Eternal True God Chapter 184

There are more and more mysteries in my mind, making Lin Buxui more and more puzzled. If you want to solve these mysteries, you must find your own father Lin Yi.

Make yourself stronger to qualify.

Otherwise, he might not even be qualified to find his father Lin Yi.

About the Lin Family of the Upper Realm, what I know is probably only the tip of the iceberg.

If you want to know more, you need crazy increasing cultivation base.

Looking at the box in front of him, with the rune restriction on it, Lin Buxui seemed to have entered a mysterious space. Those runes formed the symbol of one after another mysterious and entered his soul. in.

He started to comprehend the rune law on this box.

I don’t know how long it has been before Lin Buxui woke up.

He has fully understood the rune rule on this box, and he can do it at any time if he wants to open this square box.

However, he will not open it here.

The rune on the comprehend box seems to have gone through for a long time, but in fact, it is just a momentary thing.

Lin Buxui put the box away, and said to Gu Tianchi: “Thanks Senior, this box is very important to me.”

“What is there to thank me for?” Yes, this is something that belongs to you originally, I just return it to the original owner that’s all.” Gu Tianchi smiled and said, “What’s more, between you and me, we are actually a family, and the family does not say anything. Family talk.”

“A family?” Lin Buxui was taken aback when he heard it, looking at him and couldn’t believe it.

I don’t remember what kind of kinship I have with Gu’s family.

Could it be that Zhou Xinghe spread his news and let Doctor Zhang Ru know about it?

No, this is impossible. Zhou Xinghe will not do such a thing.

He knows very well how powerful Zuo Xiangyun and Dong Lingfeng are now. If they are careless, they will leak out completely. At that time, he will once again be in great danger. Not only will he encounter threats, but Zhou Xinghe may not be able to survive. If it is true as they said, Zuo Xiangyun’s strength has reached an incredible level and can shock Heavenly Dao.

Lin Buxui couldn’t imagine it himself.

If you want to be able to fight Zuo Xiangyun, with your current situation, I really don’t know how long you will have to wait until you can do it.

“This is how you are, father Lin Yi, when you were in the Medicine Valley, you made a marriage contract with my Gu family.” Gu Tianchi said.

“Marriage?” Lin Buxui was taken aback for a moment and said, “Master Gu, you are old, are you kidding me?”

Speaking, Lin Buxui looked at Gu Wenjing again. At a glance.

This little girl, who is so displeased with herself, is she still engaged in a marriage contract with him?

How can this be done?

“What do you see me doing? It’s not me who has a marriage contract with you.” Gu Wenjing couldn’t help but stared when Lin Buxui looked at her.

Lin Buxui looked at her and said, “Well, you are not the best.”

“What do you mean by this? Isn’t this Miss worthy of you?” Lin Buxui Gu Wenjing immediately became annoyed by her own dignified second young lady. Not only is she beautiful and beautiful, but she also has excellent cultivation talent, respected status, and young age. She has become a Seventh-Rank Alchemist. There are so many people who pursue her. Count, Lin Buxui actually looks down on her, so how can she not be angry?

Lin Buxui didn’t care about Gu Wenjing’s words and simply ignored her.

This makes Gu Wenjing even more angry.

It actually rushed directly in front of Lin Buxui.

“Asshole, do you dare to ignore me?” Gu Wenjing just grabbed Lin Buxui by the collar.

It can be seen that she is already extremely angry.

This temper makes everyone laugh.

Especially for the people of Heavenly Luck Mansion, absolutely never thought that Lin Buxui had such a relationship with the valley owner of Medicine God Valley, Tianchi.

It’s really surprising.

“Wen Jing, don’t be rude, retreat.” Gu Tianchi also has a headache for her youngest daughter. Although Gu Wenjing is excellent in innate talent, she is not very interested in cultivation, so she has a little cultivation. She didn’t work hard either, so her current cultivation base was still in Martial Dao Celestial Realm.

Otherwise, with the resources of Medicine God Valley and Gu Wenjing’s own innate talent, as long as she works a little bit, she won’t be stuck in Martial Dao Celestial Realm Early-Stage now.

“hmph, daddy, do you really want to marry elder sister to this bastard?” Gu Wenjing said.

