Eternal True God Chapter 185

“Yes, nor is it.” Lin Buxui said.

“Why did you say this?” Gu Tianchi was slightly taken aback, looking at Lin Buxui, a little puzzled.

“This can be called a curse, but it can also be called a blessing. If this imprint can be refined, then Gu Second Young Lady’s strength can be greatly improved, saying It’s advanced by leaps and bounds, and it’s not an exaggeration. It will allow her to bring her cultivation progress to a new level in a very short period of time, as well as to hit the Martial Dao tenth realm.” Lin Buxui paused again Said, “But, if Gu Second Young Lady is unable to refining this mark, then she will be completely swallowed by this mark, lose herself, and become a puppet of that mark.”

“So, what kind of existence is this mark?” Gu Tianchi said with eyebrows slightly frowned.

“As everyone guessed, this mark is indeed a mark left by the Supreme Divine Sword, or one of the heirs chosen by the previous owner of the Divine Sword. If you can refining this mark, the opportunity in the word dao mark of comprehend, you can naturally get inheritance. In this way, you will not be backlashed by this mark, but if comprehend can’t, then, just like what I said before , There will be life in danger.” Lin Buxui looked at Gu Wenjing and said, “I don’t know where Gu Second Young Lady got this inheritance mark, but now, for Gu Second Young Lady, it is necessary to refining this If you have a sword dao mark, you have to listen to me and do what I say.”

“Why? I don’t believe what you say?” Gu Wenjing said.

“Don’t talk nonsense.” At this time, Gu Tianchi’s eyes suddenly widened. He looked at Gu Wenjing and said, “You have to listen to your brother-in-law. You can do whatever he asks you to do, unless you want to Die.”

Gu Tianchi is very angry, this girl, at this time, is still playing tricks.

This will not work.

“I… Daddy, what he said may not be true.” Gu Wenjing said.

“Well, I don’t care why you target your brother-in-law in this way, but in the future, you must listen to him, otherwise, I will not recognize your daughter.” Gu Tianchi said.

When these words came out, Gu Wenjing was a little confused.

My own father, how would you treat yourself this way?

“Daddy, you…” Gu Wenjing almost cried when she heard this.

Lin Buxui looked at Gu Tianchi, this guy, not simple, so plot against himself.

So Lin Buxui said: “Gu Gu, it doesn’t have to be the case. I will help her deal with the matter of Gu Second Young Lady. As for time, let’s talk about it when I come back from Huntian Secret Realm.”

“No, this can’t be done.” When Gu Tianchi heard that, how could he agree, just kidding, this time to go to the Secret Realm, there are many dangers, once you enter the Secret Realm, can you come out? , That’s still a huge problem, and even if it can come out, I don’t know how long it has been.

If you can’t come out, or if you say it too late, your own daughter, isn’t it over?

“Lin Virtuous nephew, you see, dealing with Wen Jing’s sword dao mark is actually not a difficult task. Let’s deal with this matter first.” Gu Tianchi said, “Not to mention. , If we are going to run into the Secret Realm, we must be fully prepared. Otherwise, Lin Virtuous nephew, please follow us to Medicine God Valley, one who can help Wen Jing deal with her ears That sword dao mark, in addition, you can also stabilize the cultivation base. I have abundant resources in the medicine god valley, and Virtuous nephew needs to be straightforward.”

What idea Gu Tianchi made, Lin Buxui It is very clear in my heart.

It’s nothing more than trying to let me deal with Gu Wenjing’s mark. Besides, I also want to meet Gu’s Eldest Miss, Gu Wenting, which is my so-called fiancee.

However, for Lin Buxui, it is okay to go to the Medicine God Valley. There are many resources in the Medicine God Valley, which can indeed improve his cultivation base.

Furthermore, it was just right to see if it could evoke the memories of Gu Wenjing that belonged to her.

Gu Wenjing is very likely to be that person’s Reincarnation Body. If it is really her, she can just repay the cause and effect.

However, Lin Buxui guessed that Gu Wenjing might not be her reincarnation, but just using Gu Wenjing’s body to recover herself.

Lin Buxui took a deep breath and said: “Okay.”

Seeing Lin Buxui’s promise, Gu Tianchi was very happy.

There is also a meaningful smile on his face.

“Virtuous nephew can agree, that’s really very good.” Gu Tianchi said, “Time is tight, then we will set off now.”

