Eternal True God Chapter 180

“So, you Heavenly Luck Mansion, are you planning to be an enemy of our Heavenly Dragon Mansion? Then you have to think clearly, the strength of my Heavenly Dragon Mansion is not yours Heavenly Luck Mansion can contend.” At this time, Li Guangbo coldly said, his words were full of threats.

“Go!” Lin Buxui now shouted.

When these words came out, everyone was blinded.

It was the people of Heavenly Luck Mansion, who didn’t even think about it.

Guan Shian and Zuo Changlong were shocked.

The people in Heavenly Dragon Mansion such as Duguhua and Li Guangbo, when they heard this, they were first taken aback, and then they became extremely angry.

“Lin Buxui, you little bastard, dare to talk to us like this? Are you tired of living?” Dugu Hua was also furious at this time. This kid, dare to be so impudent and let them go. ?

This is not giving them face at all, and I want to be an enemy of them.

He is Lonely Dragon Mansion Old Ancestor Level other character, where is not aloof and remote, or the head of the Heavenly Dragon Mansion, he dare not talk to him like this.

What is Lin Buxui?

Trifling Martial Dao Paradise Realm only, even if he is now acting for Heavenly Luck Mansion, the person in charge of Heavenly Luck Mansion, it cannot be so impudent.

It was Yu Wenhe who would never dare to talk to himself like this.

It is simply courting death.

At this time, the horrible imposing manner of Duguhua and Li Guangbo moved towards Lin Buxui to oppress the past.

“Guan Shian, if you don’t give us an explanation, today, your Lin Shengzi will fall.” Li Guangbo shouted.

It can be seen that they are really very angry at this time, very angry.

If you don’t give them an explanation, they really have to do it.

At this time, Guan Shian smiled bitterly.

Everyone at Heavenly Luck Mansion had no idea that Lin Buxui would be so impudent.

This time, they were completely unable to step down.

“A few, please listen to me.” At this time, Gu Tianchi of Medicine God Valley spoke, and he said, “Don’t be angry, don’t be angry, sit down first, let’s talk.”

Gu Tianchi was also surprised by Lin Buxui’s boldness.

Unexpectedly, he didn’t give the people of Heavenly Dragon Mansion any face.

This is really surprising.

However, how powerful is the Heavenly Dragon Mansion?

And acting is very domineering.

At the moment, Duguhua didn’t directly kill Lin Buxui with his hands, it was already giving face.

In the Heavenly Dragon Mansion, I am afraid Lin Buxui has become a dead person.

As far as Gu Tianchi is concerned, if he changes to another person, he won’t be able to speak.

However, because Lin Buxui is in front of him, he has an inexplicable affection for this young man.

That’s why he stood up at this time.

“Gu Gu, don’t intervene in this matter. This is between us and Heavenly Luck Mansion. This kid, dare to be so impudent. If you don’t give us an explanation, then , His life cannot be saved.” Li Guangbo said.

“Yes, there has never been anyone who dares to humiliate me like this, he Lin Buxui is the first one.” Duguhua’s cold light flickered, staring at Lin Buxui, the killing intent was condensed, and his hands had begun. Condensing mana, like a next moment, it will launch a thunder blow to kill Lin Buxui here.

Gu Tianchi smiled bitterly.

He looked towards Lin Buxui and said: “Lin Shengzi, you are too impulsive this time, apologize to Dugu Elder.”

He wanted to keep Lin Buxui.

So, this apology is the 1st Step.

And 2nd Step, I am afraid it is the Heavenly Void ancient jade.

Now, if you want to defuse the anger in Duguhua’s heart and save Lin Buxui’s life, I am afraid that I have to surrender the Heavenly Void ancient jade.

Originally, when Gu Tianchi learned that Heavenly Void ancient jade was in the hands of Lin Buxui, he actually dispelled the idea of ​​taking Heavenly Void ancient jade.

It’s just that he didn’t want Heavenly Void ancient jade to fall into the hands of Heavenly Dragon Mansion.

Heavenly Dragon’s actions, until now, are very domineering, Only I Am Supreme.

Anyway, if you dare to say no to Heavenly Dragon Mansion, the sect forces that are opposed to Heavenly Dragon Mansion will almost never end well.

At the moment, Lin Buxui is the saint son of Heavenly Luck Mansion. Now, he has offended Dugu Hua in this way. Even if Heavenly Luck Mansion handed over Heavenly Void ancient jade, I am afraid he would not easily let Lin Buxui go. , I don’t know when it will happen, just do it.

Open guns are easy to hide, but hidden arrows are hard to guard.

If Lin Buxui surrendered the Heavenly Void ancient jade, although he would not be able to do it on the surface, he could secretly use a lot of small tricks to deal with Lin Buxui.

