Eternal True God Chapter 201


After Lin Buxui trapped the incarnation of the Blood Axe Demon Lord, he had no chance to escape.

For the Blood Axe Demon Lord, although his incarnation still has the power to counteract, but with the help of the deity’s power, the incarnation can be made stronger before he can compete with Lin Buxui. Contend, impact the block of this’sleepy’ character.

Furthermore, he knew that even if he used the power of the deity to promote this incarnation, he still couldn’t break through this formation.

In this case, I can only give up.

Lin Buxui is unceremonious and directly obliterates this incarnation and refining.

It’s just a pity that Lin Buxui’s main goal is not actually the incarnation of the Blood Axe Demon. His real goal is the scarlet flower.

Unfortunately, no chance was found.

However, killing this incarnation and swallowing his power is not bad. At this moment, Lin Buxui’s cultivation realm has once again been improved. Although there is no breakthrough in the current realm, it also makes He rushed to Martial Dao Paradise Realm Sixth Layer Peak.

Only one step, you can cross this daoist sect threshold and enter Martial Dao Paradise Realm 7 Heavenly Layer.

The incarnation of the Blood Axe Demon Lord was cut.

At this time, the outside world, the entire Luo Family is already in a mess.

patriarch’Luo Zongdao’ betrayed and became a slave of Demon, and even most of the children of the entire Luo Family have become puppets of Demon.

This makes Luo Yin, who is the Luo Family Old Ancestor, feel bitter, and even his heart is bleeding.

Luo Family, as Lin Buxui said, has completely rotten.

Reverted to Demon’s lair.

If the Luo Family is completely destroyed, as the Luo Family Old Ancestor, how to face the ancestors of the Luo Family?

Therefore, he only rushed forward frantically to kill this’Luo Zongdao’.

Even if it is dead, it cannot be allowed to rush into the Luo Family ancestral land.

Although he still doesn’t know what plot against the’Luo Zongdao’ in front of him, he must never let him succeed.

“I don’t know who you are? But, you never want to break into the Luo Family ancestral land.” Luo Yin was originally very strong, but because of his injuries, he was not the opponent of the’Luo Zongdao’ in front of him. , If it were not for the help of Gu Tianchi, Luo Yin at this moment would most likely have been killed.

“Let them in.” At this time, Lin Buxui said, and now everything is in Lin Buxui’s plot against.

Luo Yin was taken aback for a moment.

At this moment,’Luo Zongdao’ has rushed into the Luo Family ancestral land.

The rest of the people also followed.

At this time, Luo Tianze and Luo Yin reacted.

The two also immediately followed.

All the members of Luo Family entered the ancestral land of Luo Family in an instant.

Include which Luo Family cultivation dísciple of Demon Transformation.

Many of these people have self-awareness. Although they are cultivated by Demon Transformation, they are still members of the Luo Family, and they still have feelings for the Luo Family.

After everyone arrived at Luo Family’s ancestral land, they saw Lin Buxui sitting there. There was a table in front of him. He wandered freely and was drinking tea.

Quite calm.

This scene makes everyone a little bit blinded.

Especially Luo Zongdao.

I am even more confused.

He had felt the breath of the Blood Axe Demon Lord before, but now, the breath of the Blood Axe Demon Lord has disappeared.

Lin Buxui sits there, like a leisure vacation.

“Little Friends Lin.”

At this time, Luo Yin and the others also arrived.

“Who are you?” Luohu shouted.

“Come?” Lin Buxui said calmly.

“Kill him.” Luo Zongdao narrowed his eyes and looked at Lin Buxui with cold light flashing in his eyes.

He felt a dangerous breath from Lin Buxui.

This is something he doesn’t want to see.

This teenager, the cultivation realm seems to have only Martial Dao Paradise Realm, but it gives him a dangerous breath, and it seems that Luo Yin and the others trust him very much.

It seems that Luo Yin and the others are no longer entangled just now, most likely because of this young man.

Luo Zongdao gave an order, and Luo Hu immediately took action.

He is the most important person after Luo Zongdao’s return.

Even Luo Zongzan can’t compare.

“Brother, stop.” At this time, Luo Zongzan walked out, he looked at Luo Zongdao and said, “I know, you are still here, don’t control him, come back, I believe you Yes.”

Luo Zongzan looked at Luo Zongdao. When he thought he was bound to die, Luo Zongdao let him go.

It can be seen that Luo Zongdao still has a trace of himself.

Perhaps, we can use this to completely arouse Luo Zongdao’s self-awareness and let him recover sober instead of becoming a puppet of Demon.

Seeing Luo Zongzan approaching, Luo Yin complexion changed, worrying.

