Eternal True God Chapter 186

“These guys are not good at coming, I am afraid they are coming at me.” Lin Buxui narrowed his eyes, said solemnly.

“These guys are not weak.” Gu Tianchi said, “However, there are a lot of people, I can’t stop them all, Virtuous nephew, you have to be careful.”


Lin Buxui naturally also knows.

The strength of these guys is very strong.

With Gu Tianchi’s strength, it is no problem to deal with four or five. After all, he is the Valley Master of Medicine God Valley, the cultivation realm, and he can’t even see through.

However, he seems to be restricted in some way.

Can’t fully use one’s own power.

Lin Buxui also saw a reason for this.

This is because his cultivation technique is incomplete.

The’medicine nerve’ of his cultivation has come out of setback.

In fact, Lin Buxui is very familiar with the “medicine nerve” created by Zhang Ruyi. He has a complete “medicine nerve”, but at this time, he has no time to go. Ask about the cultivation technique of Gu Tianchi.

Furthermore, the cultivation technique of Martial Artist is a secret.

It cannot be spread out.

If you ask yourself rashly, it might arouse Gu Tianchi’s suspicion.

Even more how, Lin Buxui is still not sure yet. This medicine god valley is the lower boundary inheritance sect of Divine Medicine Sect created by Zhang Ruyi.

In fact, the most important point is that you cannot reveal your identity.

Although Zhang Ruyi is his best friend, who can be sure that Zhang Ruyi has not betrayed himself?

Nowadays, Zuo Xiangyun has become the Heavenly Dragon empress of Heavenly Domain, with extremely powerful status and strength, extremely noble, aloof and remote, and Zhang Ruyi’s Divine Medicine Sect until now are friends with herself. Yes, Zuo Xiangyun knows this very well. How could Zuo Xiangyun let go of his own people?

So, if Zhang Ruyi’s Divine Medicine Sect is safe and sound, and even has achieved greater development, then it is very likely that he has betrayed himself.

In this way, if I go to the God of Medicine Valley and pass the “medicine nerve” to Gu Tianchi, it is very likely that Dr. Zhang Ru will learn about his own news. At that time, his identity will be exposed and the danger will be Will be bigger.

Therefore, even if you want to help Gu Tianchi correct and modify the “medicine nerves” of his cultivation, you still need to think long-term, find a suitable opportunity, and a suitable excuse.

Actually, it would be a good opportunity to enter that Secret Realm.

But right now, what they have to face is those Demon powerhouses who chase him, and some Human Race powerhouses who want to capture Heavenly Void ancient jade.

He looked at Gu Tianchi and said: “Valley Lord, don’t worry. Although these people are good at strength, they want to deal with me, still not enough. Look, I have killed the Monster King, so I am afraid of them? “

The Demon powerhouse chasing here is aggressive, but in fact, their strength is still much weaker than that of the Monster King after the breakthrough.

It’s just that I am here, but without the blessing of the powerful City Protecting Great Formation of Heavenly Luck Mansion, my strength will be weakened too much.

Lin Buxui himself cannot do it if it is a head-on confrontation.

Since there is no way to confront directly, there is only plot against.

With the help of Formation, that is the only way.

However, for Lin Buxui, under such circumstances, there is not enough time and resources. He wants to arrange a powerful array, which is completely impossible.

“Come on, everyone be careful.” Gu Tianchi said.

“Valley, can you give me some time, I will arrange a Formation to deal with these guys.” Lin Buxui said.

“How long will it take?” Gu Tianchi heard that if Lin Buxui could arrange an array as powerful as before, it would be a good way, “Is 5 minutes of time enough?”

Layout a powerful array, it will definitely take time.

Gu Tianchi is also very aware of this.

“It’s enough. It doesn’t take 5 minutes of time. The time for a half incense stick is completely enough.” Lin Buxui said.

“Okay, delay this time, I can still do it, Lin Virtuous nephew, and you will concentrate on the formation. I will handle all other things.” Gu Tianchi finished, the whole The man rose into the air and rushed forward.

“Gu Tianchi, the master of the Valley of Medicine God.” When the visitor saw Gu Tianchi, he waved to make everyone stop.

“Black Tiger Monster King.” Gu Tianchi narrowed his eyes when he saw the person coming. This is the Black Tiger Monster King of Black Tiger Mountain. The strength is extremely strong. The Demons behind him are not weak. He is the subordinate of Black Tiger Monster King.