He looked at Lin Buxui, this kid, the innate talent is extraordinary, but the indifference and arrogance in his eyes make people see clearly. It is probably not so easy to give in. Let him apologize , Look at his expression, this is probably unlikely.

This kid’s temper is probably very stubborn.

“Apologize?” Lin Buxui shook his head and said, “Gu senior, this matter has nothing to do with you. It is a matter of Heavenly Dragon Mansion and my Heavenly Luck Mansion. Speaking of which is just Heavenly Dragon Mansion and me. Between Lin Buxui.”


“Heavenly Dragon Mansion, come to my Heavenly Luck Mansion today, not to help fight and stop Demon, but just Coming for this Heavenly Void ancient jade.” Lin Buxui said coldly, “If you want to take Heavenly Void ancient jade, you are the enemy of my Lin Buxui. Regarding the enemy, I, Lin Buxui, will not be polite. Let me say one more thing, you Heavenly Dragon Mansion. People, get me out of Heavenly Luck Mansion, otherwise, don’t blame me for being impolite, I’m Lin Buxui, I will do what I say.”

At this moment, Lin Buxui’s imposing manner It also broke out, the terrifying killing intent seemed to condense into an entity, and the temperature of the entire great hall seemed to drop a few steps.

His tone made people feel chilly, and he couldn’t help but shiver.

very terrifying killing intent. “

Everyone on the scene felt the killing intent that Lin Buxui had exploded. They were all surprised.

He is just Martial Dao Paradise Realm.


Moreover, at a young age, I am afraid it is only twenty years old.

At this age, this kind of cultivation base can condense such terrifying killing intent. This is how many people have been killed. , Or how much Demon?

Even if it is a cultivation killing intent in the womb, it will never be terrifying and terrifying.

Dugu Hua, staring at Lin Buxui firmly.

The terrifying killing intent that broke out on Lin Buxui really surprised him.

But soon, he ignored it.

Lin Buxui only It’s just a trifling Martial Dao Paradise Realm. The cultivation realm has a huge gap.

This terrifying killing intent, I’m afraid it came from a Supreme Treasure, condom, and it’s not a fear at all.


After all, the cultivation base of Trifling Martial Dao Paradise Realm, even if you have Supreme Treasure in your hands, the formidable power that can be played out is definitely extremely limited.

It is fundamentally impossible with them. This powerhouse contends.

“little bastard, I see you are in courting death, I will give you another chance to hand over the Heavenly Void ancient jade, abolish the cultivation base, and kneel down to beg for mercy, I Today, I will spare your life. “Dugu Hua, at this moment, the mana has been condensed to the extreme, and on the right hand, a terrifying power has emerged. This power has accumulated to a limit. Once released, it is Thunder’s Fury.

“Let me destroy my cultivation base? “Lin Buxui listened, smiled lightly, looked at Duguhua and the others contemptuously, as if watching a fool, and said, “Duguhua, you are afraid that you have lost your wisdom, let me hand over Heavenly Void ancient Jade, have to abolish the cultivation base, kneel down and beg for mercy? “

“Good, good, good, it seems that you chose courting death? “Duguhua extremely angry and laughed, “Don’t think this is Heavenly Luck Mansion, I dare not kill you. “

“Brother Dugu, why bother to get angry and have trouble with a junior? Then Heavenly Void ancient jade, maybe it is very important to Lin Shengzi and can’t be handed over? “Seeing that Duguhua is about to kill people, Gu Tianchi’s breath burst out at this time, blocking Duguhua, and said.

Facing Gu Tianchi, Duguhua complexion sank, if Gu Tianchi really If you want to protect Lin Buxui, this little bastard, you really might not be able to kill him. Gu Tianchi is also the Valley Master of Medicine God Valley, and he is a cultivation base, which is deep and unmeasurable. Dugu Hua asks herself if she is really right with Gu Tianchi. In the above words, he is not very sure of winning. After all, Gu Tianchi is the owner of the Valley of Medicine God, and he has very few spirit pill and marvelous medicine in his hands. The cultivation technique’medicine nerve’ is extremely mysterious, and the recovery is amazing. Protracted fighting, and recovery from injuries, almost no one can compare to him.

Although he doesn’t know why, Gu Tianchi wants to bless Lin Buxui time and time again, but Duguhua guesses that Gu Tianchi is the same as them. It was also for Heavenly Void ancient jade.