“Mischief, you are too impudent.” Gu Tianchi is really angry at this time, this girl, all day long, if you don’t have a good cultivation, you know that you are fun and fooling around all day, and so on. But what’s the matter?

When Gu Tianchi raised his hand, a rays of light fell on Gu Wenjing’s body, in a flash, and Gu Wenjing had already been imprisoned.

“Take Second Young Lady take along to withdraw.”

“Yes, Lord Gu.” The dísciple of Yao Shengu quickly took Gu Wenjing away.

However, when Gu Wenjing turned around, Lin Buxui saw a special mark behind Gu Wenjing’s ear. The appearance of this mark made Lin Buxui tremble.

“Wait.” At this moment, Lin Buxui shouted.

Gu Tianchi and the others were slightly taken aback.

Even, the other dísciples of Medicine God Valley thought that Lin Buxui wanted to make trouble because of Gu Wenjing’s rudeness just now.

Suddenly, they glared at Lin Buxui, but did not dare to speak. Because of Lin Buxui’s strength, they saw it with their own eyes.

The method is also extremely amazing.

Even the two Elders of the Heavenly Dragon Mansion were killed when they said they were killed, and the entire army of the Heavenly Dragon Mansion was completely destroyed by him, cutting weeds and eliminating the roots.

People like this are really terrifying.

“Lin Buxui, let me stop and stop?” Gu Wenjing shouted, “Go, let’s leave this bastard alone.”

She was sealed as a cultivation base, but Also used to it.

Because Gu Tianchi has banned her cultivation base, and I don’t know how many times it has been.

Somehow, as soon as she saw Lin Buxui, she was not so pleasing to her eyes, she always wanted to scold him.

Especially when Lin Buxui even ignores her, the anger in her heart rises from hu hu.

In fact, this is an inexplicable feeling in her heart that she wants Lin Buxui to value her.

She didn’t even realize this point.

Lin Buxui, the same is true. Although looking at Gu Wenjing has a special feeling, Lin Buxui easily suppresses this feeling.

For Lin Buxui, women are actually the most troublesome.

Especially in his current situation, he doesn’t want to have any emotional entanglements with any woman at all.

The relationship between men and women will only affect his cultivation speed.

Furthermore, in his previous life, he was injured by the bitch Zuo Xiangyun. If it hadn’t been accidentally reborn, he would have disappeared and turned into nothingness.

Now, in the first life, apart from retrieving family affection in his heart, he is fighting back Heavenly Void and regaining his own things.

“Wait.” Gu Tianchi saw Lin Buxui like this, knowing that Lin Buxui is not the kind of caregiver, unless he is the enemy, otherwise, he won’t hold grudges like that. The reason why he called Gu Wenjing should be Is there something, or rather, what problems have been discovered.

“Daddy, you…” Gu Wenjing refused to say, “How do you listen to him?”

Gu Tianchi did not answer her words, but turned her head and looked towards Lin Buxui and asked Said: “Virtuous nephew, have you seen something wrong? What problem did you find?”

“I would presume to ask, behind her ear, that mark is a birthmark, or something? “Lin Buxui pointed to Gu Wenjing.

“The mark behind the ear?” Gu Tianchi was slightly surprised when he heard it.

He never remembered that his daughter Gu Wenjing had a birthmark behind her ear.

As soon as Lin Buxui said this, he stared at Gu Wenjing.

If what Lin Buxui said is true, there is a mark behind Gu Wenjing’s ear, which might be a bit troublesome.

“What mark?” Gu Wenjing said, “How is it possible, where is there any mark behind this Young Lady’s ear? Lin Buxui, fortunately, you are still the deputy head of Heavenly Luck Mansion, so you would say this Come?”

“Wen Jing, come here.” Gu Tianchi said.

“Daddy, there are no marks behind my ears, and how can he see them?” Gu Wenjing was actually secretly delighted in her heart, because Lin Buxui had already noticed her.

At this time, after Gu Tianchi looked at the back of his daughter’s ears, he was shocked. There was a mark behind his daughter’s ear. This mark was a sword-shaped mark.

Moreover, it is deeply imprinted in the flesh and blood, just like a real birthmark, it cannot be erased at all.

“How is this possible?”

“There is really a mark, this is a sword-shaped mark.”

“Impossible, this is absolutely impossible, how can I There may be a mark.” Gu Wenjing was shocked when she heard it. She couldn’t believe it. She gathered her magic power to form two mirrors. When she saw the mark behind her ear, she was shocked.

