Eternal True God Chapter 189

“Many thanks, my little friend returned this jade token. This is my Luo Family patriarch’s Life Source jade token, which contains the important inheritance of Luo Family.” Luo Family Old Ancestor said.

“This jade token has a special power seal, and ordinary people cannot open it. Only bloodline relatives can obtain the inheritance of the jade token. Only then, I perceive this jade token and you The younger generation seems to be repulsive, I’m afraid…” Lin Buxui said, he stopped talking.

Luo Family Old Ancestor complexion ashen.

“Asshole, you dare to talk nonsense here, Old Ancestor, this little bastard is not bad and kind.” Luo Xiaoshang complexion changed, very gloomy, staring at Lin Buxui and said, “You are here courting death, do you know?”

“Shut up.” Luo Family Old Ancestor coldly snorted, and said to Luo Tianze, “Tianze, I imprisoned Luo Xiaoshang.”

“Yes, Old Ancestor.” When Luo Tianze heard this, although he was a little bit confused, he didn’t dare to hesitate, and moved towards Luo Xiaoshang and quickly caught him.

“Ze Uncle, do you also listen to this kid’s nonsense?” At this time, Luo Xiaoshang was anxious, he shouted, “This little bastard, I want to plot against me, everything is It’s his conspiracy.”

“Small injury, you should catch it with your hands. When Old Ancestor finds out the truth, you will definitely be released.” Luo Tianze did not stop doing it because of Luo Xiaoshang’s words. Instead, it speeds up.

His strength is extremely strong, his speed is extremely fast, and he is already in front of Luo Xiaoshang while breathing.

“Spirit-bound Skynet, sleepy!” Seeing Luo Xiaoshang had to resist and evade behavior, Luo Tianze did not hesitate at all, and instantly took out a Supreme treasure.

That is a big net.

After flying into the air, directly moved towards Luo Xiaoshang and enveloped him.

Luo Xiaoshang complexion greatly changed.

Of course, he knew what was going on with this big net. He knew how powerful the Lingling Skynet was after many years of living in Luo Family.

Even Martial Dao ninth realm, Martial Dao’s powerhouse, if trapped by this spiritual skynet, it’s hard to escape. The whole body’s cultivation base is imprisoned, just like an ordinary mortal, and can be slaughtered. .

How could Luo Xiaoshang watch the spirit-binding sky net trap him?

“Why do you want to force me to do it? Why bother?” Luo Xiaoshang’s eyes began to change, and his breath became stronger.

Black scale armor grew on his body.

His arm has also turned into a dragon claw.

The face and body are already covered with scales.

He became a Flood Dragon man.

The body of half a man.

But at this time, his breath also became extremely terrifying.

Compared with the previous ones, his strength is simply a heaven and an underground.

The difference is huge.

The eyes of the bound spirit sky are about to be shrouded.

I only saw him, raised the dragon claw that his arm had turned into, and gave him a fierce wave.


There was a crisp sound.

The spiritual-binding skynet was torn apart in an instant.

This scene is unbelievable.

Such a powerful spirit-binding skynet was smashed.

Luo Tianze, who is holding the Spirit-Bound Skynet, also suffered a backlash.

He spat out a mouthful of blood.

Staring at Luo Xiaoshang.

I really can’t believe it.

The person in front of you is still the Luo Family Peerless Heaven’s Chosen that you know, Luo Xiaoshang?

How did you become such a ghost?

Nowadays, people are not people, and dragons are not dragons.

Is he Luo Xiaoshang on earth?

Or is it possessed by Demon?

“Who are you anyway?” Luo Tianze shouted loudly.

“Who am I? I am Luo Xiaoshang, no, I am Luo small dragon.” The Flood Dragon man said, “You damn humans, I want to kill all of you.”

The breath of the Flood Dragon is horrible.

His eyes are fierce, with terrifying murderous intention.

At that moment, the Flood Dragon moved, and the speed had reached the extreme.

It was like a bolt of lightning. In the blink of an eye, he was in front of Luo Tianze, and his sharp claw was fiercely torn forward.

The space seems to be torn apart.

This powerful force made Luo Tianze unable to resist at all.

This is beyond his tolerance.

At this moment, he can only watch this sharp claw and moved towards him, but there is nothing he can do, and he can only wait to die.

At this critical moment.

A figure stood in front of him.

punched out.

The domineering fist strength, strikes are above the sharp claw.

“bang bang bang!”

The two forces rushed together, and the Flood Dragon was instantly blasted away.

It is not someone else who blocks the Flood Dragon person, but Luo Family Old Ancestor.

