Eternal True God Chapter 191

Next, I saw an amazing blade light passing by, and at the next moment, a huge head appeared.

Luo Xiaoshang died.

Be slashed.

The head of the body is different, and the one who died can’t die again.

Luo Tianze was shocked.

Lin Buxui’s strength is really too strong, too terrifying, no wonder Old Ancestor gave up fighting for Heavenly Void ancient jade after seeing Lin Buxui.

If they really do something to Lin Buxui, I’m afraid they will be cut off if they meet each other.

“Luo Xiaoshang is dead.” Lin Buxui looked at Luo Family Old Ancestor and said, “senior, what you promised, shouldn’t you also honor it?”

“Heaven Divine Jade is in our Tiandu Mountain. If Young Master Lin wants Divine Jade, he needs to follow me to Tiandu Mountain Luo Family.” Luo Tianze said.

However, Lin Buxui looked towards Luo Family Old Ancestor.

He said: “What did the senior say? Divine Jade this day, do you give it or not?”

If it is someone else, you can cheat, but yes For Lin Buxui, it was impossible.

He has seen Divine Jade in the heavenly capital. The energy contained in Divine Jade that day was extremely huge. In Lin Buxui’s eyes, it was like lighting a lantern in the night. It’s dazzling, it’s hard not to see.

So, the two wanted to conceal Divine Jade, they couldn’t do it at all.

If the two are not willing to give it, then I’m sorry, I will pick it myself.

Lin Buxui stared at Luo Family Old Ancestor.

“Young Master Lin, Divine Jade of Tiandu is in Luo Family, I will return to Luo Family before I can hand over Divine Jade of Tiandu to Young Master.” Luo Tianze frowned slightly, looking at Lin Buxui , I was quite nervous. Lin Buxui’s strength was obvious. Originally, Luo Tianze wanted to delay time, and he waited until Luo Family in Tiandu Mountain.

After all, Luo Family is also in crisis now. If Lin Buxui can help Luo Family to deal with Luo Zongdao again, that would be great.

Of course, if both sides suffer, he would rather see it.

In that way, not only the Luo Family can be safe and sound, but Divine Jade in Tiandu can also be free, and even Lin Buxui can get the Supreme treasure.

Luo Tianze is betting.

If the bet is won this time, then the reward is huge.

And, if it fails, in fact, the loss is acceptable.

If Lin Buxui can really solve the problem of Luo Family without any harm, then it proves that Lin Buxui is very terrifying. Such a powerhouse will give him Divine Jade. In fact, It is not necessarily a bad thing.

However, what he didn’t know was that Lin Buxui already knew that Divine Jade was in the hands of Luo Family Old Ancestor. Otherwise, how would Lin Buxui make such a condition?

Lin Buxui ignores Luo Tianze, but looks at Luo Family Old Ancestor.

At this moment, Luo Family Old Ancestor sighed.

He slowly extended the hand and took out an ancient jade.

It is the treasure of Luo Family, Divine Jade.

Divine Jade is the symbol of Luo Family, but it is not just a status symbol of Luo Family. This Divine Jade contains special power.

If you take the Divine Jade cultivation, you will make rapid progress.

This day is Divine Jade, just like a moving spirit vein.

Moreover, it can also help people improve their spiritual realm without being corroded by Demonic Will. One day Divine Jade will be there, which means that there will be no cultivation deviation.

It can be seen how precious Divine Jade is.

The entire between Heaven and Earth, and only Luo Family has such a Divine Jade.

But now, he has to give up this Divine Jade.

“Lin Xiaoyou, this is the Divine Jade you need.” Luo Family Old Ancestor handed the Divine Jade to Lin Buxui, but he was full of disappointment.

Lin Buxui took over Divine Jade, smiled and said: “Senior really counts.”

“I hope Xiaoyou Lin can take Divine Jade well this day, don’t Give it to others, and in the future, my Luo Family will find a way to collect some Supreme Treasure to exchange for this Divine Jade.” Luo Family Old Ancestor said.

In Luo Family Old Ancestor’s view, this day is Divine Jade. Although precious, it is not priceless to ordinary people. For all Luo Family, Divine Jade is The symbol of Luo Family is extremely important.

“Okay.” Lin Buxui nodded and said, “senior and rest assured that this day is Divine Jade, I will not give it to others, this time, I want Divine Jade, the heaven of Luo Family, In fact, I just want to use the power of Divine Jade of Tiandu to improve my cultivation base. When my cultivation is completed, Divine Jade will naturally return to the original owner.”

Luo Family Old Ancestor and Luo Tianze glanced at each other.

They saw that Lin Buxui was not lying.

If this is the case, it is not a bad thing for Luo Family.

The power contained in Divine Jade is continuously continuous and has no end. Therefore, extracting some Spiritual Qi for cultivation, for Divine Jade, it can’t be considered at all.

On this day, the Spiritual Qi until now in Divine Jade has not decreased, but increased.

Luo Family Old Ancestor himself has always used the power of Divine Jade to cultivation. His cultivation base is profound, so the speed at which he can handle Heaven and Earth Spirit Qi is extremely amazing.

