly Luck Mansion is extremely powerful.

So many Demons besieged Heavenly Luck Mansion, this Heavenly Luck Mansion didn’t have much loss.

Mountain Protecting Great Array is not broken.

It can be seen that the strength of Heavenly Luck Mansion is indeed terrifying.

Soon, a crowd, grandiose entered Heavenly Luck Mansion.

Actually, the Sect Master Elder of Heavenly Luck Mansion, and even the dísciple, are not so welcome to everyone here.

These people, the time they come is really too accurate.

It will not come before the war, nor will it come during the war.

They are waiting for reinforcements, and the flowers they waited are all thanked.

However, they have now overcome the difficulties, the battle of life and death is over, Heavenly Luck Mansion has won a great victory in this battle, but at this time, these people are here.

The war is over, they are here.

This has to make Heavenly Luck Mansion doubt everyone.

These people, I am afraid they want to take advantage.

It is very likely to be uneasy and kind.

Even He Yang is skeptical.

However, Medicine God Valley and Heavenly Dragon Mansion are Great Sect, and their status is respected.

Moreover, it was their Heavenly Luck Mansion who took the initiative to ask for help.

Now that they have arrived, it would not be appropriate to shut them out.

Offending Medicine God Valley and Heavenly Dragon Mansion is not a good thing for Heavenly Luck Mansion.

Soon, everyone came to the great hall of Heavenly Luck Mansion.

In the Heavenly Luck Mansion, except for the healing and recovering Elder Sect Master, everyone else has already arrived.

Of course, Yu Wenhe, as the head teacher, was naturally unable to attend because of his serious injuries.

And, what is surprising is that the person in charge of Heavenly Luck Mansion now turns out to be Lin Buxui, which makes everyone feel surprised.

In fact, not only Gu Tianchi and Duguhua were surprised, but many people at Heavenly Luck Mansion were also surprised.

Although Lin Buxui has given enough credit to Heavenly Luck Mansion this time, it can be said that Heavenly Luck Mansion can be saved because of Lin Buxui. Without him, Heavenly Luck Mansion is now, I am afraid it is all gone.

However, he became a person in charge, but he was too young.

Besides, Lin Buxui joined Heavenly Luck Mansion in less than a year.

He has become the principal of Heavenly Luck Mansion. Doesn’t this mean that Lin Buxui will be the head teacher of Heavenly Luck Mansion in the future?

However, this is what the head teacher Yuwenhe means.

He also has a master jade order in his hand.

Everyone is not good at words.

Furthermore, the situation of Heavenly Luck Mansion is not good now. The Medicine God Valley and Heavenly Dragon Mansion in front of you, although they seem to be here to rescue, to help Heavenly Luck Mansion defend against enemies and fight Demon, in fact, No one knows what they are thinking.

Now Demon is defeated.

People like Medicine God Valley and Heavenly Dragon Mansion are afraid that those who come will be unkind.

“You guys, I’m sorry, our head teacher is still in the process of cultivation, and it’s not convenient to receive everyone. I’m really sorry, I hope you can forgive me. Now, everything in my Heavenly Luck Mansion is managed by Lin Buxui Lin Shengzi is the master.” At this time, Li Xu slowly said.

“It’s okay! It’s okay!” Gu Tianchi, the owner of Medicine God Valley Valley, said, “I don’t know, how is Yuwen’s injury now? No, let me treat Brother Yuwen’s injury first, and then discuss the matter.”


“Troubled Valley Master bothered.” Guan Shian said, “Teacher Senior Brother, now the injury has stabilized, recovery is only a matter of time, there is no major problem.”

” Okay! That’s it!” Duguhua said at this time, “If it weren’t for me to wait a step later, Brother Yuwen would not be seriously injured because of it. This is my fault for waiting. If this causes a catastrophe, I Waiting for me to feel uneasy!”

When Guan Shian and the others heard it, he cursed secretly.

This Duguhua is really not a good thing, it is extremely hypocritical.

“Where, where, Dugu Elder is serious.”

And Lin Buxui, who was sitting above the main seat, did not express this, his expression was calm and indifferent.

Medicine God Valley, it seems okay to say, because of his own sake, perhaps Gu Tianchi’s attitude will change, but this Dugu Hua is definitely not good for the visitors.

Heavenly Dragon Mansion is here this time, I am afraid it is for the Heavenly Void ancient jade.

The hypocritical words have already been said. Next, I am afraid that we will enter the topic.

Sure enough, at this time, Li Guangbo opened his mouth and said, “I won’t say much about the rest. We are here this time, one is to fight Demon, and the other is because of Heavenly Void ancient jade. Lin Shengzi, I don’t know where the Heavenly Void ancient jade is now?”

Hearing this, everyone at Heavenly Luck Mansion is a complexion sank.

The people of Heavenly Dragon House really harboring malicious intentions.

Now finally no longer pretends.

“Elder Li, did you come here for Heavenly Void ancient jade?” Lin Buxui stopped Guan Shian from speaking, he stared at Li Guangbo and said.