“The evil barrier, dare to collude with Demon, give up your body, and fall for yourself, you should kill.” Luo Family Old Ancestor’s powerful imposing manner broke out. This is definitely a powerhouse that surpasses Martial Dao ninth realm. .

This terrifying breath makes people feel suffocated.

With one punch, he just knocked the Flood Dragon into the air.

until now, Luo Family Old Ancestor is in a state of secluded cultivation. Now this time, if it were not for the birth of Heavenly Void ancient jade, he would not have walked out of Tiandu Peak and came here. .

He doesn’t care too much about Luo Family.

Because he believes that Luo Zongdao, as the Luo Family patriarch, is already good enough.

Moreover, until now, Luo Family is thriving under his leadership.

But he absolutely didn’t expect it.

This kind of thing will happen to Luo Family now.

Luo Family patriarch Luo Zongdao, now I don’t know true or false.

The young generation of Heaven’s Chosen in front of me, the proud youngster of Luo Family, Luo Xiaoshang, is actually such a situation.

It was actually self-willing to fall, colluded with Demon, merged with Flood Dragon, and turned into the body of Flood Dragon.

Nowadays, I can’t even maintain my sanity.

Almost completely body possession by this Flood Dragon man.

How does this make Luo Family Old Ancestor painless?

Tiandu Luo Family, actually fell to this point?

A patriarch, a future patriarch, have become like this.

If it is not discovered in time, Luo Family will probably stop inheritance in his hands.

It’s so angry.

But, over there, the Flood Dragon and the small dragon stood up.

Only the clothes are damaged, but there is no damage on the body.

That punch was overbearing, but it did not cause any damage to the Flood Dragon. The strength of the Flood Dragon reached such a level, which shocked Luo Family Old Ancestor.

“jié jié, old bastard, you shouldn’t come out, let alone be nosy.” The Flood Dragon person coldly said, “Since it has been exposed, then I will have to kill you. Well, as long as you kill you, Luo Family is completely under my control, and no one can stop me.”

Luo Family Old Ancestor is extremely angry.

“Evil creature, die.”

Only seeing Luo Family Old Ancestor holding it slightly with both hands, a long spear appeared.

That is a golden gun.

It contains ancient power.

One after another mysterious rune, these runes are intertwined and can burst out with extremely powerful power.

“Evil barrier, do you really think that you are invincible in defense?” Luo Family Old Ancestor’s eyes were extremely sharp, just like an eagle on the hunt, extremely sharp.

“Today, I will show you the real trump card of Luo Family, don’t you always want to get it? Today, the old man will let you see, the real Luo Family Supreme Divine Ability, Tiandu divine spear three styles.”

Luo Family Old Ancestor moved.

“The divine spear 1st Style is deadly.”

The long spear shines with dazzling light and is ecstatic.

The fierce long spear directly pierced the Flood Dragon.

But Flood Dragon people are not weak either.

He is coldly snorted.

“The divine spear, I want to see if it is really as powerful as the legend.” The Flood Dragon raised his arms and formed a black shield.

The huge shield glowed with black light, and in that light, there was a powerful rune defense force.

The golden divine spear collided with the black shield.

Two violent energies exploded instantly.

The shield shook, and the golden long spear was broken.

Luo Family Old Ancestor step back a few steps.

He stared at the Flood Dragon and couldn’t believe it.

The strength of this Flood Dragon man is so powerful, and the power of defense is so amazing.

“old bastard, you are too old, you are not my opponent.”

The Flood Dragon received the huge shield and looked at Luo Family Old Ancestor taunted.

“Tiandu divine spear 2nd Style, punish the gods and exterminate demons!”

This spear contains more domineering power.

Half of Luo Family Old Ancestor’s strength has been gathered.

This move is the ultimate of Martial Dao.

gods block then kill gods, demons block and kill demons.

This move is extremely overbearing, but the consumption is also amazing.

This spear strikes out.

Luo Family Old Ancestor’s Essence, Qi, and Spirit seem to have been drawn most of the time, and the whole person has become very sluggish.


A crisp sound.

The long spear fell on the shield.

The shield shattered.

However, the long spear also disappeared.

This spear is already the ultimate of Luo Family Old Ancestor.

But still failed to kill the Flood Dragon.

It just smashed the shield in his hand that’s all.

The strength of the Flood Dragon is so powerful.

“Are you capable of this?” The Flood Dragon person shouted, “Heavenly divine spear, this is the so-called celestial divine spear? It’s really disappointing.”

Luo Family Old Ancestor hearing this, his body shook, and a mouthful of blood came out.

His body is shaking.