And everyone, Heavenly Luck Mansion, mutual took a look.

Unexpectedly, things would turn out to be like this.

However, this is fine.

Lin Buxui goes to Medicine God Valley first, maybe he can get some resources to make his cultivation realm go to the next level. In that case, if he goes to the Hunyuan Secret Realm again, he will have to make an extra Grasp the points.

“Lin Buxui, you have to be careful when you go out this time. Now, the news that you have the Heavenly Void ancient jade will leak out sooner or later, and it may even have leaked out.” Yuwen and Kan Lin Buxui said, “So, you must not be careless. Keep this thing, and hope it will help you.”

Wuwenhe said, and handed Lin Buxui something.

That is a golden armor.

On top of this golden armor, an ancient rune is portrayed and contains powerful energy.

“This is the golden armor talisman, which can withstand the full power attack of the Martial Dao tenth realm powerhouse. This…this is too precious.” The golden armor fell into his hands and Lin Buxui found this golden armor. The extraordinary part of armor.

This golden armor is not simple.

Even, not only can it withstand the full power attack of Martial Dao tenth realm powerhouse, but it can also help cultivation. On top of this golden armor talisman, there is an ancient method. If the cultivation success is successful, it will be incredible. .

This is a golden armor glass body protection method.

Once cultivation success, it can form a glazed golden armor outside the body to protect itself and even Primordial Spirit from external forces.

This is a Supreme Divine Ability.

If it goes out, there will definitely be countless powerhouse competitions.

It’s just that, in the rune record in this golden armor talisman, ordinary people simply can’t crack it, and so is Yuwenhe. This golden armor talisman has been in his hands for countless years, among them He has never penetrated the secret of, and this golden armor talisman, defensive power is amazing, but there is only one chance. Therefore, even Yuwenhe was not willing to use it when he was fighting against the ancient fierce Celestial Demon. It is because of the Supreme Divine Ability contained in this golden armor talisman.

It would be a shame if it was destroyed because of this.

“This golden armor talisman is no more precious than your life. You are now the head of our Heavenly Luck Mansion, which is related to the rise and fall of our Heavenly Luck Mansion. If something happens to you, right As far as Heavenly Luck Mansion is concerned, that is a huge loss. Therefore, compared with this golden armor talisman, what can’t be considered.” Yuwen and faintly smiled, said.

“Master, this golden armor talisman is not just that simple. In this talisman, there is also a Supreme Divine Ability method, which is an inheritance golden armor talisman.” Lin Buxui checked the golden armor talisman in his hand, and after clarifying the situation, he said to Yuwenhe, “Give me, it’s too wasteful, or stay in the Heavenly Luck Mansion. If there is a dísciple that can comprehend it, it will be born. Create a Supreme Heaven’s Chosen.”

“Waste, no waste at all, in this Heavenly Luck Mansion, if anyone can comprehend this opportunity, then only you, others People can’t do it.” Gu Tianchi said, “I’ve got this golden armor talisman for a long time, and there are many geniuses who have comprehend the secret in it. I found the secret in it, and I can see that this is yours, take it, don’t shirk it.”

Lin Buxui saw that he insisted on doing this, so he sighed and said, “Master, let’s take one. Here comes the superior inheritance ancient jade. I will keep the Divine Ability secret technique on this one.”

“You…have you already comprehend the secret on this one?” Yuwenhe was surprised when he heard it. Looking at Lin Buxui, I was shocked.

He is very clear that the Divine Ability secret technique recorded above is absolutely not simple, and should be beyond the Martial Dao ninth realm.

Legacy Cultivation Art like this is something you can meet but not ask for.

If Heavenly Luck Mansion can get such a divine ability secret technique inheritance, then the strength of Heavenly Luck Mansion will definitely bring it up a level.

“The Divine Ability recorded above is called the golden armor glaze body protection method.”

Speaking, Lin Buxui portrays this divine ability into the inheritance ancient jade. , And then handed it to Yuwenhe.

At this time, recording this Legacy Cultivation Art also made Lin Buxui consume a lot.

After all, his current cultivation realm is not enough, just Martial Dao Paradise Realm.

If it is an ordinary cultivation technique, it is easy to describe it, but this golden armor body protection method is not a general Divine Ability secret technique.

Cultivation to the extreme, comparable to Martial Dao tenth realm, and even stronger evolution, this seems to be just an introduction.

