Eternal True God Chapter 199

“It seems that you actually don’t want me to open this ancient bronze door. Don’t you want to come out? Why are you stopping me now?”

How could Lin Buxui’s attack be so easy to resist? The current Blood Axe Demon Lord is just a remnant thought possessed on Luo Shu’s body. Luo Shu’s consciousness has long been completely wiped out, and he is now the Blood Axe Demon Lord.

However, at this moment, the blood axe demon does not want Lin Buxui to open this ancient bronze door, or in other words, he does not want Lin Buxui to open this ancient bronze door.

For Blood Axe Demon Lord, I am afraid it is to delay time, because the time has not arrived.

Maybe, he has some plot against, or maybe it is Blood Axe Demon Lord, what special state he is in now, if he breaks into it, he might be cold.

Both cases are possible, but in fact, the second probability is extremely high.

Although Lin Buxui has Heavenly Dao magic eyes, there is no way to see through this ancient bronze gate. He doesn’t know what the state of Blood Axe Demon Lord is now.

But what is certain is that Blood Axe Demon Lord does not want to be disturbed by himself now.

Therefore, he has been delaying time, trying to prevent himself from opening the ancient bronze door.

But the more so, the more impossible he will succeed.

Now, his own devouring massacre has been opened, and you can use the blood of the half-human and half-monster monsters like Luo Family to enhance the power of this Formation .

As long as’Luo Zongdao’ can be beheaded and all the half-human and half-monster monsters can be completely killed, the formidable power of this Formation can be raised to an extremely powerful To the point.

At that time, with his many treasures and various methods, even if the Blood Axe Demon Lord is extremely powerful, he must drink his hatred in his own hands and become his own increasing cultivation base energy.

“Asshole, Little Brat of the Heavenly Dao clan, I really underestimated you.” Blood Axe Demon Lord coldly said, “Although your strength is good, you should know that, Outside are all my people. Now they have begun to attack Formation. Once they break through Formation and come here, you alone cannot stop.

As for other Luo Family people, don’t be delusional. They can delay time.

Now that the entire Tiandu Mountain is under my control, these Luo Family people, although not enslaved by me, become my servants to cultivation Demon Transformation .

But they are also restricted. I have planted soul poison on all of them. Once the soul poison strikes, they don’t have any battle strength at all.”

Lin Buxui narrowed his eyes.

Looking at the Blood Axe Demon Lord, who was extremely confident and in control, he couldn’t help but smile, with a contemptuous smile on his mouth.

“Blood Axe Demon Lord, you are too naive, do you really think they can stop me?”

Lin Buxui doesn’t care about it at all, everything is in his hands Among.

Blood Axe at first is delaying time, but is Lin Buxui delaying time?

After all, this blood axe demon is a Supreme powerhouse. Without the help of Formation, he is absolutely impossible to suppress or even kill him.

Only with this powerful array can he swallow his power.

After all, for Lin Buxui, the Blood Axe Demon Lord is his real goal.

These half-human and half-monster guys of the cultivation demon Demon Transformation, the bloodline is not strong, and their strength is not enough to greatly improve their cultivation base.

Even if it swallows the blood of Demon refining these guys, it will not help Lin Buxui much. Their Demon blood level is too low, and it is too complicated.

His Eternal Divine Furnace, although it can refining all the power, blending into one, to improve oneself.

But now, Lin Buxui’s own cultivation realm is still too low and not strong enough, and the Eternal Divine Furnace has not reached its extreme. It can’t really completely melt those mixed powers and turn them into the most refined. Pure energy.

Once the power is too complicated, there will be huge limitations for future improvement.

Besides, the power is too complicated, even if he can refine and make it pure, but it takes time. For Lin Buxui, the most lacking is time.

Instead of consuming this time, it is better to directly target the Blood Axe Demon Lord.

What’s more, it is the best choice to use these guys’ Demon Bloodline Strength to strengthen their own swallowing and slaughter array.

This is not only related to the suppression of the Blood Axe Demon Lord, but also related to his future plot against, related to his entry into the land of Heavenly Void, and even the attack on the Demon Sacred Domain.

In fact, at the time of Heavenly Luck Mansion, Lin Buxui wanted to arrange this Formation. However, it would cost the entire Heavenly Luck Mansion’s spirit vein to condense such a Formation. Come, Heavenly Luck Mansion will be drawn because of the spirit vein and become a Desolate Land, which is extremely detrimental to Heavenly Luck Mansion.

But, this day is all mountains, not the same, he now has Divine Jade one day, and the energy contained in Divine Jade this day is too huge.

Therefore, he was able to arrange such a Formation unscrupulously, and then refine this Formation into an array.

The energy consumed is in Divine Jade, which is almost inexhaustible.

“No, they can’t stop me, and the reason why they can enter my Formation, everything is my plot against.” Lin Buxui said with a sneer, “I don’t know , Have you ever heard of me, the Devouring Massacre Array?”

“This impossible, the Devouring Massacre Array has long been lost, and this Formation does not have the heart to swallow, this impossible is Swallowing The Demon Slaughter Array.”

Hearing these words, the blood axe demon lord complexion greatly changed.

If it is really a swallowing and slaughtering array, then the trouble will be big.

Luo Family, these half-human and half-monster servants, they were all cultivated by him at a huge cost. Everything is waiting for the time to come. He can extract the demons of these servants himself. The blood uses their energy to restore their own cultivation base, and completely open the Restriction Seal in this ancient bronze door, allowing him to be reborn and free.

But if the array in front of you is the legendary swallowing and slaughter array, then everything is a different matter.

Swallow the demon and slaughter the great array, that can swallow the blood of refining Demon to improve and strengthen the great array.

Once you enter the formation method, unless your strength far exceeds the limit of Formation, otherwise, you will be restricted by Formation, be slaughtered and swallowed, and become the energy of the Devouring Massacre. Become stronger and more terrifying.

When he was just a little Demon, he saw a big battle. During that big battle, a Human Race Formation powerhouse arranged a terrifying array. This A Formation slaughtered countless demons, swallowed their flesh and blood, and condense an extremely terrifying Devil Supreme Treasure.

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