Eternal True God Chapter 200

"Do you want to build a Devil Supreme Treasure?" The Blood Axe Devil stared at Lin Buxui, "You really have big ambitions."

"Not bad." Lin Buxui said coldly, "Demon should die!"

The words of Blood Axe Demon made Lin Buxui think of something that he didn't want to recall.

In his eyes, all Demons deserve to die.

It is precisely because of that incident that Lin Buxui has no trace of favor with the Demon family.

This is also the fundamental reason why Lin Buxui became the eternal emperor and continued to kill Demon.

"Yes, Human Race and Demon are not at odds." The Blood Axe Demon smiled and looked at Lin Buxui, "You want to use my power to cast that Supreme Killing Artifact, Tu Devil Supreme Treasure, it is my honor, but you are still too weak and not strong enough to succeed."

"If you can't do it, it's not your decision." Lin Buxui looked at him, coldly said, "Do you still want to delay time? It doesn't make any sense."

"You are a Heavenly Dao clan, this is your strength, but also your weakness Ah, let me ask one more question, are you willing to cooperate with me for a win-win situation?" The Blood Axe Demon looked at Lin Buxui. He no longer had the kind of worry that he had before. On the contrary, he seemed to be in control of everything.

"Let me be with Demon?" Lin Buxui said coldly, "impossible."

"In that case, then I can only kill you." Blood Axe Demon Lord this At that time, he laughed, he looked at Lin Buxui and said, "With the bloodline of the Heavenly Dao clan, to help me make a comeback, this is a better choice."

At this time, the bloodline demon The breath becomes more terrifying.

In the Luo Family ancestral land, the ancient bronze door is already buzzing.

The power of terror passed from the ancient bronze door.

The blood axe demon raised the giant axe, and the terrifying killing intent directly enveloped Lin Buxui.

loudly shouted.

The blood axe demon slashed out.

In an instant, the sky seemed to be torn apart.

This axe, formidable power has reached its extreme.


The huge axe is about to kill Lin Buxui.

But at this time, a powerful light curtain blocked this shocking axe.

"Okay, very good, but it's just that. Although the Heavenly Dao clan is extremely powerful, the Heavenly Dao clan that has not yet grown up has a fatal weakness." Blood Axe The corner of Mojun's mouth raised a smile, his right hand opened, and the scarlet flower bloomed.

This scarlet flower seems to contain an invisible force, which can draw people's blood, cause the heart to beat faster, and make the bloodline boil.

Lin Buxui is very surprised.

This scarlet flower has such amazing power, which is really surprising.

If it is a common martial artist, the eerie power erupted from this little flower is enough to make people's mind tremble, blood flow to the extreme, and even make the heart burst.

And, at this time, the blood axe demon also issued one after another weird curse mark. In this way, Lin Buxui felt his blood and his heartbeat speed was faster.

The heart seems to be jumping out.

However, this is not fatal to Lin Buxui.

What he is cultivation is'Eternal Inextinguishable Body', his body is strong, and it has reached a quite terrifying point.

Although he is only Martial Dao Paradise Realm now, his fleshy body strength far exceeds Martial Dao Paradise Realm, and even surpasses Martial Dao ninth realm's longevity Great Emperor Realm.

Under the circumstance of running the cultivation technique, the strangeness in the body has been easily suppressed by him.

As if nothing happened.

Let him, that scarlet flower, the mysterious energy that burst out, was completely refined by him with the Eternal Divine Furnace.

This time, Lin Buxui's bloodline got a special power.

This is the power that draws blood and controls heartbeat.

The power of resonance.

This surprised him.

This scarlet flower, faintly condense an ancient character.

It's just the rune power of this little flower, it's too weak.

However, this scarlet flower contains the power of the law of rune, but it is not fake.

I don’t know where the Blood Axe Demon got this weird little flower.

If you can find that place, maybe you can condense an ancient character again, and the fifth one.

Furthermore, the power of this ancient character is very powerful, not worse than that of the'kill' character. It is even longer and more terrifying, capable of killing and intangible.

"How is this possible? You are not from the Heavenly Dao clan?" The blood axe demon who was full of confidence was surprised. He originally thought Lin Buxui would die because of a blood riot, a heart burst, and even , Even if you don’t die, you have to be seriously injured.

But the current situation made him disappointed.

Lin Buxui was not affected at all.

His strength has become even stronger.

Part of the power of his life-killing soul-eater was swallowed.

This life-threatening soul-eater, it is the ancient flower he obtained at a huge price in one place in the Ancient Ruins.

Although it is not mature yet, it is also very scary.

With the help of this deadly soul-eater, he doesn't know how many powerhouses he has killed.

Also helped him through countless lives and deaths.

Only then did he have the prestigious name of the Blood Axe Demon Lord.

And, this is the first time that he did not get the slightest help after using the Death Eater for the first time. Instead, he lost a part of the Source Power of the Death Eater.

It can be described as a huge loss.

This is something he didn't expect at all.

Then, there is only one possibility.

Lin Buxui is not from the Heavenly Dao clan.

For Blood Axe Demon Lord, all his plots against are based on Lin Buxui being the Heavenly Dao clan, but now, Lin Buxui is not the Heavenly Dao clan, leading him All of the plot against has become empty talk.

He cannot kill Lin Buxui, and it is impossible to get the blood power of the Heavenly Dao clan to restore his power.

What's more terrible is that he just spent a great price.

Let his origin have suffered a part of the loss.

Lin Buxui smiled and said: "When did I say that I am Heavenly Dao? I am Human Race, the purest Human Race, Blood Axe Demon Lord, I said , Today, you are going to die and become my increasing cultivation base power."

Speaking, Lin Buxui gathered his majestic mana and turned it into a big hand, moved towards the blood axe demon lord This incarnation of Dao grabbed the past.

"hmph, kid, don't be too happy too early, if you want to devour my power, you are not enough." Blood Axe Demon Lord coldly snorted, his mind moved and turned into a bloody light, moved towards that ancient bronze door.

But where does Lin Buxui make him wish?

"Is it too late to want to escape now?"

"Sleepy" Lin Buxui lightly shouted.

The'sleepy' character reappeared, instantly blocking the incarnation of the blood axe demon.

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