Eternal True God Chapter 183

“Although I won the Heavenly Luck Mansion in this battle, in fact, it was only a terrible victory. Many dísciples have been injured. It takes time to recover. “Lin Buxui said, “What’s more, what we lack now is time, forgive me to speak bluntly, our Heavenly Luck Mansion’s dísciple, the strength is not enough, if only so, if we really have to face the Demon battle, it will be impossible like this time So lucky.”

“It is true.” For this, Yuwenhe and others had to admit.

This time war, if there is no Lin Buxui, Heavenly Luck Mansion will be annihilated. The reason why this time has the upper hand, the most important thing is that Lin Buxui suppressed the imposing manner of the Demon army. , So that those Demons have no resistance.

“There is one more point, and the most important point. The resources needed for my cultivation are too many and too many to imagine.” Lin Buxui smiled bitterly. In fact, he himself I didn’t expect that after I cultivated the’Eternal Inextinguishable Body’, the resources needed for cultivation at Paradise Realm would be so terrifying.

Ordinary people are promoted to Martial Dao ninth realm as the resources of the Changsheng Great Emperor, and may not even be able to make their own cultivation progress one small realm. How terrifying is this?

“If I use the resources of Heavenly Luck Mansion for cultivation, even if I consume the resources of the entire Heavenly Luck Mansion, it is impossible to upgrade my cultivation realm to the Martial Dao 7th-layer Martial Dao divine ability.”

“No way?” When the words came out, everyone was shocked. They looked at Lin Buxui, but they knew that Lin Buxui basically wouldn’t make a joke.

“Lin Shengzi, your current cultivation realm is just Martial Dao Paradise Realm. The resources required for cultivation are so huge?” The master of the Valley of Medicine God, Gu Tianchi was also shocked. He looked at Lin Buxui, if What he said is true, so there is only one possibility, his foundation is too strong, and the cultivation may be the legendary cultivation techniques.

“Master, what are you saying is true?” everyone asked.

“Naturally it is true, I don’t have to lie to you, so, this time, I need to go out to find an ancient inheritance Secret Realm, and use the resources in that Secret Realm to improve my cultivation base .” Lin Buxui said.

Yuwen and took a deep breath.

What Lin Buxui said is probably true.

He is the reincarnation of powerhouse from the upper realm, and the cultivation technique used by him is naturally not that simple.

Otherwise, how can he kill the powerhouse of tenth realm with Martial Dao Paradise Realm?

Slay the Tenth Demon?

The cultivator of the ordinary Martial Dao Paradise Realm and Sixth Stage Martial Dao Celestial Realm are impossible to resist.

Even though the is innate talent is extremely high, aptitude’s peerless Heaven’s Chosen is at best able to compete with the seventh realm’s Martial Dao divine ability powerhouse. If you want to fight against the eighth realm and the ninth realm powerhouse, Simply is wishful thinking.

However, Lin Buxui not only did it, he also killed several peerless powerhouses of Martial Dao tenth realm.

In the eyes of others, this is fundamentally impossible to do, but he can do it.

See how special he is?

In Martial Dao Paradise Realm, there is such terrifying battle strength. How can cultivation be like ordinary people?

Because of this, his cultivation needs a lot more resources than ordinary people, which is normal.

“I know a Secret Realm, but that Secret Realm is very dangerous.” At this time, Gu Tianchi said.

“What Secret Realm?” Lin Buxui asked hurriedly.

The only place he knows about Secret Realm is Zhou Xinghe’s Star River secret mansion. He goes to Star River secret mansion to obtain resources for cultivation. The danger is there, but it is not great.

Because Zhou Xinghe is his friend.

Moreover, I also got his permission, so it is not difficult to obtain the resources in the Star River secret mansion.

However, the resources in a Star River secret mansion are still not enough to make his cultivation progress too much.

Even, Lin Buxui doubts whether it is possible to advance the cultivation progress to the Sixth Stage, Martial Dao Celestial Realm, it is a problem, if you can find another Secret Realm, or the ancient secret palace, it will be foolproof. .

As for the ordinary Secret Realm, it is completely unnecessary.

For him, it is a waste of time.

It must be an emperor-level secret mansion or Secret Realm.

After all, what he lacks most now is time. He needs to break through Martial Dao Paradise Realm and enter Martial Dao Celestial Realm within a month.

Going to those ordinary secret houses is completely meaningless.

