Eternal True God Chapter 193

Maybe, if you enter the Secret Realm of Tiandu, you can get other ancient character symbols.

He has now got four ancient characters.

A’sleepy’ character.

A’weak’ character.

A’curse’ character, as well as the strongest’kill’ character obtained before.

These four characters formidable power are amazing.

If it is not the current Lin Buxui’s cultivation realm, or just Martial Dao Paradise Realm, which is far from strong enough, with the power of these four ancient character symbols, he can cross the entire eternal continent.

“Okay, I agree.” Lin Buxui said at this moment.

“Very good.” After receiving Lin Buxui’s answer, Luo Yin relaxed. He vaguely knew that Lin Buxui was the key. If only Gu Tianchi agreed, it would be completely meaningless.

Lin Buxui’s strength, he has already seen.

The most important thing is that Lin Buxui is also an Array Master.

This is the real powerful and terrifying place.

His attainments in Formation have reached a very strong point, which is almost incredible.


Tiandu Mountain.

On the way, Lin Buxui has used the power of Divine Jade to make his own cultivation base breakthrough to Martial Dao Paradise Realm 6 Heavenly Layer.

But this is far from enough.

Originally, Lin Buxui wanted to completely refining the power in Divine Jade, but found that Divine Jade has a powerful seal. With his current strength, he wants to break The seal of Divine Jade in Tiandu is totally impossible.

All, Lin Buxui is also quite helpless.

Maybe, I can find opportunities in Tiandu Mountain.

In Tiandu Secret Realm, there should be a way to open Tiandu Divine Jade.

Outside the Luo Family Mountain Gate.

Luo Yin walked ahead.

Lin Buxui and the others follow.

“Old Ancestor.” When Luo Yin came back, the guardian opened the city gate.

The entire group has entered the Luo Family.

Lin Buxui narrowed his eyes, he opened the Heavenly Dao magic eyes, and tried a little bit.

It was discovered that the entire Luo Family, more than half of the people, had problems.

cultivation Demon Transformation.

The entire Luo Family seems to have become the nest of Demon Holy Sect.

It is really surprising.

How did Luo Yin, the Old Ancestor, become it?

The entire Luo Family is about to be subverted, he still doesn’t know?

“Luo Family, the problem now is very big.” Lin Buxui said, “This time, we are probably going to have a big battle.”

Gu Tianchi said, “The big battle. It is inevitable, but it depends on the specific situation.”

“Half of the Luo Family are cultivated Demon Transformation, and they are all half-human and half-monster bloodline.” Lin Buxui said.

“How is this possible?” Luo Yin’s complexion greatly changed as soon as these words came out. How could he believe such a result? He is the only Old Ancestor of the Luo Family. If the situation of the Luo Family is really as Lin Buxui said, then he, the Old Ancestor, would have failed too much.

Luo Family had such a huge change that he was kept in the dark without knowing it at all.

Now, the entire Luo Family has almost fallen into the hands of others, he still doesn’t know.

“This is a fact, and Luo Xiaoshang is the best proof.”

As soon as these words came out, Luo Yin and the other Luo Family members had no words.

This is indeed an undisputed fact.

After a long silence, Luo Yin said to Lin Buxui: “Young Master Lin is sure?”

“Ninety percent sure.” Lin Buxui said, “However, I To set up the Formation, anyone who has the blood of Demon will die. Therefore, once the Formation is turned on, there will be no turning back. You Luo Family, there will be many dead people.”

Luo Yin listened. , My heart is very tingling.

But there is no way.

If you don’t deal with it, you can’t be cruel, Luo Family will be gone.

Besides, those who cultivated Demon Transformation are no longer Luo Family members, but Demon.

All should be killed.

Break and then stand, perhaps the best opportunity for Luo Family.

“Yes, what do we need to do? To put it straight.” Luo Yin said, “We fully cooperate with you.”

Lin Buxui nodded.

“I need to be able to travel unimpeded in Luo Family to set up this big formation. This is the key. If you can’t set up a big formation, the chances of winning are not high.” Lin Buxui said.

Luo Yin hearing this said: “This is easy. As the Old Ancestor of Luo Family, this can still be done. I will give you a piece of my identity token. You use this token. , You can pass through Tiandu Mountain at will, no one will block, but if you enter some special places, you still have to be careful. After all, the current Luo Family is no longer the previous Luo Family.”

“No need to worry about this, this token is enough.” Lin Buxui nodded.

“Let me accompany Young Master Lin.” Luo Zong praised.

“This is not good, it is too eye-catching.” Lin Buxui shook his head, “I am enough by myself.”

“Then Young Master Lin, be careful, this time, I’m Luo For family matters, it’s totally dependent on Young Master Lin.” Luo Yin said with a bitter smile, for his own life and death, he had to rely on an outsider. This feeling was really uncomfortable and helpless.

Lin Buxui is in the Luo Family lineup.

After making some arrangements, he came to a special place.

This is also Lin Buxui’s goal.

This is the ancestral home of Luo Family.

Actually, with Lin Buxui’s strength, it is not that complicated to arrange Formation.

Unless it is to arrange a super array, but Lin Buxui does not have that many skills, and the cost of deploying a super array is huge.

And, this Luo Family has Mountain Protecting Great Array.

After entering Luo Family, Lin Buxui analyzed the weaknesses of Luo Family Mountain Protecting Great Array.

Luo Family also has an Array Master, and it is not weak, but he does not always pay attention to the Mountain Protecting Great Array in Tiandu Mountain, which gives Lin Buxui a chance.

The Mountain Protecting Great Array in Tiandu Mountain, like the previous City Protecting Great Formation of Heavenly Luck Mansion, is already under the control of Lin Buxui.

The main reason why he did that was to come to the ancestral land of Luo Family. Here, what he wanted was the key to completely unlocking Divine Jade.

“Who you are? This is the ancestral land, it is the Luo Family forbidden land, and it doesn’t stop.” Seeing Lin Buxui coming, the guardian of the Luo Family ancestral land blocked the way.

“Old Ancestor asked me to fetch something from the ancestral land.” Lin Buxui took out the token Luo Yin gave him.

The guard looked at the token in Lin Buxui’s hand. It was indeed the token of Luo Family Old Ancestor and could not be faked.

Now, Old Ancestor Luo Yin is the person with the highest status besides patriarch Luo Zongdao. Even Luo Zongdao as a patriarch depends on the face of Old Ancestor Luo Yin.

Since it is the order of Old Ancestor, there is no need to block it.

“Go in, but, except for the things Old Ancestor needs, don’t rush, otherwise, no one can save you.” The guard looked at Lin Buxui, since this boy can get Old The importance of Ancestor, then it must be not simple, so he specifically reminded him.

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