“Gu Tianchi, you get out of the way, today we are not looking for you, don’t stand in the way here.” Black Tiger Monster King stared at Gu Tianchi coldly and said.

Obviously, Black Tiger Monster King was somewhat dreaded to Gu Tianchi.

As the valley owner of Medicine God Valley, Gu Tianchi is certainly not weak.

Of course, with the strength of the Black Tiger Monster King and his subordinates, if they work together, he will definitely not be afraid of Gu Tianchi.

However, for Black Tiger Monster King, his goal is Heavenly Void ancient jade. Delaying some time may affect his capture of Heavenly Void ancient jade.

This is something he doesn’t want to see at all.

Therefore, entanglement with Gu Tianchi is meaningless.

“You told me to leave?” Gu Tianchi couldn’t help but smile when he heard it. Then, he coldly said, “You tell me to leave, I will leave, what are you?”

After that, Gu Tianchi’s imposing manner suddenly broke out.

The leaves on the entire ground were swept up, forming a huge wave, which directly moved towards the Black Tiger Monster King and rushed away.

This overbearing power impact caused some low-powered Demon to be blown away in an instant.

There are many more, directly torn apart by the wind, and bloody.

At this moment, the Black Tiger Monster King suddenly became furious.

“Gu Tianchi, you are so courageous, you really think I am afraid that you will not succeed? Today, if you want to die, then I will fulfill you.” The Black Tiger Monster King instantly turned into a giant The black demon flame tiger, with red and black intertwined patterns, is burning with scarlet flame.

After he roared, he moved towards Gu Tianchi and rushed over.

Some other Demon powerhouses also acted one after another.

Several Elder powerhouses left by Medicine God Valley, at this time, took out their treasures one after another, and moved towards those Demons rushed up.

cut down Monsters, eliminate Demons, it is also common for them.

They beheaded Demon who didn’t know how many.

Human Race and Demon are mortal enemies.

If you don’t kill Demon, you will be killed by Demon.

Human Race and Demon absolutely cannot coexist.


And not far away.

Lin Buxui has mobilized the power of the veins in this valley.

This mountain range, although not a treasure mountain.

However, the ground vein beneath this foot also contains not weak energy.

Lin Buxui, with Devil Subduing Tower as the formation eye.

After finishing the Demon inner core as energy, this Formation was inspired.

This is a large array of four elephants to kill demon.

“Four elephants to kill the demon array, get up!”

With Lin Buxui’s a light shout, a Formation, instantly enveloped the sky.

The Quartet Divine Beast, soaring into the sky.

Exudes terrifying majesty.

“This is the power of Formation.” Black Tiger Monster King saw this scene, complexion sank, after blocking Gu Tianchi’s punch, he pulled back.

This Formation made the Black Tiger Monster King feel a very powerful threat.

Sifang Divine Beast is not simple.

In ancient times, Sifang Divine Beast suppressed Sifang Heavenly Domain. I don’t know how many Demon died under Sifang Divine Beast.

Therefore, for the Sifang Divine Beast, the Demon clan are very afraid.

Innately have a strong sense of fear.

Now, Lin Buxui has arranged this four-elephant slaying demon array, the condense square Divine Beast illusory shadow, plus the lock devil Devil Subduing Tower.

It’s to deal with these Demons in front of you.

For Lin Buxui, Formation can be used to slay demons and kill demons.

All these demons are beheaded, swallowed, and refined into the purest energy to enhance their cultivation base.


Lin Buxui shouting loudly, Sifang Divine Beast, soaring into the sky, and then, baring fangs and brandishing claws, moved towards Black Tiger Monster King and other demons rushed past.

That Quartet Divine Beast is extremely terrifying.

The weak Demon, under their attack, simply has no resistance at all.

Black Tiger Monster King, complexion sank.

“It’s just a trifling Formation. I dare to be so impudent and not put my Black Tiger Monster King in my eyes.” The Black Tiger Monster King opened his mouth at this time.

Spit out something.

That is a long black knife.

On the long knife, there is Supreme Ominous Fiend Qi.

This is a battle blade, I don’t know how much Human Race blood was contaminated.

“God of slashing people!”

The Black Tiger Monster King, transformed into a human form, shouting loudly, slashed out.

This blade has the power of terrifying, and with one stab, it seems to have destroyed this a side world. It is a human murder, a god slaying a god.

