Eternal True God Chapter 196

“What is that?” Gu Tianchi complexion greatly changed, looking at that terrifying bloody breath, it was terrifying.

“I don’t know.” At this time, Luo Yin, who is the Luo Family Old Ancestor, had no idea that there would be such a terrifying existence in Luo Family.

this is one terrifying demon.

too terrifying.

Once it breaks out, the entire Luo Family, no, even the entire Tiandu Mountain, and even the ten thousand zhang, will be eroded by this terrifying demonic energy. People with low strength and unsteady will may fall. Enter the demonic path.

At this time, Lin Buxui also rushed out.

He was chased by Luo Shu holding a blood-colored giant axe.

The whole person is infested by demonic energy.

The blood-colored giant axe in his hand is even more fierce.

Under his constant waving, he is almost rampant, and everything will be destroyed under the influence of his vigor.

Close to the Luo Family dísciple of Tiandu Mountain that came over, you will die if you touch it, or hurt if you rub it.

“What the hell is going on?” Luo Yin didn’t know at this time, he shouted to Lin Buxui.

“It’s too late to explain now.” Lin Buxui sound transmission said, “There is great horror under the Tiandu Mountain. This time the person who sneaked into the Luo Family of Tiandu Mountain, I am afraid it is for this.”

Luo Yin heard it, complexion sank.

Great horror, if Lin Buxui said so, it would be really troublesome.

Now, a Luo Zongdao has made him unable to parry, even more how is there a more terrifying existence?

That’s okay?

At the moment, this guy holding a blood-colored giant axe and constantly chasing Lin Buxui is so terrifying, then, under this ancestral land, is there even more terrifying existence? what is that?

Once born, what will happen?

I’m afraid that the entire Luo Family is really about to face annihilation.

No, such a thing must never happen.

Luo Yin is ready to take action to kill the guy holding the blood-colored giant axe, ask Lin Buxui to ask clearly, and then discuss countermeasures.

But at this time, Luo Zongdao also came.

This time Luo Zongdao’s imposing manner is very terrifying, and the whole person is no longer concealed.

The Demon aura on him is too strong.

Luo Yin complexion sank.

Staring at Luo Zongdao and said: “who the hell are you? Why come to my Tiandu Mountain? I, Luo Family patriarch, where did Luo Zongdao go?”

Luo hides in’ In front of Luo Zongdao, his eyes were cold, with murderous intention.

“Go!”‘Luo Zongdao’ didn’t put him in his eyes at all. A look in his eyes contained terrifying power, which actually forced Luo Yin to retreat.

At this time, everyone in Luo Family really realized that the patriarch in front of them was not the real patriarch.

“damned bastard.” Luo Yin is extremely angry, so arrogant, Luo Family patriarch Luo Zongdao, I am afraid he is dead, dead in the hands of this guy in front of him.

this is one Demon.

Luo Yin moved.

He condensed a powerful force, the mana of his whole body burst out the strongest blow.


This blow moved towards’Luo Zongdao’, but that’Luo Zongdao’ didn’t care at all. Let this overbearing blow strikes On his back.

Only a light curtain appeared.

Luo Yin’s full blow was actually easily blocked, and the powerful counter-shock force directly flew Luo Yinzhen out.

This scene shocked everyone.

It’s really too powerful.

Luo Yin is their Old Ancestor. He is extremely powerful and has already entered the Martial Dao tenth realm. However, he did not expect that Luo Yin Old Ancestor, who is as powerful as this, will strike with all his strength. , In front of this’Luo Zongdao’, it is like a child tickling, so impossible to withstand a single blow.

“Old Ancestor!”

“Old Ancestor, are you okay?” Luo Tianze quickly helped Luo Yin up.

And, that’Luo Zongdao’ step by step, moved towards Luo Family ancestral land.

“You can’t let him enter the Luo Family ancestral land, stop him.” Luo Yin saw something, this guy, regardless of his own attack, had to enter the Luo Family ancestral land.

Although one reason is that the guy’s strength is extremely strong, the other most important reason is probably the so-called great terror in the Luo Family ancestral land.

That’s his goal.

So, at this time, Luo Yin was very anxious.

The terrifying existence suppressed in the Luo Family ancestral land, although he does not know what it is, he can guess that it is definitely not a normal existence.