“Huntian Secret Realm.” Gu Tianchi said, “This is an Ancient Secret Realm, this Secret Realm, even if the powerhouse of tenth realm enters it, it may not survive, so, If Lin Shengzi wants to enter it, he must be prepared, otherwise, it is very likely that he will not be able to get out.”

“Where?” Lin Buxui said.

“What the Valley Lord said, could it be a mysterious Inheritance Land in the Dead Sea?” At this moment, Yuwenhe spoke.

“Brother Yuwen has also heard of it?” Gu Tianchi said when he heard it.

Yuwen and hearing this laughed bitterly. His expression was a bit sad and bitter, and he said: “I have been there with my Senior Brother.”

Everyone heard it all. For a moment, the Senior Brother who is in charge?

No one has ever heard of it.

“At the time of my Senior Brother, I had reached the Peak of the ninth realm. He was a peerless Heaven’s Chosen. He had entered the Martial Dao ninth realm at the age of twenty, and he was only one step away from the tenth realm. , And, at that time, I was young and ignorant, and I rushed into the dead sea with the Senior Brother, and entered a strange secret house. Danger lurks on every side and each step in that secret house were extremely dangerous. If you are not careful, you will die, and my Senior Brother, at a great cost, sent me out of that strange secret house, but he was also trapped in it. I have wanted to find that many times. There is no chance in a secret palace, and you can’t even get in.” Yuwenhe said while looking at Lin Buxui and others.

“Huntian Secret Realm, if it is true as the master said, it is definitely beyond the existence of tenth realm. If I can obtain the inheritance and resources in it, my cultivation base may be able to directly enter Martial Dao Celestial Realm, even, may impact the realm of Martial Dao divine ability.” Lin Buxui’s eyes were filled with firm light.

For him, Huntian Secret Realm must go.

That might be my chance.

However, before that, I have to go to the secret mansion of Star River first.

Get the resources of the Star River Secret House, and make your own cultivation progress.

In the secret mansion of Star River, there should also be some life-saving things.

Can provide him with adequate preparation.

“It’s too dangerous.” Yuwenhe shook his head and said, “I don’t approve of you taking risks. With your innate talent, as long as you step by step and step by step, you will be able to stand on Peak. Yes, why bother?”

He knows the terrifying of Secret Realm too well.

At the beginning, his Senior Brother and innate talent were outstanding. In his opinion, he was definitely not inferior to Lin Buxui. Moreover, at that time, his Senior Brother, cultivation realm, had already reached the Martial Dao ninth realm peak. Only one step away, no, even half of the foot has already stepped into the tenth realm, but in that terrifying Secret Realm, it is still impossible to move a single step.

If you take the risk, you will most likely be like his Senior Brother.

In fact, he also wants to try to go to the Secret Realm again.

It’s just that his cultivation realm is not strong enough.

But now, he has broken through to the Martial Dao tenth realm, so he can try it.

If Lin Buxui insists on going, he will also take this opportunity to go together.

“I don’t have that many time.” Lin Buxui heard that he didn’t want to slowly cultivation? With his innate talent and his previous cultivation experience, as long as he is given enough time, he can indeed stand in Peak, but he can’t do it now. It’s really impossible. Under various circumstances, he is not allowed to do that. He must be fast. Increasing cultivation base, crazy cultivation, “The current situation does not allow me to slowly cultivated.”

Hearing these words, Yu Wenhe is also clear.

Lin Buxui is under great pressure.

Because of his parents.

It may even be related to things before his reincarnation.

“Well, in that case, I will go to Huntian Secret Realm with you.” Yuwenhe said, “My current cultivation base has reached Martial Dao tenth realm, and I should enter the Huntian Secret Realm. Enough to protect yourself.”

“Teacher, you have not recovered from your injury, and your cultivation base has not been completely stabilized. Besides, Heavenly Luck Mansion is still inseparable from you. If you were not in charge, If the Heavenly Dragon Mansion or the Demon army come to attack the Heavenly Luck Mansion, it would be bad.” Lin Buxui listened, Yuwenhe is leaving Heavenly Luck Mansion, how can this work?

Now Heavenly Luck Mansion, danger lurks on every side, if there is no powerhouse guard, wouldn’t it be too dangerous if it is attacked?

Even more how, Lin Buxui didn’t want Yuwenhe to follow him either.

