Eternal True God Chapter 195

summon Luo Family The ancestral spirit of the ancestral land, Lin Buxui couldn’t help but smile when he heard it. This is also a way, but in front of Luo Yin, let him summon him Luo The spirit of the ancestor of the Family, and then let himself devour the refining, this approach is really not very authentic.

Therefore, opening this ancient bronze door is his only idea now.

Although I don’t know what exists behind this ancient bronze gate, it is almost impossible to let him leave like this.

Furthermore, the energy contained in these two guardian gate gods is so huge that Lin Buxui is coveted.

What he lacks most is sufficient energy and resources. Right now, the two guardian gate gods are equivalent to two big tonics.

“If you don’t open this ancient bronze door to let me in, then don’t blame me for being impolite.” Lin Buxui spoke again, threateningly.

“Junior, are you threatening us?” Luo Kuan was angry and shouted, “Don’t think that you have Divine Jade, the heavenly capital of my family’s Master in your hands. It can be so impudent, if you If you don’t leave here, I will kill you.”

“Want to kill me?” Lin Buxui sneered when he heard it, and said, “If you want to do it, I will kill you. It was originally In the face of Luo Yin senior, as long as you open this ancient bronze door, I won’t care about you, but if you don’t know what to do and don’t open this ancient bronze door, then, I’m sorry, I can only kill you.”

When he said this, Lin Buxui was carrying murderous aura.

Luo Kuan and Luo Shu both got angry when they heard it.

This kid, what a big tone.

If it wasn’t for the identity tokens of Divine Jade and Luo Yin in his hands, he would have been killed by an outsider who broke into the Luo Family ancestral land.

However, he still dared to do so now, uttering wild words, it was simply courting death.

“Kill him.” Luo Shu said.

Luo Kuan is nodded.

I saw the relief on the ancient bronze door changed.

Luo Kuan appeared. He lifted a battle blade in his hand. This battle blade raised high, containing majestic power, cut it down with a single move towards Lin Buxui.


There was a crisp sound.

The corners of Luo Kuan’s mouth were smiling.

Go down this blade, he is a trifling Martial Dao Paradise Realm child, he can’t stop him, even if he has Divine Jade in his hands, he can’t stop him.

Just when Luo Kuan thought Lin Buxui was bound to die, the blade glow flashed by, but the person who hit it disappeared.

That is a piece of wooden stick.

The crisp sound was not the sound of cutting bones, but the sound of cutting on the wooden stick.

Substitute technique.

This is actually a legendary substitute technique.

Not good.

Luo Kuan complexion changed.

He realized that something was wrong, and hurriedly mobilized enough mana, with a knife back to block.

But at this time, how could Lin Buxui give him a chance?


a light shout.

The word’kill’ rune reappears.

An ancient and terrifying rune, condense one blade one sword, intertwined into a’kill’ character.

This’kill’ character contained terrifying power, and it was directly cut to Luo Kuan’s side.

Only heard a crisp sound of’ka-cha’.

One of Luo Kuan’s arm was severed.

He has been injured before he can react.

But Lin Buxui’s offensive is more than that.

The entire space was sealed. In the Luo Family ancestral land, the spirit vein power of Tiandu Mountain was mobilized by him, and a terrifying thunder broke out.

This is the power of Formation.

Using Qiankun Xiantu and Tiandu Divine Jade as the core of the formation eye, it has mobilized the power of the spirit vein of the entire Tiandu Mountain.

Condense a terrifying spear of thunder.

Straight out.

This is the real fatal blow.

I saw that the void was cut open, and the spear of thunder shot from the void.

“Be careful!” Luo Shu cried out after seeing this scene.

At this moment, Luo Kuan came back to his senses, only to truly realize that this terrifying blow, it turned out that Lin Buxui’s attack with the’kill’ character was nothing but a blinding technique.

This thunder spear is the real ultimate move.

However, it was too late for him to react at this moment.

That thunder spear pierced his heart instantly.

This blow severely injured him.

His body began to dissipate.

Next, he wanted to retreat, return to the ancient bronze door, and recover himself.

But where will Lin Buxui give him a chance?

Let him return to the ancient bronze gate again, and he will recover soon.

After all, this Luo Kuan is the guardian of this ancient bronze gate in this Luo Family ancestral land.

