Eternal True God Chapter 202

“Leave it to me!” Lin Buxui finished speaking and started to improve frantically.

After truly opening the Divine Jade of Heaven, Lin Buxui can use the energy of Divine Jade unscrupulously so that he can swallow the energy of Divine Jade unscrupulously and let him come Improve your cultivation base.

In this short moment, he has already broken through the bottleneck of Martial Dao Paradise Realm 6 Heavenly Layer and entered the seventh layer of Martial Dao Paradise Realm.

On this day, Divine Jade was completely opened. The biggest benefit to Lin Buxui was not the improvement of his cultivation base.

It is the promotion of this devouring and slaughter array, which is the most terrifying.

At this moment, the power of the Devouring Demons and Slaughter Array has been exerted to its extreme.

In the void, a terrifying vortex is formed. This vortex is simply a terrifying slaughterhouse and a terrifying meat grinder for people who have Demon’s blood, and even Demon. .

These half-human and half-monster monsters in the Formation had no resistance at all, they were swallowed in, were completely killed, and then came to strengthen this devouring massacre array. .


“What is this? I don’t want to die!”


“Spare Ah!”

At this time, in the entire array, those half-Demon’s calls for help and calls, one after another, are endless.

Gu Tianchi and the others were shocked when they saw this scene.

Too terrifying.

One after another life was swallowed by this big formation.

Kill mercilessly.

No one survived.

This large array is terrifying to the extreme.

It is exactly the nemesis of these half-Demons.

Some slightly more powerful half-Demons flee wildly.

Even the people of Luo Family can’t bear it anymore.

Although these people have become half-Demons, they still have Luo Family bloodline in their bodies. Before, they were all Luo Family people.

“Xiaoyou Lin, Xiaoyou Lin, and stop.”

Luo Yin finally couldn’t bear it. He said: “Xiaoyou Lin, is there a way to save them and solve the Demon in their bodies? Blood?”

The Luo Family has suffered a huge loss. If these clansman with the blood of Demon can be kept, the power of the Luo Family can be retained to the greatest extent.

Lin Buxui shook his head and said: “It’s useless. Their souls have been eroded and cannot be changed. Moreover, their bodies have also been transformed and completely turned into semi-Demons, unless they are determined by Supreme. Will, otherwise it’s simply meaningless.”

Among these people, if someone with Supreme’s firm will, how could they become a semi-Demon?

They have completely refining the blood of Demon, turning it into pure energy, instead of letting their physical body be changed by the blood of Demon and reduced to a half-Demon body.

Furthermore, for Lin Buxui, the Demon blood of these people must be extracted. Once the Demon blood in their body is extracted by themselves, they cannot survive at all.

As Demon’s blood is drawn and swallowed frantically.

A huge illusory shadow is condense in the void.

This illusory shadow, sacred, majestic, and stalwart, is full of boundless power.

That is the illusory shadow of a huge ship.

Gradually began to condense.

The power of Divine Jade in Tiandu has been madly extracted, and after only a few breaths, Divine Jade in Tiandu seems a little dim.

It can be seen how terrifying energy has been extracted in this short moment.

Lin Buxui’s face is solemn, and the whole person is a little pale.

Beads of sweat dripped down like rain.

For him now, this kind of consumption is too huge.

Even his spirit strength is extremely powerful, but the condense piece Devil Supreme Treasure consumes too much power.

At this time, the power of thunder appeared in the void.

This is heavenly punishment.

Heavenly Dao cannot tolerate Supreme’s killing of Supreme Treasure.

Lin Buxui took a deep breath.

I looked up at the sky.

He never thought that he wanted to cast such a Supreme Devil Supreme Treasure, which would lead to heavenly punishment.

Gu Tianchi and the others were shocked to the extreme when they saw this huge illusory shadow.

What kind of existence is this?

Make people trembling in fear.

Rao is Gu Tianchi, the cultivation base has already arrived at the Martial Dao tenth realm, and he was shocked to see it.

That’s just an illusory shadow, it’s not really condensed into shape.

It has already attracted heavenly punishment.

Moreover, it is still such a terrifying heavenly punishment.

These thunders, coming down together, are enough to kill the powerhouse of Martial Dao tenth realm.

Gu Tianchi asked himself, his strength is pretty good, but he knows very well that this illusory shadow is too terrifying.

In front of this illusory shadow, Martial Dao tenth realm, probably like a trivial ant, can be easily crushed.

“What’s that?”

“What a terrifying breath.”

“He actually attracted heavenly punishment, this… Lin Xiaoyou, what is he What did you do?”

Everyone in Luo Family has a solemn expression at this moment.

The same is true for Gu Tianchi.

If this heavenly punishment were to be landed, the capital would be reduced to ruins.