“Divine spear and 3rd Style in Heaven.” Luo Family Old Ancestor said with a trembling voice, “Today, I must kill your evil obstacle, even if it is death, I will not hesitate.”


“Old Ancestor think twice, Old Ancestor.” At this time, Luo Tianze complexion greatly changed.

He didn’t even think that Luo Xiaoshang would become a Flood Dragon person.

Moreover, the strength will be improved to such a terrifying level.

Even Old Ancestor is not his opponent.

And now Old Ancestor actually wants to display the final 3rd Style of Divine Spear.

This is not a joke.

Tiandu divine spear In fact, the first two formulas are the usual basic attack methods.

And 3rd Style, although it is also very domineering, very powerful, but in fact, this is a life-threatening method.

Once the 3rd Style is used, the user will undoubtedly die.

And, right, if you are strong enough, you may not die.

However, at this time, Luo Family Old Ancestor is already remaining unmoved.

The evil barrier in front of me must die.

This is his responsibility.

Luo Family will become where it is today. It can be said that Demon is rampant. As the Old Ancestor of Luo Family, he still doesn’t know these things. This is his dereliction of duty.

However, Luo Family Old Ancestor remain unmoved.

He said: “Luo Tianze, you retreat and return to Luo Family, worry about all Elders, dismiss the Position of Patriarch, and you will be the patriarch. This is the top priority.”

This is already related to the life and death of Luo Family.

After all, nowadays, the patriarch of Luo Family has major problems. If it continues, Luo Family will no longer exist.

That’s why Luo Family Old Ancestor made such a choice.

At the expense of his own life, he must kill the Flood Dragon in front of him.

Because of the too terrifying strength of the Flood Dragon in front of him, it is too powerful.

With such terrifying power, if you return to the Luo Family in Tiandu, there will be no one in the Luo Family who can compete with it.

The fake Luo Zongdao is not so scary.

Therefore, the Flood Dragon person in front of you may be the most critical person.

“No, Old Ancestor, Luo Family can’t live without you.” Luo Tianze shook his head and said, “Old Ancestor, I alone can’t control Luo Family, let alone revitalize Luo Family.”

Suddenly Luo Tianze saw Lin Buxui and the others.

eyes shined.

Since Old Ancestor once said that Lin Buxui is not simple, it is extremely powerful.

Furthermore, the Valley Master of Medicine God Valley, his strength is also deep and unmeasurable.

If they are willing to help, the Flood Dragon in front of them may not be invincible.

“Everyone, please help me to kill this evil obstacle.” At this time, Luo Tianze said, “As long as you can kill this Flood Dragon person, my Luo Family will thank you very much.”

In the face of Luo Tianze, Lin Buxui does not take seriously.

Instead, Gu Tianchi shook his head and said: “This is your Luo Family’s housework. I’m just an outsider. If I intervene, it’s not appropriate.”

Gu Tianchi can’t tell. This one Flood Dragon is extremely powerful.

The Luo Family Old Ancestor and the match cannot have the upper hand, and compared with the Luo Family Old Ancestor, although his strength is stronger, it is not much stronger.

The real Life and Death Battle, who lives or dies is unknown.

Because he felt a terrifying breath from the Luo Family Old Ancestor, it was Death Aura.

“You can’t say that.” Luo Tianze said, “Although this is my Luo Family’s business, he is now a Flood Dragon person, a half-human and half-monster monster. And, the strength is so terrifying, so powerful, almost invincible existence, if this eternal continent, there are more horrible powerhouses like this half-human and half-monster demon, then, the entire eternal continent, I am afraid they will fall.”

After paused, he went on to say: “This matter is just as important as the matter of Heavenly Void ancient jade.”

“Besides, if it is You guys are willing to help my Luo Family tide over the difficulties, and my Luo Family will be grateful.”

Lin Buxui looked at Luo Tianze and said, “Can you be the master?”

“Yes. “At this time, Luo Tianze looked at the Luo Family Old Ancestor over there and thought about the current situation of Luo Family. He clenched the teeth, nodded said, “I can call the shots, what conditions do you want?”

“I want Divine Jade, the heaven of Luo Family.” Lin Buxui said.

“What? This…this is impossible.” When Luo Tianze heard this, he immediately shook his head and said, “This day is Divine Jade, which is the root of my Tiandu Luo Family and cannot be handed over to outsiders.”

Lin Buxui said: “It’s just an ancient jade, no matter how important it is, it can’t be compared to the life and death of Luo Family?”

As soon as these words came out, Luo Tianze complexion sank.

What Lin Buxui said is the truth. Today’s Luo Family, danger lurks on every side, is a matter of life and death.

Has reached a desperate situation.

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