And she touched it, and this sword-shaped mark could be clearly touched.

“Is this an ancient Divine Sword, it recognizes the Master? That’s why it formed such a mark on the Second Young Lady?” At this time, a Seventh-Rank Alchemist of Medicine God Valley began to speak.

“It must be so.” The other dísciples of Yaoshen Valley are nodded and echoed.

When Gu Tianchi heard this, he was a little skeptical.

If this is true, then it is an excellent thing for Gu Wenjing, but if it is false, then there will be trouble.

Gu Wenjing is his daughter, and he will never allow his daughter to be harmed.

At the moment, it is necessary to figure out what this mark is all about.

He even had some doubts that this is still not his daughter, but as the owner of the Valley of Medicine God, a powerhouse, how could he not be able to discover that his daughter was secretly dropped?

This is basically impossible.

Moreover, Gu Wenjing’s soul has not changed at all.

She is definitely her own daughter. After Gu Tianchi’s investigation, she can truly be sure that there is nothing wrong with it.

But the question now is, where did this mark on her body come from?

Is it good or bad?

Gu Tianchi is extremely worried.

Now he has no clue at all.

So Gu Tianchi looked towards Lin Buxui.

He discovered this mark, and judging from his tone and expression, he should know some information about this mark.

“Virtuous nephew, do you recognize this mark? What’s the matter, can Virtuous nephew tell me?” Gu Tianchi looked at Lin Buxui and said, “She is your fiancee Gu Wenting’s younger sister, It’s also your younger sister. For the face of your father Lin Yi, Virtuous nephew can’t be ignored.”

Gu Tianchi is a very smart person.

He could actually see that Lin Buxui didn’t seem to care much about this relationship.

And, Lin Buxui is a peerless Heaven’s Chosen.

Once it grows up, I am afraid that the entire eternal continent, and even the entire Heavenly Domain, will be stepped on by him.

Therefore, he will not let his daughter miss this marriage.

“This, don’t worry, the owner of the valley.” Lin Buxui said, “Since the owner of the valley senior is my father’s friend, he gave me the things of my father. This is a great kindness. I am not Lin Buxui. It’s the kind of person who is insignificant, and I will handle the Second Young Lady’s affairs.”

“It’s so good.” Gu Tianchi was also sighed in relief.

Gu Wenjing opened the mouth and said: “Who wants you to control? This is just a mark, nothing, anyway, there is no harm to me, maybe it is really a Supreme Divine Sword. Recognize me as your Lord?”

When Lin Buxui heard it, he faintly smiled and said, “Divine Sword, but there is Divine Sword, but it doesn’t recognize you as the Lord. If you don’t believe me, listen to me Say, do what I said, then, your life may not be saved.”

“Asshole, are you cursing me? I don’t believe what you said. That’s it.” Gu Wenjing said coldly snorted.

Lin Buxui hearing this again said: “Have you recently discovered that your cultivation base has not improved at all? No matter how hard you cultivation, how much spirit pill and marvelous medicine you take, there is no way to improve it a little bit. Cultivation base?”

The words of Lin Buxui shocked Gu Wenjing stared wide-eyed.

This is true.

In this period of time, she found that her cultivation base can no longer make any progress.

No matter how hard she works, how many resources she uses, or even consumes some heavenly materials, earthly treasures, some spirit pill and marvelous medicine, there is no way.

She thought it was because of her lack of realm that her cultivation base reached a huge bottleneck, and only the comprehend realm could break this bottleneck. Once she did, her cultivation speed would be rapid progress.

But now it seems that what Lin Buxui said is very likely to be true.

There is nothing false.

Just, what exactly is this sword-shaped mark?

I don’t know.

They don’t even know.

On this mark, no special power can be felt.

Even if Gu Tianchi’s strength is extremely strong, he can’t find the slightest problem.

What is weird about this mark?

Why, Lin Buxui also said that if it is not dealt with in time, her daughter Gu Wenjing will die?

Is it a curse?

Thinking of this, Gu Tianchi understands that this probability is great, and only the curse method can leave such a mark on her body without contacting Gu Wenjing, so he He opened his mouth and said: “Lin Virtuous nephew, is it possible that this mark is a curse?”

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