“That is a battleship, a terrifying battleship. I have seen some terrifying battleships, but this battleship is still just a prototype of a projection. It is already terrifying. If it is truly condensed and formed, How terrifying and powerful will it be to be forged? In this eternal continent, such horrible things are not allowed to appear, so heavenly punishment is lowered.” Gu Tianchi swallowed his mouth, he looked at this place in front of him. A huge battleship illusory shadow could not help being sucked in a cold breath.

Lin Buxui is too courageous.

With his current cultivation realm, it is impossible to create such a terrifying Supreme Treasure.

The resources are not enough.

If you want to forcibly condense this prototype battleship, I am afraid it will cause huge damage.

It is the heavenly punishment in front of him, which he can hardly resist.

“Give me condensate!”

Seeing that heavenly punishment is about to come, but Lin Buxui doesn’t want to just give up like this.

This Supreme Devil Supreme Treasure, if it can be condensed into a rudimentary form, its strength will be greatly improved.

Moreover, this is for Demon.

When the time comes, with the lock demon Devil Subduing Tower, facing those demon races, even Martial Dao tenth realm’s demon race, alone, is enough to deal with it, even if you don’t need to set up Formation. Do it.

But, casting this battleship is really too difficult.

“Lin Buxui, don’t force it.” At this time, Gu Tianchi shouted, “Otherwise you might die.”

Lin Buxui certainly knows, but he has many Supremes in his hands. Treasure.

Moreover, the most important thing is that he has Divine Jade one day, and this day Divine Jade has been completely opened up, which contains majestic energy, which is enough to condense the embryonic form of this battleship. .

This is a destructive power amazing battleship.

Once it is cast, it will be a fatal threat to the demon race, much more terrifying than the Devil Subduing Tower.

In the end, Lin Buxui gave up.

To completely condense this devouring and slaughter battleship into shape, with his current strength, he can’t do it at all.

took a deep breath.

He condensed the formation of this huge swallowing and massacre formation.

This formation of the Devouring and Slaughtering Array is also the core of the condensing Devouring and Slaughtering battleship.

The stronger the Formation, the more terrifying the devouring and slaughtering battleship from the consensus.

As the illusory shadow of the devouring and slaughtering battleship dissipated, the Force of Heavenly Punishment also disappeared.

This makes everyone sighed in relief.

“Lin Buxui, are you okay?” At this moment, Gu Tianchi came to Lin Buxui and saw that his face was very pale, and said, “This medicine pill, you take it first.”

Lin Buxui is also welcome.

After taking medicine pill, my face has improved a lot.

The consumption of spirit strength has been restored.

Actually, if he hadn’t cultivated the method of Taoxin planting demons, he would really not dare to take such a risk.

This time, I just tried it for a while. I wanted to use the power of Tiandu Mountain and the majestic energy of Divine Jade this day to directly condense the embryonic form of the devouring and slaughtering battleship.

However, it failed.

The consumption of the devouring and slaughtering battleship is really too terrifying.

His cultivation realm is still too low to achieve.

However, being able to condense the formation of devouring the massacre is already a huge gain.

At the moment, you can also try to open this ancient bronze door and slay the blood axe demon king.

However, this is still very risky.

“Many thanks, Valley Lord.” Lin Buxui said, “I have no major problems, but the consumption is a bit too big.”

“The family doesn’t talk about two things, why are you thanking me? “Gu Tianchi looked at Lin Buxui, he liked it more, this kid was terrifying.

Originally, he thought that Lin Buxui’s cultivation realm was only Martial Dao Paradise Realm after all. Even if the is innate talent is outstanding, it can’t directly compete with Martial Dao ninth realm and tenth realm.

But now, the terrifying power he showed really surprised him.

This is simply a monster.

You can condense and cast such a terrifying battleship.

If it succeeds, this is simply incredible.

At that time, in the entire eternal continent, no one would be his opponent.

“Lin Xiaoyou is fine, this time my Luo Family can spend this time great calamity safely, thanks to my little friend, if there is no help from my little friend, my Luo Family, I am afraid it will be gone.” Lin Buxui, Luo Yin is still very grateful, if it weren’t for Luo Yin’s help, they would have no way to compete with Luo Zongdao.

At that time, the entire Luo Family will become Demon’s lair.

All Luo Family members will definitely be controlled by Demon and become Demon puppets.

In that case, he would be dead and he would have no face to go to see the Luo Family ancestors.

“The crisis has not yet been resolved.” Lin Buxui shook his head, “I’m just, I have eliminated some small people. The real threat has not yet been resolved.”

No solution?” Luo Yin’s face changed slightly, and said, “You mean, the person behind?”

“Have you seen that ancient bronze door?” Lin Buxui raised his hand and called out. After a seal, the concealment of the entire ancient bronze gate disappeared, and an ancient bronze gate appeared in front of everyone.

“This…how is this possible? When is there such a bronze gate in my Luo Family ancestral land?” Luo Yin’s eyes were stunned when he saw it.

Is this really the ancestral land of Luo Family?

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