“Virtuous nephew, I have medicine pill here, you take it, and get a good recovery.” Seeing Lin Buxui’s consumption is not small, Gu Tianchi handed Lin Buxui a medicine pill.

The medicine pill is taken out, and the fragrance of the medicine suddenly overflowed, making people refreshed.

It has an amazing recovery of medicinal power.

This medicine pill, although not as good as the previous Heaven and Earth Rejuvenation Pill, is definitely not an ordinary medicine pill. Seeing Gu Tianchi so generous and generous, everyone at Heavenly Luck Mansion is envious.

Medicine God Valley, you are really too rich. These precious medicine pills are sent out without blinking your eyes.

Lin Buxui is not polite.

medicine pill after taking, running the cultivation technique, quickly recovered.

Even, this medicine pill faintly stabilized his cultivation base. Not to mention, there is still a lot of accumulation.

“many thanks Gu Gu.” Lin Buxui opened his eyes, and he was almost recovered. He said, “There is not much time, let’s set off on the road now.”

Looking at Lin Buxui, Gu Tianchi had refining the Revolving Essence Pill in such a short period of time. It was really shocking.

The medical power contained in this three spirits Revolving Essence Pill is amazing. Even if the cultivation base enters the cultivator of Martial Dao tenth realm, if you want to revolve the three spirits to the medicinal of the Revolving Essence Pill Power is completely refining, at least it takes more than an hour, and Lin Buxui, now, even the time for a half incense, has been completely refining, which is simply shocking.

In addition, if an ordinary person obtains such a medicine pill, the refining and cultivation base will always be improved a lot, but Lin Buxui is completely different.

A three spirit Revolving Essence Pill refining, the cultivation realm, it seems that it has not been promoted simply.

It feels so shocking and incredible.

Lin Buxui really deserves to be the person who is valued, and the innate talent is outstanding.

No wonder Lin Buxui said that the resources he needs for his own cultivation are astronomical.

A Revolving Essence Pill is enough to make a Martial Dao Paradise Realm cultivator impact the Martial Dao divine ability, but Lin Buxui has not even improved one small realm, which is really impressive It’s incredible.

According to this calculation, if he wants to be promoted to the Martial Dao ninth realm, how terrifying are the resources he needs?

I really can’t imagine.

It turned out that Gu Tianchi was still thinking that if Lin Buxui and the big girl Gu Wenting got married, he could call the shots and give Lin Buxui a part of the resources of God of Medicine Valley for a breakthrough.

But now it seems that even if the medicine God Valley has countless years of accumulation, even if it is given to Lin Buxui and allowed him to cultivation, it is estimated that he may not be able to bring his cultivation progress to Martial Dao ninth realm, and more Don’t talk about Martial Dao tenth realm anymore.

It really is a monster.

“Be careful, if you encounter an invincible person, don’t force a confrontation.” Guan Shian said at this time.

“Don’t worry, Elder, I know, everyone, please go back.” When it came to the Heavenly Luck Mansion city gate, Lin Buxui waved his hand and said to everyone.

At this time, outside of Heavenly Luck Mansion city, it is still devastated.

The damage caused by this battle to Heavenly Luck Mansion is obvious.

Now, the challenge Heavenly Luck Mansion will face, I am afraid that it will not stop. There will be a continuous Demon who will continue to attack here.

Lin Buxui looked at this scene and took a deep breath.

“Virtuous nephew, don’t worry. Now that you leave Heavenly Luck Mansion, the pressure on Heavenly Luck Mansion will be reduced a lot, but you will be in danger. This time, we I am afraid that there will be a lot of danger.” Gu Tianchi also had a serious expression on his face.

The other dísciples of Medicine God Valley have been sent back by him.

Now, it’s just that he still has a few dísciples, along with himself and his daughter Gu Wenjing, there are only more than a dozen people. If you encounter Demon’s siege, you will really have a lot of trouble.

The entire group has not been far away from Heavenly Luck Mansion, it has already sensed several powerful breaths. These breaths include Demon and Human Race cultivator.

Moreover, these guys seem to have a clear goal and can clearly find Lin Buxui and the others in the same position.

This made Gu Tianchi a little worried.

If this continues, they will face continuous trouble.

This is something Gu Tianchi dislikes very much.

After all, this may endanger their safety, especially the safety of his daughter Gu Wenjing.

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