However, even under such circumstances, the energy contained in Divine Jade is not decreasing but increasing.

It can be seen how awesome Divine Jade is.

Therefore, when they heard that Lin Buxui was only relying on Divine Jade cultivation and increasing cultivation base, they were not worried. Moreover, although the Divine Jade contained a lot of energy, but Also not omnipotent, the Spiritual Qi in Divine Jade is only effective for the cultivator under Martial Dao ninth realm. If you get to Martial Dao ninth realm, which is the realm of Ninth Layer Peak of Martial Dao, then, The energy in Divine Jade this day is of no help to them.

No matter how much refining is devoured, it will only increase some energy, and it will not give them any improvement, let alone breakthrough cultivation realm.

With Lin Buxui’s innate talent, it shouldn’t be difficult for him to reach Martial Dao ninth realm Peak.

As long as his cultivation progress reaches that point, Divine Jade will be returned all day.

“Divine Jade is the Supreme Treasure of my Luo Family, how can I give it to others?” At this time, a loud voice came.

This person is Luo Family Luo Zongzan.

He is Luo Zongdao’s younger brother, and until now, he takes his big brother Luo Zongdao as an example.

This time, he was ordered by his big brother Luo Zongdao to capture the Heavenly Void ancient jade, and of course, he was looking for the Supreme Treasure of Luo Family, Divine Jade.

Heavenly Void ancient jade hasn’t seen him yet, but he has already sensed the breath of Divine Jade.

When he saw that Luo Family Old Ancestor actually handed the Luo Family Supreme Treasure, Divine Jade, to an outsider, it was just a jerk.

Fortunately, he is the Old Ancestor of Luo Family.

I dare to act so recklessly and disrespect the ancestral motto, and hand over his signature heavenly capital Divine Jade to an outsider.

For Luo Zongzan, this is absolutely extraordinary shame and humiliation.

It is totally unbearable.

Luo Yin, this bastard old bastard, is damn it.

I saw Luo Zongzan extend the hand and took out a talisman. This talisman contains Supreme sword qi, and this sword qi is about killing Luo Yin.

Luo Yin himself has been seriously injured. This blow made Luo Yin turn pale with fright. He forcibly condensed a shield and moved half a step to avoid the fatal point. A sword qi, but once again caused him to be seriously injured. If he hadn’t moved a step forcibly, this sword qi would be enough to kill him.

At this time, Luo Zongzan, soaring into the air, he stretched out a big hand, moved towards Divine Jade and grabbed it.

But how can Lin Buxui make him do what he wants?

One thought moves, one palm strikes.


A muffled sound.

Luo Zongzan was shaken out.

Next, Lin Buxui condensed mana, and in the void, a huge battle knife appeared. With a wave of the battle knife, the void slashed, and the terrifying blade glow directly slashed towards Luo Zongzan’s head.

If Luo Zongzan is not strong enough and this blade goes down, Luo Zongzan will undoubtedly die.

“Lin Xiaoyou, show mercy.” At this moment, Luo Family Old Ancestor Luo Yin saw that Luo Zongzan was about to be beheaded, so he forcibly raised a mouthful of mana and shouted to stop him.

This is very surprising.

Luo Zongzan is Luo Zongdao’s younger brother. Nowadays, Luo Zongdao is very likely to be a fake, and Luo Zongzan who came back with him is also very suspicious.

Furthermore, he also humiliated Luo Yin, and even took out Talisman and attacked Luo Yin. This blow almost killed him.

Even if he was not killed by Luo Zongzan, the blow just now made him extremely injured.

But at this time, he actually opened his mouth to prevent Lin Buxui from killing Luo Zongzan.

It is Luo Tianze who is puzzled.

He held Luo Family Old Ancestor Luo Yin, and said: “Old Ancestor, Luo Zongzan, this damned bastard, I don’t know whether he is inferior or inferior, but he even dared to do it against you. He almost killed you. You have to Plead for him?”

Luo Yin sighed and said: “Luo Zongzan is one of the few powerhouses in the Luo Family in my heaven. If I die like this, it will be a huge blow to my Luo Family. I There are not many life essences. If there is less powerhouse, where will my Luo Family be? I can imagine.”

Luo Yin knows in his heart that the heaven is Luo Family, even though it’s all until now. The scenery is endless, but in fact, Luo Family is already in danger.

Song and He two families until now, they are both glare like a tiger watching his prey on Luo Family.

If Luo Zongdao really has a problem, he is possessed by the Demon body, or falls into the way of Demon, then what will happen to Luo Family? The result can be imagined.

He doesn’t want to see Luo Family fall.

You must keep the powerhouse.

In fact, Luo Zongzan did it to himself because of Divine Jade.

The blade light is instantly cut off.

But Lin Buxi has also reduced his strength a bit.


A crisp sound.

The giant knife slashed on the protective armor of Luo Zongzan.

With a sound of ka-cha, the treasure armor shattered.

An arm of Luo Zongzan was cut off by Lin Buxui.

Strong, simply too strong.

Luo Zongzan had his arm severed and he couldn’t believe it.

I was defeated by a cultivator from a Martial Dao Paradise Realm trifling, and I was defeated in one move, which is incredible.

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