Although his current cultivation base has reached the Martial Dao tenth realm, in fact, it is still not enough.

After all, Yuwenhe was forced to break through, and the root cause was lost. If there is any damage at this time, it will be impossible to make further progress in the future.

Yuwen and Yiting, this is indeed a huge problem.

“Well, let me go.” At this time, Gu Tianchi said.

He is also very curious about Huntian Secret Realm.

“If the owner of the valley is willing to go, then it would be better.” Yuwenhe was overjoyed when he heard that, Lin Buxui went by himself, it was too risky, and Gu Tianchi went together, then It’s much safer. First, Gu Tianchi’s strength is extremely strong, deep and unmeasurable, that is, Yuwenhe has broken through to the tenth realm, and he still can’t see through Gu Tianchi. It can be seen that Gu Tianchi’s strength is even worse than him. Be strong.

Secondly, Gu Tianchi is the owner of the Valley of Medicine God, with many life-saving methods and abundant resources, which can provide Lin Buxui with more help.

“No way, I don’t agree.” At this time, Gu Wenjing said, “Daddy, you have to help him. I don’t agree, otherwise I will go back and tell my mother and let her clean up you.”

Gu Tianchi heard this and said: “Wen Jing, obediently.”

“No, I won’t. Anyway, I don’t allow you to take risks to help this bad guy. , And still go to such a dangerous place.” Gu Wenjing said angrily.

“Being obedient, there will be no danger.” Gu Tianchi said, “Also, don’t talk about Lin Shengzi, he has a relationship with our Medicine God Valley.”

“Relationship? “Gu Wenjing heard it,” said, “What is the connection between our Medicine God Valley and his bad guy? I don’t believe it?”

Lin Buxui was a little surprised when she heard it.

Could it be that what Zhang Ruyi left behind about himself?

It is possible.

“You didn’t realize that Lin Shengzi is very similar to a person?” Gu Tianchi said.

“en.” Gu Wenjing heard it, eyebrows slightly frowned, looking at Lin Buxui, looking thoughtful, and after a while, she said, “That said, there are really some impressions, yes, Lin uncle He looks a bit like Lin Uncle?”

Lin Buxui was a little surprised when he heard this. He looked at Gu Tianchi and said: “Valley, could it be that you have met my father Lin Yi? Where is he now? I have been troubled by the fact that the Lord Gu told me.”

If I can find my father Lin Yi, that would be a worry.

Just waiting for my mother Shen Qingmei to be rescued, then I can safely go to the two slut Zuo Xiangyun and Dong Lingfeng for revenge.

Gu Tianchi said: “You really are the son of Brother Old Lin.”

“The owner of the valley really knows that he has met my father. It is really very good. I am father now. Where is it?” Lin Buxui asked again.

“Lin Virtuous nephew, don’t worry.” Gu Tianchi looked at Lin Buxui and said, “Now I don’t know where Brother Old Lin is now. Three years ago, he went to Medicine God Valley to find me to refine three After the medicine pill, he left. As for where he went, I don’t know, but he left one thing.”

Gu Tianchi’s words made Lin Buxui a little disappointed. Originally thought, With the news of father Lin Yi, but now, there is still no clue.

This is already three years ago.

So, father Lin Yi, where is he now and where did he go? There is no news at all.

Looking like this is simply like finding a needle in a haystack.

“What is it?” Lin Buxui asked.

Gu Tianchi took out a box, which was a rectangular box. He handed the box to Lin Buxui and said, “That’s it. As for what’s inside, I don’t know. This box Above, attached to the rune restriction set by Old Lin brother, ordinary people can’t open it, only you can open it.”

Lin Buxui took the long box.

A closer look, the rune restriction on this box is very mysterious.

Most people really can’t open it.

Even Martial Dao tenth realm is the same, even if it is a strong action player, it cannot be done.

This shocked Lin Buxui.

That is the ancient rune prohibition.

The technique is almost of common origins from the three ancient rune ancient characters I got before.

This should be one of the three thousand rune ancient characters.

My father also got three thousand ancient character runes, and he was also cultivated to an extremely profound level.

It seems that my father Lin Yi is not that simple. It is much stronger than what I know.

What is the state of his cultivation base?

Lin Buxui is not sure.

But what is certain is that it is definitely not just as simple as what you see, and so weak.

It’s just that, since he is so powerful, why does his mother Shen Qingmei fall to such a point? What happened?

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