Eternal True God Chapter 207

Lin Buxui and the others stepped on the city gate.

The gate of the City of Blood Axe closed suddenly.

The guard standing on the tall building suddenly changed his face.

He pointed at Lin Buxui and the others, loudly shouted: “Come on, open the seal, and arrest them for me.”

An order was given.

A mysterious seal burst out instantly.

This is the seal formation of the City of Blood Axe.

Everyone complexion slightly changed.

They sensed an invisible force to seal their cultivation base.

“No good, they even set up a large seal formation to seal our cultivation base.” Gu Tianchi said, “Can’t give them a chance. Once the large seal formation opens, our cultivation base will be The seal, when the time comes, can only be slaughtered.”

“Lin Xiaoyou, what should I do?” At this time, everyone felt that their cultivation base was being more and more restricted, especially It is a person with a weaker cultivation base, and his strength is almost half sealed.

How does this make them not worry?

“Yes, Young Master Lin, our cultivation base has been sealed for the most part, unable to exert all its strength. If this continues, once our cultivation base is completely sealed, how can we kill the enemy? “Luo Family dísciple said one after another.

“Kill, kill them now.”

“Yes, while the cultivation base has not been completely sealed, we will work together to break the Formation and kill them all.”

All Luo Family dísciples, entering this world within the realm, simply never thought of going out alive, they are not even afraid of death, what else would they be afraid of?

The only thing I’m afraid of is that I can’t kill a Demon that’s all.

However, Lin Buxui at this time is still so indifferent, and he has not taken everything that happened before him seriously.

“Don’t worry, a trifling is just a big seal, nothing great.” Lin Buxui said.

He lifts the head and looked towards the distance.

The familiar breath came from a tall tower not far away.

Heavenly Dao magic glanced, Lin Buxui found that it was an altar.

A sealed altar.

There is a familiar breath in it.

What is it, is sealed in that altar.

Could it be the Human Race powerhouse related to yourself?

Are you from Heavenly Domain in your previous life?

Or, this life, Heavenly Domain Lin Family powerhouse?

No matter what, since it was sealed in this city of blood axe, the opponent and the demon lord of blood axe, I am afraid that they will not deal with each other, they are most likely to be deadly enemies.

Even, what surprised him was that the seal on the altar and the seal formation were of the same origin. The seal formation of the blood axe city, and the seal formation The seal Formation on that altar is actually one body. This big formation borrows the strength of Seal on the altar of seal.

This is interesting.

“It’s really boasted shamelessly.” The city gate guard leader Duan Xiaoyou, staring at Lin Buxui, although he was afraid of Lin Buxui shooting his companion before, but now, he has entered the seal of Formation. In, the sealing formation has been opened, and their cultivation base has been gradually sealed. Right now, the time is almost the same. Even if they have not been completely sealed, their cultivation base will not be able to play much.

If he is outside, Duan Xiaoyou will be afraid of one or two.

But now, he has fallen into the seal formation, and the cultivation base is sealed, how can he shoot himself?

“If you don’t come and announce your name yet, you can catch it quickly, otherwise, don’t blame this Commander. You’re welcome and ordered the murder.” Duan Xiaoyou pointed to Lin Buxui shouted.

Lin Buxui expression congeals, staring at Duan Xiaoyou.

Duan Xiaoyou was startled by Lin Buxui’s eyes.

Recalling the scene where his companion was shot and killed by Lin Buxui, I was surprised.

But quickly calmed down.

This kid has been trapped in the Seal Formation, and the cultivation base has been sealed. Can he kill himself?

“Boy, what do you look at? Do you think that your broken bow can kill me?” Duan Xiao was shouted, “You have now been sealed with the cultivation base, this Commander won’t let you If someone kills you directly, you should be grateful to me and dare to stare at me? If you don’t catch you, I will kill you.”

“Kill me?” Lin Buxui had cold light flashed in his eyes.

Raised his hand and punched it out.

At this moment, a fist burst out.

It actually penetrated the space directly.

In an instant, the fist strength strikes on the city wall.

The entire city wall of the Blood Axe City shook, and under this overbearing fist strength, it seemed to be about to collapse.

At this moment, Duan Xiaoyou was scared to death.

He has not been sealed as a cultivation base.

Seal Formation defense was directly played.

What is his strength?

He is really strong enough to kill himself.

“Open this seal Formation, or I will kill you.” Lin Buxui didn’t want to waste any effort.

Actually, this Formation can be broken if he wants to.

But he faintly felt a strong breath coming.

Therefore, Lin Buxui hides his own cultivation base in order to give that person an illusion that he cannot crack this formation.

“I…” Duan Xiaoyou’s face was a little ugly.

He is afraid of death.

I was threatened by Lin Buxui right now, and threatened him with life and death.

Duan Xiaoyou looked at Lin Buxui, the punch just now really shocked him.

“I want to see, it’s who, dare to come to my blood-axe city to kill people.” At this time, a silhouette appeared.

Several silhouettes follow behind him.

The strength is not weak.

It is a Demon.

“Great Commander!”

“Great Commander!”

The guards present, one after another saluted.

“Alien Human Race?” When the Great Commander saw Lin Buxui and the others, his eyes narrowed and he said, “Where are you from? Come to my city of blood axes, what’s the matter? “

At the moment, these Human Races are not demonic cultivators and do not have demonic energy, which makes Du Tianshi a little surprised.

In the vicinity of the Blood Axe City, all Human Races are cultivation Demon Dao Cultivation Art. There are very few other cultivators appearing. Right now, there are so many.

Naturally make him doubt.

“Open Formation.” Lin Buxui did not answer, but looked at him coldly.

This one Demon is good at strength and has arrived at Martial Dao ninth realm.

He couldn’t deal with this guy without using the power of Formation.

Fortunately, he set up a swallowing and slaughter array at first.

Once the big formation is opened, this blood axe city will be under his control, and all demons will die.

However, Lin Buxui has some fears.

In that altar, I don’t know what is sealed, there is an aura that I am familiar with, and there are also things that I am afraid of.

Lin Buxui is a little uneasy.

Because of this, Lin Buxui did not directly open the big array.

We must first figure out what kind of existence is sealed in that altar.

In the absence of absolute certainty, Lin Buxui does not want to take risks easily.

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