“Gu brother, Gu Gu, are you trying to stop me? “

“Gu senior’s kindness, Lin Buxui appreciates it. “At this time, Lin Buxui said, “It’s just that, for this matter, don’t bother the senior to take action, I’m enough, just trifling clown, I Lin Buxui doesn’t take seriously yet.” “

At this time, Lin Buxui turned to look at Duguhua and Li Guangbo and said: “Duguhua, now I, Lin Buxui, will also give you a chance, a chance to survive. If you are now, you will be abolished. Cultivation base, kneel down and kowtow, and if you beg for mercy, I can also forgive you not to die, otherwise, today next year will be your anniversary. “

This time, Duguhua and Li Guangbo were completely angry.

Absolutely did not expect Lin Buxui to say such a thing.

Everyone was also very angry. I was stunned.

What gave Lin Buxui the courage to speak such rants and unscrupulously?

“Okay, very good, I want to see, you What strength is this little bastard, and why is it so impudent. “At this time, Dugu Hua burst out in a terrifying imposing manner, and he punched it out.

This fist, like a meteor, condensed terrifying power.

punched Out, Heaven and Earth seem to be shattered.

The space all around, with the impact of the fist strength, directly began to shatter, moving towards all around and collapsed.

The power of this fist is enough to kill any Martial Dao eighth realm, immortal daoist level cultivator.

And Lin Buxui is just trifling Martial Dao Paradise Realm, how can he resist this peerless fist? Domineering and unlimited power?

In the eyes of Duguhua, after this fist was shot out.

Lin Buxui has become a dead man.

He is already mortal. Undoubtedly.

And, only the Heavenly Luck Mansion people are not worried.

Dugu Hua’s strength is really powerful, the powerhouse of the ninth realm.

On In cultivation realm, Heavenly Luck Mansion, in addition to teaching Yu Wenhe, and passing the gong Elder Leng Batian, the strength of other people is far inferior to him.

But Lin Buxui is different. Before, he beheaded an existence beyond the level of the ninth realm Martial Dao. Even Ancestor of the Blood River and Celestial Demon were beheaded by him. He is so powerful, you can imagine.

In the Heavenly Luck Mansion, except for Lin Buxui, everyone else is very afraid of the Heavenly Dragon Mansion, not just the Heavenly Luck Mansion, but also other forces. The reason for this is precisely because of the Heavenly Dragon Mansion. , There are many powerhouses with superior strength, they will be so domineering, they dare to be so domineering.

If they don’t put other forces in their eyes, what they see will be taken directly by force. If they don’t Yes, just kill and snatch.

So Heavenly Drago n The mansion in the eternal continent can be said to be famous. If it weren’t for the extremely powerful strength of the Heavenly Dragon Mansion and hunting down countless Demons, how could the Heavenly Dragon Mansion have its current status?

Actually, in this world, strength is the most important thing.

As long as you have enough strength, you can be unscrupulous and do the cultivation thing.

Heavenly Dragon Mansion, with such strength, dare to ask for Heavenly Void ancient jade directly at Heavenly Luck Mansion.


Lin Buxui shouted.

This Formation broke out a rays of light, forming a prison, directly trapping Duguhua and Li Guangbo in it.

This is the power of the’sleepy’ character.

And with Dugu Hua’s domineering punch, Lin Buxui used the power of Formation to stop it.


After trapping the two, Lin Buxui once again turned on the secret technique of the ancient character symbol.

A’weak’ character took out, weakening the two people’s cultivation base.

Add the’curse’ character to start cursing the two.

This series of methods is very rapid and very consistent.

When it is put into use, I am already familiar with the road, and I am well-versed.

Fighting with it was just a matter of breathing. Duguhua and Li Guangbo were directly trapped and suppressed.

These methods shocked Gu Tianchi and other people in the Medicine God Valley and Heavenly Dragon Mansion.

How powerful are Duguhua and Li Guangbo?

It was actually suppressed when the thunderbolt was too fast, and everyone did not react. They directly suppressed the two powerhouses and the two Elders in the Heavenly Dragon Mansion.

What terrifying level has Lin Buxui’s strength reached?

Is this really just Martial Dao Paradise Realm?

This is completely impossible, this kind of strength, I am afraid that it is beyond the existence of Martial Dao, the longevity emperor, it is impossible to achieve it.

Of course, Gu Tianchi is also experienced and knowledgeable.

I saw Lin Buxui’s method.

Three ancient characters, these ancient characters contain Supreme’s stalwart Law Power.

Heavenly Luck Mansion array help again.

In this Heavenly Luck Mansion, Lin Buxui’s strength far exceeds Martial Dao Paradise Realm.

Adding the two is far from being as simple as one plus one.

Furthermore, Duguhua and Li Guangbo were too underestimated. They didn’t take seriously the trifling Martial Dao Paradise Realm trifling Lin Buxui at all. Therefore, Lin Buxui did it with speed. Very quickly, simply did not give the two a chance to breathe back, and suppressed the two in the blink of an eye.

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