Eternal True God Chapter 190

For the current Luo Family, this ancient jade is of little significance.

If even Luo Family can't keep it, what's the use of this so-called ancient jade?

Luo Xiaoshang's Flood Dragon is too powerful. Luo Family Old Ancestor is simply not an opponent. Seeing that his Old Ancestor is about to be killed, he doesn't have much time to think.

Yes, or not?

"Okay, I promise you." At this moment, after hesitating for a while, watching my Old Ancestor be firmly suppressed, if you delay for a while, I am afraid that my Old Ancestor will be beaten to death.

In response to his reply, Lin Buxui's mouth turned into a smile.

Knowing that the Luo Family is coming, Lin Buxui's purpose is actually the Divine Jade in Luo Family Old Ancestor.

This heavenly capital Divine Jade, he knew it when he was the emperor of Heavenly Domain in the last term.

The Divine Jade of Tiandu, in fact, is the core of a small world. As long as you can get this Divine Jade, you will devour it and refining yourself.

Cultivation realm, I am afraid that we can directly break through Martial Dao Paradise Realm and step into Martial Dao Celestial Realm.

As for his jade token, it is indeed the inheritance of Tiandu Luo Family. This inheritance is the Supreme secret technique divine ability. Once it is obtained, it can hit the realm of Supreme powerhouse. This For anyone, there is an extremely powerful temptation.

For Lin Buxui, this is not the case, or even meaningless.

He has the'Eternal Inextinguishable Body', and the'Tao Heart Seed Demon Method', and so on, many Supreme secret techniques.

This is totally enough.

"However, Divine Jade is not in my hands, but in the hands of my Old Ancestor. If you can’t save Old Ancestor, Divine Jade that day will be snatched by the traitor Luo Xiaoshang. ." Luo Tianze said.

Lin Buxui has a smile at the corner of his mouth.

He naturally knows where Divine Jade is.

He knew the majestic energy contained in Divine Jade that day.

Because of this, he will plot against.

There is Demon's blood in Naluo's body.

Moreover, it is a powerful Flood Dragon Demon.

That is the black Fiend Demon Jiao.

Lin Buxui once killed one in Heavenly Domain.

That black Fiend Demon dragon is stronger than this black Fiend Demon dragon. Because of this, Lin Buxui is very aware of the weakness of this black Fiend Demon dragon.

Actually, it is precisely because of Lin Buxui, driven by the secret technique, that the blood of the black Fiend Demon Jiao in Luo Xiaoshang's body was stimulated, and the Demonic Will of the black Fiend Demon Jiao was activated.

Luo Xiaoshang completely fell into the demonic path.

The Demon Transformation opened, and Luo Xiaoshang's strength surged.

Originally, the strength of Luo Family Old Ancestor was also very powerful. In the Peak period, even Luo Xiaoshang turned into a Flood Dragon with Demon Transformation. His strength soared. If you want to defeat the possessor The Luo Family Old Ancestor of can't do it either.

However, this place is still in his own array. Lin Buxui aroused the power of Formation in the dark, limiting the spirit-binding skynet.

Plus, Luo Family Old Ancestor is actually not much life essence.

The limit is already reached.

The origin has long been damaged.

That should be the internal injury left over in a big battle.

So, under such circumstances, Luo Family Old Ancestor was easily suppressed by Luo Xiaoshang this one Flood Dragon.

However, even so, Luo Xiaoshang's strength is extremely strong.

The power that burst out is definitely comparable to Martial Dao tenth realm.

There is Lin Buxui's credit.

"Let's do it together." At this moment, Gu Tianchi said to Lin Buxui.

After all, the Flood Dragon people are very powerful.

Although Gu Tianchi believes that Lin Buxui is enough to suppress and kill the Flood Dragon person, the Flood Dragon person is not weak after all.

If there is an accident or something wrong, it is not a good thing.

"Very good." Lin Buxui nodded and said.

At this moment, the two of them started.

Lin Buxui raised his hand and an ancient character appeared.

The'sleepy' character.

Formed an extremely powerful array.

At that moment, the Flood Dragon and Luo Family Old Ancestor were trapped in the Formation.

Now, Lin Buxui has got four ancient characters.

He has become more profound about the comprehend on the ancient character.

In addition, his accomplishments in Formation are extremely high.