This’Luo Zongdao’ is so powerful, how could something that he cares so much about be weak?

Once released, let alone the Luo Family of Tiandu Mountain, I am afraid that the entire eternal continent will face a huge threat.

It will cause the whole world blood to flow into a river, loss of life.

I am afraid that the threat posed by Demon Sacred Domain’s entry into the eternal continent is not much different.

“All Luo Family children listen to me, at all costs, to stop’Luo Zongdao’. He is no longer the patriarch of our Luo Family, but was eroded and replaced by Demon. This is one Demon , A powerful Demon, we must never let him succeed.” Luo Tianze was shocking loudly, he was the first to attack’Luo Zongdao’.

“Block them.” At this time,’Luo Zongdao’ also spoke.

As soon as these words came out, half of the Luo Family dísciple changed their breath.

The imposing manner has improved, and compared to before, it has become extremely terrifying.

Demon Transformation.

At this time, Demon Transformation was displayed, and each one became half-human and half-monster.

However, their strength has been elevated to a terrifying level.

Lin Buxui smiled when he saw this scene.

This effect is what I want.

Although this Luoshu is demonized, its strength has increased several times. Moreover, this blood-colored giant axe is not a mortal thing. It is the terrifying demon behind the ancient bronze gate. The condensed murder weapon.

However, this is not an entity after all, but a weapon that’s all condensed with pure energy.

He doesn’t see it yet.

For Lin Buxui, he has already controlled the entire Tiandushan array, together with the spirit vein core of Tiandushan, has also been controlled by him.

A Supreme Formation was set up.

The power of this Formation is naturally not weak.

Originally, Lin Buxui did not intend to spend such a large price to arrange such a powerful array.

However, after he entered the Luo Family ancestral land, Lin Buxui had to make a decision when he discovered this weird ancient bronze gate.

He has actually seen this ancient bronze gate.

However, the ancient bronze gate in front of him seemed not as powerful and terrifying as the ancient bronze gate he had seen.

This seems to be just an imitation that has been refined.

But even so, the ancient bronze door that was copied is not a mortal thing, and it’s not that simple.

So, Demon, who is sealed behind this ancient bronze gate, is absolutely extraordinary.

If you can kill it and refining it, you can definitely get a great blow.

For Lin Buxui, this is a gamble, and he is not sure about it.

After all, the ancient bronze door he saw was much more terrifying than this ancient bronze door. At the beginning, his strength was in the Peak period, but he saw that ancient bronze door. At that moment, there was a stalwart power of Supreme that shook him out.

The terrifying power leaves him with no resistance at all.

So, what that ancient bronze door means can be imagined.

If you can comprehend the mysterious among the ancient bronze doors, of course you will get unexpected benefits.

However, if the existence of terrifying cut open seal after the ancient bronze door, this is a great calamity.

Life and death.

If you can’t bear this life and death catastrophe, you will definitely die.

It’s just that the ancient bronze gate in front of you is far less terrifying and scary, so Lin Buxui dared to take a risk.

Because, he wanted this imitation bronze ancient door, comprehend the real bronze ancient door.

I also want to hunt down the Demon behind this ancient bronze door and devour the power of refining them, so as to improve my own cultivation base.

The reason why he brought Luo Shu out, did not directly activate Formation, and let him cut the Luo Family ancestral land, is to attract Luo Family’s cultivation demon Demon Demon Holy Sect of Transformation hands-on.

The Formation he set up is the legendary “Demon Swallowing Massacre”. This large formation is the array he obtained from the Ancient Ruins in one place. It must be based on Demon. Only when the blood is the lead can this large formation be completely opened, and the Demon’s blood can be used to provoke the Formation to slaughter the Demon.

This is the battle array.

It is the most powerful and most terrifying array.

The more Demons killed and slaughtered, the stronger this Formation became.

And, at the moment, in Tiandu Mountain, there is no that many Demon, but in the Luo Family, there are many cultivation demon Demon Transformation, so that you can become half-human and half-monster demon. Cultivator, they also have Demon bloodline on their bodies, especially the Demon bloodline on “Luo Zongdao” is extremely pure. As long as they turn on the Demon Transformation and induce the blood of Demon in their bodies, they can kill them. , Start this horror array.

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