As long as this ancient bronze door is still there and the energy in it is still there, then Luo Kuan is the existence of Undying and Inextinguishable.

But how could Lin Buxui give him a chance?

At this moment, he took out the burial coffin.

Here is the Luo Family ancestral land, which contains Death Power.

There are countless Luo Family powerhouses buried here.

If Luo Kuan and Luo Shu both mobilize the Luo Family powerhouse buried here, if they all come out, it will be no small trouble for Lin Buxui.

But now, Lin Buxui took out the burial coffin and used the burial scripture as a reference.

The dead Luo Family powerhouse in this ancestral land, not only will not pose a threat to him, but will become his help.

“Damn it, this is the burial coffin, who is this kid?” Luo Shu complexion ashen, he was already going to act on Lin Buxui, delaying Lin Buxui, giving Luo Kuan a chance to let him escape .

But now, it can’t.

The power of the Sky Burial Coffin is very terrifying, and it has inspired the power of those dead powerhouses in the Luo Family ancestral land.

One after another body walked out of those ancient coffins.

These bodies are all powerhouses from Luo Family’s past dynasties, and they are all terrifying existences. Even after so many years of death, they still remain intact.

Some, even, there are strong consciousnesses.

Although they don’t want to, they can’t resist the power of the celestial burial coffin and celestial burial scripture.

“Trifling a Spirit Physique consciousness, dare to be arrogant, and come over.” Lin Buxui dragged Luo Shu’s rescue with the power of the burial coffin and the celestial burial scripture.

Now, all he has to do is to kill Luo Kuan.

Lin Buxui’s cold light flickers in his eyes.

Took out the Eternal Divine Furnace.

This Divine Furnace appeared, and the horrible Devouring Power broke out.

Now that Luo Kuan has been suppressed, there is still power to resist.

After he was cut off from the ancient bronze door, there was no way to recover himself with the power of the ancient bronze door, so his strength became weaker and weaker.

“This is the Eternal Divine Furnace, how is it possible? This is the Supreme Divine Ability of the legendary eternal emperor. You are just trifling Martial Dao Paradise Realm, how is it possible?” At this time, Luo Kuan shouted loudly , He couldn’t believe it at all, this is Eternal Divine Furnace.

Who can cultivation this Eternal Divine Furnace?

Only eternal emperor.

That is the Supreme powerhouse, a peerless power in ancient times.

It is his master, who also has to avoid three points when facing the eternal emperor.

Now that Eternal Divine Furnace appears, he has no chance.

The technique of stand-in.

Eternal Divine Furnace.

There are terrifying’kill’ characters, and the terrifying secret technique divine ability that can trap this a side World and trap oneself. What is the origin of this kid?

Could it be that he is the eternal emperor reincarnate and recultivate?

Perhaps, he is what is in this ancient bronze door, and he is prepared for him.

At this time, Luo Kuan was very upset in his heart. What about opening this ancient bronze door?

For them, this ancient bronze gate is both a support and a limitation. Without this ancient bronze gate, they would have no limitations. Perhaps, they could have a higher level of achievement. You can go out and take a look at the world today.

However, all this is just a thought, there is no chance.

He knew he was bound to die.

Lin Buxui did not hesitate.

Send Luo Kuan directly into Eternal Divine Furnace, and start refining with Divine Furnace.

After swallowing the power of Luo Kuan, the guardian door god, Lin Buxui’s strength began to increase.

Finally broke through a bottleneck.

Martial Dao Paradise Realm 6 Heavenly Layer.

Although it is only an improvement of one small realm, for Lin Buxui, the resources consumed are quite terrifying.

Ordinary people consume so much energy, enough to impact Martial Dao ninth realm, even tenth realm, and Lin Buxui is still in Martial Dao Paradise Realm now.

Every time he raises a realm, the cost is too great.

But it is precisely because he is strong enough.

“Damn, damn, little bastard, you killed Luo Kuan, you killed him, I want you to bury him, I want you to die!” I saw countless companions with him The brother of the years was beheaded, Luo Shu was completely crazy, his eyes were red, and his whole body was originally a completely energy-conscious body. Now, it turned out to be a condense entity, which incited a terrifying force. It was a force. The power of special black.

That is the power of Demon.

Moreover, the power of Demon, which is also a terrifying, has definitely surpassed ordinary Demon, and it is Demon God.