When he was the emperor in the previous life, because there was not enough time for him to comprehend Dao of Array, in fact, he thought that his innate talent on Dao of Array was the most powerful.

Unfortunately, until now, he is busy with cultivation, improving his cultivation base, ignoring the cultivation of Dao of Array.

Now, live another life.

He found that he had become more thorough about Dao of Array's comprehend.

After getting the four ancient character characters.

For these comprehend on the ancient character, there have been great changes.

He can inspire these ancient characters, consensus Formation.

This is much more powerful than using characters alone.

After these ancient character characters have undergone such changes, Lin Buxui especially wants to know whether there is also an "array" character among these ancient character characters.

If you can get this'array' character, how powerful would it be?

Can't imagine.

These are ancient characters, I don’t know how many.

If it is really as guessed, if there are three thousand ancient character symbols, you can get a complete three thousand characters, I am afraid that you can become the Supreme True God, Eternal Inextinguishable, and immortal, right?

But, this is just thinking about that's all.

Even if there are three thousand ancient character characters, but if you want to get these three thousand ancient character characters, it is simply impossible.

Furthermore, even if you can make up three thousand ancient character symbols, how can you truly comprehend these three thousand ancient character symbols?

Every character contains Supreme's Law Power.

Lin Buxui has a faint feeling that these three thousand ancient character characters actually correspond to Three Thousand Great Daos.

If you can truly comprehend an ancient character, and from this ancient character, comprehend a road, then your own strength can be raised to an incredible level.

However, this difficulty is definitely not small.

Took a deep breath, Lin Buxui forgot these thoughts.

At the moment, we still have to kill Luo Xiaoshang, the Half-Human and Half-Flood Dragon dragon first.

A'trapped' character has trapped them.

Luo Xiaoshang roared.

He frantically attacked this sleepy character array.

But it was in vain.

Originally, Luo Xiaoshang's strength soared because Lin Buxui helped him with the power of Formation. Now he has to deal with Luo Xiaoshang, and of course he won't be blessed by Formation.

Without the blessing of the power of Formation, Luo Xiaoshang was weakened too much at once.

Furthermore, Lin Buxui knew all about the weaknesses of the black Fiend Demon Jiao, not to mention that this was just the blood of Demon and Luo Xiao, who had performed Demon Transformation, was injured.

"Asshole, why are you blocking me?" Luo Xiaoshang was very angry. He glared at Lin Buxui, scolded, "You leave me, today, my goal is not you."

"Your goal is not me?" Lin Buxui smiled, and said, "You think I don't know, you just said that you are the most screaming, it is you. If you want to do something to me, you are not trying to seize my hand. Heavenly Void ancient jade? Why now, you don't want it anymore?"

Lin Buxui has already discovered the existence of their three people, and also knows Luo Xiaoshang's thoughts.

Instead, Luo Family Old Ancestor doesn't have much thoughts about himself, and Luo Xiaoshang until now wants to do it on himself.

"Now, this is a matter between Luo Family and I. It has nothing to do with you. As for the Heavenly Void ancient jade you mentioned, I don't care." Luo Xiaoshang was very angry, but he couldn't break it. This Formation made him very helpless.

“Indeed, the Luo Family matter has nothing to do with me, but now, it’s different, Luo Tianze, he used your Luo Family’s heavenly capital, Divine Jade, in exchange for me to kill you "The cold light flickered in Lin Buxui's eyes, and an ancient character was condense.

'Kill' character.

This is the most terrifying character.

This is the Dao (道)' character with the largest formidable power and the most terrifying.

Even if the three characters he got together before, it may not be as powerful as this'kill' character.

After all, as soon as this'kill' character appeared, the Black Tiger Monster King did not have any power to fight back.

After seeing that Lin Buxui has taken out the'kill' character, Luo Xiaoshang complexion greatly changed.

He already felt the threat of death.

This weird character, the terrifying of formidable power, is powerful, he knows nothing more.

Black Tiger Monster King is very strong, he knows it.

With his current strength, if the Black Tiger Monster King fights, even if he can kill it, he will have to pay a large enough price.

However, Lin Buxui, with the help of this'kill' character, can easily kill the Black Tiger Monster King.

This is where he really terrifying.

Luo Xiaoshang originally thought that after Lin Buxui killed the Black Tiger Monster King with that Supreme Treasure, the ancient condense character, the consumption was huge, and it was impossible for him to take out a second time. This terrifying Supreme Treasure.