He said: “Be careful, don’t go over, he is no longer your brother Luo Zongdao, but is a Demon.”

The voice just fell off.

Luo Zongdao has already started.

He extended the hand, turned into a sharp claw, and directly moved towards Luo Zongzan and caught it.

At this time, Luo Zongzan didn’t even react at all. In an instant, Luo Zongdao pierced his chest and dug out his heart.

At this moment, Luo Zongzan looked at Luo Zongdao incredulously. He couldn’t believe it at all. This was his big brother Luo Zongdao. He actually killed himself by himself and dug out his heart.

“Asshole, beast, Luo Zongdao, he is your younger brother, you killed him so cruelly, you damn it, do you know?” Luo Yin shouted angrily.

The entire Luo Family looked at Luo Zongdao and couldn’t believe it.

Now they fully understand that the person in front of them is no longer the patriarch of the Luo Family, the patriarch who was born and died for the Luo Family, Luo Zongdao.

I have become another person.

No, it should not be a person, but is a Demon.

The Demon of killing without blinking an eye.

The killing intent in Luo Zongdao’s eyes made no secret.

“What are you waiting for? Kill him for me.” He saw Rohu hadn’t done anything yet, so he couldn’t help but coldly snorted and said.

At this time, Luohu came back to his senses and went straight to Lin Buxui.

However, just as Luohu was about to rush to Lin Buxui, an invisible wall blocked him.

Next, Lin Buxui raised his hand and pointed slightly, and saw a terrifying thunder descending in the void.

Only one sound of’ka-cha’ was heard.

Rohu was directly chopped into scum by this thunder.

In this scene, Luo Zongdao was slightly taken aback.

Can’t believe it.

Although Luohu’s strength is far inferior to him, he is still a powerhouse.

However, he didn’t even have the slightest strength to fight back and was killed in one blow.

“Formation, this is the power of Formation.” Luo Zongdao’s cold light flickered, looking at Lin Buxui, he was extremely jealous.

However, he has been preparing for this blow for too long, too long.

Release the Bleeding Axe Demon to resurrect the Blood Axe Demon. This is their goal until now.

Must break this Formation.

Otherwise, you won’t be able to kill the kid in front of you.

At this time, Luo Zongdao’s eyes fell on Luo Yin and Gu Tianchi.

Since Luo Yin brought Lin Buxui and Gu Tianchi back to Tiandu Mountain, it seems that the relationship between Gu Tianchi and Lin Buxui should be very good.

Lin Buxui is difficult to deal with, but Gu Tianchi can make a fuss.

So, Luo Zongdao aimed at Gu Tianchi.

But who is Gu Tianchi?

He is the owner of the Valley of Medicine God.

The strength is extremely strong, and it has already entered the Martial Dao tenth realm.

Where is it so easy to be targeted?

At this moment, Luo Zongdao moved again, his speed reached the extreme, and he appeared in front of Gu Tianchi in an instant, and he stretched out his hand and grabbed it directly.

At this time, Gu Tianchi’s mouth evoked a sneer.

Unable to deal with Lin Buxui, he actually regarded himself as a soft persimmon.

“I really think I can’t be a vegetarian.” Gu Tianchi coldly snorted, with a big hand, an ancient pill furnace appeared, and it was instantly suppressed.


With a loud noise, Luo Zongdao’s big hand was instantly knocked into the air.

And Gu Tianchi is more than that.

That pill furnace seems to have turned into an ancient mountain.

Directly chased out.

Go straight to the door of Luo Zongdao.

If you dare to trouble yourself, you must have the consciousness of being beaten.

Luo Zongdao didn’t even think of seeing the huge pill furnace like a giant mountain.

This Gu Tianchi’s strength is so powerful.

See this situation.

Luo Zongdao’s face changed slightly.

This pill furnace is definitely not simple.

It is an extremely powerful Supreme Treasure.

Smashed down like this, he had to avoid his edge.

However, Gu Tianchi is so simple.

The pill furnace, in the void, directly penetrated the space, and came to him in an instant.

This is the law of space.

It’s so shocking.

At this moment, he wanted to dodge, but he couldn’t do it anymore.

I saw Luo Zongdao grabbed with a big hand, grabbed a few people around him, and blocked them directly. The pill furnace directly smashed the people in front of them into meat sauce, and Luo Zongdao At this moment, the body flashed and opened the distance.

very ruthless.

I have to admit that Luo Zongdao today is too ruthless.

It is also ruthless for oneself.

Throw it out directly to death.


Luo Yin was furious.

