Eternal True God Chapter 197

“Okay, very good, the Demon Transformation has been performed, and the Demon bloodline has been activated. This is exactly what I want.” Lin Buxui smiled, he already not in escaped, stopped, watching Luo Shu scolded loudly, “Luo Shu, are you still not clear? The entire Luo Family has been occupied by Demon, these people are half-human and half-monster The existence of the devil, are you still awake?”

Lin Buxui condensed with mana to shock and frighten his mind.

At this moment, Luo Shu gradually regained some consciousness from the original crazy and irrational situation, and became a lot more sober.

At this time, he realized that he was actually eroded by Demon’s will.

But he has no way to resist now.

Only a brief period of sobriety.

“You killed Luo Kuan, killed my brother, you are damned.” Luo Shu stared at Lin Buxui shouted, “I wish I could eat your meat and drink your blood.”


At this moment, Luo Shusi made no secret of his hatred for Lin Buxui.

He is the guardian god of the ancient bronze gate in the Luo Family ancestral land. Luo Kuan is the same. From the time the ancient bronze gate appeared, they have begun to depend on each other. Now countless years have passed. .

However, he did not expect that Luo Kuan was beheaded by Lin Buxui ruthless.

He naturally wants revenge.

However, his task is to guard the ancient bronze gate, guard the terrifying existence, prevent outsiders from entering, and prevent the terrifying existence from rushing out.

But now, as the guardian god, he has been eroded by the terrifying consciousness inside.

This is not a good thing.

All of this must be attributed to this damn bastard in front of me.

“You can’t kill me. On the contrary, I want to kill you. It’s actually very easy. Did you know?” Lin Buxui raised his hand, and the power of terror gathered in his hand. Luo Shu was shocked. Although Lin Buxui’s cultivation realm seemed to be only Martial Dao Paradise Realm, the power he could explode far exceeded his Peak period.

Perhaps he can contend with the power of the ancient bronze door, but the problem now is that he is restricted, and even if he really uses the power of the ancient bronze door, It may release the terrifying existence behind this ancient bronze door.

This is what he doesn’t want.

It is his destiny to guard the ancient bronze gate.

If he violates, he will suffer backlash.

This is a restriction set by his master.

He smiled bitterly.

This boy, too terrifying.

“You also came for the ancient bronze gate, for the existence of terrifying? Do you want to release him?” Luo Shu was sober at this time, but he knew that he could not maintain his sobriety. How long was he in his state, he already knew that he could not resist that terrifying consciousness.

If the guy in front of you didn’t come to release the terrifying existence, how could he act on himself and Luo Kuan?

Why did you kill Luo Kuan?

He was to open the ancient bronze door.

However, if it is really the case, he doesn’t need to let himself restore his self-awareness under such circumstances. Wouldn’t it be better to let that terrifying consciousness completely possessed himself?

“No, you are wrong. I did not come to release the terrifying existence. I did it to kill him.” Lin Buxui pointed to the half-human and half-monster Martial Artist above. Said, “Look, these people are really here for him, to release him. The person who took the lead is now Luo Family’s patriarch’Luo Zongdao’, but now, he is no longer the real Luo. Zongdao has become a puppet of Demon. The blood of Demon on his body is very powerful. Do you think that if I do not come, they will not be able to find you and open this ancient bronze door? You are too naive.”

Lin Buxui looked at Luo Shu and said, “Your destiny is already doomed, why should I want you to open the ancient bronze door? In fact, it is for you to leave a glimmer of survival, but you just don’t understand. My painstaking efforts.”

“You are lying.” Luo Shu coldly said, “If you really have a glimmer of survival for us, why did you kill Luo Kuan?”

He actually believed most of Lin Buxui’s words.

However, Lin Buxui’s murder of Luo Kuan made him hate.

“The other party is too strong.” Lin Buxui said, “My cultivation realm is not enough. I am increasing cultivation base. You have lost too much time. I have already sensed that you and Luo Kuan are actually, It has long been eroded by the will of the terrifying Demon inside. Even if I don’t kill him, he will still become the puppet of the terrifying Demon. It will be used by him, just like you now. Demon is in complete control. If I don’t kill you before this, you will become his puppet, killing unscrupulously, do you understand?”

“I…” Luo Shu hearing this, there is no more Ways to refute Lin Buxui’s words.

These words, sentence by sentence, pierced his heart like a sharp knife.

He knows his current situation best. He has been unable to resist for too long. If it weren’t for Lin Buxui to help him, he would have been completely occupied by the will of that Demon.

“You can also make it clear that we will cooperate with you.” Luo Shu said.

“No, if you do that, that guy won’t give me a chance at all.” Lin Buxui shook his head, “He is too strong, he has prepared countless years to break the seal. How could it be so easy to be plotted against? Everything about you is in his grasp, and only my appearance makes this change. He did not anticipate my appearance, which is beyond his plot against, but He is too strong and confident in himself. He has never taken seriously me, who is just Martial Dao Paradise Realm. Because of this, I have the opportunity to plot against him.”

Luo Shu heard this, he took a deep breath.

No matter what, he has no choice now, unless he chooses to associate with that terrifying demon, acknowledge allegiance to him, and is willing to be possessed by his body and be swallowed by him.

However, in that case, he would still die.

Now he is dead.

But for him, death is not a relief?

He and Luo Kuan, in this small space of all black, no daylight, no light, never seen the daylight, more uncomfortable than death.

It’s just that Lin Buxui beheaded Luo Kuan, making him angry that’s all for a while.

After thinking about this, he was relieved.

Looking at Lin Buxui, “I hate you very much, but I have to admit that what you said is right. Although your cultivation realm is not enough, I see you have a kind of With the power, it’s no wonder that Divine Jade will choose you, and my master will choose you.”

He smiled at the corner of his mouth.

“Maybe, all of this is Master’s plot against, let’s talk, what do you want me to do?”

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