However, the appearance of the Dao' character at the moment made Luo Xiaoshang feel terrified.

It turned out that being suppressed by Lin Buxui Formation stimulated the blood of Demon in his body, and also activated the Demonic Will of the black Fiend Demon Jiao, which made Luo Xiaoshang have lost some of his sanity. But at this time, under the suppression of the ancient character, and the deterrence of the terrifying killing intent, he gradually recovered his self-awareness.

It’s just that, at this time, it’s already a bit too late.

Lin Buxui will not let him go.

Even Luo Tianze and Luo Family Old Ancestor are the same and will never let him go.

After all, Luo Xiaoshang has cultivated Demon secret technique divine ability, cultivated Demon Transformation, and became the existence of Half-Human and Half-Flood Dragon.

Become the enemy of Human Race.

How can we not kill?

even more how, in the Luo Family of Tiandu, Luo Zongdao seems to be like Luo Xiaoshang, it is no longer the bloodline of the Luo Family of Tiandu.

Even, it is very possible that Luo Zongdao is simply no longer a human being, no longer the same Luo Zongdao, but beheaded and replaced, or possessed by Demon.

"You want Divine Jade, I can give it to you, I can give you more, and even the whole day is Luo Family, I can give it to you." Luo Xiao who gradually recovered his self-awareness Injury, at this point, he doesn't want to die, he wants to live, as long as he lives, there is everything.

If you die, there is nothing left.

As a result, Luo Xiaoshang was trying to survive, trying to persuade Lin Buxui, so he said to Lin Buxui: "I admit, before, I was jealous of you, envious of you, and wanted to take Heavenly Void ancient jade, but now I know the mistake, I won’t play the idea of ​​Heavenly Void ancient jade anymore, and if you let me go and let me kill the Luo Family, I can do things for you, for you Take control of the entire Luo Family in your hands."

If you want to survive, you can only exchange benefits.

However, in the current situation, we must have enough chips.

For Luo Xiaoshang, the best bargaining chip right now is Luo Family for the whole day.

This is a terrifying Great Influence, far beyond comparison in this remote place.

Of course, Luo Xiaoshang is not stupid, he still has ideas.

He hid the deep in one's heart hatred for Lin Buxui. Once he found the opportunity, he would without the slightest hesitation, attack Lin Buxui and behead Lin Buxui.

It's just that Luo Xiaoshang thought too simple.

Lin Buxui, as a reincarnated powerhouse, is extremely wise and an old fox character. How can Luo Xiaoshang's trifling idea be concealed from him?

"Luo Family is good, but to me, it is of no use, even more how, it's just a trifling Tiandu Luo Family, it's not in my eyes." Lin Buxui said, lifting The hand, the'kill' character, has condensed into a terrifying war knife, which contains Supreme murderous intention.

This murderous intention has already targeted Luo Xiaoshang.

"Damn it, you want to kill me, it's not that easy." At this time, Luo Xiao injured his body, the Demon's will, once again began to gain the upper hand, "You damn human reptile, I want to kill For you, die for me!"

With a roar.

Luo Xiaoshang's body has changed again.

His body is constantly squirming.

Start the reorganization of flesh and blood.

For a few breaths, Luo Xiaoshang's original Half-Human and Half-Flood Dragon body has already turned into a black Fiend Demon dragon.

The black Flood Dragon is surrounded by terrifying black baleful aura. The whole face is extremely hideous, huge mouth, and extremely sharp teeth, making people trembling in fear.

If ordinary people see it, they are already discouraged.

Where would you dare to go forward and fight this terrifying Demon?

"Can you turn into the body of the black Fiend Demon flood? It really surprised me. The black Fiend Demon floodline on your body is so pure and pure. It's really good. If you didn't have me, you could Unscrupulous, even breaking Formation and leaving here, but your life is not good enough today." Lin Buxui had a contemptuous smile on his face.

The power of'kill' characters has reached its limit.

That a battle blade, in a flash, smashed through the amazingly defensive scale armor of the Black Fiend Demon Jiao.

"ka-cha! ka-cha!"

A clear voice came, one after another defensive scales shattered.

The black Fiend Demon Jiao Na is condensed with a baleful aura, combined with the dragon scales of the magic dragon, to form a defensive scale. Under this'kill' character, it is so fragile, like paper paste. , Impossible to withstand a single blow.

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