Now these people, although they are all demonized, it can be said that they are no longer Human Race, but before them, they are still the children of Luo Family.

Nowadays, the children of the Luo Family are all Demonized, becoming a half-human and half-monster existence, and they are thrown out to death by Luo Zongdao in this way.

The hatred in Luo Yin’s heart became stronger and stronger.

He hates Luo Zongdao and also hates himself.

“Little friend Lin, kill him for me.” At this moment, Luo Yin finally couldn’t help it, he said to Lin Buxui.

Luo Yin knows very well that with his own current situation, even if he burns life essence and saves his life, he can’t kill Luo Zongdao.

However, Lin Buxui can do it.

Now Lin Buxui, his strength, I am afraid that even Yicheng hasn’t come out yet.

“Okay.” Lin Buxui said, “I will kill him for you.”

At this time, Lin Buxui took out something.

Such a thing is Divine Jade, the heavenly capital of Luo Family.

At the moment Divine Jade took out this day, an ancient and majestic breath appeared.

One silhouette gathers together.

The ancestor of the Luo Family.

Luo Tiandu.

“This is? The ancestor of my Luo Family.” Luo Yin, Luo Tianze and the others knelt down after seeing the appearance of this silhouette.

None of them thought that Lin Buxui could open Divine Jade, and summon the ancestor Luo Tiandu of Luo Family.

After this silhouette appeared, looking at the Luo Family people, sighed.

Luo Family has not fallen so far.

A Demon was trifling forced to where it is today.

If it weren’t for Lin Buxui, the Luo Family would probably be destroyed.

“Luo Tiandu!” When Luo Tiandu’s eyes fell on Luo Zongdao, Luo Zongdao spoke. He stared at Luo Tiandu with resentment in his eyes.

“Blood Axe, you still don’t give up.” Luo Tian looked at Luo Zongdao and said.

He has seen through Luo Zongdao’s true identity.

Actually, when Luo Zongdao was born, the Blood Axe Demon Lord was already attached to Luo Zongdao, but he did not appear until now.

But in fact, Luo Zongdao’s soul has been eroded by him.

It’s just that at that time, Blood Axe Demon sealed his memory of consciousness.

No one found out.

It’s just that, as time goes by, the consciousness of the blood axe demon gradually awakens.

It wasn’t until Lin Buxui appeared, the Luo Family ancestral land was broken, and the consciousness of the Blood Axe Demon attached to Luo Zongdao’s body, that Luo Zongdao’s self-consciousness was completely wiped out, and Luo Zongdao was truly awakened.

“You are nothing more than a consciousness projection and cannot stop me. Today, the Luo Family will be completely destroyed.” Blood Axe Demon Lord shouted angrily, “Your seal can no longer stop me.”

“Blood axe, it’s useless. Although I’m just a consciousness projection, I can’t suppress you again, but someone can do it.” Luo Tiandu said with a smile on his mouth, “He can even Kill you.”

“Does it depend on him?” The Blood Axe Demon Lord knew who Luo Tian said was, except for Lin Buxui, impossible is someone else.

However, Lin Buxui’s strength is still not enough.

He is just Martial Dao Paradise Realm, it’s too far.

I may not be able to contend with the incarnation of myself, but he wants to kill his deity, that is simply a dream.

It’s just that now, after Luo Tiandu’s consciousness projection appeared, all his plots against, I’m afraid it’s been wasted.

“Lin Buxui, everything is up to you.” Luo Tian finished speaking, turned into a rays of light, and integrated into Lin Buxui’s body. At this time, the majestic power of Divine Jade Broke out.

The key to unlock Divine Jade in Tiandu is actually Luo Tiandu’s idea in the ancestral land of Luo Family.

After entering the Luo Family ancestral land, Lin Buxui discovered the existence of Luo Tiandu. However, Lin Buxui did not take the initiative to lead Luo Tiandu, but directly looked for the Blood Axe Demon Lord.

This is also his goal.

What kind of existence is hidden behind that ancient bronze door?

Lin Buxui has no way to see through with Heavenly Dao magic.

But whatever it is, it is a huge temptation for Lin Buxui.

Lin Buxui wouldn’t take risks easily before he really figured it out.

At the critical moment of Luo Family, Luo Tiandu finally couldn’t help it. After all, he was just a remnant consciousness that’s all of Luo Tiandu.

After Luo Tiandu appeared, he reached a deal with Lin Buxui and informed Lin Buxui what kind of existence was sealed after the ancient bronze gate.

That is a mighty Demon God, the Demon Lord of the Blood Axe.

Not only that, in addition to the Blood Axe Demon Lord, there is something more terrifying.

That is the real horror.

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