Eternal True God Chapter 204

“No.” Lin Buxui shook his head, “In this ancient bronze door, there are not only the Blood Axe Demon Lord, but also more terrifying things, which cannot be sealed. “

“Is there something more terrifying?” These words made Luo Yin take care of Tianchi and the others heart startled.

“Yes, once that thing wakes up, let alone trifling Tiandu Mountain, the entire eternal continent, and even the eternal Heavenly Domain, are in danger.” Lin Buxui brows frowned.

After this ancient bronze gate, the Blood Axe Demon is already so tyrannical, and Lin Buxui himself does not know what is more terrifying than the Blood Axe Demon.

You have to enter it and find out.

For Lin Buxui, this is a risk and an opportunity.

If you really can’t deal with it, you can only find a way to escape first.

Then find a chance to deal with it.

However, Lin Buxui faintly felt that behind this ancient bronze door, something attracted himself.

Moreover, this feels getting stronger.

But this made Lin Buxui a little uneasy.

What is hiding behind this ancient bronze door?

Why, Luo Tian didn’t make it clear?

The Blood Axe Demon also seems to be hiding something.

“Old Ancestor, it’s not good, the major event is not good, the Secret Realm of the sky has collapsed.” At this moment, a voice came from a distance, a dísciple, ran over in a panic, his mouth Loudly shouted.

“What? Tiandu Secret Realm collapsed?” Luo Yin heard it, stared wide-eyed, “impossible, this impossible.”

Tiandu Secret Realm, it was A Supreme Secret Realm, where the powerhouse of Martial Dao tenth realm enters, may also fall into it.

Almost no one dare to rush into.

It can be seen, how powerful is Tiandu Secret Realm?

And now, he is saying, Secret Realm has collapsed?

This is simply impossible.

Tiandu Secret Realm is more terrifying than Luo Family ancestral land.

And the Formation of Tiandu Secret Realm is impossible to be broken. Not to mention Martial Dao tenth realm, it is Martial Dao eleventh realm, the twelve realms, and even the higher-level powerhouse. Break this Formation.

Not to mention, it directly caused the Secret Realm to collapse.

Lin Buxui originally wanted to enter the Tiandu Secret Realm to find three thousand ancient characters, but now, I’m afraid it can’t.

He opened the Heavenly Dao magic eyes and moved towards Tiandu Secret Realm to look.

Lin Buxui was surprised by everything he saw before him.

His father, Lin Tianyi, can get a’kill’ character in Secret Realm that day. Moreover, the Formation of Secret Realm is extremely powerful. When he first entered Tiandu Mountain, he already used Heavenly. Dao magic has inspected the Secret Realm of Heaven. It is indeed very scary. The Formation, unless you can really summon out the battleship of devouring and slaughter, burst out with the energy in Divine Jade of Heaven, go to strikes Tiandu Secret Realm, otherwise, there is no way to break the Formation.

But now, the Formation of Tiandu Secret Realm is broken.

The Secret Realm is deserted.

The Heaven and Earth Spirit Qi of Secret Realm has been exhausted all day long.

It seems to be drained.

“The Tiandu Secret Realm is completely destroyed. The Spiritual Qi inside has been exhausted. All resources have been swallowed and completely dissipated.” Lin Buxui said.

“This is impossible.” Luo Yin shouted when he heard it, “The Heaven and Earth Spirit Qi of Secret Realm is very rich, enough to create countless powerhouses, how could it be drained?”


He couldn’t believe it at all.

On the Tiandu Mountain, there are two high-quality spirit veins, one of which is under the Luo Family ancestral land, and the other spirit vein is in the Secret Realm of Tiandu Mountain.

Because of this, the Tiandu Mountain Luo Family can stand tall and prosper for a long time.

However, now, Tiandushan Secret Realm has collapsed.

The entire Secret Realm has become Desolate Land. How can people believe it?

“This is a fact.” Lin Buxui said, “The collapse of the Tiandu Mountain Secret Realm may have a great relationship with the terrifying existence behind this ancient bronze gate. I am afraid he will wake up.”

“Xiaoyou Lin, how confident are you?” At this time, Luo Yin’s face was extremely solemn.

Now the Tiandushan Secret Realm has also been destroyed, and the Luo Family ancestral land is also at risk.

He has no other choice.

Now, Luo Family has suffered heavy casualties, and the people who are alive are probably not the third one before.

He must keep the fire of Luo Family.

So before that, Luo Yin had already let someone leave with a part of the dísciple.

For the rest of the year, there are some young dísciples who are unwilling to leave, and some Old Guys. They choose to stay and live and die with Luo Yin and Luo Family.

Lin Buxui shook his head.

“If it was before, I would still be a little sure, but now, Secret Realm has been swallowed by the terrifying existence and refining. It’s probably not much time before he wakes up, and now we I don’t even know what that thing is, so I don’t have any certainty now.”

Lin Buxui is telling the truth.

At the moment, no one knows what exists behind this ancient bronze gate and what horror it will encounter.

Once you enter it, life and death cannot be left to others.

“Anyway, I have to open this ancient bronze door.”

“Open!” At this time, Luo Yin took a deep breath, looked at Lin Buxui, and then looked at Lin Buxui. Landing on the ancient bronze door, he said, “Open the ancient bronze door.”

“Go away, I am going to open this ancient bronze door.” Lin Buxui saw that Luo Yin had already Agree and stand in front of him.

“Lin Buxui, this is not a joke.” Gu Tianchi looked at him with some worry. As a powerhouse of Martial Dao tenth realm, he faintly felt a sense of horror.

Really as Lin Buxui said, the reason why Dushan Secret Realm collapsed and turned into desolation that day was indeed that the energy was swallowed up.

Together with the Supreme Treasure in the Tiandushan Secret Realm, there is no escape.

All the energy in it has been swallowed.

Even this stock of Devouring Power is still spreading.

It has begun to affect everyone here.

However, at this time, the Devouring Power is still very weak, and it is difficult for ordinary people to find it. As the powerhouse of Martial Dao tenth realm, he has naturally discovered it.

Lin Buxui is very aware of Gu Tianchi’s concerns.

He has already discovered the existence of Devouring Power, how did Lin Buxui not discover it?

He has Heavenly Dao magic eyes, cultivated’Eternal Inextinguishable Body’ and the’Eternal Inextinguishable Body’, and his spirit strength is extremely strong, the perception is even more powerful.

He can clearly perceive even subtle energy changes.

In addition, with the help of Divine Jade, he has already forged the formation of the’Devil Devouring Massacre Formation’. Now, with the power of this entire Devouring Massacre Formation, he has almost the entire Tiandu Mountain It can be said to be well understood.

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