This guy, at this time, has been mad.

The ancient bronze door has also become weird.

It turned out to be extremely hideous.

The entire ancient bronze door has become a weird black.

Furthermore, it was stained with scary blood.

This breath makes people feel very uncomfortable.

“Really weird, what kind of existence is suppressed after this ancient bronze gate?” Lin Buxui found that his lock demon, Devil Subduing Tower, was constantly issuing warnings.

Divine Jade, the heavenly capital in his hand, has also become more dazzling.

Such signs indicate that behind this ancient bronze gate, the extremely terrifying, extremely terrifying existence is sealed?

The Luo Shu in front of him, because of long-term guarding, this ancient bronze gate has been contaminated with the demonic path. Now, because he killed Luo Kuan, Luo Shu has completely fallen into the demonic path and lost Self.

Become incredibly crazy.

However, this also made Lin Buxui a headache.

The strength of Luo Shu now is completely different from before, and it is too powerful.

It is not easy to kill it.

However, even so, Lin Buxui will not let him go.

Not only must Luo Shu be beheaded, but the existence behind this ancient bronze gate must also be wiped out.

“Dead, die for me!” Luo Shu roared, with terrifying power condensed on his fist, he loudly shouted, clenched his fist, rushed forward, and then punched out.

The power of this fist is huge.

As if it was above the sky, Star Explosion exploded.

The stalwart power burst out.

This overbearing punch, strikes above Formation.

The dazzling light flashed in an instant, the power of this fist was too strong.

Lin Buxui had to dodge.

The array he arranged is certainly powerful, but the power of this fist is too cruel, and this Formation is no longer able to support it. With a punch, just a punch, this powerful array has been torn apart. A crack was opened.

This makes Lin Buxui feel extremely solemn.

With another punch, there is no way to block the protection of this Formation.

Sure enough, Luo Shu became even more crazy, punch after punch, such a tyrannical attack, it seemed that Luo Shu didn’t have the slightest burden on the current Luo Shu.

A few punches.

Formation is finally broken.

“Big Dipper Turns and Stars Move!”

Lin Buxui a light shout, with the help of the power of Formation, transferred strikes to his terrifying fist strength.

I saw an extremely dazzling beam of light rising into the sky.

In an instant, this Luo Family ancestral land was broken.

A huge crack appeared.

The whole Tiandu Mountain is shaking.

Lin Buxui also took a deep breath.

These powerful attacks cost Lin Buxui a lot. If it is headed, he can’t resist it at all.

Even if he cultivated’Eternal Inextinguishable Body’, his body is extremely powerful, but he still can’t resist this overbearing attack.

“Dead, die for me!”

Luo Shu scarlet’s eyes, staring at Lin Buxui, his body flashed like lightning, and moved towards Lin Buxui, chasing at extreme speed. Come.

And, I don’t know when, Luo Shu is no longer bare-handed, a giant axe appeared in his hand.

On this great axe, the scarlet rune is infested.

There is boundless baleful aura.

It’s terrifying.

If you are an unsteady person, under the attack of this baleful aura, you will lose yourself, become a puppet, and fall into the way of demons.

This great axe, I don’t know how many creatures it killed.

Looking from a distance, you can already feel the boundless hostility above the giant axe.

Lin Buxui’s face is very solemn.

Dodge crazy.

I have to admit that I was really careless and a little underestimated. This Luo Shu was powerful after falling into the demonic path.


At this time, everyone in Luo Family saw a huge crack opened in the ancestral land of Luo Family, and they were very angry.

At this moment, Luo Zongdao felt this evil qi, and he was madly surprised.

The reason why they lurked into the Luo Family is to find this terrifying existence.

Unexpectedly, they have been searching for years without any clue, but now they have appeared.

“This is the breath of the Emperor Blood Axe, he is really sealed here.” Luo Zongdao laughed up, “Heaven helps me, really heaven helps me!”

At this moment, Luo Zongdao rushed to the Luo Family ancestral land at an extremely fast speed.

Other Luo Family powerhouses have also rushed over.

In just a while, the entire Luo Family ancestral land has been surrounded by groups.

Luo Yin and Gu Tianchi and the others have also rushed to the scene.

This terrifying evil qi deeply shocked them.

Unexpectedly, there is such a terrifying evil spirit in the Luo Family of Tiandu Mountain.

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