Sifang Divine Beast’s illusory shadow instantly collided with this terrifying knife.

hong long!

Heaven-shaking, Earth-shattering cry is coming.

The power of terror exploded in an instant.

This a side World, under this terrifying power, was instantly torn apart.

This overbearing power, moved towards all around spreads.

It was just the moment of breathing, and the entire radius of the thousand zhang was shifted to the ground by this terrifying force.

Many Demons have died under the impact of this terrifying force.

Lin Buxui, because his body is strong and protected by Formation, but even so, he was blown away, and his body was still injured under the impact of the terrifying force.

Blood spilled from the corner of the mouth.

However, for others, it is not so easy.

The same is true of Gu Tianchi.

After all, they have no protection from Formation.

Only with its own powerful treasure and mana, to stop this terrifying power impact.

In the distance, Black Tiger Monster King is also injured.

One of his arms is stained with blood.

He was gasping for breath.

Staring at Lin Buxui.

This human being is the goal of their trip. He has Heavenly Void ancient jade in his hands.

This is one terrifying genius. At a young age, he has such battle strength. You know, his cultivation realm is nothing more than Martial Dao Paradise Realm.

He has completely exceeded the limit of the cultivation realm.

This is the truly terrifying, peerless Heaven’s Chosen.

This is the peerless genius of Human Race. If they grow up, it will be a huge blow to their Demon clan.

“Kill him, must kill him.” The Black Tiger Monster King stared at Lin Buxui, screaming in his heart like a warning from in the depth of one’s soul.

If you can’t kill this Human Race Martial Artist, the Demon clan in the future will probably be annihilated.

This hunch is especially strong.

So, at this moment, the Black Tiger Monster King stared at Lin Buxui, and the killing intent instantly boiled.

His figure began to twist.

A pair of eyes turned into terrifying scarlet, and sharp fangs came out.

The huge body exudes an extremely powerful imposing manner.

Enough to shock people.

this is one terrifying Demon.

He has done his best.

Took out the last hole card.

Even if you can’t get Heavenly Void ancient jade, you still have to at all costs to kill this one Human Race Martial Artist.

“Children, give me orders, everyone, target, kill the human Martial Artist in front of me.” Black Tiger Monster King loudly shouted.

“Kill, kill, kill.”

At this time, Demon, who was not killed by the previous terrifying force, was screaming and killing intents gathered and enveloped. The entire valley.

This makes Gu Tianchi and the others in ones heart trembled.

These Demons seem to be crazy, they are all eyeing Lin Buxui.

Moreover, from these Demons, he saw a look that is not afraid of life and death. These Demons seem to be dead.

Their goal now is Lin Buxui. They want to at all costs, even if they all die, they must kill Lin Buxui.

“It’s that simple to kill me.” Lin Buxui haha ​​smiled. If the Black Tiger Monster King directly attacked himself, it would be very troublesome.

After all, the previous fight with the Black Tiger Monster King was a huge cost.

This Formation is already not enough to support it, and it can’t stop so many Demon’s crazy suicide attacks.

But now, Lin Buxui has used that short time to replenish Formation with energy.

The Sifang Divine Beast condenses once again.

Those crazy shocking Demons have been beheaded by Sifang Divine Beast before they rushed to Formation.

However, these Demons still did not stop, as if they simply did not see the Demon who died before.

Their crazy impact.

Lin Buxui also started, and between his gestures, he had already killed the unknown Demon with his fist strength.

These Demons, in his array, are greatly suppressed.

Those demons that have finally rushed into the Formation are actually Lin Buxui deliberately put into the Formation.

However, these Demons simply don’t know.

They are still crazy.

“It is indeed the famous Human Race Heaven’s Chosen on the list.” The Black Tiger Monster King stared at Lin Buxui, “The cultivation realm is not high, but it can be arranged with such a terrifying array. If it allows you to grow, That’s incredible. It will be the scourge of my Demon clan. Today, no matter what the price is, you will die.”

The voice fell, and the Black Tiger Monster King moved.

turned into ontology.

The huge body, once again moved towards Lin Buxui’s location, impacted.

Sifang Divine Beast, in the frantic hunting of the Demon army, facing the Black Tiger Monster King in front of him, naturally there is no way to stop it.

Over there, Gu Tianchi and others were also delayed by the Demon army. Now, Lin Buxui alone is facing the Black Tiger Monster King, facing this one terrifying Demon powerhouse.

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