“Yes, Heavenly Void ancient jade is the key to the land of Heavenly Void. It is of great importance and must not fall into the hands of Demon. I am waiting for this Heavenly Void ancient jade. “Li Guangbo did not refute, but said directly, “Heavenly Void ancient jade should be kept by our Heavenly Dragon Mansion.”

Hearing this, Guan Shian couldn’t help it anymore, slap the table. and stand up, shouted: “Li Guangbo, what do you mean? Are you saying that we, Heavenly Luck Mansion, are not qualified to keep Heavenly Void ancient jade?”

“This is the case.” Li Guangbo coldly said, “Heavenly Luck Mansion is not strong enough. This is just a fluke. Next time, the Demon power that came to capture the Heavenly Void ancient jade will be even stronger. And Heavenly Luck Mansion has just experienced one. The war, the damage is serious, and there is no way to withstand the next Demon attack. Once Heavenly Luck Mansion falls and Heavenly Void ancient jade falls into Demon’s hands, then the Demon channel in Heavenly Void will be opened, when the time comes, eternal continue You will be caught in an endless crisis. At that time, when the Demon army invades, your Heavenly Luck Mansion will be the sinner of the entire eternal continent.”

“You…” Guan Shian trembled with anger and eyes. Stared, shouted angrily, “You this bastard, the old man killed you, and let you see, my Heavenly Luck Mansion is amazing!” Li Guangbo heard it, coldly smiled, with contempt in his eyes.

“Close Elder, I am afraid your strength is not enough.”

“Li Guangbo, go, go to the Martial Practice Stage, the old man has to see, what are you capable of, dare to come I’m Heavenly Luck Mansion impudent.” Guan Shian stood up and shouted.

“Let’s stay, two of you! Don’t be angry, the matter of Heavenly Void ancient jade is of great importance, so I should discuss it carefully.” Gu Tianchi came to round the scene at this time and said, “Now, Demon is already there. We learned that Heavenly Void ancient jade is in Heavenly Luck Mansion. We need to take more precautions. Although Heavenly Luck Mansion repelled a wave of Demon invasions, Heavenly Void ancient jade is very important to those Demons. Therefore, they It is absolutely impossible to give up easily. According to my guess, those Demons, It shouldn’t be only one force, maybe, what came this time is just here to test, the real powerful enemy, I’m afraid it is still behind! Just because In this way, we can’t start infighting right now.”

Gu Tianchi said, everyone still wants to save face.

Medicine God Valley is respected, deep and unmeasurable in strength.

Li Guangbo did not dare not give Gu Tianchi face.

“Lin Shengzi, I don’t know, Heavenly Void ancient jade can be in Heavenly Luck Mansion?” Then, Gu Tianchi looked towards Lin Buxui and asked.

“In my hands.” Lin Buxui said calmly.

“Hand over Heavenly Void ancient jade, that thing is not something you can protect.” At this time, Li Guangbo couldn’t help it anymore, he loudly said.

“Yes, Lin Buxui, give it to Heavenly Void ancient jade.” Dugu Hua said at this time.

And Guan Shian and the others, upon hearing Lin Buxui’s words, inwardly complained in one’s heart.

Unexpectedly, Lin Buxui would admit it directly.

If you don’t admit it, Medicine God Valley and Heavenly Dragon Mansion can’t do anything about it. They can’t force them here, right?

But now Lin Buxui admits it himself, that’s different.

Heavenly Void ancient jade is very special, it is the key to unlock the place of Heavenly Void.

The Heavenly Void land has access to the Demon Sacred Domain, but in fact, it is also an Ancient Secret Realm with Supreme chance.

It is rumored that there is a cultivation method of Ancient Immortal Tao.

There is Supreme Great Divine Ability.

There are also countless immortal dao Supreme Treasure.

Whether it is the cultivation method of Ancient Immortal Dao, Supreme Great Divine Ability, or immortal Dao Supreme Treasure, it is extremely precious to all cultivators.

If you can get it, I am afraid you can become an immortal.

Therefore, the attraction of Heavenly Void ancient jade to those Old Antique is very huge.

And now, Lin Buxui has taken the initiative to expose the news that he has Heavenly Void ancient jade, which is to put himself in danger.

Even Heavenly Luck Mansion may not be able to protect him.

Guan Shian smiled bitterly, impulsively, he was too impulsive.

Even if his innate talent is amazing and strong, he is definitely hard to beat with two punches.

even more how, even inside Heavenly Luck Mansion, there are many people who are impure and can hardly resist the temptation of Heavenly Void ancient jade.

“Heavenly Void ancient jade, which is my Heavenly Luck Mansion, is my Heavenly Luck Mansion. Are you here to help me Heavenly Luck Mansion against Demon? Or come to my Heavenly Luck Mansion to make trouble At this moment, Zuo Changlong shouted in a cold voice, “If you come to help me Heavenly Luck Mansion against Demon, I welcome Heavenly Luck Mansion, but if you come to pick things, I am not afraid of Heavenly Luck Mansion.”

Left Lin Buxui was also quite surprised by Changlong’s words.

At this time, he actually stood up first, you know, he and Zuo Xingliang have grievances.

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